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SDA - Rules of the Road Traffic of Ukraine 2013

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( Attention! On April 15, 2013, changes to the SDA of Ukraine came into force, which can be found on this page )


1.1. These Rules are governed by the Law of Ukraine “On Road Road” to establish the same procedure for road road to the whole territory of Ukraine. There are more normative acts that need to relate to the peculiarities of the road wagon (transporting special trailers, operating transport vehicles, closed roads to the ground), and obey the soil on the roads of the Rules.
1.2. In Ukraine, a right-hand drive transport hitch has been established.
1.3. The disciples of the road rukhu goiter’s nobility thriftly vikonuvati vimogi of these Rules, as well as buti are also very helpful.
1.4. The skin participant of the road rukhu has the right to pay for those who are the participants to understand the rules.
1.5. Diabetes-free participants in the road ruha and those who are not guilty of doing it, want to ensure that you don’t have to re-enter the code for the rukh, make your life healthy, and get in touch with material zbitkiv.
A person who has helped to change the way, goit is obliged to randomly enter the road to secure the safe road to the main road and to live all the old roads to the better road code, but it’s impossible to keep the road ahead, but authority upon him.
1.6. Victory roads are not for their designated purposes to be allowed under the laws of Articles 36-38 of the Law of Ukraine "On Road Roads ( 2862-15 ).
{Clause 1.6 as amended by Resolution KM N 263 ( 263-2007-п ) від 21.02.2007}
1.7. Waters, walkers and passengers of goiters and babies are especially respectful to such categories of participants as road rulers, like children, people of an old person and those with obvious signs of invalidity.
1.8. Obmezhennya in road Russia, except those transmitted by these Rules, may be protected in the order established by law.
1.9. Individuals, such as violate the Rules, bear the specific laws of the legislation.
1.10. Terminology, which is pointed out in these Rules, may also mean:
a bus - a car with a passenger seat for more than nine days including, for its design and for the designations for transporting passengers and their luggage, without any unnecessary comfort;
avtomagistral - automobile road, scho: {Paragraph three of clause 1.10 as amended by Resolution KM N 395 ( 395-2009-п ) від 04/22/2009}
specially encouraged and designated for a row of transport hardships, not designated for entry to the outskirts of the territory; {Paragraph of paragraph 1.10 in the edition of Decree KM N 395 ( 395-2009-п ) від 04/22/2009}
the maximum amount for cutaneous dermis is very good for part, one for one and the other for smught; {Paragraph of paragraph 1.10 in the edition of Decree KM N 395 ( 395-2009-п ) від 04/22/2009}
there is no interchange on one road and street, indoor and street trams, street and bicycle roads, hats for the passage of creatures, garden parking for Uzbek people and city roads; {Paragraph of paragraph 1.10 in the edition of Decree KM N 395 ( 395-2009-п ) від 04/22/2009}
marked with the road sign 5.1 ( 306a-2001-p ); {Paragraph of paragraph 1.10 in the edition of Decree KM N 395 ( 395-2009-п ) від 04/22/2009}
automobile road, street (road) - part of the territory, including the village, is designated for a lot of transport hardships and roads, for example there are spores on the road (bridges, gutter ducts, roads, elevated roads and public roads) , I am delimited by the width of the edge of the pavement chi edge of the smug vidvodu. All the same terminology, including those specially designed for the hourly roads, except for the rolling roads (number);
motor roads of the sovereign importance - motor roads of the igneous corridor, to which there are international, national and regional motor roads, which are identified by the road signs; {Clause 1-10 is supplemented by a paragraph that proclaims Postanovoy KM N 876 ( 876-2008-p ) dated 01.10.2008}
no security distance - go to the traffic hitch, rush to the front along the road to the smallest way, at the same time as a raptor galvanized and at the same time give me the freedom of the water hitch, about to collapse behind, to forget the good morning;
non-custodial interval - between the lateral parts of the transport hardships, which are collapsing, because they are the same with the other objects, for which the guarantee of the road ruff is guaranteed;
non-secure shvidk_st - shvidk_st, for any reason I can indefinitely bury the cherubu with a transport hitch and control the road in specific road minds;
towing - transportation by one transport hitch of your own transport hitch, so that you don’t have to keep up with the operating trains on a fixed chunk, sealed off by any means by way of a private hitching on a chi platform on a special support pristosuvannya;
vantazhny avtomobil - an automobile which is for its design and possesses signs for the transport of vantazhiv;
a bicycle - a transport vehicle, except for wheelchairs, which can be brought to ruin by the muscular power of people, like being on a boat;
cyclist - a person, like a keruє bicycle; {Paragraph 1.10 is supplemented by a new paragraph which proclaims Postanovoi KM No. 1029 ( 1029-2011-p ) dated 26.09.2011}
bicycling road - Viconana between the roads; her posture is expensive; it is designated for bicycles and mopeds and is marked with the road sign 4.12 (div. supplement 1) ( 306a-2001-p );
Visibility is straightforward - the maximum is the distance; on the other hand, you can clearly understand the distance between the roads and the roads;
vimushena zupinka - pinning down the rubble of a transport hassle through the first technical camp, because it is not safe, it can be folded down, it can be transported by the camp of water (passenger), but it’s not enough to go to the door;
viperedzhennya - the collapse of the transport hitch iz shvidkіstyu, scho є є ищ є є є вид вид вид поп поп поп ут ут транспортного транспортного транспортного транспортного,,,,,,,,,,, поряд поряд поряд поряд поряд поряд поряд поряд поряд поряд, поряд поряд поряд поряд поряд поряд поряд поряд поряд поряд поряд поряд поряд поряд поряд поряд поряд поряд поряд поряд поряд вид вид вид вид вид вид вид вид вид вид вид вид вид вид вид вид вид вид вид вид вид вид.
the owner of the transport hassle is physical or legal person, as long as I have the right to transport rights and the rights to transport documents;
water - a person, like a keru transport hitch maє dedication water for the right to hijack a transport hickey of a special category. A water driver is also a person, like a naval cheruvannya with a transport hitch, interchangeably without interruption in a transport hitch; {Paragraph twenty of another paragraph 1.10 as amended by Decree of Cabinet of Ministers N 1029 ( 1029-2011-p ) dated 26.09.2011}
Dimensional-vagovy control - conversion of overall and vagovy parameters in the transport troubles (including mechanical transport troubles), combing and shunting for the subject of the established values ​​to the established norms of the wider dimensions (width, height of the road, the amount of transport is necessary) Osovove Navantazhennya), as it is carried out vidpovidno until the established order at the stationary and at the second-hand points of overall-gage control; {Paragraph 1.10 is supplemented by the paragraph that proclaims Postanovoy KM N 879 ( 879-2007-p ) vid 27.06.2007}
a gallium way - in the middle, to go through transport for an hour of extra galvanic energy on the cob of health water, pouring water onto the cheruvanny organ with a gum system (pedal, knob) to the main stop;
the main road is the road to cover the whole soil, which can be identified by signs 1.22, 1.23.1-1.23.4 and 2.3 (div. add. 1) ( 306a-2001-p ). Appearance for other ways of paying back without intercourse before the crossings is not prior for the values ​​before the cross;
take the road - you can’t get to the participant of the road rumble, but don’t see the maneuver, don’t be the maneuver (for the vimoga’s vignette I’m busy with the road), you can also take the time to do it;
The maximum masa - masa of a spaced transport hitch with a vantage, water and passengers is allowed, and it is established by the technical characteristic of a hitch yak as much as possible. The maximum masque of a road train is allowed - the sum of the maximum permissible masa of a skin transport hitch is allowed, which must be entered into the warehouse of a road train;
road traffic - podia, now it’s been about half an hour to transport troubles; as a result, some people were left behind because they were injured people who were in charge of materiel;
road robots - robots, repair, reconstruction, repair, repair of the road (vulitsi), piece equipment, equipment of the road water supply, engineering area, installation (repair, repair of the road); {Paragraph 1.10 is supplemented by the paragraph that proclaims Postanovoy KM N 395 ( 395-2009-п ) від 04/22/2009}
know how to improve the number of factors you need to characterize (due to loss of life, period of exposure, atmospheric manifestations, increased lightness); downhill pіdyomah i, i vіrazhіv zaokruglen, nayavnіst trotuarіv abo uzbіch, zasobіv organіzatsії road Ruhu that їh camp;
road conditions - the availability of factors, which are characterized by road minds, the apparent re-switching to the singing road, the intensive and regular road traffic, the manifestation of the road clock, the road sign, smughi ruhu that priyomіv keruvannya transport hitch;
operation of the transport staff - transportation of a truck with a haulage truck and driver’s duty for the first time in the country (insurance of a truck’s haulage, manifestation of insurance insurance, a single signaling system, lighting);
estakada - sporuda engineer for a lot of transport hardships, that is (a) bushes, one road on the other side of the road, and also for the road on the other side, so that there is no way to the other;
Zhitlov area - courtyards, as well as parts of the population points designated by the road sign 5.31 (div. supplement 1) ( 306a-2001-p );
zaliznichny crossing - crossing the road iz from zaliznichnymi coli on one rivnі;
zamenlennya - physical education in the territory of the territory of the world, if there is no significant change in the distance between the roads in the country;
zupinka - pinning down a transport rush for an hour for up to 5 hvilin more or less, most of all it is necessary for boarding (hanging) passengers to get ready (rozantazhenenya) for plumbing, to get pictures of the rules (to transfer to the Russian Federation, on and off);
Colon Пішходів - a group of people is organized, like collapsing along the last parts in one straight line;
transport convoy column - a group of vehicles has been organized and there are more transport incidents that will collapse at once in one step without any problems one by one with one by one the front headlights;
the edge of the industrial part (for non-lane transport hardships) - it is visible the smallest number is designated by the road lane for the industrial part in the middle of the country, to the side of the road, there are bicycles, there are bicycles;
extreme position on the industrial part - the provision of transport litigation on the far side of the industrial part (the middle of the industrial part as a part of the smug), as well as the possibility of collapse of the associated transport plague (including the middle one) smugi);
passenger car - a car with a seat for not more than nine, including a water, inclusive of its design and possession of signs for transportation of passengers and their luggage without any need for safety;
Route transport hitch (transport hitch of the dark corridor) - buses, minibuses, trolleybuses, trams and taxis, who are crashing along the established routes and waiting for the signposted bus for boarding (hanging) passengers;
mechanical transport sos_b - transport sos_b, which should be brought in ruh with the help of a dvigun. You need to extend your terms on tractors, self-driving cars and mechanical drives, as well as trolley buses and transport vehicles, with an electric motor pushing 3 kW; {The forty-fourth paragraph of clause 1.10 is amended by the amendment of Postanovoy KM No. 1029 ( 1029-2011-p ) dated 26.09.2011}
mikrobus - a one-sided bus with a passenger bus for a passenger no more than seventeen passenger cars inclusive;
Mist - a sporuda, designated for ruhu through the river, yar that isn’t pereshkody, between the borders are like a cob and kіnets spіlіtnyh equipment;
moped - a two-wheeled transport vehicle, a kind of engine with a working volume of up to 50 cubic meters. see electric power up to 4 kW; {Forty-fourth paragraph of clause 1.10 as amended by Decree KM N 1029 ( 1029-2011-p ) dated 26.09.2011}
Motorcycle - two-wheeled mechanical transport with a side scribble, but without it, why do we need a working volume of 50 cc and more. Motorcycles, motorized wheelchairs, tricycle and mechanical transport are required before motorcycles, maximum weight is allowed; I can’t exceed 400 kg;
populations point - the territory is forgotten, on the way to the country and on the road to the country are designated road signs 5.45, 5.46, 5.47, 5.48 (div. addendum 1) ( 306a-2001-p );
Non-custodial for rukhu - a winter road environment (including the belt of a poor property, one approaching the smooch of a transport hitch and a road); Let us conceive that it is not insecure for ruhu є rukh at the boundaries of the smug transport transport troubles;
lack of visible - visible road in the direct rukh less than 300 m in days, in the minds of fog, board, snowfall to thin;
Obgіn - the resignation of one of the same number of transport hardships, due to the appearance of the dark tin of wisdom;
oglyadivost is demarcated - the road is seen to be blunt, the yak is marred by the geometrical parameters of the road, roadside engineering spores, civilian buildings, and also transport troubles;
ogljadov_st - ob'єktivna can bachiti road situation with water supply;
Passenger - a person, as if he is corridor with a transport hitch and be in Nyom;
perevaga - the right to a pen-and-feather ruch of the completely private participants of the road rukh;
transportation of an organized group of children - one-night transportation of ten and more children with a clerk, more than one hour for traveling (for a group of thirty and more children, an additional medical appointment); {Clause 1.10 is supplemented by a paragraph that proclaims Postanovoy KM N 876 ( 876-2008-p ) dated 01.10.2008}
crossroads for rukhu - non-ruly object at the intersection of smugi ruhu transport troubles, but at the same time, collapse along the way between tsugi smugi (behind the vignette of transport troubles, schukha to collapse due to the main stream of transport interests) transport troubles;
Crossing - a small cross, adhering to one another, taking care of one road, one between the other side of the road to the last part of the skin and road. Do not invade the crossroads of the mice pryagannya to the road from the adjacent territory;
пішохід - person, as you take the fate of the road Russia, pose for transport hardships and not the road to a more expensive robot. Prior to the arrival of the same animals, like crawling in the wheelchairs without a dvigun, drive a bicycle, moped, motorcycle, carry a sled, a ride, a child with a wheelchair;
pіshokhіdniy perekhіd - dilyanka of the last part of the company, but an engineer of sporuda, it is designated for rukhu pіshhodіv across the road. Pishokhidni pass are designated by road signs 5.35.1-5.37.2 (div. Addit. 1), road rozmіtkoy 1.14.1-1.14.3 (div. Addit. 2) ( 306a-2001-p ), pіshokhіdnymi svіtlofory. For all road signs between the road crossing, there are two road signs and one road sign, and at the intersection, there’s a large number of road signs.
We regulate the importance of regulating, the rule of how the regulation is regulated by the regulator and the regulation, the regulation of the change, the main regulator, and the main signaling mode;
pіshokhіdna dorіzhka - dorіzhka z pokrittyam, designated for rukhu pishokhodіv, vikonana between the roads chi pose it i marked with the sign 4.13 (div. subaddit 1);
adjoined territory - territory, which is laid down to the edge of the commercial part, it is not designated for thorough passage, but only for access to the courtyards, to parking lots, gas stations, and the main streets are empty;
prichip - transport ambush, designations for rukhu tilka in the West with a transport transporter. To all appearances, transport incidents must be imposed as well as rivcepri і prichepi-rozpuski;
Proizna Chastina - an element of the road, signs for the rukha of non-Rake transport vehicles. The road may be the mother of the decile of the communal parts, between the yak є rozdіlyuvalny smugi;
regulyuvalnik - pratsіvnik mіlіtsії, vіyskovoї іnspektsії BEZPEKA Ruhu road, road ekspluatatsіynoї service, chergovy on zalіznichnomu pereїzdі, poromnіy perepravі, SSMSC toil vіdpovіdne posvіdchennya that ekіpіrovku (shaped odyag abo rozpіznavalny sign pov'yazka sleeve, rod drive signal of Cervone chi svіtlopovertachem , chervony lіkhtar abo praporets) і regulate road ruh;
raked transport zasib - tram and platforms із to special possessions, which are collapsing by tram lines. Usіnshі transport hassle, to take part in the road Rus, get involved in non-rake;
rozdіlyuvalnaya smuha - structurally visible views for the other major road lines 1.1 abo 1.2 (div. add. 2) ( 306a-2001-p ) element of the road, a certain part of the road. Rozdіlyuvalnaya smuga is not designated for the rukh, but the parking of transport hardships. For appearances on the rozdіlyuvalnіy smuzі sidewalk on a new permit rukh pіshhodіv;
smuha rukhu - the late smuha on the other part of the zavshirshi is generally 2.75 m long, but it is designated but not marked with road rozmіtki and designated for rukha of non-rake transport interests;
parking - prinenennyu rukha transport hassle for an hour, more than 5 hvilin, for reasons not due to the need for the viscous vimog of these Rules, landing (hanging) passengers, zavantazhennyamy (rozantazhenenyamy) ventilation;
dark is the time for doby - part of the doby vіd zakіnchenchennya vechіrnіkh (30 hv pіslya sontsya dawn) to the cob of ranked days (30 hv before the dawn sony);
transport zasib - attachments, appointments for transporting people ’(abo) vantazhu, as well as special installation of chi mehanizmiv installed on it;
tram number - an element of the road, signposts for a row of rake transport entrances, which can be separated in width by specially seeing the tram lines and road rozmіtkoy. According to the tram number, the rubble of non-lane transport interventions is allowed to be reached until the end of 11 of these Rules;
pavement - an element of the road, signposts for rukhu pishokhodіv, a kind of lie down to the last part of the building of the lawn;
uzbichchia - structurally visible views of the long lane of the road element of the road, a kind of loyal place without interruption to the central part of the industrial part, transportation with it on one and the same way, for both vehicles and cars. Uzbichchya can vikoristovuvatsya for zupinki and parking of transport huts, bicycles, mopeds, bicycles (for days, pavements, bicycles, because there are too many roads for them);
the participant of the road rukh - person, as I take forever the fate of the process of rukh for doroz yak pishokhid, water, passenger, pogonich tvarin;
nobleman - an engineer of a bridge type over an expensive road (zaliznitsyu) in the middle of the road, which is safe to keep on the lower roads and the possibility of freeze on the road.


