Bulls on the roads or Ukrainian driving chutlings

A pleasant breeze blows from the open window. The clock starts at the seventh. I also want to sleep awfully. Through the morning drowsiness I hear, how the cat has got close to a folder with plastic "files" and has borrowed in the favorite business - it is cheerfully and loudly chews and crunches with polyethylene. Then Marley came running (a beagle puppy, who was given a mother-in-law), and from a pure heart, joyfully jumped out his front paws on the bed and hit me right on the head. Well, how on these little dunces get angry? They are animals. I get up, I'm going and going to work. But then the mood starts to go away and I understand that there were pets, and on the road real "beasts." I do not understand why they are at a crossroads, where a turn to the left from only one strip finds it normal to be bored by me from the middle row? Let everyone hurry, but if you are forced to rude, why not apologize, flashing an emergency? The next couple of kilometers of the road were also endowed with a "buzzer", which on the rusty, otakosovavshem already with a million kilometers Lanose wedges in front of me so that you have to tomozit on the floor. Maybe he turned a corner or looked in the mirror? Hell no! And then along the sidewalk the "serious man" on his SUV hammers on all the money, so that the pedestrian is forced to go out already to the lawn. The mood is already to hell, and ahead still a whole working day. And this day would be similar to all the others, but here on the radio in the news they say that ".. they infringe on us and do not give visa-free entry to Europe ...".

By the nature of our work, I regularly go "there" and know perfectly well that in any European country you turn on a turn signal - and they miss you. And that people can make a maneuver without a warning signal, people do not even guess. Of course, the fact that people do not violate the rules abroad are all fairy tales. On the road there, too, no one goes 110 km / h, and in the city the restriction of "50" is not perceived by every one literally. But they respect each other on the road, try not to be rude for nothing. In the course of foreign tests, you often have to drive 300 days or even 500 km a day in completely unfamiliar cities in a foreign country. But by the evening you do not feel the desire to nail someone or go to the nearest sports store and buy a baseball bat - just like that, for the future. At home, to reach this state, there are sometimes ten kilometers from home to work. Maybe they have fewer traffic jams there? No, on the contrary - more. It's just they, the driver for some reason does not believe that he is the smartest and the only important person in the world, and all the rest around him are fools and second class, with which there is no point in reckoning.

I know that there is no reason to call for changes in those who are "bullied" because this is his normal state. It's a shame that in this whole traffic mess many normal people get angry and, besides their will, no-no, and they cut their neighbor down the stream or once again turn to the right of the middle row. Let's remain people behind the wheel, you look and you will not have to prove to anyone that we need to be allowed into Europe without visas. They will understand everything themselves ... They understand it now, because so far it is necessary to walk around the embassies and prove that we are also people. And this should not cause anybody any doubts.

The rules that radically change our traffic flow are so simple that it's even funny to remind them of:

1. Look into the mirrors and before the maneuver turn the turn.

2. If a person flashes a pivot, skip it. In five minutes, maybe you will be missed.

3. If the row that is next to you rested in road accidents or road works, drive it by the rule of a lightning bolt: one of its series, one missed, one of its series, one missed ... Time does not practically lose, the rhythm of the movement does not go astray.

4. If all the same you created, then from what do not feel proud for your action - blink an emergency. You will be understood.

PS: "Autocentre" decided to make from my blog a special section devoted to a difficult topic about the behavior on the roads. Even more, we limit the special club "For culture on the roads." Now at the drafting stage the charter (short, but very clear).