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In all countries, the road to serve the movement, and we have more and theft.


This cynical and brazen way to "divorce on the money", referred to as "substitute a sucker," as a kind of criminal fishery appeared on Russian roads in the early '90s, and since then, the fading, the newly blossoming double flowers, sweeps banknotes in rubles and USD purses of ordinary drivers. And the rules of the road, as well as all laws are written for law-abiding and leave enough chances to be Substituted by all the rules.

"Emergency" craft

Traffic police admitted inability to resist "Framed"

Russian Interior Ministry was in favor of amending the relevant provisions of the Law on compulsory motor insurance, as he considers unnecessary traffic inspectors participate in the analysis of the accident without victims. This Allinsurance.ru Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs of Russia, Militia Colonel-General Sergei Schadrin.

With the introduction of the law on compulsory motor TPL insurance burden on inspectors has increased six-fold. Interior Ministry will soon submit to the Government for consideration of the proposals, which will then be submitted to the State Duma for approval by lawmakers. Thus, the traffic virtually admitted its inability to resist the so-called "turn on the road" with the CTP and is ready to shift the responsibility for the loss of car owners for minor traffic accident on the citizens themselves, and insurers.

B average paid 14 thousand. Rub. in each case, when government calculations on the maximum of 400 thousand. insurance payments.

February 4, 2004

Hello, zakharov.

Here is my story. I hope that this publication will contribute to the fight against the bases on the road and can be a help to some motorists not to plunge into this shit.

April 8, 2005 Time 17-30

Venue - the Ring Road, Outer, Elk Island, before you reach the junction of the Yaroslavl sh. about 2-3 km. Going into the fourth row of 90-110 km. Nine (Room: Area 76) is loaded: the eyeballs interior plus the trunk with boxes, guided only by the side mirrors, ie, review I have not the best. A couple of km to Yaroslavl (to me) it's time to rebuild close to the right lane. Turn on the turn, I shifted to the right. Suddenly, from behind the right headlight flashing, buzzing very angry, well, guy think, Th so nervous, and if you cut in front, then without contact, even where you come from - a mystery. The mirror can be seen that the car is rich. Well this a couple more times blink, look I included a right turn and lags behind with an offset to the side of the road. Going further, to otvorotka have nothing. Look - rushes as scalded, illumination, as spetskortezhah, is attached to the right, gestures, on my machine, saying that not everything is in order and waves, they say come to the sidelines. We get up ...

Further, all as in the descriptions of the pro avtopodstavy resources.

ONE Digression: I have in mind is not that they took into circulation, I am now writing when it was lit, and it looked more plausible than at the time of the events.

He Lexus executive class shows at the left front bumper and wing. Dent, small scratch 5 cm long and 2 wide. Depth - filmed only a thin layer of paint ...

April 10, 2005

Three suspects in the "avtopodstav" detained in Moscow

MOSCOW, November 10, 2008 - RIA Novosti. Employees of the Moscow Criminal Investigation Department (CID) arrested three suspected of organizing and carrying out the so-called "avtopodstav", operating under the guise of members of the security services in the south, south-west of Moscow and the Moscow Ring Road (MKAD), told RIA Novosti on Monday head of the press service MOORE Alex Bahromeev.

According Bahromeeva, attackers, who came to the capital from Penza to "Lexus-GS-300" with a pre-scratched wing, headlight and glass, as a rule, selected as "victims" of elderly drivers in the points. They simulated a collision and pinned the victim to the side of the car.

"Then, the participants of the accident approached her scams in the form of employee utilities that seamlessly scratched the victim machine, and, under the pretext of cleaning the streets and asked to urgently remove the car from the roadway," - said the representative of the MUR.

The interviewee said that after that of "Lexus" left men representing "Colonel security forces." He allegedly called the traffic police and handed the phone to the victim, according to which their accomplice posing as traffic police department on duty in the district, confirmed that a surveillance camera recorded that the victim's car grossly violated the rules of the road and that the driver threatened with deprivation of rights. False policeman reported that sends to the scene of an accident analysis group.