2.1. The water mechanic transport plague is guilty of the mother when:
a) dedication of water rights to the right of transportation by a hitch of a category of categories; {Subpoint "a" of paragraph 2.1 iz zmіnami, we introduce zgіdno with Postanovoy KM N 620 ( 620-2011-п ) від 09.06.2011; as amended by Resolution KM N 1029 ( 1029-2011-p ) dated 26.09.2011}
b) a registration document for a transport carrier (for transport vehicles of the Zbroyniy Sil - a technical ticket); {Subpoint "b" of paragraph 2.1 iz zmіnami, we introduce zgіdno with Postanovoy KM N 124 ( 124-2009-п ) від 11.02.2009; as amended by Resolution KM N 1029 ( 1029-2011-p ) dated 26.09.2011}
c) at the time of installation on transport interruptions of warning lights and (ao) special sound signaling devices - dialed, visions of the State Inspectorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, at different times with advertisements, - weather, which can be seen at all times;
d) on route transport troubles - a diagram of the route and distribution of rukh; on bicycles and oversized transport jams and transport jams, which are more important for transporting non-maintenance entrances, - documentation must be provided before the special rules; {Point "g" of paragraph 2.1 as amended by Resolution KM N 634 ( 634-2008-p ) dated July 9, 2008 ; Of zmіnami, we introduce zgіdno z Postanovoy KM N 1029 ( 1029-2011-p ) від 09/26/2011}
ґ) policy (certificate) of compulsory insurance of civil and legal vіdpovіdalnostі valsnikіv land transport concerns. Water, as before the legislation, are governed by the law of civil and legal rights of land transport owners in Ukraine, according to the law, there are more than two specific laws. (Point "п" to paragraph 2.1 as amended by Decree of Cabinet of Ministers No. 16 ( 16-2005-p ) dated 06.01.2005)
2.2. Vlasnik transport troubles, as well as a person like Yakoristov є such transport osb on the lawful letters, can be able to transfer the chervuyu transport oschny іншій specials, scho є maє when you have consecrated water to the right kurowuvannyu transport osvidovidnogo categories.
A driver of a transport claim may transmit such a request to a public person, which may be entitled to the right to a transport request of a separate category, having transmitted the third registration document for the price of a transport request.
{Clause 2.2 iz of zmіnami, which would be introduced by postanovany KM N 124 ( 124-2009-п ) від 11.02.2009; as amended by Resolution KM N 1029 ( 1029-2011-p ) dated 26.09.2011}
2.3. To ensure the safety of the road ruhu of water goiters:
a) before entering the country and providing technical assistance and completeness of the transport problem, correct payment and additional information;
b) we respect it, stitch for the road situation, respond to the winter season, stitch for the correct distribution of the cable, the technical camp of the transport, and not the need for the transportation of the road;
c) on cars, possessed by hardships of passive bezpeka (head restraints, bezpeki belts), barked by them and do not carry passengers, not belted bezpeki belts. It is not permitted to admit individuals, such as navigating water, studying at kerma, and in populated areas, in addition to water-invidam, water and passengers of operational and special transport services and taxis;
d) if the hour is rukhu on a motorcycle and moped buti in a shaded motosholami і do not carry passengers without a zabutnutich motosholomiv; {Point "g" of clause 2.3 іz with zmіnami, we introduce zgіdno with Postanovoy KM N 1029 ( 1029-2011-п ) від 09/26/2011}
ґ) do not bother about the part of the road and the road of driving; {Clause 2.3 was supplemented by the subparagraph "ґ" proclaiming the Postanovoi Cabinet of Ministers N 263 ( 263-2007-p ) vid 21.02.2007}
e) do not overtake by yourselves a threat without a special road rukh; {Clause 2.3 was supplemented by subparagraph "d" zdіdno Postanovoy KM N 263 ( 263-2007-p ) vid 21.02.2007}
f) increase the number of road operating organizations and the State Aviation Inspectorate about manifestations of the fact that the code for the road rukh; {Clause 2.3 was supplemented by subparagraph "e", which was established by Postanovoy KM N 263 ( 263-2007-p ) vid 21.02.2007}
є) do not disobey, for sure, some of the roads and warehouses are shorter than usual, as well as shkodi corridors. {Clause 2.3 was supplemented by the subparagraph "є" proclaiming the Postanovoi Cabinet of Ministers N 263 ( 263-2007-p ) vid 21.02.2007}
2.4. I’m guilty of committing to the warrant of a warrior with water from the guards of the following rules, as well as:
a) pre'avitations for the revision of documents, as specified in clause 2.1; {Point "a" of paragraph 2.4 as amended by Resolution KM N 1029 ( 1029-2011-p ) dated 26.09.2011}
b) date, number, number of units, and completeness of transport troubles; {Point "b" of clause 2.4 of the Law of Ukraine, introduced by the Postanovoye Cabinet of Ministers No. 395 ( 395-2009-p ) of April 22, 2009 }
c) to date, we can take a look at the transport industry more than once before the legislation for the manifestations of those legal instructions, in addition, to conduct re-inspections of the technical camps in the republics of Ukraine, as well as to ensure that they are fully regulated. {The item "in" paragraph 2.4 iz zmіnami, we introduce zgіdno with Postanovoy KM N 1029 ( 1029-2011-п ) від 09/26/2011}
2.4-1. At the majority of the overall-gage control for the driver’s control room, the point-of-the-gage control station for the general-purpose vehicle control officer of the MVS of the driver’s car (including a mechanical transport problem) is guilty of the following:
a) the transfer of documents for reinterpretation, as indicated in subparagraphs “a”, “b” and “g”, clause 2.1 of this Regulation;
b) charge the transport for reasons (for the eventfulness) for the carriage and / or overall control of the inspection before the established procedure.
{The rules were supplemented by clause 2.4-1 of the Permanent Cabinet of Ministers No. 879 ( 879-2007-p ) dated June 27, 2007}
2.4-2. At a different hour, we must have a dimensional and gage control of the actual parameters of the car / of the overall parameters of the established standards and the rules of such a transport allowance, or, if you need to take care of the car, you must choose to allow them to be transported a little bit. normative, about the warehouse act of repetition.
{The rules were supplemented by paragraph 2.4-2 of the Permanent Cabinet of Ministers No. 879 ( 879-2007-p ) dated June 27, 2007}
2.5. Vodiy is guilty of the victim’s militia of militia to go through the established procedure of medical examination for the purpose of becoming an alcoholic drink, to infuse narcotic chi toxic rechinov.
2.6. For the events approved by those landing individuals of the State Inspectorate, for the manifestations of those reports, water of attendance, to go to the next medical examination, by way of signifying the health service, you need to redistribute the right to know the property.
2.7. Water, except for the transport interests of diplomatic and other representatives of foreign powers, international organizations, operational and special transport interests, the transport charges are guilty of:
a) the medical practitioners who protect health for delivery to the closest possible mortgage, especially if they require non-criminal medical assistance;
b) the right to receive unclaimed and unreachable services, to receive the necessary information about the delivery of the right to the lawyer, to deliver them to the public, and to transport them.
Notes: 1. For transportation, there are fewer transport services.

Traffic regulations of Ukraine: 2. Person, as a result of a hitch, I am guilty of meeting the requirements for the completed trips, the triviality of the trip, my special name, sit down, my special number, my first name and my name.

{Note 2 to point "b" of paragraph 2.7 iz zmіnami, making it to Postanovoy KM N 1029 ( 1029-2011-п ) від 09/26/2011}
2.8. Vodi-invalid, but a gray motorbike or a car marked with the sign “Invalid”, we can enter the road sign in 3.1, 3.2 and 3.35-3.38, as well as the 3.34 sign for the first and second signs (dividing the number of signs is 30) . 2001-p ).
2.9. Water intake:
a) Keruwati with a transport scab at the alcoholic beverage station, but they may interfere with the infusion of narcotic chi toxic rechinov;
b) Keruwati with a transport hickey at a firewood station, at a train station, as well as intermittent drinks with liquefied drugs, which can reduce the speed of reaction and respect;
c) a ceruvati with a transport hitch, which is not registered with the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate, without a license plate, but with a license plate, which:
do not have tsoyu zasob;
not vіdpovіdaє vimogam standards;
locks not in the manner prescribed for the whole;
close it with obstructions, which doesn’t give a chance to clearly identify the license plate symbols from 20 m;
non-awareness (at the dark time, finish it in the minds of insufficient visibility) whose reversals;
{Point "to" paragraph 2.9 as amended by Resolution KM N 1029 ( 1029-2011-p ) wid 09/26/2011}
d) transmitting cheruvannya to a transporting person, as well as having a drink at a station of alcoholic beverages, giving a drink of narcotic drugs and toxic speeches, at a poisonous station, at a station of alcohol, and having to drink drugs, I have to lower the rate;
ґ) hand over the cheruvannya to a person with a transport hitch, so that you don’t have to dedicate your right to the right to cheruvanny to them, so you don’t have to bother with the next 24 hours of the Rules;
e) the hour of the transport rumble is troublesome, the trimmings are in the hands (for the vignette of the water transport operational times the hour is closed by them for an unannounced service duty).
2.10. At times of respect for road transport, use water of goiters:
a) inappropriately occupy the transport channel and pay the required amount;
b) uvimknuti avarіynu signalіzatsіyu and set the sign avarіynoї zupinki vidpovіdno until vimog clause 9.10 of this Regulation;
c) do not change transport vehicles and items that may be necessary until suitable;
d) make the most possible visits for supreme medical assistance; wait for the carriage of the medical assistance; and if it’s unhelpful, get out of hand for the present and support the patient;
ґ) at the time of indefinite duration, the change in the clause “g” of clause 2.10 of the Rules, to bring the patient before the closest rightful salary by his / her transport lodge, as well as beforehand, please be sure to pay more attention to it; at the first mortgage there is a license plate and a license plate of a transport case (with the preceding dedication of a water document or a special document, a registration document for a transport case) and turn around a little more;
e) report on the road-transport subordinate to the public authority, write down the names and addresses of the eyewitnesses, check out the address of the public authorities;
f) live up to all the possible visits for saving your holidays, use the garden and arrange the necessary services;
є) prior to the medical examination, do not get used to the alcohol without drugs, the drugs, as well as the drugs, the preparations on the basis of (except that you should enter the official warehouse of the first-aid kit).
2.11. Yakscho vnaslіdok road transportnoї suitable Absent poterpіlih she did not zavdano materіalnoї Skoda tretіm ladies and transportnі zasobi mozhut Bezpieczne ruhatisya, vodії (for nayavnostі vzaєmnoї Zgoda in otsіntsі obstavin skoєnogo) mozhut pributi to nayblizhchogo post Derzhavtoіnspektsії Abo body chi pіdrozdіl mіlіtsії for registration vіdpovіdnih materіalіv , in front of the sklavshy scheme suitable for those who put the signature on it.
The third person to get involved is the participants of the road ruha, who, through the furnishings, have appeared respectable until the road-transport suit.
At the time of the urgent need for road transport means, for the fate of the transport interests, the value of the contract for the legal insurance of the legal provisions, for the understanding of such transportation, the inconvenience of the people and the number of people There are plenty of such transport needs that you can conveniently arrange for road transport, because of their lack of knowledge of alcoholic, narcotic alcohol and alcoholic beverages, you can get them drunk with liquor their preparation, to reduce respect and the speed of the reaction, as well as the fact that they are so often combined with such water as the road and transport subcategory to the established by the Motor (Transport) insurance bureau zrazka. In such a waterfall, there are a number of transport concerns that are compiled by them, which is indicated in the first paragraph of the order, and that they are indicated by the clauses "d" - "є" clause 2.10 of the Rules. {Point 2.11 is supplemented by a paragraph that reads Postanovoy KM N 538 ( 538-2005-p ) vid 30.06.2005; as amended by Resolution KM N 1029 ( 1029-2011-p ) dated 26.09.2011}
2.12. Vlasnik transport hassle right:
a) in accordance with the established procedure, reorder the transport зас ш н особ особ special persons; {Point "a" to clause 2.12 of the amendment made by the amendment of Postanom KM N 1029 ( 1029-2011-p ) dated 26.09.2011}
b) on a visit to the Vitrat at the time of the transport of a complaint to the public authorities and the health protection authority in accordance with clause 2.7 of this Regulation;
c) to enter the code of zbitkiv, to enter the home of the unregistered ones, I will become the automobile roads, the streets, the entrance halls of the roads to the bezpek of the road rubble;
d) on the other hand and the other hand, think for ruhu; {Paragraph 2.12 was supplemented by subparagraph "g" of the postanovoy KM N 263 ( 263-2007-p ) vid 21.02.2007}
ґ) supply operational information about the road, think that way. {Clause 2.12 was supplemented by the subparagraph "ґ" proclaiming Postanovoy KM N 263 ( 263-2007-p ) vid 21.02.2007}
2.13. The right to cheruvanny transport tricks for persons may be granted:
motor vehicle hardships and motorized carriages (categories A1, A) - from the 16th road;
cars, many tractors, self-propelled cars, high-tech machinery, more mechanics, use on the street-road measure, all types (categories B1, B, C1, C), there is a big bus for 18
automobiles with dressings or auto-rests (categories BE, C1E, CE), as well as those designated for the transportation of large, large and non-residential trailers, - from a 19-day period;
by buses, trams and trolleybuses (categories D1, D, D1E, DE, T) - from the 21-hour city.
Transport to belong to the following categories:
A1 - mopeds, motor scooters and two-wheeled vehicles, so that they can drive up to 50 cubic meters. see electric power up to 4 kW;
And - motorcycles and the two-wheeled vehicles, so that they can move the engine with a working volume of 50 cubic meters. see and more electric power supply 4 kW and more;
B1 - quad and tricycles, side-scooted motorcycles, motorized trolleys and the best motorized tricycles (motorized tricycles), the maximum number of vehicles is allowed; I can’t exceed 400 kilograms;
In - automobiles, the maximum number of cars allowed is not over 3500 kilograms (7700 pounds), and the number of sedentary persons, excluding water, - eight, the composition of the transport vehicles with the category of 750, and not overweight;
C1 - designation for transportation of automobiles, the maximum number of vehicles allowed is 3500 to 7500 kilograms (type 7700 to 16500 pounds), the composition of transport wagons with the tractor category C1 and the basis for which there is a maximum weight of 750;
C - designation for transportation of automobiles, the maximum number of vehicles allowed is 7500 kilograms (16,500 pounds), the composition of transport wagons with a tractor category With the same reason, because of this I do not overload 750 kilograms;
D1 - designation for transportation of passengers buses, for some passengers for seats, for water, I don’t change 16, the composition of the transport wagons with the D1 category tractor, and I don’t overload 750;
D - designation for transporting passengers, buses, for some passengers for seats, for water, more than 16, the composition of the transport vehicles with a truck category D for the purpose, but I don’t overload 750 kg;
BE, C1E, CE, D1E, DE - the composition of the transport hardships with the tractor category B, C1, C, D1 or D, but in bulk, for the first time I will re-enter 750 kilograms;
T - trams and trolleybuses.
{Paragraph 2.13 as amended by Resolution KM N 1029 ( 1029-2011-p ) wd September 26, 2011}
2.14. Водій має Law:
a) the Keruwati with a transport hitch and carry passengers and roads, roads, streets and streets, are not blocked, according to the established procedure, it is clear to the rules;
{Point "b", clause 2.14 is excluded from the previous part of the Regulation KM N 1029 ( 1029-2011-п ) від 09/26/2011}
c) to know the reason for the zupinka, overhaul and look around the transport troubles with the special state authority, as if I’ve looked at the road wreck, as well as I’ve got a chance;
d) vimagati individual species, such as visualization of the road ruin and repaired transport, pre-presentation of dedicated individual;
ґ) I’m ready to help you in order to secure an opportunity to take a part from the secure bezpek of the road rubbish;
e) Oscar’s education of the rightful person in times of violation of the legislation by him;
f) to enter the law in the minds of non-rebuilding forces, as long as they have no inconvenience, it’s unfeasible to capture the power of the dead people.


