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How to park in parallel?

Как параллельно парковаться?

Parking (also Parking from the English. Parking) - a technical term meaning the full translation of the mechanism, device, vehicle in a non-working, fixed position in a safe place provided for this. It can also mean the place itself; also - the process of setting the vehicle in the parking lot.

Parallel parking is a method of parking a vehicle in line with other parked cars.

Как параллельно парковаться?
Как параллельно парковаться?

If you want to park in a parallel way, you need to find a place where the distance between your already parked cars will be equal to the length of your car, plus at least another 0.8 - 1 m.

The procedure is as follows:

  • We pass a little ahead and stand next to the car in front, with an interval of about half a meter;
  • Lower the rear-view mirrors a bit, so that the rear wheels of your car can be seen - they will help you choose the right moment to start the turn;
  • Turn on the rear gear and start driving at minimum speed;
  • At the moment when the rear wheel of your car equals the rear bumper of the front car, turn the steering wheel in the direction of the curb, to which you park, while the car should be at an angle of 30-40 degrees to the curb;
  • As soon as the front bumper of your car caught up with the rear bumper of the car in front, turn the steering wheel in the direction opposite to the curb, dropping into the pocket between the already parked cars, while controlling the trajectory of the front bumper and the distance to the car standing in the back;
  • Being between two cars, adjust your position, moving back and forth.

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