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HOW TO FIND OUT UNKNOWN FROM THE CAR SERVICE or 39 confessions of people who professionally repair cars

Auto locksmith

"So as not to be deceived in the car-care center, we must either walk on foot or do everything ourselves." Dmitry Slyusarev, General Director of the network of car-care centers

1. - It is always necessary to agree the volume and price of the works BEFORE putting the car in repair, and not after. And with any additional work, a preliminary approval is required. At the same time, it is necessary to clarify whether the final price is, whether additional (often really necessary) consumables or work will be added. For example, they can declare 500 rubles for the replacement of the candles on the Lexus RX-300, but at the final calculation it will be found out that to replace the candles it was necessary to remove the collector, and this costs another 2,500 rubles. Dmitry Slyusarev, General Director of

2. - It happens that the masters do not immediately determine how many parts are damaged. Well, for example, a guy brought us aud6 a6. There is a crankcase protection, but this did not prevent him from flying into some kind of cobblestones and pierce the oil pan. Well, we announced the replacement of the pallet. And then unscrewed and see that the second tray is also cracked. There are two of them. From the side it looks as if we are bred. But in fact, we can not disassemble the engine until new parts have come. Because driving a car into a parking lot on the street with a disassembled engine is wrong. Dust, water, mud ... Cyril, the master of car-care center "Audi"

3. - The customer did not change the water in the washer barrel. The water froze. When trying to turn on the washer, the system failed. I drove the car for service, left. We call: - You have a fuse burnt.
He: - Well, well, change, I'll take the car now.
We: - No, now it will not work. We removed the tank, put it on the battery. In the meantime, you changed the hoses, because they frosted from the frost. But they did not change the engine - it would cost you 7 thousand. As a result, the customer took 4700. And he was still glad that he saved on the motor, which, in fact, did not break. Sergey, the master of car-care center "Skoda"

4. - The less you understand in a car, the more expensive the repair. A woman by default is twice as expensive. Therefore, they are constantly surprised, which is so expensive. One of them broke off the tip of the probe in the washer reservoir. So the guys explained to her that now the tip of the probe on the hose gets into the engine, the motor knocks, then the box is covered ... We look - she really sits-sobs. Believed. She cries that there is no such money. We then barely convinced her that there is nonsense.
Igor, the master of car-care center "Polyus +"

5. - Do not be afraid to ask and clarify if some moments are not clear - you are not a pro and do not have to understand the intricacies. In a normal service, everyone will always explain everything. And then some people are afraid to show themselves as teapots and, according to nod, when they are offered an expensive, complicated but not always necessary procedure. You just have to ask, and then agree. Dmitry Slyusarev, General Director of

6. If you left the car and changed some details in it, let them show you the old ones. Here at "Subaru" with it it is normal: you drive the car in repair. You take it, but you have old disks in the box in the box from the new pads, in the box from under the disks there are old disks, in the packages from the hoses - hoses. It is immediately evident that you have been honestly changed. But, of course, there are many more stories when old spare parts are not interrogated. "And we threw it out." "Where did you throw it, show it?" "Well, the container has already been taken away." In fact, either did not change at all, or the detail was not completely killed yet, the master put it in the locker. Then he will deliver someone. Well, it happens when a person has something covered, but there is no one in the warehouse. And then the master-wizard takes out what he was looking for from the cupboard. "Well, let me give you this type for the time being, and then you'll buy a new one, we'll replace it." Double hardening. Firstly, on the bellow parts. Secondly, on the double removal / installation of this part. Volodya, car mechanic with 10 years experience

7. - It is desirable, if possible, to be present during the repair. This will avoid such moments:
the work is really not done, but in the order-order is entered,
oil is not merged, but only half, then a new, unused volume of oil is added to the mechanic's left
is not the original part or the new part.
Dmitry Slyusarev, General Director of

8. The fact that you are standing side by side is also not a panacea. We must still understand the car and what is done with it. I see through the client right through. But you are sure that, with you, I definitely will do everything right. Well, yes, the bolt, of course, with a hammer in your score is not correct. But there is, for example, one operation to repair the box, when you can climb outside and fix everything in 5 minutes. And you can disassemble half the car and the entire box on the cogs to do the same operation. Money, you know, different.
Sergei. Car service station "Zhiguli"

9. - On suspension parts can be planted permanently. It is necessary only that the client said that "there is something knocking." There actually can a rubber band some penny was worn out. And he immediately begin to gasp, that here you have covered and ball, and the steering, and the end ... In short, stretch from the collector to the protector. Did he take a ball? Excellent. Oh, and you can still knock the caliper. And the shroud.
In general, come for the car tomorrow, we'll do everything. Then they change that penny gum, and the bill is rolled out for half of the suspension. But the knock went! The client is happy. Vadim. Car service station "Zhiguli"