3.1. Water of operational transport incidents, apparently on an unavailable service, may be entered 8 times (except for the signal of the regulator), 10-18, 26, 27 of clause 28.1 of the Rules for remembering the special signal of the day and night road ruhu. For all the necessary dodatkovy privertaniya respect of the participants in the road rukhu special sound signal can butches.
3.2. When there is a close traffic hitch, we’ll have a clear blue beacon and (a) special sound signal for water traffic lanes, you may need to turn off the lane for transport, if you need to be lucky, so you need to keep your car safe and secure. .
On transport troubles, like collapsing in a super-juvenile colony, on the other hand, there are a few nearby headlights.
As a rule, in such a transport area, there are glimpses of blue and red beacons, and even less than the red color, water of the most significant transport goiters, due to the right side of the industrial part (on the right Uzbek side). On the road with a rozulyuvalnuyu tsuyu vimogu goiters'yazanі vikonati water transport osobіv, scho collapse in passing along the road.
3.3. As a rule, the hour of the superconducting colony of transport hardships on the transport hitch, more often collapse in front of the colony, more visible blue and red beacons, but less red color, the colony is more likely to see much greener transport concerns.
3.4. To protect yourself from the main and middle transport routes with the larger blue and red beacons that are less than the red and green and blue and green and green boxes,
3.5. Closer to an indestructible transport hitch with a clear blue beacon and a special sound signal (because without a special special sound signal), as long as you are in good condition, there is a chance of being unavailable Subvannyu by the regulator of the visual signal zupinitsya. Prodovzhuvati rukh is possible only with the permission of the regular.
{Clause 3.5 as amended by Resolution KM N 1029 ( 1029-2011-p ) wd September 26, 2011}
3.6. You can see the orange beacon of a color indicator on the mechanical transport troubles of the road-operating service for an hour. If there are any traffic reasons, road service is available for an hour, then robots are allowed to go on road at the same time (except for signs with a priority of 3.21-3.23 (div. Apt. 2001, 30) 11.2, 11.5-11.10, 11.12, 11.13, pidpunkt “b”, “c”, “ґ” of clause 26.2 of the Rules for remembering the safety of the roadless luggage. Water and other transport concerns do not blame the interruption of the robot.
{Clause 3.6 іz with zmіnami, which we shall make amendment to the Postanovoy KM N 634 ( 634-2008-п ) від 09.07.2008}


4.1. As you walk, you guilty crash along the sidewalks and roads, trim on your right side.
There are a lot of sidewalks, there are lots of roads, but it’s not easy to ride on them; - Along the edge of the business part, there is a transport ruchu. With tsyu treba booti we’ll protect and not impose on the participants of the road rukh.
4.2. Take walks, carry bulky items, but individuals walk around in wheelchairs without a motor, drive a motorbike, ride a bicycle, drive a sled, drive off a side road, have a good walk and ride on collapse along the edge of a business part in one row.
4.3. Behind the boundaries of the population, there are some roads, like uzhaichut uzbichcham chi kraєm proznozhnogo parts, obey to go on the nazustrіch rukhu transport concerns.
Individuals, such as crashes to uzbek chi kram of the sale of cars in disabled wheelchairs without a dvigun, to drive a motorcycle, a moped or a bicycle, to be guilty of a change in traffic.
4.4. At the dark time, in the minds of lack of visibility, you want to collapse with the whole part of uzbichcham, obey the sight of yourself, and for the power of the mother to the traditional garment of all kinds,
{Clause 4-4 of the Law of the Republic of Belarus introduced by the Standing Cabinet of Ministers N 876 ( 876-2008-p ) dated 01.10.2008}
4.5. The organizational group of people is expensive to allow just the right amount of traffic for the convoy in a colony not more than one individual in a row for remembering that the column will not borrow more than half the width of the sold part of one straight line. In the front and back of the colony in the middle of 10-15 m on the left side there are guilty buti supervisors with the purest warriors, and in the dark time it’s worth it in the minds of the lack of visibility - from the middle - the black, the back.
4.6. Organized groups of children are allowed to drive on the sidewalks and roads, and if they are German, on an Uzbek road, there are a lot of transport lanes in the street, and they’ll need to go to the street more.
4.7. In the first place, cross the part along the transitions, in addition to the above and above ground, and in the case of different walks - at the crossings along the lines of the sidewalks and even uzbich.
4.8. As a rule, in the visible zone of passage to the cross, and even crossing, and the road is not much more than three smug rukhu for both yogo direct, it is permissible to cross the road with a direct heel to the edge of the prosperous part of the city, only if you can see it much more, to keep up with the good news.
4.9. In mіstsyakh, de rukh regulyuєє,,, і пшоходоход пов пов пов пов пов пов пов пов пов пов пов пов пов пов пов пов пов пов пов пов пов пов пов пов пов пов пов пов пов пов пов пов пов пов пов пов пов пов пов пов поверуеруеруеруеруеруеруеруеруеруеруеруеруеруеруеруеруеруеруеруеруеруеруеруеруеруеруеруеруеруеруеру сигнала регу сигнала регу регу регу регу регу регу регу регу регу регу регу регу регу регу регу регубобобобобобобобобобобобобобобобо
In such cases, they didn’t have any incentives to go through the most part of the road just one way, because they needed to change to the next few streets, but they had to spend more time. if allowed by the signal of the swithlofor and the regular one, it will divert to a bespetsi falsely ruhu.
4.10. Before leaving for a part of the road due to transport concerns, there is no need to stand, they must be separated, pay attention to the presence of traffic injuries, and you’re getting closer.
4.11. Check the transport connection for pavement on the sidewalks, landing squares, and most of all, on the road, in Uzbek, without having to change the passcode for the road rukh.
4.12. On tram zupinkas that do not have boarding maidanchikas, traffic roads are allowed to enter the uninhabited part of the street outside the door and there is only a tramway entrance.
When you hang out from the tram, you need to ban the part of the road without being hidden.
4.13. At a time when traffic is near, let’s see the beacon of the red and (blue) blue color and (blue) special sound signal as soon as the guilty party begins to cross the passage of the commercial part, but it’s inadvertently forbidden.
4.14. At the entrance to the fence:
a) enter a part of the world without having been surprised by the fact that you are not a bit concerned about yourself;
b) Rapid behavior, vibrations to the part of the road, including the rapid transition;
c) to admit self-confidence, without a glance overgrown, the appearance of children of a pre-school age on the part of the road;
d) cross the part of the posture with a quick transition, such as см rozdіlyuvalnaya smuga, but the road is maє chotiri and more smug for rukh in both strains, as well as in mishtyakh, de-installation of the garden;
ґ) it is obscured and taken up on the last part, but it isn’t tied to the security of the bezpechi road rukh;
e) crashing along the motorway and roads for cars, for the vignette of the roads, parking and parking.
4.15. At the time of goodwill to the road and transport means, you are guilty of granting assistance to the patient, recording the addresses of the eyewitnesses, the authority of the public, and the benefit of the public.
4.16. Пішохід має Law:
a) to change the hour before the transition of the sales part by the designated non-regulated transitions, as well as the regulated transitions due to occurrences to those signals of the regular signal of the signal;
b) vimagati vid bodies of vikonavchio power, owners of automobile roads, vulitsy and zaliznichnyh moving to mind for the protection of bezpeka dear road.


5.1. Landing (hanging) is allowed for the passengers to pay for the zumba of the transport tidy from the landing maydanchik, and at times of such a maidanchik - from the sidewalk, which is uninhabitable, it’s extremely difficult to get by. For minds, why shouldn’t it be unreasonable not to cross the passwords to the other participants in the rukh.
5.2. Passengers, barking with a transport hitch, obey:
a) sit or stand (which has been transmitted to the construction vehicle) in the meantime for the whole, trimming the handrail;
b) the hour is overpowered on a transport vehicle possessed by safety belts, booty belts, and on a motorbike and moped - in a motorized motorcycle shawl;
{Point "b" to clause 5.2 of the amendment made by the Postanovoy KM No. 1029 ( 1029-2011-p ) dated September 26, 2011}
c) do not hinder the part of the road and the dark road of automobile roads; {Clause 5.2 was supplemented by subparagraph "c" of the postanovoi Cabinet of Ministers N 263 ( 263-2007-p ) vid 21.02.2007}
d) do not overtake by yourselves dangers of bespeci road ruhu. {Clause 5.2 is supplemented by subparagraph "g" zdіdno Postanovoy KM N 263 ( 263-2007-п ) від 21.02.2007}
5.3. Passengers pick up:
a) pid hour ruhu vidvertati respect water vid keruvannya transport ambition and bring yoma in tsomu;
b) to enter the door of the transport troubles without having to give in, but to stop buzzing on the sidewalk, the landing maydanchik, on the edge of the last part of the country;
c) reprogramming the doors and vikoristovuvati for іzdi pіdnіzhki i vstupi transport concerns;
d) at an hour rukhi stand in the body of a passenger car, sit on the sides, but not in the possession of a passenger seat.
5.4. At times the road and transport fit, the passenger of the payable to the fit transport hassle is guilty of a tribute to the helper, I want to help, because of the nature of the authority, the number of people needing to wait until the arrival of the grandson of the militia.
5.5. Passenger p_d hour koristuvannya transport zasobom right to:
a) securitylessness transported to oneself and luggage;
b) enter the code of zbitkiv;
c) deceiving the present and accurate information about the mind and the order of ruhu.

SDA of Ukraine: 6. VIMOGI TO BIKE

6.1. Crawling on highways on bicycles is allowed for individuals, as they reached the 14-hour rivu.
6.2. The cyclist has the right to a keruvati with a bicycle, possessing an audible signal and those who turn around: in front - white color, on the sides - orange, behind - red. For rukh in the dark, doby and in the minds of lack of visibility on the bike are guilty of buti of the statements and of the increased light (headlight).
6.3. Cyclists, crumbling in groups, confessing one by one, so as not to impose on the other participants in the road rukh.
A column of cyclists, who want to collapse on the last part, is guilty of buti divided into groups (up to 10 cyclists in a group) with a distance of 80–100 m groups.
6.4. A cyclist can transport less such a guy, so you don’t have to bother with keruvati with a bicycle and don’t do it for the rest of the participants in the road rukh.
6.5. Yakshcho bicycling dorozhka peretinaє the road posture to the crossroads, cyclists goiters'yazanі give the way to the inner transport hardships, scho collapse on dorozі.
6.6. To the cyclist to pick up:
a) a cheruvati with a bicycle with an unreasonable thunder, an audible signal, and in the dark it’s time to finish it and in the minds of insufficient visibility - with a lighter (headlamp) chi without light-proofing;
b) drive along motorways and roads for automobiles, as well as on the last parts, if the order is flashed to the bicycle road;
c) crash along the sidewalks and the roads (for children up to 7 years on children’s bicycles at a glance overgrown);
d) p_d hour rukhu trimatisya for the last transport zasib;
ґ) izhditi, do not get in the wheel, that know the legs of the pedals (p_dnіzhok);
e) carry passengers on bicycles (after a vignette of children up to 7 years, yachts shall be transported on a pre-paid seat, possessed of fully closed piddies);
e) tow bicycles;
є) tow tows, not transfers for exploitation with a bicycle.
6.7. Bicyclists must be guilty of the wimogs of these rules, who should agree to stop the water, but not to stop the wimogs of the rose.
{Rozdil 6 as amended by Resolution KM N 1029 ( 1029-2011-p ) dated 26.09.2011}


7.1. Keruvati by horse-drawn transport and the creature to be driven at a higher price are allowed to persons who are not younger than the 14th secondary.
7.2. The guzhovy VIZ (sled) is guilty of a lot of possessions by the Svertopvertachi: in front of the white color, in the rear - the red one.
7.3. For rukhu in the dark time, add that in the minds of lack of visibility on horse-drawn transport, you need to increase the speed: in front - the white color, in the back - the red color, which will stand on the left side of the cart (sleigh).
7.4. At the time of traveling on the road from the adjacent territory, but on the other long-distance road in the middle of the road, with an objemlennoy oglyadivisty water cart (sled) is guilty of leading a creature for the school, povid.
7.5. Transporting people by horse-drawn transport is permissible for the manifestation of minds, as if they could have excluded the possibility of passing passengers behind the lateral and rear dimensions of the transport hitch.
7.6. To move a flock of creatures at a higher price, you need to allow yourself to be better off when you have finished, when you get the chance to get such a lot of people, you can easily guide the creatures closer to the right side of the road and don’t take care of the road.
7.7. Individuals who want to crawl by horse-drawn transport, and chase the creatures to pick up carrots:
a) collapse on motor roads of the sovereign value (for the possibility of collapse on motor roads of the state sign); {Point "a" of paragraph 7.7 as amended by Resolution KM N 876 ( 876-2008-p ) dated 01.10.2008}
b) vikoristovuvati carry, not possessed by light believers, without lichtarіv at the dark time, finish it in the minds of insufficient visibility;
c) the deprivation of the creatures on the road’s smooth road without a glance that vipasati ikh;
d) to conduct creature on roads with extremely safe roads, as a rule the road;
ґ) drive the creatures along the roads at dark time, finish in the minds of insufficient visibility;
e) drive the creature through the open roads and roads with a more comfortable posture with a specially designed performance.
7.8. Individuals, such as transporting animals, caring for tavern of goiters, caring for children and their children, must pay attention to the rules and conditions and not to hinder children.


