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How to prepare for a long trip?

Как подготовиться к дальней поездке?

If you are going on a trip by private car, go on a business trip or decide to go to relatives in another region, then the following tips will be useful for you and will help to avoid some unpleasant situations.

In any long trip by car can not go without preparing. Of course, sometimes there are emergency situations that simply make us, without hesitation, get behind the wheel and rush for thousands of kilometers. For this reason, you must always be sure that your car will never let you down and monitor its condition. But, fortunately, such cases occur quite rarely, and most long-distance trips are planned in advance.

First, you need to make some inquiries about the upcoming route (length, condition of the road, etc.), especially if you are going on it for the first time. Navigator in this situation will help necessarily, it is necessary only to install the most recent maps.

Secondly, pay attention to the car. It is advisable to carry out full maintenance with the replacement of oil and other consumables. Any minor repairs from the category of "speed does not affect," be sure to hold! It will be sad if the first symptoms of a malfunction develop into a serious breakdown somewhere on the track. It is better not to go on worn tires on a long trip, but it is also impossible to put absolutely new tires a couple of hours before leaving. They must pass at least a small run-in. Check the headlights, side lights, battery status, if necessary, tighten the alternator belt and pay attention to the worn wiper blades - the weather may bring its own surprises.

Now it’s impossible to go on a car without a long march. The standard set of motorists (cable, warning triangle, fire extinguisher and first-aid kit) is called “standard”, everything is clear here. In the first aid kit, add those medicines that help you with headaches or food poisoning. The navigator mentioned above will help you not to get lost on an unfamiliar route, the video recorder will be useful too.

Is the car no longer new or has a large run? It is possible that on the highway the engine will begin to eat up the oil, so take a portion for refilling. It would be useful to equip the car with cotton working gloves, they will help out a lot when replacing the wheel. If the trip is to be on roads with poor-quality coating, then it is advisable to take care of the second spare wheel (at least the so-called dokatka) or tire first-aid kit. Equip the car with a portable set of tools, wires for lighting, a spare lamp or fuses, and then you never know what. It may not be useful details, but the soul is calmer. Well, without the n-th sum of money you cannot go on a trip.