After that, Colonel, "could" agree with the inspector to parse the group did not come, and he offered to resolve the issue peacefully. In this case the victim explained that damaged Lexus is a service, so the repair must be performed in spetsbokse what "necessary to obtain a special permit general", said Bahromeev.

"As a result, scratches on the body of the driver treated 200 thousand at the end appeared." Subordinate "the colonel, who agreed to go for the money," - said Bahrameev.

According to the MUR, the criminals went "on the case" almost every day and sometimes could organize during the day several "avtopodstav". According to investigators, fraudsters operated in Moscow for at least six months.

investigation is continuing, the total amount of the material damage is established.

"At the moment, set the other members of the criminal group and the drivers affected by their illegal actions" - said Bahromeev.

The meaning of the original fraudulent combination is plain and simple: to provoke an accident, substituting car under small impacts, and then to intimidate and psychologically pressinguya sacrifice, to make it (and the best on-site staging) lay out a tidy sum for repair car-bases.

As a dummy used in the majority of used cars and prestigious luxury brands: Mercedes, where for greater "coolness" may be attached nameplates indicating the most expensive models; BMW fifth and seventh series; Audi 80 100 A6 or the first years of release; Volvo eighth or ninth series. There Saab 9000, Mitsubishi Galant, Lexus. That is, an image of luxury cars, but the real value of which may fluctuate in the range of 10 thousand. Dollars. After all, not everyone knows that the ten-year 735 the BMW or Mercedes in the 124-m body with quite a decent appearance may be cheaper new "ten". And in the minds of many entrenched if the road goes more or less presentable kind of a foreign car, most likely for her driving - a bandit. With "Volyn" in the pocket and a Kalashnikov assault rifle under the seat as a calculator for a final settlement. Therefore podstavlyalami, "working" on expensive cars, one much strives, and meekly give the required amount "for repairs" and go to the accident scene consoling thought: "... it could be worse."

Ambient cars for "bombing" are selected at the major car markets of the number of "stale", that is, those who, for whatever reason, can not profitably sell. These are cars that have problems with customs clearance or have been in a serious accident, but renovated to perfection. Dummy vehicles in "team" may be a few - until one hastily repaired, others are "working" on the track.

Determine substituted a motor vehicle can also be on a number of indirect indications: it is thoroughly contaminated with numbers on a relatively clean car, or lack thereof; non-Russian license plates, sheets of paper, "Transit", the presence of a car obvious signs of repair damage to body elements, abrasions on the left front fender, etc. Whole and undamaged cars almost never substituted.

This is a very profitable business - according to some sources, "Mercedes' E-class (minimum of $ 16 thousand) fully paid for itself in six months' work ', and the driver can have up to $ 10 thousand per month, in other - only a day" podstavlyaly "" earn "up to $ 10 thousand.


According to police, the daily average in Moscow staged an accident takes about 10 criminal groups, some of which are attracted to their criminal activities purchased by the traffic police. In this case, again, contrary to stereotypes, podstavlyaly not members of powerful groups, but only pay for the "roof" - about two thousand dollars a month from one machine. Their status in the criminal environment is not high - something like lohotronschikov and barsetochnikov.

"Work," "of the bases-brigade" from the morning until late at night. In the morning many of the "sponsors" in a hurry to work, and the delay due to waiting for the traffic police is doubly undesirable. And because the "client" easier "to breed for money." Also, as in the rainy night in a deserted and dark place.

Unpretentious, and their organizational structure. Usually teams substituted a control certain highways or portions thereof. The troops are divided into several groups, each of which operates in its place. Groups, in turn, are divided into individual "crews". Crews dummy vehicles traveling on business, consist of 2-4 people - the driver and the "parser-bred." Some international crews, made up of Caucasians and Slavs. Drivers for the most part aces - for implementation of the "dummy" maneuver often requires filigree and special driving skills. As a result of meetings with the extortionists are not insured or "kettles", nor the most experienced drivers.