8.1. Reguluvannya road ruhu zdіsnyuєtsya for the other road signs, road rozmіtki, road possession, lights, as well as regulars.
8.2. Traffic signs can be but constant, hourly, and longer with information. Timothy road signs are visible on portable annexes, the road can be closed on the shields with a yellow color and may change before permanent road signs and road signs.
{Clause 8.2 of the Laws introduced by the Standing Cabinet of Ministers N 876 ( 876-2008-p ) dated 01.10.2008}
8.3. The signals of the regulator may be overrun before the signals of the traffic lights and the road signs and the priority and obov'yazkovimi for the weekend.
Signals svitloforіv, crimson fatty, may overrun in front of the road signs to the priority.
Water and guilty trips to regulate vimogas, to navigate in the most stupid way to prevent signals from lights, road signs and roses.
8.4. Road signs (addendum 1) are divided into groups:
a) front-end signs. Форм Inform the water about approaching the road and the character of the road. Pid hour ruhu according to the price needed to live in for a safe passage;
b) signs of priority. To set the road to cross; to cross, to baptize the last parts of the road;
c) fence signs. Zaprovadzhuyut abo skasovuyut singing obmezhenennya in Russia;
d) punishable signs. To show obov'yazkovі straightforwardly rukho anyhow, to allow deyakim categories of participants in rukh on the last part of the chi okremikh її ділянки, and also to reserve the right to pass deyakі obmezhenennya;
ґ) інформаційно -казкиівні signs. Provide a different way to save the song mode of rukh, as well as inform the participants of the road ruha about roztashuvannya populations of points, separate objects, territory, de-rules of special rules;
e) signs of service. І informuyut participant in the road rukh about roztasuvannya ob'єktiv servants;
f) signs to road signs. To clarify, but to obmezhuyut dіyu signs, all at once with the yakimi stinks installed.
8.5. Rozmіtka road (extension 2) to move horizontally and vertically and vikoristovє be okremo at once with road signs, and I’ll clarify what I won’t be.
8.5.1. Horizontal road rozmіtka ustanovlyu є song mode and order ruhu. To be applied on the upper part of the border above the border at the side of the line, the letters, the letters, the letters and the characters are also farboi and the most important materials are indicated in paragraph 1 of section 34 of the Rules.
8.5.2. Vertical rozmіtka in viglyadі Smuga bіlogo i Chornogo koloru on dorozhnіh sporudah she Elements obladnannya dorіg priznachena for Zorov orієntuvannya.
8.6. The road is fully fixed as an additional regulation of road traffic.
To lay down:
a) gardening and signaling in possession of services, reconstruction and repair of roads;
b) the front of the round tables, which are installed on the rozdlyuvalnyh smugi abo sharp bezpeki;
c) direct access, which is intended for secure visibility of the uzbek region and non-custodial passcodes in the minds of insufficient visibility. I shall be designated as vertical rozmіtkoy and guilty buti possessed by switchers: right-handed - right-wing color, left-hand - white;
d) casing mirrors for wider coverage of water for transport purposes, as well as passing through more than one place for lack of care;
ґ) road gardening on bridges, gully pipelines, utility bays, bunches and other non-custodial roads;
e) public servicing in non-custodial areas for the transition to the business community;
f) inserts of rozmichuvalnny roads for polisheniya zorachnogo orintuvannya vodіїv in the last part; {Clause 8.6 is supplemented by subparagraph "e" of the Postanovoy KM No. 876 ( 876-2008-p ) dated 01.10.2008}
є) annex of the primus lower winter speed for transport hardships; {Clause 8.6 is supplemented by the subparagraph "є" proclaiming the Postanovoi Cabinet of Ministers N 876 ( 876-2008-p ) dated 01.10.2008}
g) noise smugi for mutual respect of the participants in the road rukh on non-custodial roads. {Clause 8.6 is supplemented by subparagraph "g" of the Postanovoy KM No. 876 ( 876-2008-p ) dated 01.10.2008}
8.7. Light trolley (extension 3) is designated for the regulation of the range of transport and transport signals, May signals are green, yellow, red and white, colors are vertical vertically horizontally. Signals of light can be added with the applied universal circuit (lines), with the force of the road, X-line.
On the red signal of the signal from the vertical signal from the vertical rosette, the signal can be set to the white label and the green color is applied to it. {Clause 8.7 is supplemented by a paragraph that proclaims Postanovoy KM N 876 ( 876-2008-p ) dated 01.10.2008}
8.7.1. In light loops with vertical rosette, the signal is red in the color - top, green - in the bottom, and horizontal: in red - left, green - right-handed.
8.7.2. Light signals with vertical signals can have one or two signals with signals from the green view signals (pages), which can be changed to the green signal color.
8.7.3. Signals of light may be as follows:
a) greenery permitting ruh;
b) greens at the viglyad’s page (page) on the black background, allowing permission at the designated voltage (voltage). This is the very important signal in the green view (page) in the secondary section of the light.
The signal from the sight of the arrow, allowing permission to turn left, permission to turn, as if there were no obstructions with road signs.
The signal from the green view signals (pages) of the secondary (secondary) sections, the changes at once and the green light signal, information about those that can be used in front of them, direct;
c) greenery is permissive allowing ruh, ale information about those that will have a signal, like a fence, will be uncovered.
For informative water about an hour (in seconds), when the signal to the green color is lost by the time, the digital display can be stalled;
d) a black contour page (page), plotted on the main green signal, information about the presence of pre-admission section and in-service permission, low signal of addendum section;
ґ) zhovtiy zaboronya ruh and beforehand еред about the coming winter of signals сигнал;
e) zhovtiy migotlivy signal abo, two zhivshih migotlivy signals allow rhih and inform about the appearance of non-unspecific unregulated crossing of an unbranded transition;
f) a red chervon signal, including a number of mototvilli, but two two chervonih mototlivy signals zaboronyut ruh.
The signal from the green-eyed arrow (arrow) of the secondary (secondary) section is immediately on hold and the alarm is on for those who need to be allowed to pass through without interruption.
Arrow of the green color on the table, installed on the equal red signal of the light signal with the vertical signal of the signal, allowing the signal to be assigned to the designated voltage when the red signal is signaled to the extreme right (linguistic knowledge); {Point "e" to clause 8.7.3, clause 8.7 is supplemented by a paragraph that reads the Postanovoy KM N 876 ( 876-2008-p ) dated 01.10.2008; Of zmіnami, we introduce zgіdno z Postanovoy KM N 124 ( 124-2009-p ) від 11.02.2009}
є) the next red and yellow signal in the fence and the information about the oncoming green signal;
g) black contour lines on the red and yellow signals do not change the meaning of their signal and inform about permissible straightforward signals with a green signal;
h) the implications of the signal of the secondary section of the fence at the point indicated by the page (pages).
8.7.4. For regulation, a lot of transport problems on streets, roads for smug roads, partly on roads, just like on others can be rotated, stern reverse light with a red X-signal and green signal at the bottom of the door. Tsi signals zaboronayut or otherwise allow rukh through smuzі, above the stink of rostashovany.
The main signals of the reverse light can be supplemented by a live signal from the video player, right-handed, diagonally right-handed, enlarged by a clear fence, both marked with a 2 -way roadway ( 2001 ). Zmіnu signal reverse svіtlofora and neobhodimost perestroyuvannya on the dark rukh right-handed.
When the signals of the reverse light are visible, schtovashi over smuzhu designated for both sides of the road rozmitkoy 1.9, the entrance to the tsu is blocked.
{Clause 8.7.4 to Clause 8.7 of the Laws introduced by the Standing Cabinet of Ministers N 876 ( 876-2008-p ) dated 01.10.2008}
8.7.5. To regulate the tram of trams, you can stumble the lights with a cir- cuit with signals of a thousand-month color, roztashovany at the sight of the letter "T".
Rukh is allowed more than once at once to lower the signal and one aka kolkokh of the upper, from any livy it is allowed to ruch the left, the middle - directly, the right - the right-hander. As a rule, there are three more upper signals - the rukh is blocked.
At times, there are malfunctions of tram lights in the water of trams that are guilty of being trammed by vimogs of lights and lights in red, yellow and green colors.
8.7.6. To regulate the rukha at the hallways, swiftly swithlofori with two red chervony signals, but one with one month old and two red chervony, so that may be the same value:
a) migratory chervony signals to block the rubble of transport intercourse through relocation;
b) a migratory flow signal with a signal of a month and a half, signaling is available and not a fence;
At zaliznichnyh crossings, immediately with an overseas signal of the swithlofor, an audible signal can be heard, a kind of dodatkovo information, participant of the road rum about the fence of the rukh through relocation.
8.7.7. As a matter of fact, the signal of the swithlofor is visible to the steep walkway, the second step is extended more to the walkway, while the green light allows the signal to go down, the chervony is the fence.
For the sound of the sound, a sound signal can be added, a kind of permissible ruh sound.
8.8. Signals of the regulator. The signals of the regulator є the position of the hull, as well as the tin with hands, including with a rod or a disk with a worm, can be changed as follows:
a) the arms are pulled to the side, omitted, but the right arm is zigzagged in front of the breasts:
from the left and right side - the tram can be driven directly, the unrestrained transport tricks - straight and right-handed; pishokhod is allowed to cross the part behind the back and in front of the breasts of the regular;
from the side of the breasts and the back - the ruh of the transport vehicles and the road is blocked;
b) the right arm is pulled forward:
from the left side - the ruh of the tram is allowed, the unrestrained transport tricks - at all straight lines; pishokhodok is allowed to cross the part through behind the back of the regular;
from the side of the breasts - us_m transporting troubles allowed more than right-handed;
from the right side and that back - the rukh of usih transport incidents is blocked; pishokhodok is allowed to cross the part through behind the back of the regular;
c) hand pіdnyata uphill:
The rukh of us_kh transport hardships and p_shokhod_v is zaboroneno in us_kh straight lines.
The wand of victorists is tsels of prazvnikami pidrozdіlіv of the State Inspectorate and that of the inspector of the safety of the road rukh.
To honor the participants of the road rukhu, the signal of the whistle blows.
The cradle can give you more signals, more water and more.
8.9. Vimoga about zupinka transport troubles give pracіvnikom mіlіtsії:
a) with a rod, or with a hand, in order to pay attention to transport;
b) for the auxiliary blue light and blue beacon, which is even less than the red color and that (or) a special sound signal;
c) for the auxiliary guknomovnogo annex;
d) for the auxiliary special display, the vimog about the zupinka of the transport troubles is supposed to be indicated.
Water is guilty of the occupation of transport in the city, on the yaku you will be instructed to add the rules of zupinki.
8.10. At times there is a daylight switch (except for a reverse one), but a signal regulator, a fence, water obedience before a road light 1.12 (stop line) (div. Additional 2), road sign 5.62 "Min. -2001-n ), most of them are mute - not closer than 10 m to the closest rails before the zealous passage, before the light switch, the first transition, and most of them in the last few times - before it is reopened for a long time.
8.11. I’ll be able to keep my hands on the signal at all times because I can’t get my hands on the regulator so that I can’t stop transporting the station by transmitting clause 8.10 of the Rules, don’t get into the ring without letting go of it.
8.12. Rescue yourself, sign up, know how to do it, turn off road signs, take care of the organizing road sign (get your hands on it), put up posters, advertisements, sign up and take it out I see their effectiveness, participation in the road traffic, respect and respect, and threaten the road safety.


9.1. By the transducer signals є:
a) signals, which are given by indicators to turn abo by hand;
b) sound signals;
c) remixing headlights;
d) the near headlights of the headlights at the time of completing the lights;
ґ) the alarm, the signal is galvanized, the rear axle, the sign of the road sign;
d) uvimknennya flashing light orange color.
9.2. Water is guilty of signaling with indicators to turn the indicator forward:
a) in front of the ears of ruhu and zupinka;
b) before perestroika, turn abo a reversal.
9.3. At times of absence and inadequacy of indicators, the turn signals signals the head of the right side of the right part, zupinki anger, turn left, turnaround, but reorientation to the smoky ruby ​​give and go, it’s not to the fire.
Signals to the cob rukh in the left edge of the common part, zupinki on the right, turning the right-handed person, rearranging the right-handed rukhu to the dark one to give the right hand with the right hand extended, and the left hand with the right one in front of the right.
At times of absence and inadequacy of a signal galvanic, such a signal is given by the left or the right hand, which was lifted up.
9.4. Give a signal to the turn indicators, but with your hand, be sure to lay the maneuver all the way to the cob (with urahuvanny shvidkostі rukh), ale not less than 50-100 m in the populated areas and 150-200 m in the posture, and pick up the signal without warning finish without interruption in front of the cob the weekend maneuver). The signal to pick up the signal is that, in general, we can’t threaten the greater participation of participants.
Giving an over-the-air signal is not allowed to drive over and not to ring a live view of live calls.
9.5. Sound the signals from the population points to pick up the alarm, except for the weather, since without it it is impotent to get the road and transport suitability.
9.6. To gratify the respect of the water transport, I can catch it, you can fasten the headlights, and the pose by the population points - an audio signal.
9.7. To be protected by the distant light of the headlights is an intermittent signal in the minds, as long as you bring them to fill the water, in addition, through the rear-view mirror.
9.8. First hour of mechanical transport incentives at the time I want to get by the way of assigning the transport plague, what is to collapse, the near headlights are guilty of the buti uvimknen:
a) at the colony;
b) on route transport troubles, which are collapsing through smoothers, designated by the road sign 5.8 (div. sub-supplement 1) ( 306a-2001-p ), nasustrich to the inflow of traffic troubles;
c) by buses (minibuses), which are the best way to transport an organization group of children; {Point "in" clause 9.8 in the edition of Decree KM N 876 ( 876-2008-п ) від 01.10.2008}
d) on large-sized, large-sized transport jams and transport jams, which are the most important road transport services for non-maintenance residents; {Point "g" of clause 9.8 as amended by Resolution KM N 634 ( 634-2008-p ) dated 09.07.2008}
ґ) on a transport hitch, but towing;
e) in tunnels.
In the minds of insufficient visibility on mechanical transport troubles, you can enter the far headlights and the headlights for the headlights, so you won’t be able to cover the last water.
9.9. Avarіna svіtlova signalіzatsіya povinnna buti vvіmknnena:
a) at the time of vimusheno zupinki dorozі;
b) at the time of zupinki to the vimogu of the prince of the militia, but in the presence of the driver’s headlight; {Point "b" of clause 9.9 as amended by Resolution KM N 1029 ( 1029-2011-p ) dated 26.09.2011}
c) on a mechanical transport accident, which may collapse due to technical malfunctions, such a cargo is not blocked by these Rules;
d) on a mechanical transport hitch that will be towed;
ґ) on a mechanical transport sign designated by the знаком Diti ’signature mark, transporting an organized group of children, at least one hour of landing;
e) on all mechanical transport incidents of the colony at half an hour of entry for dorozi;
e) at the time of speedy road transport suit.
9.10. At the same time, with the emergency light signals, set the emergency stop sign, but the red motley red heart is in the country, I have to keep a safe road, not more than 20 m to the public, if necessary,
a) speedy road transport suit;
b) vimusheno zupinki in many places with an objemlennoy oglyadovstyu roads want b in one straight line less than 100 m.
9.11. As a matter of fact, transport is not possessed of an avaricious light signal, but it is wrong, you need to set the sign of an avaricious zupinka or a mototlivy chervony likhtar:
a) a request for transport assistance, as referred to in clause 9.9 ("c", "d", "ґ") of this Regulation;
b) from the side of the visible visibility for the other participants in the road ruch at the vipadok, indicated in paragraph "b", clause 9.10 of the Rules.
9.12. Migrating with red light, having a good time, some kind of closure before the clauses of 9.10 and 9.11 of the Rules, it’s pretty good to see that I’m more than a little sleepy, so in the minds of lack of visibility.


10.1. Before reaping the cob, rebuilding it, be it some kind of wintery straightforward ruhu that the water is guilty of overthrowing, who should be unprotected and not open the code again, but not without concern to the participants in the ruhu.
10.2. Viagrazhayuchi on the road from zhitlovo zones, courtyards, plenty of parking, gas stations and the rest adjacent to the territory, the water is guilty before the part of the road and the road and the road, the road must be pulled, ruhu yakih vіn peretinaє.
10.3. At times of perestroika, water is guilty of giving way to transport hardships, and they are collapsing along the way along tii smuzi, and yak vin mak namir perestroika.
For a one-hour restructuring of transport hardships, you’re collapsing in one go, water, there’s a litter of people, I’ve been guilty of giving way to a transport hitch, right-handed people.
10.4. Before turning right-handed, left-handed, or even reversing water, you must always take the highest position on the road, designated for the road in full time, except for the round-the-clock road, road rozmіtkoy abo rukhlivy lishe in one straightforward manner, established by the configuratsii proiznoy part, road signs chi rozmіtkoyu.
Water, especially for the turn of the day, and a reversal of the position for overlapping from the extreme extreme position, is guilty of giving way to the most important transport interventions, and during the third round of traffic it is not necessary.
For the manifestations of the tram number in the middle of the part of the water of the non-lane transport troubles, which will turn around, turn around and cross the pose, I am guilty of passing the tram.
10.5. Turning around is necessary so that when you cross the baptized part of the road, you don’t have to lean on the smoother road, and at the turn, the right-hand drive is closer to the right edge of the second part, except for the right to go round and round. road signs chi road razmіtkoy abo de rukh moghlivy lishche in one straightforward.
10.6. As a rule, transport through your own dimensions is not possible for all reasons. You cannot turn around and turn off the most extreme position; ruhu. At times, consume, for the protection of the safety of the road debris, you should be bawled for help before the last ones.
10.7. Rosvorot zaboronitsya:
a) at out-door transfers;
b) on bridges, shlyachoprovod, estakad and і pid them;
c) in tunnels;
d) for the visibility of the road less than 100 m, there is a desire in one place;
ґ) at the junior crossings and closer than 10 m away from both sides, in addition to the allowed cross-over to the cross;
e) on motorways, as well as on roads for automobiles, for the vignette to cross the road and signposted with road signs 5.26 and 5.27 (div. sub-addendum 1) ( 306a-2001-p ).
10.8. As a rule, in the middle of the road there is a smuzh galmuvannya, water, a yakiy maє namir turn on the road, guilty of instantly lane on the tsu swarm and lower speed on the road.
As a matter of fact, in the middle of the road to the road, I’ll get into the road, drive in and out of the road, give way to transport, and I’ll collapse in price.
10.9. For half an hour to transport a backward waters, I’m not guilty of doing business and care for the third party participants. For the safety of bezpeka ruhu vin u at once consume guilty of being turned away for help before the last ones.
10.10. To back up a lot of transport problems in reverse on highways, roads for automobiles, closed crossings, crossings, bridges, public pipelines, overhead roads, at tunnels, on and off roads, we also see .
Permission is granted for reversing on roads with one-way driving for thinking up to paragraph 10.9 of the Rules and the impossibility of obtaining the last rank.
10.11. At times if there are a lot of traffic incidents of traffic, the roads are overturned, and the traffic is not covered by these Rules, the road is guilty, until a certain traffic is located on the right side.


11.1. Most of the smug on the part of the road for non-Rake transport vehicles are identified as road signs and road signs 5.16, 5.17.1, 5.17.2 (div. Supplement 1) ( 306a-2001-p ), and beyond them, all by themselves parts of a straightforward straight line, the dimensions of the transport concerns and the safety of the middle of them.
11.2. Nereykovy transport hardships collapse yaknaybische to the right edge of the last part.
11.3. On roads with a two-way drive, you can have one smuzy for a second hand in the skin, for the most common roads and the most frequent roads and lounges in populated areas near permissible falls, when there is a lot of water for entertainment, there’s a lot of trouble.
11.4. On roads with a two-sided driveway, like changing the way for two roads for one-handed driving, pick up the road for appointments for a tidy road driveway.
11.5. On the roads, there’s more and more trouble for driving in one way, leaving the road for driving for the whole time, you can take right away, and also to turn left, turn around for free on the road ruffling in populated areas, if you don’t override the rules of zupinki (parking).
11.6. On the roads, there are three or more smugs for one wheel drive, one for one car with a maximum weight of 3.5 tons, tractors, self-propelled cars and machinery should be allowed to drive to the extreme lounger to turn around more easily. on the roads with one-way ruin, for the most part - for zupinka evil, in permitted hips, by the method of starting up chanting.
11.7. Transport troubles, shreds, one is not guilty of overcoming 40 km / year, but for technical reasons, one can’t develop such a thing, one must be crashed, more often than not, you must be careful not to overlook them. .
11.8. According to the tramway number of passing lanes, rostashovaniy on one road with a spare part for non-lane transport incidents, it is allowed to rush for a wash, which is not littered with road signs, which are often off, and also have to be short of time. I’ll get there without taking a tram.
At the crossroads you are allowed to go on a tram along the way in quiet hips themselves, ale for you to understand the distance to the crossroads of the road signs 5.16-5.19 (div. Supplement 1).
Turning left and right, turning around guilty of tramway lanes, tearing on one road with unused part for non-lane transport hardships, as long as the order of the road is not transmitted by road signs div. ( 306a-2001-p ).
In ushih vipadok, the passcode for the tramway is not guilty.
11.9. To get rid of traveling on a tram number of entertaining roads, on the other hand, the part of the tram part of the tram and the rozdilyuvalnuyu dark.
11.10. On the roads, a part of the country is covered with smoggy ruins by the lines of the road rozmity, zaboronyaetsya collapse, borrowed immediately two smugi. Wait for the re-part of the line rozmitki allow less than half an hour perestrojuvannya.
11.11. In case of intensive rusi, you can allow the tin to be allowed to go around, turn around, turn around or turn around.
12.12. Vodiy, yaky zdіysnyuє turn onto the road, which can be used for reversible ruchu, can be reconstructed on some tilki pislya through the reversible light with a signal, but allowing permission, and I can’t cross over points 11.2, 11.5 right 11.6.
11.13. Zaboronyaєtsya ruh the agriculture zasobіv on sidewalks i pіshohіdnih dorіzhkah, krіm vipadkіv, if the stench zastosovuyutsya for vikonannya robіt abo obslugovuvannya torgovelnih that іnshih of companies, roztashovanih bezposeredno bilja Tsikh trotuarіv abo dorіzhok for vіdsutnostі іnshih pіd'їzdіv i for Minds vikonannya vimog punktіv 26.1-26.3 Tsikh Of the rules.
11.14. Rukh on industrial parts on bicycles, mopeds, horse-drawn carts (sledges) and tops are allowed to be left out in one row on the right extreme smuzy yakomoga right, for a little vipadkiv, as long as you get around it. The turn of the lodge and the turn of the road is allowed on the roads with the same tough road for the road in the skin and without a tram number in the middle. It is allowed to ruch uzbichchchyu, so that you do not have to adjust the passcode to the waste.

