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We make the cilia of the LED tape on the back lantern ...

To modify the rear lights on the Chevrolet Aveo decided to use the LED strip DWF-W . The advantage is that it is very flexible and has a good appearance, designed for 12-15 volts, especially for cars. It would have been better to use the red light band DWF-R , so that the light through the red filters was more saturated without a yellowish hue. But there was no red ribbon at that moment, so we're making it out of white.

Wires are removed from both sides of the tape, which is convenient.
Immediately connected to the power supply unit, checked - glows.

Approximately determine the diameter of the circle, taking into account the fact that it is possible to cut the tape multiple of three diodes.

After every three LEDs the tape is marked with a white arrow, in these places you can safely cut it.

It turned out that such a segment of 27 diodes

Further, to represent the circle, pierce the silicon edge of the tape with a wire (in this case, the foot from the diode), and, respectively, on the other side of it.

Bend and remove the extra, it turned out a circle. We believe in working capacity.

As attempts to disassemble the lantern failed (it was glued along the perimeter, therefore), it was decided to use the hole for the lamp cap.

Fold and put it inside.

There the circle was straightened into the right shape. We help him with a long screwdriver, straighten it and correct it.

It is worth noting that the number of LEDs and the diameter of the circle coincided very well, it was not necessary to glue anything, the tape seated firmly and reliably.

In the lamp socket we drill a hole, pass the wire from the tape and seal it.

Further everything is simple, we take the blue wire, it's a plus from the dimensions, and connect the wires to it from our rings. THE MOST IMPORTANT NOT TO MOVE POLARITY, THERE'S NOTHING TO COME OUT.

Isolate the heat shrink tube.

We check the operability in the collection.

We install it on the machine, and we rejoice at the results of the work done.

Similarly, we adapt the ribbon inside the front headlight. It is possible and outside, if space allows. The good is that the tape is not afraid of water and moisture. We get here such LED "cilia".

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