Not particularly luxurious, and their way of life. Hours of rest while away in cheap roadside cafes. If you, for example, will see about some businesses catering to several cars crumpled and carelessly shaded front left wings, you know - here a handful of "podstavlyaly".

There are less organized groups - podstavlyaly single. They do not pay for the roof and work mainly on domestic production cars (VAZ-21099 and "tenth" family), sometimes paired with battered and inexpensive foreign cars.


Earning "substituted a" depends on the correct choice of the victim, and not every car owner privileged to become a "sponsor" as ironically called his podstavlyaly sacrifice.

Outside the areas of risk, new expensive and prestigious foreign cars. Little chance encounter with a "set up" at the brand-new domestic cars with tightly toned glasses and sporty drive - not seen for who is in the cabin and in what quantity. Rarely are inserted under the machine, in which a few people are going - witnesses at the bases to nothing, and "breed for money," the driver-alone much easier.

It is unlikely to worry the owners of domestic battered transport. According to the criminal logic, such people will most likely not even a tenth of the amount requested, especially with him, and the money must be obtained as soon as possible. Bandits understand that if the victim would be insolvent, it will start to look for other ways out of the situation - to contact the police (and probably not in the traffic police and in OCD) or involve the familiar "old chap". Therefore, the victim must not only be solvent and able to pay on the spot or in a short time and without fierce resistance and attract the aforementioned comrades.

Pretty "podstavlyalam" "kettles" and fans chatting on mobile at the wheel. Type easy prey - the novice driver with a "Y" on the glass. Under this easier "match", and lack of experience can be a decisive argument against it the same. Very much depends on driving style. Peering into the transport stream, you can easily see in it the potential "clients" substituted a - Headless Horseman, blithely jumping lanes.

The favorite machine - fresh "eight" - "tens" and relatively inexpensive foreign cars - that is, vehicles whose owners, on the proposal of rogues enough provided for on-site to pay, but not cool enough to them to "understand."

But best of all, according to the substituted a, the role of "sponsor" fits a typical representative of the middle class - the law-abiding, modest and money prosperous clerk. It provides clothing - a corporate, standard and accurate. The car model, modern, new, but not the most expensive. Foreign car, business-class sedan Nissan Primera or type Maxima; Opel Vectra - Omega; Peugeot-406, Renault Laguna, VW Bora or Passat.

Beginners podstavlyaly lone fool on bump on women, which professionals prefer not to do. Ladies in road accidents often begin to shed tears, and 100 percent call their husbands, friends and patrons, some of which may be very serious and authoritative person.

"Figurehead" options

Schemes hitting and taking money for a decade worked out "of the bases-teams" to perfection, and the mechanism of staging an accident may be different.

Here are a few stories told by eyewitnesses shell accidents:

"Quite a long time I read about the bases. Several times, I thought I saw the substituted a, but 100% sure that it is they were not.

And yesterday witnessed. From Leningrad highway, bridge district Sheremetyevsky direction - in the region, time 21:15. Me and three of my colleague-friend go to work in Zelenograd. The food, as usual, the rotating head 360 degrees. I see that the rear slalom ride two big-eyed Mercy with the included dimensions.

I tensed. For a couple of seconds, they hang back in a "firing position" (I was driving in heavy traffic in the left lane). But how many of the people making out in my cabin - change their mind and dump right, without batting me once. Inform your friends that it is very likely that this "podstavlyaly". The right to dump them.

I catch-up, the food in the middle row. I see the alleged victim - a "Nissan Maxima". I have time to see substituted a. One silver, one black. The disposition is as follows: in front of me go two Kramers, black rebuilt in the left lane. Flashing "Nissan", he immediately begins to rebuild the right, and silver, at a time when the "Nissan" crossed the dividing, lunges at him, knocked together in a sidewall bumper, left circles "Nissan" and they start to stop. I rebuild and stop for "Nissan".

