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How to get tested on the road?

Как пройти проверку на дороге?

Even if you have all the documents with you, the car is in perfect order, you do not violate the rules of the road and are generally an exemplary driver, a rod outstretched in your direction will undoubtedly not cause positive emotions.

The implementation of these simple rules allows you to be stopped several times less.

Driving past the guard, sit behind the wheel calmly, leaning back in your chair. Look at the road, not at the inspector - if you wave it, and so notice. Talk to the passenger. Gesturing to the best of your ability, beat your beat on the steering wheel with your fingers to your favorite music.

Your whole appearance should show that you feel comfortable and relaxed behind the wheel. Of course, any action should not be at the expense of security.

Do not turn the music on at a volume that knocks glass from roadside homes. The rules are not prohibited. But it interferes with safe driving, and if the inspector stops you just to make a comment on this topic, he will be absolutely right.

Glasses, headlights, lanterns and rooms should be clean, even if the whole machine is grimy. The inspection ticket must be on glass, otherwise they can be stopped to make sure it exists.