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How to reduce fuel consumption?

Как снизить расход топлива?
  • 1. Always monitor the pressure in the wheels. If the pressure is below normal, you spend from 2 to 10% more fuel. Suppose that in half a year you have driven 20,000 km and your consumption is 10 liters per 100 km, the cost of gasoline is 25 rubles per liter. Therefore, if due to low tire pressure, fuel consumption increases by an average of 5%, then you will throw 2,500 rubles down the drain. Just like that, just because the tires did not pump up in time.

  • 2. Every extra 50 kg of weight in your car increases fuel consumption by 2%. Do not carry with them extra tools, building materials and much more that has a feature for a long time to get stuck in our trunks.

  • 3. The included air conditioner increases fuel costs by an average of 10%, while open windows only by 2-4%.

  • 4. And remember that moving at a uniform speed is more economical than driving with constant acceleration and braking.