Ahead Mercedes stopped. The four of us started out of the car, and once got out, Mercedes immediately faded, so much so that some individual comrades did not even notice.

From the "Maxims" guy got bewildered (the lady sitting in the cabin). I began to explain to him that only he was framed.

I must say that he listened to me very cautiously and with some mistrust. Probably I thought we were also part of some bases. "Something I did not understand where he knocked me," - he said. I showed him the marks on the bumper. There's even a scratch really was not - only dirt Strip. In general, I told him something else rubbed and when asked whether he is insured his car - he had completely lost trust, said "thank you" and left.

We also sat and drove myself ... I certainly look at these assholes but it did not work, maybe it's for the best ... "

"... I return home from work. Time 17.30. Before entering the Novoperedelkino by Borovsky, just below the viaduct to the pipeline, there is usually a dark, behind a sharp signal and headlights in the face. I am at the far left, go all quickly, about 80.

The first thought machine "lost ..." and the second, "Why?". Spetssignal not go quickly, right in front of me one, but in the mirror I see that the right rear bumper cars stuck without coverage. Rear presses sharply, impudently, with noise. I am adding gas and do not react, keep my number, because as I understand who I'm dealing. So go 30 seconds, the speed is already at 100. The front walk briskly. Rear lowers aggression, but one that hangs right on the bumper tight. In front of the red and I gradually I brake without changing course.

Rear - Volvo-940, dark blue, a rooftop antenna of mobile phones, driving one. That's what "flagged" Right Rear - Audi 100, maroon, two in the car. Both pass quickly to the next traffic light at the entrance to Novoperedelkino and abruptly, two solid unfold in the opposite direction for a new victim.

Just do not expect that these jackals are fumbling around such places was not even in my head. It's very detailed and they have designed is aimed at psychological attack.

A few days later in the evening, on the way down to the metro bridge, and when you turn on Frunze Embankment, turn right turn from the middle row, and then going right black BMW, sharply rises under my bumper. How felt jackals, the soul is not easy even with the last time. I brake almost to a complete stop, skip, they wait, me too. Machines around almost there. Almost stand. Realizing that as long as they do not leave, I will not turn, the BMW accelerates sharply and goes forward. The rooms are very dirty, it is not visible. In the car, two, cut beaver, ears hatchet. support machines were not, apparently, "shift" finished.

Home back - head spun as hinges, all surveyed 360 degrees. "

A can, for example, and just grind "sine curve": the driver calmly goes to his series, never deviating, but it still neatly Richt. So do, as a rule, there where "substituted a" pre-planned accident. At this point, "smoke" pre-prepared witnesses who will say: "Oh, man, you can not go so Why Do not cut in front of songs - I saw it all.?". There may also be "on duty" and purchased traffic police.

Catch and where the maneuvers require special care:.. On roundabouts, at congresses with interchanges, exits with a minor, etc. The victim approaches the front facing car, she pretends that gets under way, the victim looks to the left, and also starts to move ... Suddenly - a blow. The one in front, which seems to be gone, it turns out, is ... I'm sorry, of course, those who back ...

"Rough" method bases - when the victim is overtaken, and pruned drastically inhibit substituting already pretty battered stern unconventional lifestyle. If the alleged "sponsor" did not have time to slow down - I will try to hang all that was and what was not. Again, always blame the one who behind.

Rare, but especially nasty this way: in a traffic jam on a slope in front of the stationary vehicle rolled backwards. Signals no avail. During the strike followed a claim.

Common ways to "set up" varies depending on the situation, are the following:

"Works" steam car.

1. The potential victim moving in the extreme left lane. It catches up with someone hurrying terribly, densely sits on the tail and begins aggressively semaphore distant light. The logic of the majority of normal drivers - yield. Not suspecting a trick, the victim begins to readjust to the right and at this point the victim touches like from the ground by having the machine, before calmly move a bit further and you either did not notice or did not see - dead zone, dark, off lighting, rain dirt and so on. Herded the victim machine with the band pretends that he was leaving, and you're left alone with the "innocent victims".

