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Traffic Regulations of Ukraine 2013 (Infographics)

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Recall, in February, the Cabinet approved a number of changes in traffic regulations. Officially, the goal of all the "pokraschen", as usual, one - reducing accidents. In fact, new bans entail new fines and additional income for the traffic police.

Earlier, the Interior Ministry promised that at first they would not be fined according to the new rules, but they shouldn’t particularly count on the kindness of the inspectors.

New traffic rules are already on sale in paper form and on the Internet . Highlight the main points.

ПДД Украины 2013 года. Изменения вступают в силу!
New rules of the road in Ukraine 2013. Major changes

During the day you need to turn on the headlights

The authorities decided that from October 1 to May 1, all vehicles outside the settlements should include daytime running lights (DRL), and if they are not present in the vehicle structure, the dipped headlights.

In order to avoid confusion, they immediately added a definition of DRL - “white external light devices provided for by the vehicle design and intended to improve the visibility of the vehicle during its movement during daylight hours”. By this definition, DRLs should only be white. If you have orange (like on American cars) - if you please, do not turn them on, but dipped.

ПДД Украины 2013 года. Изменения вступают в силу!
Traffic Regulations of Ukraine 2013: the concept of DRL is introduced
ПДД Украины 2013 года. Изменения вступают в силу!
Traffic regulations of Ukraine 2013: if there is no DRL, turn on the neighbor

Changed the definition of dark time. Now it is “part of the day from sunset to sunrise”, not half an hour after sunset and half an hour before sunrise.

Paragraph 19.9 specifies that the rear fog can only be used in conditions of insufficient visibility. About the front does not say anything.

At the same time, clause 31.6 was not ruled: drivers are still prohibited from driving with non-burning headlights only at night. Penalty is not for what.

Lawn parking is prohibited.

The definition of a lawn was added to the SDA - a part of a homogeneous territory with a turf covering, which is artificially created by sowing and growing turf-growing herbs (mainly perennial grasses) or seasoning.

ПДД Украины 2013 года. Изменения вступают в силу!
Traffic regulations of Ukraine 2013: you can not park on lawns

Clause 15.10, respectively, parking on lawns prohibits. But how will the court decide that you, for example, put a car on turf-growing herbs in winter?

Signs are always more important than markup.

Since in Ukraine the markings and signs often contradict each other, in paragraph 8.2 they prescribed: road signs have an advantage over road markings. The highest priority of the signal regulator - they are more important than a traffic light and all signs.

The 2013 traffic police editors included detailed requirements for the placement of signs for their best visibility: they should be visible at a distance of at least 100 m in the direction of travel, placed no higher than 6 m above the level of the carriageway, etc. In addition, now the first 3 months after the sign is installed, another one should be put up, warning of its replacement so that the drivers have time to get used to it.

ПДД Украины 2013 года. Изменения вступают в силу!
Traffic regulations of Ukraine 2013: temporary signs on a yellow background

New marks and new markup

The authorities decided that Ukrainians need road signs about skiers and religious buildings. They have no particular difficulty in understanding.

It is worth mentioning the already famous sign 1.40 "End of the road with an improved surface." The definition of such a coating is also given here - cement concrete, asphalt concrete, reinforced concrete or reinforced concrete precast coating, pavements paved with paving stones and mosaics, precast coating of small-sized concrete slabs, of crushed stone and gravel, treated with organic and binder materials.

ПДД Украины 2013 года. Изменения вступают в силу!
Traffic regulations of Ukraine 2013: new road signs

ПДД Украины 2013 года. Изменения вступают в силу!
Traffic regulations of Ukraine 2013: new road signs

There is also a new markup. Blue will mark the parking area allocated on the roadway, orange - temporary changes. The yellow cross line now warns of approaching speed bumps, the red cross lanes at the pedestrian crossing indicate that blind pedestrians walk here. Bicycle lane at the intersection of the roadway may highlight in red.

Green arrow at the traffic lights

The authors of the new rules clarified who should be let through at the traffic lights in order to prevent frequent disagreements in case of a possible accident at the intersection.

“The green arrow on the plate, installed at the level of the red signal of the traffic light with a vertical position of the signals, allows movement in the indicated direction with the red signal of the traffic light on the right (left) lane provided that it provides an advantage in motion to other participants.”

ПДД Украины 2013 года. Изменения вступают в силу!
Traffic regulations of Ukraine 2013: turn from the extreme band

The ban "overtaking" on the right was removed

Clause 14.1 was deleted, which allowed non-rail vehicles to overtake only on the left. Actually, this is a technical revision, since this item was just superfluous - overtaking is called an advance ahead. But from all this it does not follow the conclusion that it is now possible to overtake the traffic flow on the right along the side of the road.

Give in to those who turn around

“The driver who makes the turn to the left must give way to passing vehicles that move in front of him and carry out a U-turn,” paragraph 10.4 reads. That is, if you turn to the left, you must make sure that the car in front does not turn. This should simplify the proceedings in an accident.

In the same paragraph it is indicated that when turning in the direction of the main road, the driver must in advance take an extreme position on the carriageway.

Child safety

A car with an identification mark Children during the embarkation (disembarkation) of passengers must include flashing beacons of orange color and (or) emergency light signaling. When approaching such a car in an adjacent lane, drivers should slow down and, if necessary, stop to avoid running over children.

ПДД Украины 2013 года. Изменения вступают в силу!
Traffic regulations of Ukraine 2013: brake in front of buses with children

The ideas of the traffic police, which the Cabinet did not approve

Traffic police proposed to ban the operation of the car, if it has tires that do not correspond to the season of operation, but in the final version it was decided to confine itself to a recommendation “to use tires that correspond to the state of the carriageway”. There has been and is a lot of controversy about this.

Also, traffic cops could not force pedestrians to have clothes with reflective elements and drivers to wear special vests.

Download new traffic rules (list of changes and illustrations of signs) can be downloaded from this link from the site

Changes in traffic rules in 2013: ATN plot with road control comments: