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Accident-setup (avtopodstava)

Who said that in our time a lot of money honestly do not earn? Not true! Honestly, or almost honestly, you can always earn. Well, for example, you can offer anyone to crush an egg with a hand. Not across - it's easy, but along. The price of the attempt is 5 rubles. Crushed? Get the gold coin. From those wishing to rebound will not. But only one in fifty succeeds. And you for an hour at least two hundred put in your pocket.

And you can buy a decent car and get into an accident on it. To brake sharply before any foreign car. And, if you do not immediately tear off your head, demand money for repairs. It is unlikely that the culprit of the accident will want to deal with the inspector. True, this method seems to be not entirely honest. One driver, Sergey, told me that he had “earned” almost half a year on accidents. Not alone, of course, but as part of an "emergency" brigade.

Very heavy car traffic in Moscow.

- We met so. Somehow on the track, right in front of me, the fifth BMW braked sharply. I miraculously twisted. Going further - again he spun in front of his nose. I left again. Finally, the third time I touched his wing on a tangent. The bulls jumped out and shouted - you squeezed a wheelbarrow to us, “covers” two bucks. And there is not even a dent - a scratch. But then the traffic police basement filed: yours, says guilt - pay. I had to pay the registration certificate before the payment, and collect the money myself. I paid.

A week passed, and these guys reappeared. They said that they "drove" to the hospital. They liked how Sergei last time drove the car out of impact. And they invited him to enter the brigade. Beckoned with easy money, a new car. They promised, if they agree, to give him those two thousand. He agreed.

- We went "to work" once every two or three days. They have three externally smart for this business, and in fact "killed" cars: two seventh "BMW" and four hundredth "Mercedes". On one we “work”, the other one is somehow welling off, and the third is being tinted. Conveyor.

"Emergency brigade" worked in the morning. At this time, many are in a hurry to work, and the delay due to the traffic police is doubly undesirable. That is why it is simpler to "dilute the client" for money. But in the evening and at night it is dangerous to “work” - there are a lot of gangsters, you never know who you will run into.

- Looking for cars more abruptly - that the "client" was money. Better if a businessman. In the morning, “businessmen” are crazy, they have dollars and shares on their minds, “mobile phones” are glued to their ears. So there is only one hand on the steering wheel, and attention is weakened. And this is where we enter.

"Emergency" overtakes the "client" and dramatically slows down in front of him. And the most optimal moment - when the "client" dials the number.

- We jump out and begin to put pressure on the psyche: you can not drive - hire a chauffeur ... yes you squeezed the wheelbarrow ... yes you broke the deal ... And so on. The size of the "paid off" depends on the steepness of the "client". Well, if the weakness showed - fear, pliability, then we "breed" it to the fullest. If the blow was strong, it happened and asked for 10-15 bucks each.

Several times the "emergency team" was left with nothing. Somehow substituted for a drunken prosecutor at Audi. The law seems to be on the side of the "brigade", but they decided not to take risks - he very much threatened to plant. On another occasion, they fell for some official from the administration. So, the traffic police officer who came up immediately advised them to get out of bed. And once they even had to pay three thousand themselves: in a luxurious Volvo, the traffic police colonel was driving.

- Once we were punished amusingly. "Made" we have one car - "Chevrolet Caprice". In the car two decent guys. Dressed solidly, polite. Such, you know, elite-type youth, majors. And I was surprised: it seemed that the blow was strong - our car almost got upside-down, their wheelbarrow only had a little bumper and the right “eye” was broken.

As it turned out, the car was armored. The damage done to the emergency car was more than obvious. Customers began to spin the full: 10 pieces on the hood or give your car. The guys somehow very easily agreed to “cover them off,” but only in the evening - supposedly there was no money with them. The “emergency workers” took the owner’s passport and documents for the car as a pledge and drove to the garage to wait for the evening.

- We're going - rejoice. Speed ​​- over 120. The road is almost empty. Ahead - the traffic light. Green is blinking, but I’m doing quite well. And then before the traffic light I won’t add my mind: where did it come from? - emerges "chevy". And dramatically slows down. And I, almost without reducing speed, drive into her ass. We fall out of the car - noses are broken, there are faces in blood. "Muzzle" of our car wrinkled like a cat from a lemon. One door jammed. A Chevrolet if only henna - the flashlight crashed, the bumper flattened out, but the trunk is slightly distended. And here from the “Chevrolet” come the last guys and it seems they are looking at us in surprise: they say, where did you come from? My companions wanted to get enough, yes they thought better of it, now it seems we are to blame. In general, we agreed that the score was 1: 1. I had to give them their documents.

