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Nontrivial auto supports

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An autofit is a type of fraud in which an attacker adjusts an accident as if his victim is the culprit, after which, using intimidation, threats and persuasion, the victim is forced not to go to the traffic police and not to call the insurance agent to assess the damage, but to pay. on the spot and forget about what happened.

Usually, auto-pads take place on busy and blocked roads and roads, where the driver’s attention is as scattered as possible, since he has to watch several neighboring cars at once and evaluate the traffic situation against the background of busy traffic.

But swindlers-fake ones are not only shaved guys at the wheel of restored used cars, the gang can consist, for example, of a little boy, a compassionate grandmother and a boring daddy.

Driving through an unfamiliar yard, in an attempt to cut a path, the driver may feel a sharp blow in the opposite direction. The driver slows down to see what he could come across, and discovers a child who has taken it from under the wheels. The child is unconscious, but in the consciousness of his family, which immediately surrounds the scene, lamenting and blaming the driver for all mortal sins. The child, naturally, comes to his senses, there are no visible injuries on him, but his foot aches and his head is spinning.

“Dad” starts a conversation about ambulance, that would not hurt to call Uncle Sergei, who is just working in the traffic police, and so on ... But then he comes up with a brilliant idea: “You must be in a hurry? Let's solve everything amicably? "- and now, the driver is already counting his hard-earned money with a very broad smile, and no one cares that the boy is completely healthy, and the blow has been simulated by the sighting throw of an ordinary potato.

Another type of the previous setup is a setup in the parking lot, usually this action takes place in the parking lots of large supermarkets. Trying to park in reverse, the driver feels a blow on the back of the car, stops, and discovers a child holding his head under the wheels. His relatives appear again: fathers, mothers, grandmothers, and in the end, the driver gives money "for treatment." By the way, women are more often the victim of a scam, since their pity for the affected child often overshadows common sense.

There is another option: the victim's car moves at a normal speed along an unloaded road, and at that moment a young man crosses the road, talking on a mobile phone, and gesturing to someone on the opposite side of the road. As a law-abiding citizen, a car driver slows down, but there is no need to stop completely, as the young man stopped himself, passing the car. Everything, preparation for a setup is finished, as soon as the driver passes by this guy, the setup itself begins: the guy starts screaming, falls on the road and grabs his foot, imitating an injury. If the driver does not stop right away (he could not have noticed), then surely the one to whom the young man waved his hand will find a car on which the victim will be caught up, driven over and forced to stop. Then, as usual, a trivial divorce for money will begin, while the counterfeit can tell an interesting story, for example, that the injured guy is an athlete, that he has a cash prize competition today, and that the guy probably would have won. Why is this story needed? And for the fact that the amount of the winnings will be demanded as compensation for injuries.

By the way, in the previous version of the scam, fraudsters can connect “witnesses”, and not simple, but advanced ones, who at that moment, quite by chance, videotaped the roadway, or any building on the opposite side of the road, and then filmed the moment of arrival. In the video, everything will look quite natural, but the most natural will be the “injured” grimace.

It is even more difficult to protect oneself from such bases, since the sums that fraudsters require as compensation are relatively small, a person with average incomes may well pay, so the presentable look of the victim’s car is not important here. From the setup, in fact, not to be protected, but this does not mean that you have to part with the money, you just need to behave correctly in such a situation.

First of all, listen less, what the witnesses and the victim say to you, try to soberly assess the situation: what was the chance to hit a child, or to crush someone's leg. Never agree to settle the case amicably, even if it is not profitable for you to connect the traffic police and the insurance company, tell me anyway that you are going to call the traffic police, move into your car, and close all the doors and windows to avoid further pressure. If the accident is connected with harm to health, be sure to say that you will not pay anything until the damage is fixed, and you must choose the outpatient clinic or emergency room, preferably the one you have already visited, even if it is on the other side of the city. Usually, seeing such determination, the fraudsters will leave you alone.