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How to behave in an emergency?

Как вести себя в аварийной ситуации?

Sometimes it happens that there is no getting around an accident? Then your goal as a driver is to save, besides your life and the lives of passengers.

Let's look at the options for collisions and talk about how to behave in a given situation.

A kick to the side is considered the most traumatic. And the seat belt does not protect us from a blow to the side. The body of inertia will move into the interior of the cabin, if there is a similar blow from the outside.

Imagine that a car is about to hit your door. You are fastened. What will you do? There are no more than a few seconds left. If you know what to do in such cases, you can try to do so that the injuries were minimal. And so, you must firmly press your chin to your chest, close your eyes (in an accident there will be fragments that can leave you blind), handles in the ceiling of the car - the only support option, grab them. But the handle on the door, the door - a dangerous place, because the blow will fall on it. Cross your arms over your chest, round your spine, lean slightly forward. Do not hide your legs under the seat. Remember this position and, with the threat of an accident, take it as quickly as possible.

When can a side impact occur? If it is illiterate to cross the intersection, if it is wrong to leave from the adjacent territory or even ineptly turn. At the intersections, you must be very careful - no unnecessary sounds, no conversations with passengers. A yellow or flashing traffic light is also not the best option, going only to green. Do not commit what is prohibited, it will protect you and your loved ones.

If the collisions are not avoided, work with pedals (brake or gas) to substitute the hood or trunk for impact, and not the interior.

Another cause of accidents is skidding. From it, the car usually goes sideways, that is, to the obstacle you will move it sideways. How to be? Try to reduce speed. Than to deal with other road users - it is better to fly off the road with a hood or trunk. Try to deploy the car, if the skid is not manageable. Gas and brake will help you, of course, do not forget about the steering wheel.

Recommendations for those sitting behind. Fasten yourself up whenever you get in the car. Never grab the door handles with the threat of an accident. The best would be to lean on the back of the front seat.

It is not always the car will turn over if the tire bursts. Be prepared to drive a car in such a situation tightly and firmly. Do not drive at high speed with lowered tires.