Sergei was, one might say, satisfied with life: for his virtuoso driving, he received 20 percent of what he received from "clients." Less than 10 thousand "green" per month was never. True, he was bitten by conscience: after all, he himself had been under the “emergency men”, and now he was substituting others. But the bites were easily healed by brand new Fiat. It all ended almost tragic.

- We somehow got up under the "BMW". Well got up - 10 pieces. The "client" immediately, on the spot, pulled out of the case a pack of hundreds in a bank package. Silently gave, got into the car and drove away. A week has passed. I went to the cottage. But on Leninsky Prospekt, the five hundredth Merc stood under me. I almost twisted, but still hooked him.

Came out the guys - "pure bandits." The driver told Sergey in a colorless voice that tomorrow he would have to pay 10 thousand dollars for a scratch. Sergei did not have time to answer, as they left.

- No threats. They did not require any documents or a car as a pledge. Not even asked my address. And it scared a little. I decided to go back home. But it was not there. Only "Fiat" picked up speed - as it got under the "BMW". And it all happened again. And then, in front of the house - once again.

They were saved only by the fact that the "brigadier" was in the patrons of some kind of authority. It was possible to find out who this silent "client" is. And the authority, having met him, agreed that the “emergency team” would only return ten thousand and pay twenty in compensation.

As soon as I paid my part of the debt, I announced that I was going out of business. The brigade understood me and did not interfere. I still had the money, but I still had to sell Fiat: it reminded me too much of this incident. So I live an honest life again and “bomb” my Volga on my system.

According to the materials of the electronic journal "Bluff"


Remember the anecdote about the game of money for money, where some folk characters on expensive cars beat each other in front of an astounded audience, and the striker happily shouts in the "mobile": "Guys, I littered him, now Kolyan leads!". It seems that a simple idea was born in its meanness and cynicism - to make some money by playing “salochki” is not with each other, but with us, suckers. It is only necessary to provoke a situation in which outwardly everything would look in such a way that the victim herself would feel guilty and would be glad that she got off easily.

Not every car owner will be honored to become a “sponsor,” as the victims are called by their victims. New expensive and prestigious foreign cars, as a rule, out of the risk zone. It is hardly necessary to worry and the owner of the VAZ-2104, settled under the weight of the seedlings and family, as well as other owners of domestic battered transport. By criminal logic, such people most likely will not have a tenth of the requested amount, especially with themselves, and the money should be received as soon as possible. Newer domestic cars with tightly tinted windows and sports disks also have little chance of being “invited to the dance” - there is a risk of running into trimmed “brothers in mind”.

Another thing is when the car is just new, without bells and whistles, and even the driver in it alone - fewer witnesses and easier to press. In addition, practice shows that in “salochki” willingly play with the owners of second-hand and, accordingly, inexpensive cars. In other words, the role of the “sponsor” is best suited to the notorious middle class - the character, looking at the car which you can assume that he has the money, but not so much to have certain connections. Of course, a lot depends on driving style. Peer into the traffic flow, and you will surely see in it potential “sponsors” - “horsemen without riders”, blithely jumping out in a row.

Now let's see how cars with “players” can look like. The cars of the latter must be quite dynamic, so that at the right moment to make a breakthrough and get the victim. Make an impression of "cool and expensive." There are a number of indirect signs. For example, thoroughly polluted rooms on a relatively clean car. Or their absence. All sorts of non-Russian license plates, as well as transit paper sheets, should also be alerted. The presence on the car of obvious signs of repair, damage to body elements, etc. - almost never intact and intact machines. In addition, any strange behavior of the car near - for example, going to the right rear, not approaching and not lagging behind, - should also give rise to attention concentration.

As a front, Mercedes cars are often used in the W201, W124, W210 or even W140 bodies, on which nameplates indicating the most powerful and expensive versions can be pasted on for greater “coolness”. BMW 5th and 7th series. Audi 80, 100 or A6 first years of release, Volvo 8th or 9th series, we came across SAAB 9000 and Mitsubishi Galant. Some victims of bogus accidents also mentioned such a rare transport as the Lincoln Towncar Chrysler Cirrus or Honda CRX. There are cars with the image of expensive ones, the real price of which, however, can fluctuate within $ 10 thousand. After all, not everyone knows that a ten-year-old 735th BMW or Mercedes in the 124th body with quite decent appearance can cost less than a dozen ".