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Run-in (auto-fit)

Scammers invented new schemes of "auto-support"

Recently, a new wave of "auto-support" - imitations of road accidents with the aim of extorting money from car owners has swept the Russian roads. Scammers were able to adapt to the current system of compulsory insurance. Now criminals from the big road scratch the car of a victim with a sandpaper, substitute legs under racing cars and even throw children under bumpers of parked cars. At the same time, if insurers do not help criminals, at least they do not interfere with them.

I crushed my leg ...

Metropolitan motorist Anatoly Kuzmin was driving his VAZ-2110 on University Avenue in the South-West of Moscow. He had to get to Leninsky Prospekt, so shortly before the turn, he changed himself to the right row and slowly drove along the curb. Suddenly, a young man appeared on the right side of his car, who was talking on his mobile phone and was looking for something on the road. The stranger soon came out onto the roadway and, judging by the upturned hand, tried to stop the passing car.

"This bastard kicked my leg"

Anatoly drove past, turned to Leninsky Prospekt, but just after 200 meters he was overtaken by the prestigious Audi A8 limousine with heavily tinted windows. The driver of the foreign car began to actively flash lights, to signal and in all ways tried to attract attention. As a result, Mr. Kuzmin told NI, the foreign car blocked the road and forced him to stop the car. The doors of the Audi swung open, three young men of a presentable appearance emerged from there and headed towards him. They immediately brought down on the astonished driver a stream of mat and strong expressions, from which Anatoly realized that he almost crushed their friend. The same "man with the phone" was sitting in the car of foreign cars, holding his foot.

Pointing to Anatoly, he announced to his friends that "this is the very reptile who moved my leg and disappeared." The astonished driver of the "dozen" tried to justify himself, but his opponents did not even listen to him, they set him in the salon of his car and started demanding money without any foreplay. According to them, all of them are well-known sportsmen who went to a responsible performance. Their friend is a "master of the highest class" and could easily win at these competitions, now due to injury, he can not do this. "Athletes" said that the prize money for the victory was $ 500, which is the culprit of the "arrival" and must compensate. Anatoly said that he does not have such a sum, which the strangers offered to go collect money for relatives. Fortunately, at that moment a police patrol was passing by. Anatoly rushed to the guards of order and told them everything. Policemen suggested that the "wounded" go to the trauma center, but he referred to the lack of a medical policy and refused. In general, when the police appeared, the "sportsmen" became sad, immediately remembered that they were in a hurry, quickly plunged into Audi and left.

In Moscow, caught car scams

In Moscow, the activity of a group of scammers who deceived owners of expensive foreign cars was suppressed, the press service of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia for the Central Federal District reported.

Detained two Ukrainian citizens, a visitor from Uzbekistan and a resident of Nizhny Novgorod. "There is evidence that the group members deceived not less than 15 people," the press service noted.

As the representative of the Ministry of Internal Affairs told, the scammers acted according to a known pattern: they chose an object - a lone driver on a good car, caught up with him in their car, signaled and demanded to stop.

When the car owner left the car, scammers showed him the damage to his car and said that it was he who hooked them. At this time, one of the scammers imperceptibly scratched the victim's car with sandpaper, and his accomplices pointed to this place and claimed that they were marks of a collision.

Then criminals called a frontman who on behalf of the insurance agent said that the company would not compensate for the damage in this situation because the participants of the accident left the place of the accident. After that, scammers called the dealership, found out the price of repairs and demanded compensation from the victims.

Interfax, April 25, 2006

Signs of "Cumbersome"

1. You did not do anything illegal, but an expensive foreign car aggressively presses you to the side of the road.

2. There are no numbers on the fraudster's car or they are stained with dirt. The glasses are strongly toned.

3. The owner of a foreign car deliberately takes you away from your car, distracting attention.

4. The fraudster himself offers you to call the insurers (by the way, they do not need to call at all - in the case of any traffic accident, the first thing you need to call traffic police).

5. In case of insubordination, you are immediately threatened.


"If you are pressed by a suspicious foreign car, try to get to the nearest post of the traffic police, the police or a crowded place," the spokesman for the MUR Alexei Bahromeev told NOR. - If you are still pressed, do not leave the car, close the locks and communicate with the interlocutor through a small gap in the side window. If your opponent claims that you have committed an accident, immediately close the window, type "02" and tell the operator everything. No matter how you are threatened or beaten on the glass with your fists, never contact the extortionists, do not try to deal with them yourself and do not pay money. If your opponents still broke into your car and put a pistol on your body, you will have to comply with their requirements. A radio tape recorder and a mobile phone can be bought again, money can be earned, but their life and health - never. Try to memorize as much detail as possible and accept both the attackers themselves and the car they used. At the first opportunity, call "02". The operator will immediately send you the nearest rapid reaction kit. As for the situations with the fraud per person and subsequent extortion, in addition to the message to "02", call an ambulance on the scene.