10. Before carrying a car for repairs, it is desirable to monitor the market and approximately represent the level of prices for the required work and necessary spare parts. This monitoring can be done once, when choosing the service itself. Well, and then one more time, one time, for complacency. Dmitry Slyusarev, General Director of

11. - Divorce for "replacement" of serviceable parts is especially popular, if the service has its own spare parts warehouse. Here, they are welded and wrapped up on spare parts, and on replacement, which was not. Volodya, car mechanic with 10 years experience

12. - The probability of being deceived or overpaid decreases if you use the services of the same institution where they know you and your car. Sergey, the master of car-care center "Skoda"

13. - Now a lot of smart people have divorced , who strive to put all the problems on the service. Once here, the handsome man was repaired all the time in some gray garages. And when he broke the car, he came to us to swear that the car is bad, and that like this on the official service he was not so adjusted brakes. We are looking at the base - he was not in the official at all. Well, showed him the computer, he died down. But it's better to never do that. At us after all too there are black lists. We can then deny service. Well, we can also arrange a surprise. Vadim, the master of authorized service.

14. Even worse, when a client tried to dissolve us , and then either sued, or went to make noise in blogs or on the forum. There, of course, and in the case of abuse. But now the fashion has gone: he nakosyachil, but he tries to leave on the people's wrath. I already said that we can also take revenge. Some can also leave the rat under the hood. She will then devour all the wires in the garage and a lot more. You can get to such grandmothers ... Vadim, the master of the authorized service.

15. We generally had a genius who twisted his car in a run . Well, somewhere craftsmen did it to him, but did it crookedly. The edging around the speedometer cracked, the computer began to give out some kind of crap. So he with it all has come to us - to repair under the guarantee! What a fuck guarantee, if our database, he had six months ago was 60 thousand miles, and now for some reason fifteen. Also yelling, fingers bent ... I do not want to say, but the guys pushed him from the syringe under the upholstery a couple of chicken proteins. He ran the sale for sale? Well, now let it sell with such a stink. And this is almost forever. The Authorized Service Wizard, who asked not to be named.

16. - The service tries to solve the issues of warranty and claims promptly and quietly , if, of course, there are real faults in the faults of the service. At the same time, most car service centers, in any case, try to remove all accusations. Therefore, in the event of malfunctions after repairs, or the slightest suspicion of them, you should immediately notify the service about this. Variants such as "I was with you six months ago, did something, and then I caught fire or bumped up something, but I was busy, the car was standing, and now I'm so handsome came" will not ride. Dmitry Slyusarev, General Director of

17. Lawyers also sometimes differ . They want to show that they are steeper than everyone else. And we'll have to repair it for him, because he will sue us under seven articles. Aha. He will sue. He then better sell the car immediately. Because we also have our own gypsy mail. And if, for example, it does not stick to our service, but tries to fix it on another, there are already people in the course. Be sure: they will do it so unobtrusively that the whole machine will then sprinkle.
The Authorized Service Wizard, who asked not to be named.

18. Even if a woman herself has turned in a car service, a peasant should still take work . Well, here I am an auto mechanic. The girlfriend calls. She says that she was counted 14 thousand for some nonsense at the service. I'm coming. And there the technology, along with the oil is the replacement of the oil plug. The traffic jam costs 30 dollars. In the service book it is written that the oil is only specific for this machine, otherwise the car flies off with a guarantee. I look at the nameplate - another was filled. Plus replacement of pads, something else. I begin to check. The cork is old. The shoes are old, and that's it. Oil is different. Well, in short, made a scandal. And this is the official dealer. In the end, all changed, filled in the correct oil and counted. Instead of 14 thousand it turned out 3700. Andrew, tinsmith car service "Nissan".

19. In the plumbing work it is easier to dissolve than on the bodywork. There are more points. There's a bolt, there's a draft, there's a nut. A lot of everything. And on the tin well, then? Well, here are the wings, there are four of them. But too, of course, there are options. For example, they issue a new door, but take an old one. Rihtuyut, shpaklyuyut, paint ... Outwardly, I can not see. But then, of course, problems will come out. Vladimir, a car mechanic with 10 years experience.