SDA of Ukraine: 12. SHVIDK_ST RUKHU

12.1. For an hour the vibor in establishing the boundaries between the indefinite bridging water was guilty of damaging the road situation, as well as the particularities of transporting, transporting the road, helping the mother to permanently control it and bury it forever.
12.2. At the dark time, in the minds of lack of visibility, shvidku rukh is guilty of such a thing, so that water and water can make up for the traffic at the borders of the visibility of the road.
12.3. At times, there is a good reason for rewarding, but I’m very likely to be very helpful, I’m guilty of accidentally driving in for the change of speed as many times as possible for a non-custodial person.
12.4. In the populated areas of the ruch of transport hardships, it is permissible to use shvidkisty not more than 60 km / year.
12.5. In the living and living areas, the shvidkіst rukhu is not guilty of traveling 20 km / year.
12.6. Pose by populated points on all roads and on roads that pass through populated points, as indicated by 5.47 (div. Sub-addendum 1) ( 306a-2001-p ), it is allowed to go through shvidsty:
a) for buses (minibuses), which generally require transportation of organized group children, for light vehicles with motor vehicles and motorcycles - not more than 80 km / year .; {Point "a" of clause 12.6 as amended by Resolution KM N 876 ( 876-2008-p ) dated 01.10.2008}
b) transport hardships, which can be used to measure water up to 2 years, - not more than 70 km / year;
c) for passenger cars, which allow people to be transported by bodies, such as mopeds - not more than 60 km / year; {Point "to" clause 12.6 of the amendment made by the amendment of Postanom KM No. 1029 ( 1029-2011-p ) of September 26, 2011}
d) to buses (for a vignette of microbuses) - not more than 90 km / year;
ґ) for the most important transport problems: for car roads, which are marked with a 5.1 road sign ( 306a-2001-p ) - no more than 130 km / year., for cars and roads with fast-moving parts, but one more than one more - 110 km / year., on the highest roads - no more than 90 km / year. {Point "п" paragraph 12.6 as amended by Resolution KM N 395 ( 395-2009-п ) від 04/22/2009}
12.7. The hour of towing is not guilty of overcoming 50 km / year.
12.8. On roads, roads, roads, roads, roads, roads, roads, roads, roads, roads, roads, roads, roads, roads, roads, roads, roads.
{Paragraph 12.8 as amended by Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers N 395 ( 395-2009-p ) vid 04/22/2009}
12.9. Water intake:
a) to redefine the maximum speed, marked by the technical characteristic of the given transport troubles;
b) to change the maximum speed, as indicated in clauses 12.4–12.7, on road signs, road signs 3.29, 3.31 (div. supplementary sign 1) are uninstalled, but on the transport side, on the other hand there is a recognizable sign in point 3 at “Point 3” Rules
c) crossing the transport traffic jams, collapsing unnecessarily with a small shvidkistyu;
d) Rizko galmuvati (cream vipadkіv, if without tsoyogo it is unreasonable to save road-transport suitability).
12.10. Dodatkovі obmezhennya allowed shvidkostі rukh can be introduced timchasovo і postіyno.
For the umpteenth time, with signs of interspersed with twiddles, 3.29 ta / abo 3.31 ( 306a-2001-p ) obov'yazkovo dodatkovo vvidpovіdnіvіvіvіvіvіvіvіdіvnі road signs, so as to go on about the nature of unconcerned tidy.
At times the number of road signs is objedneniya shvidkostі rukhu 3.29 ta / abo 3.31 ( 306a-2001-p ) are set out from the damaged by the following rules The rules for the introduction of new rules imposed by the national standards, because there are no additional costs Much but attraction to the point of view of the laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan for the redistribution of the provisions of the segregation of shvidkostі rukhu.
{The rules were supplemented by clause 12.10 from the Standing Cabinet of Ministers No. 395 ( 395-2009-p ) dated April 22, 2009 ; as amended by Resolution KM N 668 ( 668-2012-p ) dated 18.07.2012}
12.10-1. Separation of permissible shvidkostі rukhu (road signs 3.29 ta / abo 3.31 ( 306a-2001-p ) on the live background) is introduced timimo hourly:
a) at mіstsyakh vikonannya dorozhnіkh robіt;
b) at mіstsyah carried out masovih abo special_calls;
c) in vipadas, which are associated with verse (weather) cliffs. {The rules were supplemented by clause 12.10-1 zdіdno Postanovoy KM N 668 ( 668-2012-п ) від 18.07.2012}
12.10-2. Separation of permitted shvidkostі rukh is introduced permanently exceptionally:
a) on non-secure roads, roads and streets (non-road turns, roads with a clear view, the road is too thin);
b) at the miscalculated ground non-regulated non-regulated transitions;
c) at the center of the state checkpoints;
d) on dylyanki dorig (vulits), which lay down to the territory of pre-school and front-end main mortgages, children's health-improving camps.
{The rules were supplemented by clause 12.10-2 zdіdno Postanovoy KM N 668 ( 668-2012-п ) від 18.07.2012}


13.1. Water is inevitably in the form of traffic conditions, road conditions, peculiarities of transportation, which will be transported, and I will become guilty of transport for the purpose of indefinite distance and non-custody interval.
13.2. On the roads, I can’t exceed 40 km / year, I don’t override them, I’m guilty of transporting such a distance, I’m able to get around the road, I’m able to turn around a little earlier.
Tsya vimoga is not a long time ago, as a rule, there is a quiet transport troubles, giving me lateral signals about the weekend overtaking the chi bypass.
13.3. Over an hour of overtaking, overcoming, driving around, change the need for a safe interval, so you don’t get insecure for a road rubble.
13.4. Yakshcho is an urgent rose'zd of difficulties, water, on smuzhi ruhu yaky є pereshkoda chi dimensions of transport hassle, yakim vin keru зав, to impose zustricnuyu rukhu, is guilty of giving way. On roads there is a road marked with the signs 1.6 “Cool Pidiom” and 1.7 “Cool descent” (div. Add. 1) ( 306a-2001-p ), due to the fact that you have to cross the road, you are guilty of a traffic hitch that will collapse on the descent.

SDA of Ukraine: 14. OBG_N

14.1. Zdіsnyuvati obgіn non-rake transport concerns to allow less than livoruch.
14.2. Before overtaking the overtake, the water is guilty of overlooking that:
a) Zhoden is in the water of transport interests, so that he crashes behind him, and so it’s possible to change the code, without having overtaken the overtaking;
b) water transport trouble, which collapses along the road along smith, without giving a signal about turning to the road (rebuilding) livoruch;
c) the tincture of the hustle and bustle of yaku yak vin bude viidzhdzhati, vіlna vіd transport interests for sufficient to overtake vidstanі;
d) when overtaking a crossroads, without inconsistent shifting to a transport troubles, a kind of overtaking, turn around on a borrowed swarm.
14.3. There’s a transport hassle, you’ll overtake someone, you’ll have to pick up your way overtaking overtaking with a hat in half of the two-wheeled bargains, or even with the smaller ones.
14.4. As a rule, on the road beyond the boundaries of the village, the road situation does not allow you to drive around the quiet and large-sized transport hitch, yogo is guilty of the collapse of the road to the right, and at the time of consumption - go to uzbichi and miss the traffic.
14.5. There is a need for transport, some kind of overkill, you can get rid of the smudge of troublesome things, just let me know if I want to get a good deal for the first time, please remember that we have to pay some kind of transport, him with a big shvidkіstyu.
14.6. Obgіn is blocked:
a) at the cross; {Point "a" to clause 14.6 of the amendment made by the amendment of Postanovoy KM N 1029 ( 1029-2011-p ) dated 26.09.2011}
b) at zaliznichnyh crossings and near lower than 100 m in front of them;
c) closer than 50 meters before the first crossing at the settlement і 100 m - the position of the settlement;
d) at kіntsі pіdyumu, on bridges, estakadah, gully pipelines, tight turns and the last dilyany roads with obmezhenoyu oglyadіsty chi in the minds of lack of visibility;
ґ) transport troubles, a kind of health зд obgіn abo ob'їzd;
e) in tunnels;
f) on the roads, which may be more or less smug for rukh in one straightforward way;
є) a colony of transport facilities, behind a transport collapse, we will see a visible beacon (cream of orange).


15.1. Zupinka and parking of transport hardships at a high price, please take a look at the specially designated parking lots in Uzbekistan.
15.2. For all special occasions, if you have a small parking lot, it’s not possible to park there, you’ll be allowed to go to the right edge of the right part (I’m right more so that you don’t have to cross the road participants).
15.3. At populated points and parking lots, you can go on the right side of the road, just one for the road to the skin (without tram lines in the middle) and not redistributed to 1.1 (div. Supplement 2) ( 306a-2001 also on the left side of the road with a one-sided ruhom.
Yakshcho road is small boulevard, but rozdіlyuvalnuyu smugha, zupinka and parking lots for transportation of bills for them zaboronyayutsya.
15.4. Transport is not allowed to be placed on the last part in two or more rows. Bicycles, mopeds and motorbikes without side dressing are allowed to be placed on the last part no more than two rows.
15.5. If you need to transport vehicles with a cut to the edge of the sold-out part, you must be allowed to do so without the need to cross the rubble of transport vehicles.
On the sidewalk, for the best of your life, set up transport vehicles so that you can allow the front part, and on the front part, only the front part.
15.6. Parking of all transport vehicles at the signposts marked with the road signs 5.38, 5.39, with the sign 7.6.1, permissible on the last part of the sidewalk, and with one sign of the signs 7.6.2-7.6.5 (div. і motorbikes іlki so, as shown in the table.
15.7. On the slopes and on the way, the way to set it is not regulated by the hardships of the regulation of the road, transport the need to put the roadblock to the edge of the prosperous part so that you don’t need to cross the roads to the other participants of the road.
On such dylans it is allowed to place a transport carriage in front of the edge of a business unit, turning the car wheels with such a rank, so that the possibility of a self-collapsing transport rush was turned off.
15.8. On a tram along the way, roztashovany livoruch on one part with a separate part for a row of non-rake transport interests, you must allow a little more for a round of rules, and for the right of way you can have a little more time for the first time you can have a look at the right of hand. .
At these hops it’s not guilty to get a passcode for the trams of trams.
15.9. Zupinka
a) at out-door transfers;
b) on tram lines (cream vipadkiv, enriched with clause 15.8 of this Regulation);
c) on estacades, bridges, gully pipelines and with them, and also at tunnels;
d) at the highest crossings and closer than 10 m away from both sides, except for the high traffic in Russia;
ґ) at crossroads that are closer than 10 m to the edge of the crossroads of a separate part for the absence of signs for them, for a vignette of a zupinki for overcalling in Russia and for a zupinki for lateral passage to a large crossroads, only a short distance;
e) at the center, on the other hand, the maximum length, the length on the dark side, and the protruding edge of the whole part and the transport jaw, which will melt less than 3 m;
f) closer than 30 m from the roadside maydanchikov for zupinki route transport services, and if it is nemah - closer than 30 m from the road sign of such a zupinka from both sides;
є) more than 10 m away from the designated miscalculation of road traffic and in the area of ​​the secondcircle, deactivate the change of technological transport problems, which must be done;
g) for the public, it will be impossible for us to have an intense rose, or even have a transport hitch, which will be snapped up;
h) at mіstsyakh, de transport zasіb zakrivaє vіd іnshih waterіїv signals svіtlofora abo road signs;
i) closer than 10 m of the view from the adjacent territory and without interruption in the view from the entrance.
10/15. Parking area:
a) at mіstsyakh, de zapinka is de-zaboronen;
b) on the sidewalks (for the most part, signposted with the latest road signs, signs with signs);
c) on the sidewalks, behind the vignette of passenger cars and motorcycles, they can be put on the edge of the sidewalks, de for a little more than 2 m;
d) closer than 50 m from the entrance halls;
ґ) a pose by populated points in a non-secure area and a secondary turn in a late road profile with a view of less than 100 meters, if you want to go straight to the spot;
e) at mіstsyakh, de transportny zasіb, what to stand, zrobit impractical ruh іshih transport osobіv abo to adjust pereshkoda for rukhu pіshhodіv;
f) more than 5 m away from container containers and / or containers for collection of consumer goods, and more than one package of laws and regulations. {Clause 15.10 was supplemented by subparagraph "e" of the Postanovoy KM N 435 ( 435-2011-p ) vid 04/20/2011}
11/15. At the dark time, finish and in the minds of lack of visibility, parking a posture by populated points is allowed to be left on the Maidan for parking even outside the road.
12/15. Water is not guilty of robbery of transport, not having lived in all the entrances, so as not to allow any unauthorized collapse, penetration of any illegal (illegal) obstruction.
15.13. To defend yourself in the door of a transport plague, to disobey your passport and to enter a transport plague, as a result, I’ll block the security and the door for those who are participants in the road rubble.
15.14. At times of impeccable zapinki in the city, de zupinka is sealed, water is guilty of driving all of them in order to take care of transport, and for impossibility of zrobiti - there are several points of clause 9.9-9.11 of the Rules.

SDA of Ukraine: 16. CROSSING

16.1. Having crossed, de chergovity is signaled by the signals of the traffic light and the regulator, and become involved in regulation. At such a cross, signs do not exist.
At times, the signal of the robot is in the flash mode, the signal of the yellow color and the frequency of the regular crossover are interrupted, unregulated and the water are interrupted by the rules for intermittent crossings.
16.2. At the regulation and non-regulation of water crossings, turning right-handed, but livoruch, is guilty of taking the road to the roads, like crossing the road, like turning the road, and also for cyclists, like crashes right in passing.
16.3. There are times when there is a need for overdrive in Russian transport hardships, as well as crashing for crossroads, water is guilty of occupation before road lane 1.12 (stop-lane) anyway 1.13 (div. Supplementary 2), 306, bachiti yogo signals, but most of all they’re stolen in front of the edge of the re-christened part of the house, without having to change the passcode for rukhu pishokhodiv.
16.4. To bury yourself on the road when crossing, at the same time at the signal of a traffic light, allowing permission to rush, stopping the traffic jam a bit, kind of stopping water, stopping to cross, changing the lane for transportation.
Regulating Crossing
16.5. At times, the signal is given to the regulator by the abo vvimknennya signal svitlofora, scho allowing permission to drive, water goiters to give way to transport hardships, scho to complete the route through the crosshairs, as well as the walkers, as well as cross over.
16.6. Turn around and turn around when the main signal lights up green, there’s a non-rake traffic scramble of goiters, I’ll take the tram along the road, and also transport crashes, I’ll collapse right into the crucible right-hand side.
In this way, the rule of guilty cherubs is between themselves and water trams.
16.7. In fact, the signal of the regulator, but the green signal of the traffic light allows you to instantly crash the tram and non-lane transport hobbies, let the tram get into the drive without fail, straight ahead.
16.8. The water, a kind of vihav to the baptism of the other parts, is clearly indicated by the signal of the svetlofora, who permits the death, he is guilty of the sight of the nimichkom right out of the way to see the signal of the svitlofor on the vizd. Protea, usually at the crossroads in front of the traffic lights for the hat ruhu vodiya є road rozmіtka 1.12 (stop-line) (div. Supplementary 2) or road sign 5.62 (div. Supplementary 1), the guilty person is guilty of being intercepted by skin signals.
16.9. We’ll go straight to the front of the road, enter the extended section at once with the alarm and the signal of light, water and the road for transportation, which will collapse because of the strains.
First hour straight to the green color page on the table, set to the red heartbeat signal from the vertical signal from the vertical signal, water is guilty to take the last right (left) to the right to be safe and secure. {Paragraph 16.9 is supplemented by the paragraph from the Postanovoy KM N 124 ( 124-2009-p ) dated 11.02.2009}
10.16. At the crossroads, the roadway is regulated by a traffic light with an additional section, water, a kind of interruption is felt for smoother, shaky turns, is guilty of having to go out of the way, just to be sure that there is a signal for transportation, I’m rummaging after him on thiy samіy smuzі.
Neregulovanі crossing
11/16. На перехресті нерівнозначних доріг водій транспортного засобу, що рухається по другорядній дорозі, повинен дати дорогу транспортним засобам, які наближаються до даного перехрещення проїзних частин по головній дорозі, незалежно від напрямку їх подальшого руху.
12/16. На перехресті рівнозначних доріг водій нерейкового транспортного засобу зобов'язаний дати дорогу транспортним засобам, що наближаються праворуч.
Цим правилом повинні керуватися між собою і водії трамваїв.
На будь-якому нерегульованому перехресті трамвай, незалежно від напрямку його подальшого руху, має перевагу перед нерейковими транспортними засобами, що наближаються до нього по рівнозначній дорозі.
16.13. Перед поворотом ліворуч і розворотом водій нерейкового транспортного засобу зобов'язаний дати дорогу трамваю попутного напрямку, а також транспортним засобам, що рухаються по рівнозначній дорозі в зустрічному напрямку прямо чи праворуч.
Цим правилом повинні керуватися між собою і водії трамваїв.
16.14. Якщо головна дорога на перехресті змінює напрямок, водії транспортних засобів, які рухаються по ній, повинні керуватися між собою правилами проїзду перехресть рівнозначних доріг.
Цим правилом повинні керуватися між собою і водії, які рухаються по другорядних дорогах.
16.15. Якщо неможливо визначити наявність покриття на дорозі (темна пора доби, грязь, сніг тощо), а знаки пріоритету відсутні, водій повинен вважати, що перебуває на другорядній дорозі.


