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Ukraine has canceled special duties on cars: prices will fall? No, they will grow!

Стоимость растаможки авто 2015

Customs clearance (customs clearance, cargo declaration) - the necessary formalities that arise in connection with the movement of goods and vehicles across the customs border, as well as in case of a change in the customs procedure.

Customs clearance includes: Presentation of a customs authority to the shipping, permitting documents, the customs declaration and the declared goods, the payment of customs duties.

Customs clearance is a prerequisite for crossing the customs border or changing the customs procedure.

The term customs clearance is most often used when importing (importing) goods.

Usually, customs clearance can be carried out either by the owner of the goods directly, or by a customs representative, an organization performing the declaration and clearance of cargo on the basis of an agreement.

Customs clearance consists of five steps:

  • Acceptance, registration and accounting of goods declaration
  • Monitoring the correctness of the definition of the TNVED code and compliance with the rules of non-tariff regulation
  • Currency control and control of the determination of the customs value
  • Verification of the passage of customs payments
  • Customs control of goods and vehicles

Next comes the release of the goods.

When goods are moved across the border, a universal method of classification of goods of the HS is used (product nomenclature of foreign economic activity)

The cost of customs clearance cars 2015

The media vividly discusses the positive prospects for the abolition of import special duties on cars. Some authors predict a decline in prices for cars and even calculated the size of such a discount. However, the sad truth is that this will not happen. Moreover, imported used cars can become even more expensive for Ukrainians. And the reason is as follows.

From January 1, 2016 in Ukraine it is prohibited to import vehicles that do not comply with the environmental requirements of the Euro-5 standard (emission standards). This norm is contained in a signed agreement with the EU. The standard is valid in the EU countries and the USA since September 2009, respectively, and cars under 5 years old comply with the new rules. Obviously, cars under 5 years old even though they are / will not be cheap. And the fact that importing cars older than 5 years is generally prohibited only limit the supply of used cars. Of course, it remains possible for older vehicles to re-equip the engine to meet environmental standards. However, this procedure is not cheap, and as a result will affect the price of such cars.

In general, it is possible not to dream of cheap used cars from the EU, even with the abolition of special duties and additional import duties. The fact is that the special duty rate is only 2.15% (gasoline engine 1 ... 1.5 l) or 4.32%. (engine 1.5 ... 2.2 l) of the cost of the car, and the rate of additional import duty - 5%. Cancellation of these payments, depending on the type of transport, theoretically (if to ignore the effect of the introduction of the Euro 5 standard) could reduce the cost of a car by 6 - 11.2%. At the same time, the main expenses for customs clearance are formed by the excise duty (the rate depends on the year of production, the type of fuel and the engine cubic capacity) and VAT, which is “screwed up” on duties, duties and excise. For example, to import a budget car worth $ 15 thousand, under 5 years old, with a 1,400 cc petrol engine, you will have to pay $ 2.3 thousand excise tax and $ 3.8 thousand VAT. For a new car, the cost of which is 1.3 times more with the same engine, the excise tax will be $ 0.1 thousand, and the VAT is $ 4.4 thousand.

Obviously, no one will cancel the excise on the car, because it was not for that that it was introduced so that you could buy imported cars cheaply.

For reference: September 30, Ukraine cancels special duties on imported cars.

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Mіzhvіdomcha komіsіya with the international trade

Earlier, the World Trade Organization called on Ukraine to abolish the additional duty, because it violates international trade rules. Consultations of the government with the WTO also concluded an agreement on the abolition of the additional import duty from January 1, 2016.