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The list of addresses of Kiev surveillance cameras 2016

Список адресов киевских камер наблюдения

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine plans to start penalizing drivers with the help of automatic fixation cameras from June 1, 2016!

The MIF and the National Police must prepare everything necessary to start the project of automatic photo-recording of traffic violations by the beginning of this summer. This is stated in the Action Plan for 2016, which includes 379 priorities for the country. According to the plan, by June, the AIM and the National Police should develop and submit for approval to the Cabinet of Ministers a draft decree "On the approval of the procedure for the functioning of the system for fixing offenses in the field of road safety." Previously, the Ministry of the Interior should complete the development and approve a standard for the operation of automatic fixation systems with an indication of technical requirements for such systems. It is noted that today the police have no technical means to control the speed.

“Nobody calls for returning traffic cops to the bushes and arranging them around the corners, but control over our roads should be. And not indicative, but real,” MP Mustafa Nayem commented on the situation. It is also worth noting that Ukraine occupies one of the first places in Europe in terms of the number of car accidents - every 15 minutes there is an accident with injuries on our roads, and every two hours a fatal accident.

Map cameras autofixing traffic violations in Kiev

Red marked ordinary cameras.

Green stars - cameras with recognition of numbers.

The address list of Kiev surveillance cameras

  • At the cross st. Vladimirskaya Blvd. Shevchenko (from the square. Bessarabskaya in the direction of the square. Victory).
  • European Square (from Grushevskogo str.).
  • On the street. Grushevskogo (from the central entrance of the Dynamo stadium on Grushevskogo street in the direction of the Verkhovna Rada).
  • On the street. Grushevskogo (near the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine).
  • On the street. Hrushevsky (from the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine in the direction of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine).
  • Near the square. Bessarabskaya (in the direction of Shevchenko Boulevard).
  • Near the square. Glory (from the hotel "Salute" on the street. The January Uprising in the direction of the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra).
  • At the cross st. Basseynaya St. Shelkovichnaya - st. Mechnikova - Blvd. Lesia Ukrainki (in the direction of Shelkovichnaya St.).
  • At the cross st. Institutskaya - st. Khreshchatyk - st. Mikhailovskaya (from the hotel "Dnepr" in the direction of the square. Bessarabskaya).
  • Near Independence Square (Khreschatyk St. from the House of Trade Unions in the direction of Bessarabska Square).
  • On the street. Khreshchatyk (near the building of the city administration).
  • Near the square. L. Tolstoy (direction from L. Tolstoy Street).
  • Near the square. Sofievskaya (Vladimirskaya street from the GUMVD house in the direction of Proreznaya street).
  • On the street. Mikhaylovskaya (direction from the house near the GUMVD of Ukraine in Kiev).
  • Near the Palace of Sports (direction from Rognedinskaya St.).
  • Near the square. Constitution (park, direction from the central entrance to the Verkhovna Rada to the street. Grushevskogo).
  • Near the Verkhovna Rada (direction from Shelkovichnaya Street).
  • Shevchenko Park (view of the monument from the university).
  • At the checkpoint on the street. Bogomolets, 10 (from the checkpoint in the direction of the street. P. Orlyk).
  • At the checkpoint on the street. Bogomolets, 10 (central entrance).
  • At the checkpoint on the street. Bogomolets, 10 (PPC from home 5).
  • Vladimir descent (direction from the European Square).
  • Lesia Ukrainka Square (direction from the CEC).
  • On the street. Kutuzov (direction from the CEC).
  • In the area of ​​pl. Arsenal.
  • In the area of ​​Singing Field.
  • The intersection of Victory Avenue and Vozduhoflotsky Avenue (direction from Victory Square).
  • Cross st. New passage - st. Basseynaya (in the direction of Lesia Ukrainka Blvd.).
  • Cross st. Basseynoy - st. New passage (in the direction of the square. Leo Tolstoy).
  • Pl. Victory (from the street Vorovskogo in the direction of the circus).
  • Pl. Victory (direction from the boulevard. Taras Shevchenko).
  • Pl. Kontraktovaya (in the direction of the Kiev-Mohyla Academy).
  • Pl. Kontraktovaya (in the direction of the monument to G. Skovorode).
  • Independence Square (near the store "Globus" from the House of Trade Unions).
  • Independence Square (near the Globus store).
  • Ring road.
  • Ring road (another camera)
  • Cross st. Academician Glushkov, the ring road and Academician Zabolotny.
  • Ave Academician Glushkov.
  • Academician Glushkov Ave.
  • Ave. 40 years of October (in the direction of the bus station).
  • Cross Ave. 40 years of October and st. Maxim Rylsky (2 cameras).
  • Red Star Ave.
  • Ave Science (2 cameras).
  • St. Saperno-Slobodskaya.
  • Red Star Ave. (in the direction of Sevastopol).
  • Etc. Victory.

Traffic police cameras with license plate recognition

  • Cross st. Artem and st. Glebova near Kievan Rus.
  • Cross st. Artem and st. Glibochytska near Kievan Rus.
  • Boulevard of Friendship of Peoples (exit from the Paton Bridge).
  • Cross st. Glibochytska and Lower Val near Voznesensky descent.
  • Cross st. Artem and Voznesensky descent opposite the House of Artists.
  • The intersection of the Lower Val and Yaroslavsky lane (looking towards Lukyanovka).
  • Pl. Lviv intersection B.Zhitomir-Artem-Stretensk-Vorovskogo.
  • Intersection st. Proreznaya and st. Khreshchatyk (looking toward Khreshchatyk).

In the near future it is planned to install

  • Crossing street Vasilkovskaya and New directions.
  • Intersection st. Vasilkovskaya and st. L. Tolstoy.
  • Pl. Postage
  • On Naberezhnom Highway (Metro Bridge area).
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