2. In a relatively free way, moving on the leftmost row with good speed, a potential victim "divorce" catching up sluggishly creeping ahead of the supposedly "teapot", who stubbornly refused to give way. Victim makes leap to the right, but already there waiting for the interceptor.

3. Or is this: a potential "victim" goes near average. Drove right "match", the left - the "round up" - expensive car, the opportunity to "contact" with which instinctively swept aside every normal driver. So they go three - parallel and adjacent. Suddenly, the "round up" makes a sharp turn of the wheel in the direction of the victim. That, in order to avoid the contact, too, goes to the right. Even if the "victim" controls your right side, then "match" may suddenly move over to the "victim", while remaining within its lane. As a result, the "victim" enters starboard to port side, "the bases". According to the SDA to blame for the accident "victim". "Rounded up" leaves his back room, of course, can not be read.

"Match" -odinochka

1. Go back to starboard, in no way betraying their intent to approach, and waiting for rebuild "sponsor" in the right lane. Following the rules, the "victim" will advance the right "turn". "It put" all his behavior makes it clear "sponsor", which transmits it. But as soon as the "victim" lift a wheel to the right, "it put" dramatically faster, putting his left side under the right side of the victim. For the convenience of the mock accident "a setup" chooses the dark, gloomy weather, dark car and drives only with the "dimensions".

2. "Victim" is trying to get out of the left or the middle row (including a circular motion). At this point, you cut down on the right. As a rule, not before, and immediately after the impact should be disturbed bibikane. This is also part of the performance, calculated including on possible witnesses - "I say, signals, and it is ...". Or interception starboard one who cheerfully speeds along the right lane and parked cars circling, not giving way to the neighbors left.

This list of techniques "substituted a" far from complete, but it is enough to understand the principle of "dummy" accidents, the result of which one - after a seemingly easy contact of the "victim" found a whole bunch of "injury" - from small nicks and scratches to the dumped headlights and bumpers torn off.

Who is guilty?..

After contact with the bases are two possible situations:

The first - when rihtanuli not much, and the perpetrator of the accident is not clear. In such cases, if you could call the traffic police, podstavlyaly quickly leave. But even in this situation it is necessary to wait for the traffic police and file a report which should be made all the damage from a car accident (even if it is barely noticeable scratch on the bumper). There were times when podstavlyaly after leaving the victim returns to the scene with "their" traffic cop and then "legitimately" demanded money for "repair." And it will not help even the existence of insurance of civil liability, as you allegedly left the scene of an accident, and in such cases, insurance companies refuse to pay.

Second - if they are "set up" well, let's caught sacrifice to rebuild or have obvious damage to it by this accident. There are not so easy to leave, even if your civil liability is insured.

Nevertheless, the insured person for GO driver at a meeting with "podstavlyalami" can feel more confident - with proper behavior he almost threatens to charge "repair" machines- "bases".

In any case, immediately after the accident, call the traffic police themselves (02 or rescue service - 911, by MTS-mobile 112). If the cause "podstavlyaly", the traffic police are likely to be working on a couple of them, and the pressure just tougher. People in uniform, along with crooks will insist on the calculation on the spot. Still requires clearance protocol, making sure that it's still the traffic police, not the "Municipal", not "environmentalist" and especially not from the local gamekeeper hunting farm.

Not departing from the accident scene, do not touch the car, although podstavlyaly would strongly suggest you pull in to the curb and inspect damage "in a relaxed atmosphere." Let this be the busiest place - do not remove the vehicle before the arrival of traffic police!

Dear Alexander,

I head the Russian representative office (or branch office - can be called differently) company Eurotax, which are the activities - information support of TC evaluation.

In our country, "the official calculation" damage after an accident shall be made in accordance with accepted standards and methodologies TC evaluations, and somewhat different from what you have written.

1. Calculation on cars older than three years of service is tailored to the ordinary (and not necessarily in the authorized services) ie the cost of work (standard hours) is much lower. Substitutes, as I understand from the article, cars older than 3 years.

