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Lawlessness car scam

Lawlessness car scam

Food is strictly in a straight line. What do they need? ... My God!

In Moscow, a new scam is flourishing, which can be called the "tea set". A group of respectably dressed scammers on a foreign car arranges an ambush in the courtyards of houses near large and busy metropolitan highways.

They rightly count on recklessrs who prefer to go around traffic jams across the yards.

When a potential victim appears, the scammers play their performance.

“I decided to cut the way to Leninsky Avenue through the yards,” said Muscovite Alexander Reutov. “In the yard I was driving along a narrow corridor of parked cars and saw a guy with a bag in his hand climbed out of BMW and slowly walked down the road.”

For some time, Alexander drove him, but then decided to go round him. When he was driving through a pedestrian, he heard the sound of a blow from the right passenger door.

“When I stopped, this BMW drove up to me, and two more guys got out of it,” Alexander said. “At that time, the pedestrian was holding a torn bag with a bewildered look, and broken porcelain cups were lying on the ground.”

The young people quite correctly explained to Alexander that they had gathered for the wedding of their best friend, had bought him an expensive china set and now, through his fault, the gift has been broken. As evidence, they showed him a receipt from the store ware on Leninsky Prospekt, in which a porcelain service was actually mentioned for 4.5 thousand rubles.

“I saw a scratch from broken cups on the door of my car, so I pleaded guilty to this situation and paid them the cost of the entire service,” Alexander said. “They presented the remnants of the service to me.”

What was his disappointment when it turned out that the expensive porcelain service actually turned out to be a cheap hack of unknown Chinese craftsmen, costing no more than 200 rubles. Apparently, the check from the store was fake.

In such a simple way, in 10 minutes, fraudsters earned more than 4 thousand rubles.

This type of fraud is still a discovery for Moscow policemen. “I haven’t heard about such a“ divorce ”yet, but I advise citizens of the following: ask the service master to go to the police station and solve all the problems there,” one of the MUR operatives advised the readers of “New Izvestiya”. reproach you of callousness and try to leave. "

Everyone has long known the basic methods of “divorce of suckers” by scammers on the highway. However, the fantasy of lovers to make some extra money in this dubious way has no limits! Let us examine the tricks of the most basic points and consider our behavior in each case.

1. Standard setup. The driver is forced to reorganize into the right lane in order to miss the rushing foreign car. Further the outcome is clear - rebuilding, and another foreign car enters the car from behind. Immediately there are witnesses, the driver is offered to solve everything at once, without causing DPS, and so on. After these cases received massive publicity, the scammers disappeared. But actually it is not. If earlier the driver was offered to solve everything on the spot, now the “earnings” are due to the fact of the accident, which is registered with the traffic police, and fraudsters receive constant compensation due to “their people” in insurance companies. So fraudsters are moving from one insurance company to another. But the driver of the second car suffers. How to be? The main advice is car insurance.

Of course, this type of protection is not available to everyone. Therefore, we recommend the behavior on the road: if possible, keep the right lane (this, by the way, requires the traffic rules - to move in the right lane with a free right lane), if you see an approach from behind the car - do not rush to instantly rebuild. As a rule, when approaching from behind the car at high speed, the driver responds immediately and is rebuilt (especially when you are blinking high beam headlights). Rate the situation. The fraudsters, choosing the way of an accident, now provoke an accident due to the “dead zones” of the car - no one is visible in the rear-view mirror, and then it turns out that you simply did not notice and crushed the left front wing of a foreign car.

2. Do you have caps on your car? Fraudsters are simple. The hood is removed from your car (usually from the rear left wheel). On the rear wing with a cloth with a weak pressure, the area is wiped from the same side. You start driving, and after half a kilometer you are caught up with a car, whose driver through the window shows you a cap from your car. Stopping, you are told that you here, they say, squeezed the car in a stream of traffic while rebuilding. Even the cap flew off. When you say that you didn’t notice anything like that, and in that case you agree to call the traffic police officers, they tell you that you have disappeared from the accident scene and you are caught up (there is a confirmation of this - 3-4 witnesses in the “victim” car) . And what is "disappeared"? This is down to deprivation of rights! Do you need this? Of course, no, especially fraudsters are skilled psychologists. You will not have time to look back, as they will convince you that you are guilty, that you are ready to pay for all repairs, and at once.