17.1. На дорозі із смугою для маршрутних транспортних засобів, позначеній дорожнім знаком 5.8 або 5.11 (див. додаток 1), ( 306а-2001-п ) забороняються рух і зупинка інших транспортних засобів на цій смузі.
17.2. Водій, який повертає праворуч на дорозі із смугою для маршрутних транспортних засобів, що відокремлена переривчастою лінією дорожньої розмітки, може виконувати поворот з цієї смуги. У таких місцях дозволяється також заїжджати на неї під час виїзду на дорогу і для посадки чи висадки пасажирів біля правого краю проїзної частини.
17.3. Поза перехрестями, де трамвайні колії перетинають смугу руху нерейкових транспортних засобів, перевага надається трамваю (крім випадків виїзду трамвая з депо).
17.4. У населених пунктах, наближаючись до автобуса, мікроавтобуса або тролейбуса, що розпочинає рух від позначеної зупинки, розташованої в заїзному "кармані", водії інших транспортних засобів зобов'язані зменшити швидкість, а в разі потреби зупинитися, щоб дати можливість маршрутному транспортному засобу розпочати рух.
17.5. Водії автобусів, мікроавтобусів і тролейбусів, які подали сигнал про намір розпочати рух від зупинки, повинні вжити заходів для запобігання дорожньо-транспортній пригоді.


18.1. Водій транспортного засобу, що наближається до нерегульованого пішохідного переходу, на якому перебувають пішоходи, повинен зменшити швидкість, а в разі потреби зупинитися, щоб дати дорогу пішоходам, для яких може бути створена перешкода чи небезпека.
18.2. На регульованих пішохідних переходах і перехрестях при сигналі світлофора чи регулювальника, що дозволяє рух транспортним засобам, водій повинен дати дорогу пішоходам, які закінчують перехід проїзної частини відповідного напрямку руху і для яких може бути створена перешкода чи небезпека.
18.3. Проїжджаючи повз пішоходів, які не встигли закінчити перехід проїзної частини і вимушено перебувають на острівці безпеки або лінії, що розділяє транспортні потоки протилежних напрямків, водії повинні дотримувати безпечного інтервалу.
18.4. Якщо перед нерегульованим пішохідним переходом зменшує швидкість чи зупинився транспортний засіб, водії інших транспортних засобів, що рухаються по сусідніх смугах, повинні зменшити швидкість, а в разі потреби зупинитися і можуть продовжити (відновити) рух лише переконавшись, що на пішохідному переході немає пішоходів, для яких може бути створена перешкода чи небезпека.
18.5. У будь-якому місці водій повинен пропустити сліпих пішоходів, які подають сигнал тростиною білого кольору, спрямованою вперед.
18.6. Забороняється в'їжджати на пішохідний перехід, якщо за ним утворився затор, який змусить водія зупинитися на цьому переході.
18.7. Please be sure to check before transmitting to the signal, transmitting in the “in” clause of clause 8.8 of the Rules, as well as such a high security patrol, a security guard, and an additional security guard. to cross the part of the road.
18.8. The water hassle is guilty of zupinitsya, so as to give way to the walkways, so as to go from the side of the main door to the (anyway) tram, but to stand at the zapintsi, as well as to land your bus in the middle of the street, on the road.
Produzhuvati ruh is allowed to be less than that, if you want to deny the part of the road and the doors to be opened in the tram.
18.9. Staying close to a transport hitch with the “Children” sign, when you are repaired with an increased emergency signal, you are guilty of a change in frequency, and at times you need to be repaired, so that you can get out of the way.

Traffic regulations of Ukraine: 19. BROWNING BY EXTERNAL LIGHTING ANNEXES

19.1. At the dark time, in the minds of lack of visibility, the next step was to clear the road, as well as at the tunnels in the transport area, they could collapse, they were guilty of the most beautiful buildings:
a) on all mechanical transport troubles - headlights of the near (far) light;
b) on mopeds (bicycles) and horse-drawn carts (sleighs) - fari abo lіhtarі;
c) on tows and transport troubles, which are towed, - overall light.
Primitka. In the minds of lack of visibility on mechanical transport troubles, it is allowed to replace the headlights of the near (far) light in the headlights to protect the headlights.
19.2. Long-distance driving to the nearest at least 250 m before the hassle of transport, as well as, if only you can forget the water, quietly, then collapse in passing.
There’s a need to remix it to the greater part of the country, as well as the water of a busy transport need for periodic remixes of the headlamps, I will also need it for the whole time.
19.3. At times, there was a loss of visibility to the road, wicked by the headlamps of the most important transport incidents, the water was guilty of a change in speed until such that I wouldn’t overreach the minds of the actual roads, but I had to remember that avarіynu svіtlovu signalіzatsіyu. Vovdnovlennya ruhu is allowed to be less than that in order to pass negative negligence.
{Clause 19.3 as amended by Resolution KM N 1029 ( 1029-2011-p ) wd September 26, 2011}
19.4. The first hour of zupinki on high in the dark is the time for gain and in the minds of lack of visibility on the transport side, there are more than one parking lot, and when there is much more signaling, there’s an emergency signal.
In the minds of inadequate appearances, it is permissible to admit close proximity as well as fog lights and rear lights.
As a rule, they must be taken out of the way between the roads, and as a rule it is impotent, you must first indicate the points to 9.10 and 9.11 of the Rules.
19.5. Protected headlights can be victorious in the minds of lack of visibility, such as a dash, so far as the main headlights are far, and in the dark it is time to finish on unannounced road headlights - more than once with the main headlights.
19.6. A spotlight and a spotlight can be farther than the water of operational transport services within an hour of the weekly service, having lived in so that you can’t ignore the last participants in the road.
19.7. Protect yourself from the rear rear fog lights until the signals are galvanized.
19.8. The sign of auto-motivation, the rulings of the third paragraph of clause 30.3 of the Rules, is guilty of bute continuous increase of the first hour, and in the dark it’s time to add to the minds of lack of visibility, and there’s a lot of time to forget about it.
19.9. The rear foggy light is allowed to be victorious in the minds of the lack of visibility of the light, so in the dark it’s time to finish it.


20.1. Water transport incidents may overtake the number of vacant rooms at the outbound passage.
20.2. Before and after, as well as more often, we’ll forget to fill in front of it; train (locomotive, railcar).
20.3. To skip a train, get close to it, and in the lower hips, if the drive through the zealous passage is blocked, the water is guilty of zapinitsya in front of the road light 1.12 (stop-line) (div. Supplementary 2), road sign 2 (2.2) . 2001-p ), with a barrier like a switcher so that you can get bells and, as a rule, pick up the organizing road rucksut - not closer than 10 m to the nearest rail.
20.4. As a matter of fact, before re-moving the road, there are a few signs, please note the smught smooch, the number of transport hassles through relocation is allowed in one row.
20.5. Ruk through zeizd zaboronatsya, yakso:
a) the chergovy on relocation gave a signal to fence the rukh - to stand up to the chest with water, but with the back with the rod raised above the head (cheronim likhtar chi ensign) or with the hands drawn to the side;
b) a barrier of omissions;
c) an upstream signal of the light signal is audible; an audio signal is irrelevant in appearance and that the position of the barrier;
d) upon relocation, having congestion, such as to condense water, change to relocation;
ґ) before moving within the boundaries of visibility approach trains (locomotive, railcar).
20.6. Rukh through relocation sylskogospodarskih, road, weekly and small machines and mechanisms allowed to only in the transport station.
20.7. It’s forbidden to voluntarily enter the barrier of anyway, as well as to transport, so that you can stand before moving if it’s been blocked through the yard.
20.8. At the time of the increased zupin of a transport plague for moving people into a job, you have to hang around people and come in for a call, but you don’t have to go out of business, you’re guilty:
a) if you can, send two persons in a limited number of times to relocate each other not less than 1000 m (as soon as one, then in the middle of the show, and at the same time, there are more rules) zupinki signal to the engine operator (locomotive, trolley), close to you;
b) there is a lack of transport hassle, the signals of an irregular trip, live all the calls for the transfer;
c) at a time, appear to find a better way, give a zupinki signal.
20.9. A signal of a zupinka of a train (locomotive, trolley) є a circular collapse of the hand (in light of time - with a shatmat of Yakra fabric, but be a kind of good object, in the dark of time - in the minds of lack of visibility - with a torch or a light). The signal of the trip signal є gray audio signals in the transport problem is stored up for one short and three short signals.
10.20. The herd of creatures is allowed to be driven through the move of tilka for an adequate number of children, but not less than three. Translate one-and-a-half creatures (no more than two per one pogonich) need less for a school, more.


21.1. It is allowed to carry passengers at a transport place possessed by a number of seats for sitting in small cities, so that it is transmitted with a technical characteristic, so that they couldn’t impede the carriage of water with a transport lodge and didn’t disregard the rules.
21.2. Water transport routes for pick-up and drop-off passengers transported with them, eat, drink, burn, and also carry passengers and passengers at the cabin, as a rule, we’ve seen the salon.
21.3. Moving by bus (minibus) to an organized group of children to learn about how to carry out instruction and how to spend time and how to do so is always necessary. When you go ahead and back of the bus (minibus), you need to get into the next step "in" clause 30.3 of the Rules of the decimal sign "Children".
Water bus (minibus), such as transporting an organized group of children, the mother is guilty of at least 5 years of employment and dedication of water category "D" ..
{Paragraph 21.3 as amended by Resolution KM N 876 ( 876-2008-p ) dated 01.10.2008}
21.4. It’s necessary to repair the repair to the door before the first repair of the doors and to the transport zupinki zupinki.
21.5. Relocation of passengers (up to 8 persons, maximum water) at a person who is pre-owned for a single car rental, allow water, have a longer service period more than three times, if necessary, I have to pay category "C" and "D".
21.6. A driver’s car, who is supposed to be victorious for transporting passengers, is guilty of possessions of passengers who are locked in the body on the road at least 0.3 m across the upper edge of the board and 0.3-0.5 m across the board. Sidіnnya, scho roztashovaniya vzdovzh rear or side of the side board, guilty mother mіtsnі backs.
21.7. Kilkost passengers, who are transported in a bodywork of a passenger car, are not guilty of overloading the car for possessing passengers.
21.8. Allowed row services, which may be reserved for the transport category "C", are allowed to transport passengers by the body of the truck, which is specially arranged for a separate passage.
21.9. I am guilty before instructing the driver of the car to instruct the passengers about the other things and the rules for boarding, hanging, picking up and driving in the body.
It is possible to repair the ruch, having lost contact, scho ized for the non-custodial transport of passengers.
10.21. Driving at a bodywork of a passenger car, which is not available for transportation of passengers, is allowed to be more special, as well as to supervise the parking, but to follow him, remember that you must have safe parking for the next time. The number of passengers in the body and the cabin is not guilty of overtaking 8 people.
11.21. To reserve transport:
a) passengers in a car pose (not covered by the rules of transportation), passengers and a passenger car with an onboard platform or in a box, used for transportation, a car or a car, , in the hair-dachi, in the body of a motorcycle motorcycle;
b) children, who are less than 145 cm in size, are quiet, they have not reached the 12-rd place, - for transport troubles, possessing safety belts, without the need for special troubles, they can give them the opportunity to redeem the need for transport, on the front seat of a passenger car - without vikoristannya the meaning of special services; on the rear seat of a motorcycle and a moped; {Point "b" of paragraph 21.11 as amended by Resolution KM N 876 ( 876-2008-p ) dated 01.10.2008}
c) children up to 16 days in a body;
d) organizing groups of children at the dark time of finishing.


22.1. Masa to ventozhu, sho to be transported, and rozpod_l navantazhennya on the basis of not guilty of changing values, with the technical characteristic of the given transport hitch.
22.2. The water in front of the cob is the rukhu of goiters, the obligations to rejuvenate the love of the soul, and the hour of the ruhu is the control, the way to memorize the deadline, the wire, and the injury to the child.
22.3. Moved to Wantazha to be allowed for umov, scho win:
a) do not impose on non-members of the road rukh;
b) I won’t ruin the traffic inconvenience and I won’t bother him;
c) I do not stand between water oglyadovost;
d) do not close the call sign, light switch, license plate and license plate, and also do not change the signal, I must give it by hand;
ґ) I am not disturbing the noise, I’m not drinking saw and I’m not forgetting the part and the middle way.
22.4. There’s a guy’s blind, because of the size of the transport hitch in front of me, I’m just behind me for 1 m, and for the width I’m overhanging 0.4 m in the direction of the front edge of the front and the back of the dimensional plane, I’ve been guilty of the following points.
22.5. For special rules, please note that road transport of non-public transport entrances, a large number of transport services at times, as long as I need one of their dimensions, is 2.6 m wide, and there are 4 m of public transport routes for container transportation. 4.35 m), for dovzhina - 22 m (for fixed-route transport services - 25 m), the actual mass of cargo is 38 tons (on the routes of Ukravtodor and the State Inspection Route - up to 40 tons; for container carriers - ponad 44 tons, on the routes established for them - up to 46 t), navant Single tonnage - 11 tons (for buses, trolleybuses - 11.5 tons), main axis - 16 tons, construction - 22 tons (for container ships, single tonnage - 11 tons, basic axis - 18 tons, building - 24 tons ) otherwise, there’s a maximum of 2 m for the rear clearance of the transport hitch. {Paragraph 1 of paragraph 22.5 is in the wording of Clauses KM N 876 ( 876-2008-p ) dated 01.10.2008, N 76 ( 76-2009-p ) dated 11.02 .2009}
I don’t override 2.5 m for the main reason that I’m living in the building, but I’m not able to overwhelm them.
22.6. Transportnі zasobi scho zdіysnyuyut dorozhnє transported nebezpechnih vantazhіv, povinnі ruhatisya of uvіmknenim blizhnіm svіtlom headlamps zadnіmi Overall lіhtaryami that vstanovlenimi rozpіznavalnimi signs, peredbachenimi paragraph 30.3 Tsikh Rules and velikovagovі that velikogabaritnі transportnі zasobi - takozh s uvіmknenim probliskovim beacon (probliskovimi beacons) orange koloru .
{Paragraph 22.6 as amended by Resolution KM N 634 ( 634-2008-p ) dated 09.07.2008}