Child under the car

Hearing this story, the operatives of the MUR immediately stated "NO" that Anatoly Kuzmin was almost a victim of the "auto-support", but admitted that they had never encountered such a performance. According to the police, lying on people usually happens in a different way. Scammers use these young accomplices for these performances. Children are brought to the parking lot in front of a large supermarket, where they choose a lonely young proprietress of an expensive foreign car. As soon as the lady begins to maneuver in reverse, one of the guys creeps up to her car, with a thunder beats against the rear bumper and falls under the car. The woman falls into a shock, and at this moment her father, brother or grandfather of the "crushed" child runs up to her and begins to wail loudly. However, soon the baby opens his eyes and struggles to get up. At the same time he loudly moans and holds on to the allegedly injured head. Relative's relative agrees not to make the incident public and requires only to pay for his treatment.

Prior to the arrival of traffic cops from the car it is better not to go ...

"Shoot" and "set the task"

However, as militiamen admit, the lion's share of fraud on the capital roads is still connected with various ways of staging an accident.

Until recently, the hit parade of ways to deceive gullible motorists led the so-called drivings and shocks under the blow of the task. In the first case, the car of the potential victim was overtaken by another car, whose driver was signaling and asked to release him the way. As soon as the motorist was rebuilt to the right, an expensive foreign car jumped out of the "dead zone" invisible in the mirror, which he touched with his car. At the second variant, during the departure to the main road from the secondary road, the driver ahead of the standing road of the foreign car simulated the beginning of the movement and, when the victim was distracted, braked sharply.

These methods were popular until Russia introduced the OSAGO system. Since the insurance companies were not eager to pay damages from the performances of scammers, they began to involve experts in the investigation of the causes of road accidents, which instantly revealed the fraud. In addition, the security services of insurance companies began to create their own databases on the dubious participants of such accidents and their cars.

Accident with nazhdachka

Currently, the most popular way of extortion on the road is to mock a car collision with a ... piece of sandpaper. Just like before, in the "risk group" young owners of relatively fresh, but inexpensive foreign cars or new domestic cars that are in the car alone. Scammers choose the future victim in the parking lot in front of supermarkets or directly on the road. In the first case, while the driver makes purchases, the crooks put a visible and deep trace on her body with sandpaper. After that, without proving themselves in any way, they begin to pursue the victim.

An unsuspecting driver rides about on the road, sometimes rebuilds from row to row, but does not cut anyone and does not hurt anyone. Suddenly, his car catches up with an expensive foreign car with tinted windows without license plates, whose driver signs and demands to stop. If the victim ignores the signals, then they just press him to the curb. As soon as the cars stop, a well-dressed foreign car driver begins to explain in rather polite form that a few seconds ago a stopped motorist touched his car. If the scammers did not have time to print the traces of the alleged touch with sandpaper, then at the moment of the conversation one of them secretly goes to the victim's car and "rubs" it. After this, "substituting" brings the person to a scratch and, pointing at it, explains: here it is, the collision trail.

OSAGO will not help

At this moment, the driver remembers that his car is insured for compulsory motor TPL insurance. The fraudster knows this very well, so he himself suggests calling an insurance agent. And here begins the most interesting: the victim who applied to the insurance company, they explain that since the accident happened elsewhere (recall, there was no collision at all), the insurers will not pay the "injured". The logic is simple: the "culprit" disappeared from the scene of the accident, and this is "not an insurance event". It sounds convincing, but insurers are cunning. After all, payment under the OSAGO policy is not made, only if the culprit escaped from the accident site intentionally. It turns out that insurers, who are well aware of the methods of scammers, simply leave the victim defenseless against criminals.

After the call, the result of which is known to the fraudster in advance, he suggests solving all the problems "on the spot" and calling the amount of damage. If the victim begins to get involved, a couple of bulls come out of the foreign car, which often resort to brute physical force. Simply put, they "knock out" money. Often, car enthusiasts have no choice but to pay extortionists.

"There is no substitute"

The position of insurers, who at one time actively lobbied for the adoption of the law on OSAGO, looks at least strange. Then, recall, one of the arguments in favor of the new law was a huge amount of "auto-support". Insurers urged the society that the policy of OSAGO will forever save motorists from such problems. And when the epidemic "podstav" again swept Russia, insurance companies simply hide their heads in the sand.

"NI" tried to find out what the well-known insurance companies "RESO-Guarantee" and "ROSNO" advise their clients in case of "auto-support". However, their reaction was incomprehensible. In "RESO-guarantee" the call of the correspondent was repeatedly transferred to various departments, and as a result, the company's employees decided that only one of the deputy heads, who was not there, could answer all the questions. And in "ROSNO" they listened attentively to the question of "auto-supplies", promised to find a specialist and call back. We never received a call. And when the correspondent of "NI" again called back to "ROSNO" and asked about the "auto parts", the employee of the company said in an agitated voice: "What are you? There has been no base for a long time already ... "