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How to repair cracks on glass

Как отремонтировать трещины на стекле

On the car market and in all stores of auto cosmetics are selling kits for such works. There is a special transparent adhesive, whose refractive index is close to the glass, a set of some plates and a drill with a diamond tip.

If the "star" in the sides went crack, then you need to prevent their growth. To do this, at the end of each crack at a distance of 1-2 mm in the direction of the development of the crack, a small-a-a-a-scarlet is drilled ... how to say ... a hole, but not through, but only up to the first interlayer of the triplex, layer. With a slight tapping on the glass, the crack is brought to this hole - and that's all, it will not go any farther.

Then the "stars" are processed. Somehow they are reamers there so that there are not any crumbs left.

After that, all the holes, "stars", as well as the cracks are glued with glue, the attached plates are put on top, and the drying process of this whole thing begins. To dry it is necessary under an ultraviolet lamp. Even in direct sunlight it turns out badly.

After drying, the remnants of the plates are cut with a blade.

Correctly glued cracks will be visible only at a certain angle in sunny weather.