How to be in this situation? Call DPS! The fraudsters will "disappear" as quickly as they appeared, and even if they agree to call the traffic police, claim that you do not know how the accident occurred, and do not consider yourself guilty if only because the other car also left the accident scene. Ask the inspector to drive up to the intended collision site (for example, the wing to the wing) and compare the height and distance of the damaged part of the car to the fraudsters and wiped yours (by the way, this can be done immediately before the DPS arrives), then take a photo on the mobile phone , the camera is not with everyone). Take a dozen two photos from a different angle. These photos will help you to establish the fact of fraud. No payment will follow after this. "Victims" even to the insurance company will not reach.

In the described form of fraud, another one began to prevail. The same scheme, but you do not have a neat dent, but a small scratch made in advance. For scratch you require only 500-1000 rubles. They explain to you that it is much more profitable for you to pay this amount. And the arguments are quite reasonable: when you call DPS, it will take up to 3 hours of your time, and then what? Then the insurance company will increase the CTP rate for you by 50%, which in some cities ranges from 1,000 to 3,000 rubles. You need it? Of course not. It is easier to pay this unfortunate thousand and disperse, especially since there is no damage on your car. If you feel a setup, deny the fact of an accident and call the traffic police (you can pretend to call). Scammers retire immediately! According to estimates, one such car can “earn” about 20 thousand per day.

3. You shot down a person. How can this happen? You are moving at a speed of 40-50 km / h, and suddenly a person standing on the side of the road hits your windshield and falls to the ground. (At one time, in the market area, one enterprising “comrade” did just that, and more than once. So far, then, the traffic police didn’t cut through all the machinations and brought the dodger into the answer). Fearfully? Of course. But the man was standing! Unfortunately, when hit on the windshield, the driver is completely lost, and then never remember the details, so something like this happens next. The victim reports that you shot him down, he has a broken arm and leg, and maybe also ribs ... You are asked to pay 5-20 thousand at once and have no problems later. What to do? First, if you really hit a person, you will have to answer for it. A person is alive, maybe there are fractures, and maybe not - but you have nothing to fear. Catch the car, send the victim to the nearest hospital, and call the traffic police yourself (if you remove the car from the scene, it will be difficult to prove something). CTP assumes quite a decent payment to the victim, you get off with a fine (if your guilt is proved). Fraudsters, as a rule, refuse to go anywhere. In any case, it is necessary to take a receipt from the victim that he has no complaints to you (you can also attract witnesses, among whom will definitely be false ones).

4. You shot down a child. This is a much worse situation than the one described above. It happens like this. You give it back, then get under way and start moving forward, and you hear shouts and knock on the trunk lid. Do you know what you did? Surrendering back, knocked down a child. No damage to the car, no scratches in the child, but the mass of witnesses says in one voice: you shot down the child. What did you break? You started the movement and were not convinced of complete security, you shot down a person, and this is an even more serious violation. In this case, the "parents" also require from 5 to 15 thousand rubles. They knocked down a child, and now he has an injury to something, plus fright and something else. If in this case it comes to court, in addition to insurance CTP (if there were injuries to human organs) parents can claim compensation for moral harm - the child was scared, afraid of cars, afraid to go out, etc. The court will be on the side of the victim, especially since the law, even if the driver is not guilty, he must compensate the victim for literally everything that is possible. All this is reported to you by legally competent "parents." This is a setup. Demand the call of DPS officers and send the child to the hospital. This works and acts on scam quite strongly. You just disagree amicably.

Dear drivers! Described the bases - these are the main tricks of fraudsters. In fact, they are much more, and every day there are new and new. Never lose your composure. In any case, take a minute, and just sit in the car, calm down, analyze the situation, do not fall for instant provocations and psychological pressure. Take photos with the faces of all participants in the events, call your friends and acquaintances to come and witness the whole event! Good luck on the roads! Don't fall for the tricks of a scam! Protect yourself always and everywhere!