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How to quickly deal with the traffic policeman

GAI This is my sight, the camera pointing :) (clipping from a hit)

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GAI This is my sight, the camera pointing :) (Full video)

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Blunt Scammers Part 1

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Blunt Scammers Part 2

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Stupid STRAITS Part 3

Download this video [ Download this video ] [ Download this video ] 27 minutes of bullying of policemen :)

Evil Traffic policeman Smile happy

Clearly see how traffic police know how to otmazyvatsya;)

Traffic policemen blamed the activist of the Road Control

December 23, 2010 at 8 am, the activist of the Road Control Ruslan for the third time groundlessly stopped the traffic police. Recall that until recently, on the night of December 21, our driver was stopped by traffic policemen and tried to breed "on booze." As a result, the inspectors demonstrated complete ignorance of the legislation and left with disgrace. But, apparently, the traffic police decided to take revenge on the activist of the Palace of Culture. So, stopping the car at the intersection in the residential area of ​​Obolon, one of the inspectors approached the driver and demanded to show the documents. Ruslan naturally made a request to show an official certificate. The inspector showed "ksivu" in the name of Kamunnikov Andrei Vladimirovich. The next second, his partner approaches the car, opens the central lock, and with shouts "that you drunk shit * ь, here nah * y hands" began to pull the activist of the Road control from the car!

Activist DK filmed as GAI officers beat the driver

On February 3 at 1:30 am, the activist of the "Road Control" Ruslan, who was previously attacked by a traffic police officer, recorded to his DVR how traffic policemen beat the driver. Apparently, the traffic cops not only were the driver, so one of the inspectors gave the motorist a "backside". Such actions of inspectors - 100% commission of a criminal offense under art. 365 of the Criminal Code - excess of authority and official authority. But that is not all. Ruslan decided to go after the inspectors, but behind him came a second patrol of the traffic police on Mitsubishi. "The traffic policemen on the DEU decided to dump me from the tail and turned right at the intersection with a traffic violation.If I followed them, the second GAI crew would stop me and fined me," the activist of the Palace of Culture notes.

GAI Iron Argument

A hidden camera in the Berdyansk State Automobile Inspection. Plan for fines

In the video, the head of the Berdyansk traffic police dictates a "plan" to the subordinates, without which they do not have the right to complete their shift. The recording was made in December 2010.
"We need a dangerous cargo ... You'll make two - it's fine ... Near the gas station, you'll have to turn around ... Maybe you'll see who takes canisters there, there will be 60 liters," instructs the commanders.
"They are 50 liters, assholes, carry," - heard the answer of a subordinate.
However, protocols are needed not only "for dangerous goods". "Crossroads, speed, signal, pedestrian crossing." The rest is all necessary, "said another head.
As reported by the site of the traffic police in Zaporizhzhya region, headed by the department of SAI Berdyansk and Berdyansk district Alexander Obolonsky.
At the same time, the question of who was filming the meeting on camera remains open.

Ukraine, Kharkov. GAI-shnikov cover bandits with bats

A young man, allegedly a member of the Kharkiv State Automobile Inspection, was threatening two drivers with a bat, who removed the work of inspectors from the cabin of his car. On Monday night I decided to "roll-in" a new car with my friend. The young people left for the District Road in the Bavaria area, where they were attracted by inspectors of the State Automobile Inspectorate, who were serving in a private car. Sergei parked nearby and began shooting law enforcement officers with a video fixer (such devices are located on the "torpedo" and shoot the road ahead of the car).

Soon a blue Mitsubishi Mitsubishi Lancer drove up to the inspectors car, whose driver began to communicate with the traffic police about something. "We immediately pricked up, because a few minutes before saw the same car next to another patrol," says Sergei. - They closed the doors and waited. After a while, "Lancer" passed back and almost came close to our car. "

The further dialogue is completely removed by a video fixator. A man came out of the foreign car and asked in rough form what young people are doing. And after a short dialogue, he took a bat from the trunk of Mitsubishi and offered Sergei to get out of the car. "The boys say that you like to hunt for policemen? The man asked. - Do you have strong mirrors on the car? And if the bat is not there? I give you exactly a minute, so that you will not get a trace here. If I see you again somewhere, if the boys call me! .. "he said distinctly.

By this time, the inspectors on the private nine were quick to leave. Record the conversation, Sergei decided to lay out on one of the city's automobile forums. A few hours later, the comrades in the "steering wheel" found out that the car was registered for 30-year-old Vladislav Vladimirovich Suchov, an employee of the Department of Traffic Police of the Kharkiv region. The edition was confirmed that Captain Vladislav Suchcov really works for them.

The inspector did not want to talk about the video. "I saw no video, I was not on Oktyabrskaya the day before yesterday," said Suchov. - "Lancer" was blue, I had it, but I sold it. I do not want to talk on the phone. If I were sure that you did not write me ... ".

Sergei does not intend to apply to law enforcement agencies: he is afraid of revenge, and he does not have money for litigation. "I always have an iron nail in my trunk - now I've shifted it under the driver's seat," the guy says. Last night in the Department of Traffic Police reported that "on the instructions of the head of the Department of GAI MVDU measures are being taken to establish the circumstances of the event, the results will be given a legal assessment."

Motorists call Sutchov "pimp", whose task - to collect "money" for the day, because according to the rules GAI officers can not carry a large amount of cash.

The Inspector of the State Automobile Inspector called the driver a snoot and force pulled out of the car

On April 9, 2011 in Khartsyzsk, a motorist was slaughtered by a white private VAZ 2106 from where the employees of the State Traffic Inspectorate came out, one of whom introduced himself as Inspector Petrenko. Both were without badges.
"I started a hard divorce to create an emergency situation (I allegedly did not miss them somewhere, that I almost knocked down a pedestrian.) Then they said that I was drunk and should go with them first to the head of the traffic police, then to the medical examination" , - says the forum member of the Palace of Culture.
Next came threats of physical violence with obscene language. "When they dragged me out of the car and took my mobile phone, I was shocked and thought they were criminals." For about 10 minutes I tried to bring them to the conclusion that if they are police officers, then act according to the laws (make up a protocol, etc.) But the captain in a rude form tried to drag me into their car, and then wanted to take my car, "says the driver.
The motorist had difficulty in getting to the salon of his car and hid the registrar: "At the end of the events, the captain realized that I did not have to be dissolved, he gave me a mobile phone with documents in exchange for what I write on a sheet of paper that I complain to them I do not have".