2. There is such a thing as the physical wear of parts, components and assemblies that the cost of the damaged parts definitely not the cost of a new (if not an accident at the factory or the cabin Smile happy ) So the older the car the less the cost of the part, and lower the cost of the damage. If the culprit will be to repair the car on the service affected this will result in a much larger amount of money than to give the official calculation.

It's short ...

Dmitry Skatchkov

Transdekra AG
Geroev Panfilovzev str., 24
Russia 125480 Moscow
Tel .: +7 095 4969244
Fax .: +7 095 4969383
Mail: skatchkov@transdekra.ru

We should not think that it is possible in an amicable agreement without the police (type of damage it - nothing at all). For one only scratched bumper you require more than $ 1,000. And both the official calculation will not be much smaller. (Despite the fact that the car is old, all the parts will be put new, supplied from abroad by manufacturing firms). If there is a small scratch on the wing, it will repaint the entire wing (bumper, door). And if you go with "podstavlyalami" in their service, be prepared for the fact that the master will announce the behavior of the longitudinal members ($ 5,000). Especially because spars really will "conduct". This, by the way, once again talking about the economic benefits of "bases". Do not settle on "mutual blame," because then you have to repair their car, and they - yours. The difference in price is not difficult to assess.

Good idea to enlist the support of the accident witnesses. Especially those who have seen deliberately created an emergency situation. Be sure to note their location. If podstavlyaly understand that this witness, then as long as you deal with one of them, while others "put pressure" on the witness stand and he can simply leave. But then, having his data, will be able to negotiate with them in a relaxed atmosphere.

After the "accident" that begins, for what was started and all the proper - "divorce on the money ..."

"Divorce," as a rule, the passenger (passengers). "Client" are beginning to argue that he should pay voluntarily and on the spot. For a better understanding of this "debt" he will show a performance in which the victim assigned the main role - the role of "sponsor".

"Sponsor" will convince to pay voluntarily and on the spot. In order to "sponsor" is better understood, it will show excellent performance made with the director and actors.

Starts all relatively polite: "... Well, you only himself to blame, it is necessary to pay", "How to be, not our car, urgently needs to be repaired, that the owner will tell ..?".

Some of the "divorce" practiced by the ancient, well-known and well-proven method of "evil-good." "Wicked" requires the maximum amount, and "good" agrees to a substantially smaller, arguing that, so be it, they will be repaired with friends.

If the "client" is limited, the soft pressure often goes to the most stringent, fortunately, in most cases, verbal, its form. Late in the evening or at night, in a deserted place the warm-up phase of ceremonies, as a rule, passed immediately starting with explicit and specific threats.

What to do?..

The basic rule: during a "divorce" behave naturally and most importantly - do not lose self-control. Remember that the legal way podstavlyalam not initially profitable. Firstly, they do not get the required amount, and secondly, why they do not "shine" in the police and insurance companies (if you are insured civil liability).

Even if scared, try not to show fear - fear of the jackals feel victim and become more aggressive ... It is the most difficult, because "extrude" be strong. Do not pay attention to threats, attempts to "break through" to pity, the game in the "good" and "bad" and other tricks. This is not the beginning of the 90s, and the vast majority of thugs and bespredelschik or smarter, or are in a different world and are unlikely to return. It put - a business built on unprovable intent on fraud and "pure" crime is useless. But also do not need to build from a "tough", threaten its ties to behave provocatively - in fact there are exceptions of any rules. Do not show "podstavlyalam" documents - according to the law you have to present them only militia employees.

To avoid unnecessary risks, close to the car, and do not leave before the arrival of traffic police. Call home, friends, paint over the situation, which were, describe the brand, number, car signs "substituted a" and themselves. And in the door and window of your car will definitely knock invited to "talk like a man", threaten to break the glass and the face ... Answer is not necessary. The best phone to dial the police again and tell him that you are threatened with death. By the way, telephone calls to 02 and 911 are recorded. You can also call and consult on the situation in the service clock legal assistance to motorists' Avtoyurservis "operational phones which: 658 (" B-Line "), 08-31 (MTS), 088 (MCC).