23.1. Tow guilty of guiltyness to look around with a mechanical transport hitch without a prip and technically technically handle all the annexes, like a towed transport hitch, so a transport hitch, which is towing.
Launched dviguna iz zososuvannyam zhorastnogo aboa neprechitelnogo vcheplennya guilty to come out of sight with the vimogs tsyogo rozdilu.
It is allowed to tow one mechanic transport hitch for more with one swag.
23.2. Towing transport concerns:
a) із zasosuvannyam of a hard abo of a nonsensical pinching;
b) from the frequent towing towing hitch to the platform, or on the special support platform.
23.3. It is mandatory for security to ensure that there are no more than 4 m of transport huts, and 4–6 m between the hitch. The hindrance of zhplenniya through the skin meter is indicated by signal shields, or by the orderee if you need to see item 30.5.
23.4. At the time of towing a mechanical transport hitch on a tightly sealed hitch in a towed transport hitch, they are guided by a working galim system and a steering wheel, and on a hard drive there is a steering gear.
23.5. Towing a mechanical transport hitch on a hard, but unprotected, guilty, convincing way is more important than thinking, but behind a kerm of a towed transport hitch, there is a need for more traffic, except for a lot of transport, and there’s no need for more than 3 cars.
23.6. When towing a non-mechanical transport hitch, you must be guilty of more than a harsh rig for the understanding that you must have a towed transport hitch repeating the transport hitch, being towed, irrevocably.
23.7. A mechanical transport vehicle is in charge of the steering gear, which is not the case, is guilty of towing it all the way to the point "b" of clause 23.2 of the Rules.
23.8. Before the cob, the towing of water mechanical transport tugs is guilty, it’s up to the order of giving the signal, zoom for zupinki transport troubles.
23.9. For an hour, towing on a hard-boiled or unlucky way, you need to pick up passengers in towed vehicles (except for a passenger car) and a car body, which is towed, and at times towed in a special way, cabs for transport, towing).
10/23. Towing a fence:
a) the fact that the mass of the towed transport hitch with an unjustified halym system (because of the third day) is almost factual is overwhelming half of the actual masch of the transport hitch, which is towing;
b) at the closed end of the hour;
c) the most important part of the traffic is 22 m (the route transport is 30 m);
d) motorcycles without side dressing, as well as such motorcycles, mopeds and bicycles;
ґ) more than one transport hitch or a transport hitch with a haul;
e) by buses. {Pidpunkt "d" of paragraph 23.10 з z zmіnami, we introduce zdіdno with Postanovoy KM N 1029 ( 1029-2011-p ) vid 26.09.2011}
11/23. Operation of transport vehicles at a warehouse, a tractor or a prime mover and haulage is permissible for less than reasonable haulage costs and the likelihood that a truck is equipped with a truck and a truck is required.
{Paragraph 23.11 of the Laws introduced by the Standing Cabinet of Ministers No. 1029 ( 1029-2011-p ) of September 26, 2011}
{Clause 23.12 is excluded from the previous statement of the Cabinet of Ministers N 1029 ( 1029-2011-p ) dated 26.09.2011}

SDA of Ukraine: 24. HEADER ЇZDA

24.1. Launch a water hassle more than necessary, so as not to mess up for the whole medical prototype.
{Clause 24.1 iz of zmіnami, which would be introduced by postanovoy KM N 1029 ( 1029-2011-п ) від 09/26/2011}
24.2. Persons who want to enjoy a car’s guilty duty are no less than 16 rokiv, and a chi moped motorcycle - 14 rokiv. Such specimens of goiters and mothers have their own document, which is known as a vik. {Clause 24.2 of the Laws No. 3, introduced by Postanovoi KM No. 1029 ( 1029-2011-p ) dated September 26, 2011}
24.3. The person, as a result of the transport troubles, goiters and nobles and vikonuvati vimogi of these Rules.
24.4. Pochatkove navigannya vodninnyu transport troubles are guilty on closed maidanchikah, autodromes at mіstsyakh, de іvdsutnі іnshі participants in the road rukhu.
24.5. Navigation on the roads is allowed only in the presence of special personnel for the preparation of water and for the sufficient cobs of water for those who need to get started.
{Clause 24.5 of the zm_nami, which shall be introduced as amended by the Postanovoye Cabinet of Ministers N 1029 ( 1029-2011-p ) dated 26.09.2011}
{Clause 24.6 is excluded on the first part of the Regulation KM N 1029 ( 1029-2011-p ) wid 09/26/2011}
{Clause 24.7 is excluded from the previous statement of the Cabinet of Ministers N 1029 ( 1029-2011-p ) dated 26.09.2011}
24.8. Transport troubles, on which one may be carried out, obedience to the mother’s sign "Ubboviy transport zasib" vidpovidno to vimog pidpunktu "to" clause 30.3 of this Regulation. Automobiles, yachts are systematically victorious for the future, as well, they have a limited number of additional pedals (I have a special transport pedal design, an accelerator pedal, I have some permissions to do so) from preparation of water.
{Clause 24.8 as amended by Resolution KM N 1029 ( 1029-2011-p ) wd September 26, 2011}
24.9. To protect yourself from water transportation near the living areas, on roads for cars and on motorways. Change of roads, at some points it is permissible to go ahead with water transport incidents, wait for a ride from the State Transport Inspectorate.


25.1. On a skin transport vehicle, it’s necessary to collapse in a colony’s warehouse, the “Colon” ​​sign must be reinstated, transmission will be made under item “є” to clause 30.3 of the Rules, and the near headlights should be seen.
A recognizable sign may not be reinstated, as a rule, the superconducting column is operatively transported so that you can see the worm, the blue and the worm, the green and the blue and the green beacon beacons and (or) special sound signals.
25.2. Transport hardships collide in a colony in a row in one row even closer to the right edge of the prospezny part, behind the vignette vipadkiv, if the stinks are escorted by operational transport tricks.
25.3. Shvidkіst ruhu colony and distance between transport hardships become the senior colony, but for the regime of rukhu head machine vidpovidno until the very same Rules.
25.4. The column, which collapses without being accompanied by operational transport troubles, is guilty of buti is divided into groups (no more than five transport troubles of the skin), the distance is less than that of guarding the possibility of overtaking the group by transport troubles.
25.5. At the time of colony colony for dear, on all transport troubles, an emergency signalization is visible.
25.6. For the most important transport problems, take a loan for a post in the colony.


26.1. The roads are allowed to collapse in the middle of the living area and on the sidewalks, as well as on the part of the road. Please go ahead and get over the traffic hardships, but don’t obey the gateway to the free passcodes for the biggest mess.
26.2. At zhitlovіy zones to fence:
a) transit collapse of transport hardships;
b) parking of transport interests; posture with specially designed messages and such as roshtashuvannya, yak utrudnyuh ruh pіshhodіv і and passage of operational chi special transport interventions;
c) parking with a propelling engine;
d) starting;
ґ) a lot of driving cars, tractors, used cars and machinery (except for the quiet service of the population, the technology robots, and the observance of the large population, who lives in the middle zone).
26.3. In the country’s access zone, there is no need to allow more transport hardships, such as servicing the people and children, as well as transporting the assigned zones, as well as transporting lodges, which are necessary to accommodate the big people, so that they can be fully recognized ( Інвалід ", so they can measure water-іnvalіdi. Yakshcho to ob'kktiv, roztashovanih on the territory of the territory, н inshi pid_їzdi, water obedience less than them.
26.4. The hour of departure from the living and living areas of the water is guilty of giving the way to the participating participants of the road rukh.


27.1. The first hour you get on the motorway, or the road for automobiles, is guilty of giving the way to traffic jams.
27.2. On motorways and roads for cars to fence:
a) the rukh of tractors, self-propelled machinery and machinery;
b) the roof of the transport driver’s hardships with a maximum weight of 3.5 tons allowed for the first pose and for the other tricks (for a turn to the left turn the road on the roads for cars);
c) zupinka posture with special parking signs, designated by road signs 5.38 abo 6.15 (div. supplement 1) ( 306a-2001-p );
d) a reversal and a career in technological development of smug;
ґ) rear reverse;
e) starting.
27.3. On motorways, which are specially owned for the whole city, they need to pick up a lot of mechanical transport problems, some have a technical characteristic of less than 40 km / year, as well as more time.
27.4. On motorways and roads for automobiles, roads can cross a part of the road along higher and lower elevated junctions.
Allow to cross the part of the road for automobiles at specially designated roads.
27.5. Please note that you must be responsible for the transport to the next part on 9.9-9.11 of the General Rules and the entrance for the purpose of crossing the road.


_______________ * Vimogo tsyogo rozdіlu stojuyutsya dilyanok dorig, scho marked with signs 1.6 and 1.7.
28.1. On girsk roads and steep descents, it is difficult to maintain a rosy road, there’s a transport hitch, I’ll collapse on a descent, I’m guilty to give way to transport hards, I’ll collapse.
28.2. On girsk roads and steep slopes of a water-driven car, a maximum of 3.5 tons is allowed, a tractor and a bus are guilty:
a) browning with special girskiye halyms, as if they were installed on a transport yard by a virobnik plant;
b) the hour of zupinki or parking on the slopes and slopes of the corridors against the opposite stops.
28.3. On girskie roads zaboroneno:
a) collapse with an inconspicuous mover and a limited number of transports;
b) towing on a tightly sealed;
c) be-yak towed p_d hour ozheleditsі.


29.1. The water of a mechanical transport troubles, which can be bought up to Ukraine from abroad, as well as the water is a huge Ukrainian, a kind of residence for a cordon, a guilty mother:
a) registration documents for transport and consecutive water, which should be provided to the Convention Conventions on Road Traffic ( 995_041 ) (Viden, 1968);
b) the registration number plate on the transport license, the letter is the same as the Latin alphabet, as well as the recognized sign of the state, as a registered year.
29.2. Transportation zasіb scho is staying in mіzhnarodnomu rusі on teritorії Ukraine bіlshe dvoh months at, guilty Buti timchasovo zareєstrovany in Derzhavtoіnspektsії, krіm the agriculture zasobіv scho nalezhat іnozemnim gromadyanam that special without gromadyanstva, SSMSC perebuvayut in Ukraїnі on vіdpochinku chi lіkuvannі for vіdpovіdnimi putіvkami abo іnshimi documents on visnozhennosti by the authorities of the State Service of Thermal.


30.1. Vlasniks of mechanical transport concerns and taking care of them to register for (re-register) them at the State Inspectorate, without fail, will renew their technical assistance 10 times at the time of re-registration, without any need for renewal
30.2. On mechanical transport troubles (behind the tram and trolley bus) and on the towers at the trolley for the whole number of numbers, there are license plates. {The first paragraph to clause 30.2 is amended by the Law of Postanovoy KM No. 1029 ( 1029-2011-p ) dated 26.09.2011}
On trams and trolleybuses, registration numbers are applied, they are rewarded with renewed access to those authorities.
{Paragraph three of clause 30.2 is excluded from the subclause of Regulation No. 1029 ( 1029-2011-p ) of September 26, 2011}
Protect yourself with your name, shape, designation, color and number of signs, put on them an additional symbol, and even close them, smell the clean ones and clean.
30.3. On the main transport troubles, there are the following signs (signs 4):
a) "Avtopoizd" - three lights in orange, rose horizontally above the front part of the cabin (body) with promises of between 150 and 300 mm - in front-end vehicles and in number of tractors (class 1.4 and in front of the truck). buses and trolleybuses;
b) "Deaf water" - a circle of yellow colora with a diameter of 160 mm with all-in-one three circles with black circles with a diameter of 40 mm, roztashovany along the heaps of a clear rivilateral tricycle, the top of which is straightened to the bottom. The sign of advancement in front and rear on transport troubles, so that they can hear the deaf and the deaf water;
c) "Children" - the square of the yellow color with the border of the red color and the black image of the symbol of the road sign 1.33 (div. sub-addendum 1) ( 306a-2001-p ) (side of the square - not less than 250 mm, border - 1/10 of the other side) . The sign of advancement in front and rear on transport troubles, and the transportation of organized groups of children;
d) "Dovgomіrniy transportny zasib" - two straight-hand hutches of a yellow colora with a rose 500 x 200 mm with a border of a red and black coloire of a 40 mm wide iz from a cross-over material. Sign rozmіshchatsya on transport troubles (except for route) zadu horizontally (chi vertically) and symmetrically to the rear axle, dovzhina yak vid 12 to 22 m.
Dovgomіrnі transport hardships, dozhin ryki with a vantage, but without any change I can change 22 m, as well as auto-drive from home and more than a haul (no matter where you go out of the way), you must be obligated to have a separate supply of 300 and a thousand zavshirshki 40 mm) із svіtlopovertvennogo material. An image of a blackjack car is applied to the black color, with a pride and a mark. It means ignition in meters;
ґ) "Invalid" - the square of the yellow colour і with a side of 150 mm and the black image of the symbol of the plate 7.17 (div. add. 1). The sign of advancement in front and rear on mechanical transport troubles, so that they can measure water-invalids;
e) "Information table for non-pecuniary ventilation" - a straight-line hut of an orange color with a rose of 400 x 300 mm (300 x 120 mm) with a border of a black color (width - 15 mm (10 mm), in the upper part of the window there is an identifiable number; Identification number of a non-repetitive speech beyond the UN cross. A sign for changing from the side on transport troubles, transporting such a tongue;
f) "Sign of good reason" - a rhombus with a side of 250 mm, a picture of a certain guilty party — a class of non-public speech (most of the time for international road transport ( 994 are required );
є) “Colon” ​​- a square of a yellow color with a border of a red color, which inscribes a letter “K” of a black color (the side of the square is not less than 250 mm, the width of the border is 1/10 of the other side). The sign of advancement in front and rear on transport troubles, which is collapsing in the colony;
g) "Lіkar" - a square of blue color (side - 140 mm) іz inscribed in a green circle (diameter - 125 mm), on which is marked a bilia cross (dovina stroke - 90 mm, width - 25 mm). A sign of advancement in front and rear in cars, which should be attributed to water-drivers (for the blessed year).
As a rule, the transport sign is marked with the sign “Likar”, the one who is guilty of a special medical kit and the first-aid kit for the lane, the Ministry of Health is designated, for the day, we’ll help for the next hour;
h) "Oversized cable-stay" - signal boards of an abortion rozmir 400 x 400 mm applied by diagonal red and white swoosh, schuzhutsya shcho (width - 50 mm), and in the dark it is time to finish in minds of lack of visibility - white color, zadu - red, zboku - orange. The sign of growth on the extreme part of the country, for which the size of the transport troubles in the country, for the most part is transmitted by paragraph 22.4 of this Regulation;
i) “Obmezhenennya maximum shvidkosti” - the image of the road sign 3.29 (div. add. 1) ( 306a-2001-p ) iz of the permitted permissible shvidkosti (the diameter of the sign is not less than 160 mm, the border width is 1/10 of the diameter). The sign is to be applied (applied) to the front of the road on mechanical transport troubles, in some words we can measure up to 2 large and large transport troubles, transport troubles, as well as the need for the most important occasions, shvidstvo transport hassle of zgidno zogo zogo tehnichnoy characterization aka okrimi minds ruhu, signified by the State Inspectorate, set out in paragraphs 12.6 and 12.7 of the rules; {Pidpunkt "and" clause 30.3 of the amendment made by the amendment of Postanovoy KM N 876 ( 876-2008-p ) dated 01.10.2008}
i) "The national automobile sign of Ukraine" - an e-mail with a big color with a black border and drawing in the middle with Latin letters UA. The dovina of the axes of the ellipse is guilty of the boot 175 and 115 mm. Razmіshchatsya zazadu on transport troubles, as if interchange with international Russia;
ї) "Rosniznavalny sign transport hassle" - a special page with a special cover with applied marks with a degree of 45 degrees chervonimymi and bilimymi smuga, schgo angry. The sign of rising on the transport troughs to the rear horizontally and symmetrically to the rear axle of the yakomog is closer to the contiguous dimension of the transport trough, and on transport troughs, to wrap the body of the wagon, - i vertically. On transport hardships, it’s possible to get victorious for road work, as well as on hardships, it’s possible to wear a special shape, and on the other hand there is a sign to be seen also in front and on the sides.
The rozniznavalny sign rozmіshchuєsya obov'yazkovo on transport troubles, scho vikoristovuyutsya for road robots, and also on troughs, scho to be especially shaped. On the main transport incidents there is a recognizable sign to care for the bazhannyh of all the owners;
d) "Taxi" - squares of a contrasting color (the side is narrower than 20 mm), as shown in the checkered order in two rows. The sign is to stand on the dahu of transport interests, but to be applied on the side surface. Under tsoyom guilty buti it was inflicted more than five squares;
j) "Uchbovy transportny zasib" - rivilateral tricot of a big color with the top of the top and the border of the red color, inscribed in the letter "U" of the black color (side - not less than 200 mm, width of the border - 1/10 of the other side). The sign is forward and backward on transport troubles, which is to be used for starting the day (it is permissible to install a two-way sign on the dakha of a car);
k) "Shipy" - a rivilateral tricot of a big color with a peak and a border of a red color, inscribed with a letter "Sh" of a black color (the side of the tricot is not less than 200 mm, the border width is 1/10 of the side). The sign is zazmіщєєєєєєєє з зуууууууу на на на на on traffic jams, on which tires with spikes are mounted.
30.4. Rosznavalny signs are visible on 400-1600 mm across the surface of the road so that the stench is not separated by sight and the bullet is well visible to the participants in the road rukh.
30.5. For designation of the audible audition, the towing hour must be completed without any problems with guards with a size 200 x 200 mm and applied on them with diagonal chervonim and bimimi smugs, which can be squinted, with 50 mm wide curtains.
30.6. The sign of an avaricious zupinki is up to GOST 24333-97, which is a horizontal tricot, wiggings of light-vertical planks of a red color with an internal fluorescent insert of a red color.
30.7. It is forbidden to put on the top of the surface transport means for the image, write what you don’t have to transmit with the help of the virology company, but you can get color schemes, different signs and letters of the transport service, there are 38 special operations.


