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Caution! Scammers again took to the roads

To all the misfortunes, lurking motorists on the streets of Kiev, added one more - autosupport. This half-forgotten form of transport fraud, which was spread in the troubled 90s, again rose from non-existence. Present fraudsters have developed new original methods of withdrawal of banknotes from pockets of drivers-simpletons. The last know-how in this area is the "girl on the transition" scheme.

The girl on the transition
At the intersection of Vorovsky and Yaroslavov Val streets, at junctions on the Lower and Upper Valyah, the disturbances to the right can be directly on the pedestrian crossing. The driver stops to skip the cars on the right, then very slowly tries to slip between the cars. In the meantime, to the left of you, scammers put their car - so that there is no review. You are moving at a small speed to the crossroads through the pedestrian crossing, and then suddenly the young lady jumps out unexpectedly from the left. To be able to brake in this case it is almost impossible, and your car slightly strikes a girl. Bagirov says that some scammers, not wanting to risk their own health, kick themselves with a bumper or hit the hood with their hands - so that a characteristic collision sound is produced.
The driver who looked the other way, does not see what exactly happened. In a shocked state, confident that he knocked a man on a pedestrian crossing, he gets out of the car. "The victim" screams that there are forces, they say, the driver almost killed her.
Literally, in a few minutes, an ambulance appears on the scene of the accident. Such an unusual quickness of doctors is simply explained - the ambulance is lime. Most likely, she stood behind the nearest corner, waiting for her release in this performance. Psevdovchiki inspect the victim, allegedly state a crack in the bone and take her to the hospital. A couple of hours later the driver is called and told that he is waiting for prison. Solve the problem, of course, you can - you need to give the girl, who also works in a law firm, only $ 3-5 thousand.

Fake fast
The ambulance doctor, who did not want to introduce himself, assures us that it is not so difficult to organize a lime brigade: "Now most of the carriages are created on the basis of the Foton car - a considerable number of such cars are in private use." Attackers only need to inflict medical symbols - and ambulance ready. " According to the doctor, there is a way and easier: you can rent for a few hours a real medical car that was handed over to the SRT or written off. The false doctors arrive in the front carriage, the schedule of the ambulance staff is written down to a minute, and the management of the service will have to change its questions, so I doubt that real doctors can take part in such scams, but I'm sure they will certainly advise the fraudsters - otherwise actions looked comical, "- said the doctor.
" Lexus" against pensioner
Pensioner Vladimir Olenchenko recently nearly fell victim to scams who work on a slightly different scheme. Turning from the street. Zabolotnogo on the Ave. Glushkov, he heard a strange screech and immediately began to slow down. A black Lexus drove up to him without numbers, from which came a man dressed in a white suit. The swindler began to lament, they say, only bought an expensive car and immediately spoiled it. He immediately began to call the salon, which sold him a car, and then handed the receiver to Vladimir Olenchenko. "The guy on the other end of the wire began to paint me: the spoiled headlight would cost $ 1.4 thousand, the bumper should be changed - another $ 700, the fitter must pay $ 50 per hour for painting - that is, another $ 500," the pensioner recalls.
Doubting the reality of the prices, Olenchenko called his son, who works as a lawyer and is well versed in cars. Hearing the conversation, the swindler immediately stated, he says, he does not have time to stand here, so he leaves, and his security service will deal with the problem. "I'm telling him, give your phone number, and he says we'll find you when we have to." It's clear that no one called me, "the pensioner laughs.
Presses on pity
Motorists talk about another popular version of fraud on the roads. When the driver begins to take back to leave the parking lot, a car suddenly appears from behind and a collision occurs. From the injured car comes an intelligent kind of courteous guy. Begins to cry that the car is completely new. The driver in this situation feels guilty, besides, he does not want to spend several hours on the registration of an accident and the call of insurers. Therefore, he himself proposes to pay for the damage on the spot, because the damage to someone else's machine, as a rule, is not very serious - a maximum of a couple of scratches. The scam artist modestly calls the obviously understated amount of damage compensation. The car owner is happy that he got off so cheaply, and happily gives money. Only after a few hours the cheater calls and says that you need to pay extra. So the victim can milk more than once.
Careful, supermarket
Some deft scammers prefer to steal things from the car when the owner is just a few steps from her or even sitting in the salon. According to Konstantin Stagniy, a police colonel, most often such cases occur in parking near supermarkets. "A sheet of paper is fastened to the rear window of the machine," says Stagniy, "the driver sits in the salon, starts the engine and sees an object in the rear view mirror." The person goes out to see what it is, often without drowning the engine. That moment, while the car owner is going to take the paper, the attackers quickly enter the salon, steal money or even steal the car. "
Scammers can distract the driver's attention in other ways: cling metal objects to the muffler or puncture tires. Also, a caressing girl can easily be dressed by a girl with magnificent shapes. As a rule, she appears to be a nonresident and asks for suggestions on how to find her some address. A man is happy to try - begins to paint the beauty of the whole way, and at this time the young lady's accomplice imperceptibly "cleans" the car.

Based on the materials of the State Automobile Inspection