IMPORTANT! Call only "02" and ask to be connected to RUBOP. The fact that the "random" the police may be integral with the bandits. (C dialed mobile phone "002" - provided that you are in Moscow If you are outside the city, in order to find out how to contact the local police, unite with your mobile operator they prompt..). Very well, if your mobile phone has a camera. Click "substituted a" and the numbers of their cars. (By the way, in most cases, this alone will cause them to quickly get into your car and drive away).

An indirect confirmation of staging an accident can serve:

- In the "victim" machine does not offer or are smeared with mud. Glass greatly toned.

- A leading role in the analysis of the accident takes on a passenger (s), not the driver "victim" car

- Presentation of claims and the immediate requirement of money veiled or very specific threats, rendering psychological pressure;

- The desire to "understand" without calling the traffic or cause traffic police themselves;

- Obvious discrepancy damage "victim" and the car avtomashiny- "culprits";

- Persistent proposals to pass in their service or drive off to the side under the pretext that it is necessary to calmly survey the damage;

- The establishment of strict time constraints, such as "money is needed in an hour, 40 minutes, the service will be closed, you have 2 hours to raise money, etc."

- The requirement, with the consent of the victim for the payment of the agreed amount, leave the documents, mobile phone or car as collateral;

- The propensity to "negotiate" - often in the course of "negotiation" published price of $ 1000 fell to $ 50 - "at least for the paint", and there were cases even "cognac".

If you hold out until the arrival of traffic police and the minutes, and you just found guilty, then write a separate opinion. The protocol word cross out and write the offender - driver. Be sure to write "the SDA is not broke." If you're in shock, then do not write anything more - then connect better lawyer. If you do not lose self-control, write down everything to the last detail. About showered from under the liner dirt, the nature of injury (this will guarantee that minor scratches will not turn into holes "two to three" m), the apparent inconsistency of damage to your car (very small) and a car "substituted a" (bumper, fender, headlight). Make sure that the protocol scheme and reflect all the circumstances of the accident has been drawn up correctly. Proper "Minority Report" in the future may very well come in handy. Remember, you must be given a copy of the minutes.

After the protocol, try to go along with the police, or "divorce" can continue. In no case do not agree to go with "podstavlyalami" to assess the damage and after the protocol. Damage assessment should take place only after the resolution of your guilt.

If "podstavlyaly" see that quickly identify the perpetrator fails, obmaterili you and saying that you have put on the counter, just evaporate. However, at the same time be prepared for the fact that you will call and threaten (and covertly). If they come to your home, then in any case do not get out of the apartment to "just talk." In this case, they will be forced to either leave or break into your apartment, and this is a serious article of the Criminal Code. And spying on you (for "conversations") do not have time - it is necessary to "make money."

Someone who cares

The paradox of the situation is that the Ministry of Internal Affairs still can not figure out who in the end have to fight this kind of criminal activity. SAI believes that the catch should be substituted a UBOPovtsy.

Indeed, in the activities of it substituted a can assume there is any indication of an organized group - have the organizer, facilitators, performers, a clear distribution of roles of criminal and sometimes corrupt communications. But at the time of the accident from a formal legal point of view it is quite obvious - an accident it is an accident. And only if podstavlyaly allow themselves to direct extortion, ie demand the transfer of property or rights to property under the threat of violence or destruction or damage to property or the use of violence, only then can interfere with OCD, Article 163 of the Criminal Code for their "native". However, the "bases," professional witnesses never allow direct threats against the victim. One on One - more than likely, but it's not all carry a tape recorder that would record these threats, and then attach to the recording application.