20. Instead of Japanese doors can put Turkish. How to distinguish? At Japanese under seams where it is bent, necessarily there is a factory hermetic. A small sausage under the paint, she is there for life, it can be seen. And on all sorts of left-hand parts there is no sealant, just curved. But of course, it is necessary to know this, so that they do not dissolve. Andrew, tinsmith car service "Nissan".

21. On tin painting, the work must be taken very carefully. Often leave unpainted places where you can not see. Under the same washer reservoir, for example. Or the platform under the accumulator at a blow left. The wing was welded from the outside, but it was not straightened, then the battery would be crooked or not at all. It is necessary to look not only from the outside, it is shorter. Under the wheel covers look what is going on. Andrew, tinsmith car service "Nissan".

22. Than official service is good - they only have their own spare parts. And, if you bring your own other manufacturer, there will be no warranty for repairs. Will write in the attire that the customer's spare parts, there is no guarantee. Gray services on the contrary. There you most likely will put anything, but not your own. Sergey, the master of car-care center "Skoda"

23. God forbid to be repaired in various dubious garages from our Caucasian friends. There, of course, it is cheaper, but you will give three more prices to correct after them. At me the uncle has arrived on classics. It turned out that we had to change all the ball, and he had only two with him. But they said that they have, two hours later come. Well, he went somewhere to eat. So they immediately removed the ball from another machine, which they had on the paint were standing. There put him old, and he from her. Too it is not known what. Igor, the master of car-care center "Polyus +"

24. I would not really trust the car-care centers that stand near the car market. In the market, after all, how? There are so-called "restored" details. Thrusts, spherical, etc. You vparivayut them as new, just cheaper. And they take from the same services, after the replacement. Erasers others insert, wash, from a can of paint - everything, novie.
Well, it is clear that such a detail you will stand a thousand miles, well, two. And then again in the repair. And so on ad infinitum. Volodya, car mechanic with 10 years experience

25. I remember that in the 90s people took the car for repairs. I, for example, open the trunk light bulb change, and there Kalash. I call the client, they say so and so. And he "stirs? And you move it. "And that's it. Well, it's clear that we tried to do such a client very well. So you can leave a dummy of Kalash in the trunk. They are sold as souvenirs. Then they'll fix it and they will not take too much. Cyril, the master of car-care center "Audi"

26. As a rule, more professional and more profitable in terms of the ratio of price and quality will work in a service that specializes in one or several brands. In this case, the staff is better acquainted with the nuances of the model of your car, the warehouse is optimized for specific models. Dmitry Slyusarev, General Director of

27. If the locksmith is literate, he can "sew" to the alarm one more keychain, and then hand over to the hijackers. Very often, hijackers have their own people in services, which simply prepare the car for theft. Therefore it is better to repair on one checked service. And where there is clear control, what kind of master did what work. Then it can be easily calculated and he simply will not risk. But generally you can read the instruction to the signal. There is an option to check how many key fobs are attached to your car. If after the service appears unnecessary, just call the police and go to the specialists on the signal code to change.
Vadim, the master of authorized service.

28. Sometimes a car can be scratched in the service and even crumpled. On the good, the acceptance of the machine for repairs must begin with an inventory. Especially if you leave it there indefinitely. What rubber, what drives, what's in the trunk, glove box. It is clear that not everyone does this, but you can demand. And receiving, carefully examine. To your damage, added to the inventory, did not add new ones. At us once the client wheelbarrow from a handbrake broke off - and on a pole. Wing painted at their own expense. But on another service they could say that it was. Volodya, car mechanic with 10 years experience

29. If a driver drives you on your car, and he drives it to the service and there he serves, he can come to an agreement with the master there. Allegedly they are changing something. For example, a pump. In fact, they just rub it and launder it to look like new. As a result, a new pump is issued from the warehouse. But he stays in the office. Tosol, consumables, too, but the driver pays all this with a client card. Well, he, of course, with this poltinnichek or a hundred bucks. And people then wonder why the new bey is always breaking down. Igor, the master of car-care center "Polyus +"

30. It is clear that the spare part, which according to the rules should be changed, but which in principle is still like, the masters often try to keep to themselves. But, if the client is nearby, just so you can not put it in the locker yourself? He will immediately decide that they have in vain changed, or will want to keep his stock. Therefore, the experienced master demonstratively, at the client throws the detail into the trash. It is desirable that there are already some stinky rags lying around, oiled with water. Well, you can throw like this - just need to know how to throw. From the garbage, not everyone will take it. And moreover, you can take it yourself also not immediately after the client leaves. And then he will forget something, come back. Or specially for the detail will come, if the toad strangles. And I have it there and lying around - on, take it. Sergei. Car service station "Zhiguli"

31. You should never diagnose the machine yourself, otherwise you will not pay. And it happens, the client will arrive all in horror: "Ah! My engine is smoking! Disassemble, change! "And he could just pour oil on the block when he was refilling. It happens. Simply after the words "dismantle the engine", a hundred poods of it will be disassembled. You just need to ask for a diagnosis and for a long time to distrustfully study its results. And there may be some nonsense. Volodya, a car mechanic with 10 years experience.

