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In this section you will find most of the possible ways to get rid of the car from the "crab". But first, I highly recommend reading and understanding the device lock. This will help in the work and save a lot of time.

Attention! Recommended for reading - DEVICE BLOCIRATOR and PRACTICAL ADVICE NEW!

Options for solving the problem with the "crab" :

Method No. Description of the method
Applicability ( ? )
1st type 2nd type 3rd type 4th type 5th type
Method 1 If the lock is not locked
Method 2 If the lock is closed. We unscrew the axle bolts
Method 3 We unscrew the axle bolts
Method 4 Unscrew the studs, remove the red cover
Method 5 We get rid of the lower legs
Method 6 Jack, we lower the wheel. We do not look for easy ways.
Method 7 Without noise and dust. The roll is working.
Method 8 Against the scrap there is no reception - we work with a crowbar
Method 9 By force we tear off the gear
Method 10 We operate exclusively within the framework of the law

Read the same TIPS FOR DISMANTLING the blockers!

Find out what type of blocker you have encountered in form and elements of fastening the red cover.

The first type
The second type
The third type
The fourth type
Third Generation Wheel Lock
Third Generation Wheel Lock
Fifth type

If you know how to remove the blocker, not described here, please tell us about it, we will test it and post it on the pages of the site.

And do not worry that the designers of blockers will read your method and finalize the design of the lock. The more perfect - the more interesting. Bulgarians and bolt cutters have not been canceled, in the end. And they will be used until this lawlessness is terminated.