That is why from the OCD and sent the victims of dummy accident to the police station, and they say that traffic accidents - a "garden" traffic police. GAI is firmly on the position that "... the work of the inspectors - to fix the fact of the accident; and to identify the bases must ATS. "

However, in October 2002, in the structure of administration of criminal investigation department of the Moscow police department set up to combat fraud related to staged traffic accidents. The main task of the department is the operating time of investigative practices and develop guidelines for other police departments, as well as the identification of corrupt cops. Previously podstavlyaly brought to criminal responsibility, but only in those cases when it comes to extortion.

However, these cases are rare. One of these facts relates to the summer of 2002, when the police officers "took" a group of swindlers, specializing in extortion using dramatizations of accidents on the Ring Road. Three young men were detained at the time of transfer of the money they demanded from either an innocent driver "Niva" 40 thousand rubles. And most recently, the staff OBOP western district of the capital defused one of the groups substituted a, but formal charges they have not yet filed.

Thus the circle is closed, and the car owners decided to fight crime on the roads on their own.

While their primary and most effective weapon - an information exchange on the internet. Enthusiasts have collected an impressive database that includes hundreds of cars are seen at least twice in doubtful accident with signs bases.

The activities, the organization is still fledging movement is not limited to virtual communication. Members of this movement, people have been in an accident or just figureheads indifferent, partly guided by the unwritten code of honor. One of its tenets - if you saw the bases on the road, stop, call the police, explain the situation and give the victim if necessary, testify. Occupation unsafe, but very effective. Rumor has it that some car owners have resorted to more radical methods of counteraction to criminality road, even there is a myth about some "flying squad", who organize hunting substituted for the Moscow Ring Road. Hunting reduces spoilage podstavlyalskih cars and faces. Most likely it is certainly leisurely fiction, and it is a pity ...

Podstavlyaly and insurance

Only the exchange of information and assistance to victims of this criminal business bases, not to win. Too great rates. And in resolving the problem of straw accidents are becoming increasingly concerned not only the motorists, but also insurance companies that carry serious losses - if the "dummy" car is not yet very marred, beaten and insured car, then getting money from insurance companies. Of course, the cars with stickers of insurance companies con much less than without them ... unless podstavlyaly sticker see. This works only when "Squeegee" schemes and if we substitute Hopping - alas ...

And it should be remembered that the liability insurance giving some assurance that you will not pay for repairs, bases the car (although it is an illusion - in the end pay the insured, paying higher tariffs), does not protect against the most "bases", "divorce", pressure and threats from the repair of your vehicle at your expense.

And the reasons for wrongful "arrival" did not have disappeared and with the introduction of compulsory insurance of civil liability - podstavlyaly receive from insurance companies, although it is slightly more difficult for them. Also - The Civil Code is not changed, and the "victim", as now, will be able to make claims perpetrator is not communicating with the insurance company. To change the situation, it is necessary to prohibit by law the victim to claim damages directly from the offender, and to contact his insurance company.

Recently, however, began to appear "young" podstavlyaly that not having a driver's skill and without resorting to cunning schemes of professionals, just to ram rod of new cars, and not just those that "expensive." "Beginners" and spit on the sticker, and insurance, and to the "wealth" inline. Acting on the principle "with the world on a string ..." them enough to snatch a piece and a smaller one - "patsanskuyu" the car is also not a penny is worth repairing.

So, from the dummy accident insurance does not save, and the knowledge of the bases and the ability to properly behave in an accident.

Be careful and good luck on the road, my friends!


State Traffic Police of the Interior Ministry: 101000, Myasnitskaya Str. 3, tel. 222-6831

Helpline Moscow Police: 250-9810

Bribery and corruption call: 200-3929

Control and preventive department STSI Moscow Police: 208-7856

own safety management police MVD of Russia: 200-9081, 200-8936

. STSI GUVD of Moscow: 103473, Gardening Gravity Street, The duty of 1 - Office 924-3117 - 923-9319 Telephone consultation - Supplemental 923-3390 - 923-4909

Special Regiment DPS (at STSI) - 924-3117

STSI Moscow region: 109028, Durasovsky Lane, 11, tel.. 288-8171

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