32. And it happens, when the client comes and with an intelligent look says: "Change the pump for me. And then it's knocking. " Well, they change the pump, belt, antifreeze, gaskets there are all kinds. He winds, but still knocks. And then it turns out that this is not a pump, but a generator. The bearing was worn out there. And about the pump he was advised in the garage by uncle Vasya, who was just beside him and decided to suddenly go for a clever: "Pomp, I'm telling you!" Diagnostics should be done by professionals. And even better - in two different services, so that different professionals set the same diagnosis.
Vadim, the master of authorized service.

33. Many authorized services charge you 500 rubles or more for entry only. Type in this includes pumping tires, checking the battery, even some nonsense preliminary. I had a slightly left rear wheel on my car. I specifically checked: three times a year I came to the officers. And all three times no one pumped up anything and did not even check it. Igor, the master of car-care center "Polyus +"

34. It happens that the customer just burned a light bulb. And they bred him "oh, yes, you have the wiring, the stalk switch, the foot switch" - and drove in full. And the phrase "and by the way, we just have it" is very appealing to the client. That is, he was lucky to have such a spare part only today and only for him. Then it's just strange not to change it, right?
Igor, master of service "LADA"

35. The worst thing for a client is when he tried to fix something himself. Any professional service employee knows how to change parts locally. That is, he will not remove more details than necessary. A teapot is usually all the way, and he will certainly unscrew the superfluous. And then he will collect it wrong. Or there will break the hairpin, it will tear the carving - it's all clear. And then he will count all these sins. Ну, и еще добавят, чтобы он больше к машине на пушечный выстрел с отверткой не подходил. Володя, автослесарь с 10-летним стажем

36. А еще хуже, когда чинил сам, сломал, приехал к нам и пытается нам внушить, что это мы ему так все сделали во время прошлого его визита. Например, приезжает мужик: «Поменяйте колодки. Но только с одной стороны.» И я уже знаю, что на одной он их сам сменил. А на другой что-то сломал, погнул – и теперь будет гнать, что это мы ему накосячили. Таких ушлых наказывают. Могут или что-то в движок подкинуть, или еще чего. Володя, автослесарь с 10-летним стажем

37. Есть машины, которые в принципе сделаны так, что чиниться могут только на авторизованном сервисе. Например, рено. Даже в самой простой модели нельзя ничего чинить самому. Например, нельзя поменять ремень в гараже. На жигулях стоит специальная шпонка, чтобы все правильно выставить, и метки. А в рено нет ни шпонок, ни меток. Звездочка тупо проворачивается, и без специального оборудования ты никогда не узнаешь, как потом всё собрать. Сергей. Автосервис «Жигули»

38. Дешевых машин не бывает. Если у неё низкая отпускная цена, значит с тебя потом доберут за ремонт. Все просчитано. Ты отдашь на сервисе разницу. Например, на фольксваген ТО стоит по 3-4 тысячи рублей. Тупо масло меняют, инжектор моют, что-то еще по мелочи. А рено – это вор в семье. Там только помыть инжектор 5 с чем-то тыщ стоит. Причем после промывки машина двое суток не тянет. Клиенты воют: «Я к вам приехал быстрее, чем уехал после вашей промывки». И еще, что плохо в рено: там все слесаря универсалы. У них все работы по твоей тачке делает один человек. Ну и можешь представить, что если он электрик от бога, то не факт, что такой же спец в остальном. Но ты это узнаешь потом, когда машину получишь. Кирилл, мастер автосервиса «Ауди»

39. У механиков есть поговорка: «Сделал машину хорошо – потерял клиента». Реально, если ты нормально все чинишь, клиент приедет к тебе где-то через полгода масло менять. And that's all. А если чуть-чуть подхалтурил, то у него потихоньку чего-то сыпаться постоянно будет. Хотя честность клиенты ценят. Например, если у соседа такая же тачка все время в ремонте, а у него как часы работает, то он и при замене масла может хорошие чаевые дать за то, что ничего не ломается. Но не всем этих чаевых, конечно, достаточно. Так что делайте выводы.

Володя, автослесарь с 10-летним стажем