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What to do if the windows fog up?

Что делать, если запотевают стекла?

Humid weather, autumn, temperature changes can become the cause of fogging of car windows.

One of the main reasons is pretty commonplace - not all drivers know how to use the car's ventilation and heating system correctly.

This situation is especially annoying when you are late for work in the morning or in a hurry somewhere. To avoid this "misfortune", use an external air intake.

Wanting to warm up the interior as quickly as possible, often the outside air intake is blocked for this. As a result of evaporation from wet mats, clothes and shoes, as well as from breathing in the cabin, the air becomes more humid, which leads to internal fogging of the glasses. By the way, it is recommended to close the damper so that the outside air does not enter the cabin, in order to exclude the ingress of exhaust gases into it. This is especially true when stuck in a traffic jam.

You will need:

  • pair of socks;
  • silica gel cat litter.

To make it easier to fill the sock, pull its elastic on a roll of adhesive tape.

Socks should be without holes!

Что делать, если запотевают стекла?

Put silica gel filler in the sock.

Что делать, если запотевают стекла?

Tie it well on top of the knot.

Что делать, если запотевают стекла?

Pull another sock on top.

Что делать, если запотевают стекла?

You can then put the sock directly on the dashboard or under the seat.

Что делать, если запотевают стекла?

Cat litter will remove excess moisture from the vehicle interior.

If this simple trick does not help, you may have a clogged interior air filter, which leads to insufficient intake of outside air. Remember when you last changed it? Alternatively, you can simply vacuum it.

The use of fleecy rugs also contributes to excessive fogging of the glasses - they absorb moisture like a sponge.

Increased humidity in the cabin can also signal to the car owner that the door or window seals are broken, and water through the defects gets inside.

And further. Some "craftsmen", in order to maintain heat in the winter, clog vents that are provided by manufacturers. It also leads to excessive humidity in the cabin.

Some recommendations:

  • After you start the engine, turn on the rear window defroster. (By the way, on many modern cars this very convenient option is also applied to the windshield).
  • You can slightly open the front windows - thereby creating a small draft.
  • Turn on the windshield at maximum power. (Here it must be remembered that at low temperatures too hot air can contribute to the formation of cracks on the windshield).
  • A very effective way to “pick up” excess moisture is to turn on the air conditioner. And it’s not scary that at the same time the stove can be turned on - its radiator perfectly collects moisture outside the cabin. The scheme “the stove heats up - the air conditioner dries” works perfectly at any temperature.
  • While warming up the car, it is advisable not to be in the cabin - the additional humidity from your breath does not contribute to rapid weathering.
  • After a trip in the cold season, ventilate the interior for a while.

Well, as an alternative, you can also offer chemical products. Now a large selection of anti-foggers is offered, which, according to manufacturers, work up to minus 25 degrees. How effective they are, you can see for yourself. The only thing, do not forget that they must be applied to dry glass.

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