31.1. The technical camp of transport concerns and their possession of guilty standards, which require the maintenance of a road rubbish and the protection of a mid-range treasury, as well as the rules of the technical operating standards, is a standard
31.2. To reserve the operation of trolley buses and trams for the manifestation of any kind of malfunction, as specified in the rules for technical operation of these transport concerns.
31.3. To protect the operation of transport interests from the law:
a) at times of pre-settlement, but overfulfillment of the broken standards, rules and regulations, which must be safe from the rubble of the road;
b) as a rule, the stink did not pass the obyazykovy technical control (for transport problems, it is necessary to such control); {Point "b" of paragraph 31.3 as amended by Resolution KM N 1029 ( 1029-2011-p ) dated 26.09.2011}
c) as a rule, the license plate numbers aren’t available at all times;
d) at times possessed without permission of the State Automotive Inspection Special audible and audible signals.
31.4. To protect themselves from the exploitation of transport concerns, which are required by the legislation for the manifestation of such technical malfunctions and unavailability of such vimogam:
31.4.1. Galma systems:
a) the design of the halogen systems has been fixed, the gadget has been stowed, the higher education centers have details, they aren’t transferred for this model of transport, but they aren’t supposed to send them to the consumer-virology shop;
b) the hour of the road viprobuvan roboho мов galmovo ї system and change the same meaning:

-------------------------------------------------- ---------------- | Galmovy Type of transport hassle | shlyah, m | not more low -------------------------------------------------- ---------------- Light vehicles and modifikatsii for transportation Buses 18.3 Driving automobiles with a maximum permissible weight of up to 12 tons, inclusive 18.3 Vantazhnі avtomobilі z permitted maximum mashoy ponad 12 t 19.5 Road haulers, tractors of some автомоб light automobiles and those modifikatsіy for transportation vantazhu 16.6 Road haulers, towing yakogo є vantazhnі avtomobile_ 19,5 Two-wheeled motorcycles and mopeds 7.5 8.2 Motorcycle Motorbikes
The normative value of a hat for transport purposes on a VIP release before 1988 is allowed to be changed no more than 10 times lower than the value given in the table.
Notes: 1. Vibro-work of the halogen-free system is carried out on a horizontal road with clean, dry, clean cement-and-asphalt concrete coatings at the speed of the transport hickey on the cob of galvanic road: 40 km / year for automobiles, buses; 30 km / year - for motorbikes, mopeds for the one-time method of pouring water onto the organics with a galma system. Viprobuvannya results vazvayayutsya unhappy, most likely hour hour galvanovanny transport zasib rozvortaetsya on a cut more than 8 degrees in the loan, smugu ruhu more than 3.5 m.

SDA of Ukraine: 2. The hammock should be screwed up at the moment of pushing on the halogen pedal (handle) until the transport zoobin is pushed back;

c) the tightness of the hydraulic hydraulic drive has been disrupted;
d) the air tightness of the pneumatic or pneumo-hydraulic gallu actuator has been disrupted, which could be caused by the repeated reduction of pressure when the motor is non-responsive by 0.05 MPa (0.5 kgf / sq. cm) for 15 times the number of times the system was delivered;
ґ) non-practical pressure gauge pneumatic or pneumatic hydraulic drive;
e) parking the galma system with the on / off transmisi engine not forgetting the non-rugged camp:
transport hardships, let’s take it easy on the road - on a slope of at least 16%;
passenger cars, modfication for transportation, and also buses at the standard station - not less than 23% off;
one car and one car at the standard station - not less than 31% downhill;
f) not to be confused about the importance (handle) of the parking galm system in working position;
31.4.2. Rulove ceruvannya:
a) a total backlash at the steering gear override; such a boundary value:

-------------------------------------------------- ---------------- | Border | value Type of transport hassle | total | backlash, hail, | not more low -------------------------------------------------- ---------------- Passenger cars and car drivers with a maximum permissible weight of up to 3.5 t 10 Buses with a maximum permissible weight of up to 5 t 10 Buses with a maximum permissible weight of ponad 5 t 20 Vantazhnі avtomobilі z permitted maximal weight ponad 3,5 t 20 Automobiles and buses, know about virobnitstva 25
b) є not subject to construction design for changing parts and steering gear units; but for the transfer of a body (chassis, cabs, rami) to a transport accident; narznі z'єdnannya not delayed, but overly not zafіksovany;
c) rip-offs of any kind of transmission of the construction of the steering gear of the steering gear or steering gear damper (on motorcycles);
d) the steering gear has been installed with parts due to excess deformation and minor defects, as well as parts and working lines are not stitched, but no data transfer is required for this model of transport.
31.4.3. Зовнішні світлові adjoin:
a) type, color, color and mode of operation of the robot are not in the right mode for the construction of the transport accident;
b) the headlamps are damaged;
c) not to light the lamp of the headlight in the mode of the near light;
d) on the official premises of German rosіvachіv abo vikoristovuyu rosіyuvachі i lampi, scho not vіdpovіdayut type of given light enclosure;
ґ) on the rosіyuvachs of the holy appendages, a tonnage is applied, but an overshadowing, which is a change of vision.
Notes: 1. Motorbikes (mopeds) can be equipped with the same fog lamp, the main mechanical transport - the house. Protected headlights must be kept at least 250 mm across the surface of the road (only the headlights of the nearest headlights) symmetrically to the rear axle and did not give 400 mm of overall clearance beyond the width.

SDA of Ukraine: 2. Allow one to get one on the transport troubles one or two back protivotumanny lihtarі red color on 400-1200 mm and not closer than 100 mm to the signal of galvanic.

Traffic regulations of Ukraine: 3. Uvіmknenny fog lights, rear fog lights obediently immediately with uvіmnknёnyam dimensional headlights and license plate light (near and far headlights).

Traffic regulations of Ukraine: 4. On a passenger car and a bus, it is allowed to set up one or two more unattended signals for galvanizing the red color on 1150-1400 mm across the surface of the road;

31.4.4. Skloochniki і skloobmivachі vіtrovogo clone:
a) do not pratsyut skloochniki;
b) do not precede the transfer of the design of the transport troubles of rubble;
31.4.5. Wheels i shini:
a) Tires for passenger cars and passenger cars with a maximum permissible weight of up to 3.5 tonnes; wrap the excess height of a tread with less than 1.6 mm; for a passenger car with a permitted maximum weight of 3.5 tonnes - 1.0 mm; a bus - 2.0 mm, motorcycle i mopediv - 0.8 mm.
For hairstyles, the norms for the excess distance of the tread tread are established, similar to the standards for tires of automobile towing trucks;
b) shini mayuyu mіstsevі shkozhenzhennya (porizi, shave thinly), sho to expose the cord, as well as roscharuvannya frame, v_dsharuvannya tread and sidewall;
c) tires for rozmir; for example, let’s say that we don’t have to model transport models;
d) for one entire transport problem, there are installed diagonal tires at once with radial ones, studded and unshocked, frosty and nemorozostіykі, tires of low-voltage circuits for construction, as well as tires of low-voltage models for small cars, for small cars and cars
ґ) a radial tire is installed on the front of the vehicle, and a diagonal on the front (insh);
e) on the front axle of the bus, such as a conveyance, a tire is installed with an updated tread, and on the rear axles - a tire, updated for another repair class;
f) tires are installed on the front axle of passenger cars and buses (except for buses, as much as possible), repair for another repair class;
є) the bolt (nut) is tightened abo а three times of the disk and the rim of the ring;
31.4.6. Dvigun:
a) together with the gas prices for gas; however, they must re-establish the standards established by the standards;
b) the leaking system is leaky;
c) the system of vipuskannya vіdpratsyovanikh gazіv is wrong;
31.4.7. Інші Elementi konstrukcії:
a) a dumb redesigned transport hassle of glass, rear-view mirrors;
b) not a sound signal;
c) it is installed on the side of the item, but it was painted, so as to mix the water with water, and to burn it.
Primitka. On the upper part of the winter street there are automobiles and buses that can be fully secured and clear. Allow zosovuvati tinted glass (crem dzerkalnyh), light transmission yakih vidpovіdaє vimogam GOST 5727-88. Allow zasosuvati zavosіvati on the side vіkna busіv;
d) do not precede the transmission of the design of the body door locks or cabs, lock the side of the ventilation platform, lock the neck of the tank and the tank, mechanism of regulation, the position of the door, the door, the door, the door and the door obіgrіvannya i obduvannya skl;
ґ) rooted leaf abo central bolt resori;
e) the towing-and-towing and supporting-and-towing fastening of the tractor and the truck at the warehouse, as well as the transfer of the construction of insurance cables (lanterns) are provided. Є loopholes in the rear ramie of the motorcycle with the side rake frame;
f) offsets of transfers of construction bumper or rear rear attachment, dirt aprons and breezers;
є) on a daily basis:
a first-aid kit with markings on the type of transport hitch, it’s indicated for a certain purpose, - on motorbikes with side traction, a passenger car, a passenger car, a tractor, a bus, a minibus, a trolleybus, a car, and a car;
a sign of an emergency zupinki (mototlivy chervonii likhtar), a distinctive standard, - for motorbikes with side traction, a passenger car, a passenger car, a tractor, a bus;
on passenger cars with a maximum permissible weight of ponad of 3.5 tons; in buses with a permissible maximum mass of ponad of 5 tons - counter-emphasize (two more);
probliskov_ beacons of an orange color on Velikovagovikh and large-sized transport troubles; {Paragraph p'yati pidpunktu "є" paragraph 31.4.7 as amended by Resolution KM N 876 ( 876-2008-p ) vid 01.10.2008}
a great-looking vognegasnik on a passenger car, a van, a bus.
Notes: 1. Type, brand, number of installed pre-owned children’s vehicles, they are in possession of transport hardships, can transport radioactive goods and non-maintenance ones, and are informed by the minds of non-custodial transportation of a specific non-custodial service.

Traffic regulations of Ukraine: 2. First-aid kit, medicament of a specific type of insurance DSTU 3961-2000 for a type of transport hitch, and a safety officer of a guarded buti at a secured station, licensed by a customer. At the time of construction, the transport problem was not assigned, the first-aid kit and the fire-extinguisher are guilty of easy access.

SDA of Ukraine: Type і kіlkіst vognegasnikіv guilty v_dpov_dati established standards. Fire extinguishers, in order to secure transport hardships, to be guilty of being certified in Ukraine in advance of legislation;

{Clause 2 of the article under item "є" to clause 31.4.7 as amended by Decree of Cabinet of Ministers No. 934 ( 934-2009-p ) vid 03.09.2009}
g) all-day safety belts and head restraints in transport troubles, de ix installation is transferred to the construction;
h) bezelless belts are not in the workplace, but may be visible and torn on the straps;
i) on a motorcycle nemaya transmission design arc bezpeki;
i) on motorcycles and mopeds there is no need to complete the design, on the side there are transverse arms for the passenger;
ї) one or two unmatched headlights and rear light vehicles, you must carry a large, large and unsecured cable, as well as glimpses of light, fully-circled elements, and 30 legal signs. 3.
31.5. There are times when there is more trouble, which is specified in clause 31.4 of the Rules, the water is guilty of making trips for the third one, and it’s not possible to make it harder to go to the parking lot for repair, I need to go to the next 9. .
At the time of the fault there is an increase in faults, which is indicated at clause 31.4.7 ("ї"; "d" - at the warehouse), the farthest ruch is crammed up to the third. The water of an unlawful transport troubles is guilty of driving in order to clean up the road between the middle part of the road.
31.6. To protect the farthest rubble of transport hardships, at the following:
a) the working galma system doesn’t give a rudder cheruvanny do not give zmogi water supply zupiniti transport zasib abo zdіsniti maneuver pid hour rukhu minima shvidkistu;
b) at the dark time, finish it; but in the minds of insufficient visibility, do not burn the lamps of the headlights and rear rear lights;
c) I’ll finish the hour, but I don’t have to praise the slope with the side of the kerma;
d) thrust-pulling fast drive.
31.7. To protect oneself from the exploitation of transport, I want to take it with a hat to deliver yogi to a special Maidan chi parking lot at the State Transport Inspection near the viaducts transferred by law.


32.1. With organs of the State Aviation Inspectorate:
a) rozmіschennya in Smuga vіdvedennya avtomobіlnih dorіg abo Cervone lіnіyah mіskih vulits i dorіg that їh PIECE sporudah kіoskіv, pavіlyonіv, reklamonosіїv, peresuvnih torgovelnih punktіv and takozh to lay teritorіyah, budinkah, sporudah - admіnіstrativnih primіschen of companies, SET is the organіzatsіy, mіsts torgіvlі that nadanny servant;
b) the route and the road dirig, on which you can go ahead with water traffic jams;
c) think of that order of the colon at the warehouse more than 5 mechanical transport concerns;
{Point "g" of clause 32.1 is excluded from the previous statement of the Cabinet of Ministers No. 634 ( 634-2008-п ) від 09.07.2008}
{Point "ґ", clause 32.1 is excluded on the previous part of the Regulation KM N 634 ( 634-2008-п ) від 09.07.2008}
e) the procedure for towing two or more transport hassles;
f) technical vimogs, construction and installation of special audio and signal signaling devices (type "Siren", warning light to the side), warning lights and other commercial signs, on the road for transport on the surfaces of transport obstructions;
є) over-relocation of transport concerns.
With the authorities of the State Inspectorate, it is also possible to receive the necessary food from the care of the bezpechi of the road rubbish, transmitted by legislative acts.
32.2. To be barred, in addition to that, in the minds of special technical facilities, as well as repair and technical servicing of transport problems, registration of the vehicle’s identification number, their identification number, and their without prior Uzzhenzhenya z Derzhavtoіnspektsієyu.


SDA of Ukraine: 34. ROZMITKA ROAD
SDA of Ukraine: Horizontal rozmіtka

Lines horizontal horizontally change the color. Zhovty Kolіr Mayuyut LINI 1.4, 1.10, 1.17, as well as 1.2, as it is, it is designated between smugi for the route of transport routes.
Horizontal rose mark:
1.1 (high school) - the flow of flows of direct strands and the mean between smug rukh on the roads; the designation of the middle part of the road, for example, it has been blocked; designate the distance between the parking lots and the edge of the road part of the road, not the day after the minds of the road to the motorways;
1.2 (shiroka sutsіlna lіnіya) - the designation of the edge of the roadway on motorways as well as between smughs for the route of transport routes. In mіstsyakh, de for the swarm of route transport hardships, it is allowed to drive inward transport hassles, so that the line can be re-frequented;
1.3 - provide transport flows of direct straights on the roads, such as may be better and smug rukh;
1.4 - designation, de-zapinka and parking lots of transport facilities are de-zoned. To make a stand on their own, but in accordance with the знаком sign of 3.34 (div. Sub-addendum 1) ( 306a-2001-p ) і to be applied to the edge of the whole part of the roof at the top of the curb;
1.5 - underway transport flows of straining routes on the roads, may be two or even three smugs; designate between smugh rukhu, for the appearance of two and more smug, designate for rukh in one straightforward way;
1.6 (close proximity - redirection to line, in the evening finishing touches in the morning I’m changing my promises among them) - before going forward until the final time 1.1 a.m. 1.11, as a rule, transport flows of safe or indirect travels;
1.7 (part of the line with short strokes and equal promises) - meaning smughi ruhu, as well as straight ahead of the head road between the crosses;
1.8 (the wide range of the line) - the mean between the smoggy stage, but the main and the main part of the road (at crossroads, crossings of roads in the open airways, at the area of ​​the busiest zupino bushes);
1.9 - designating the boundary between smugh rukhu, on some terms of regulation is reversible; increase transport flows of direct straights (with more reversible traffic lights) on the roads, dejunce reverse regulation;
1.10 - after that, the parking lot is de-zoned. To make a stand on their own independently in the condition that they are signed with the 3.35 mark (div. Subclause 1) and to be applied to the edge of the last part of the roof at the top of the curb;
1.11 - the transport flows of protracted airways and associated traffic on roads are deregulated, but perestroika is allowed more than one smugi; Poznachaє mіstsya, designated for the rozvorotu, in'zdu і vіїzdu with maidanchikіv for parking thinly, de ruch allowed more than one bike;
1.12 (stop-line) - on your own behalf, the driver is guilty of being guilty of the manifestation of sign 2.2 (div. Additional charge 1), but at the signal of the traffic controller and the regular, the fence will be removed;
1.13 - I’m decreing that I’m guilty at times; consume duty and give way to transport hardships; I’ll collapse at the crossroads;
1.14.1, 1.14.2 ("zebra") - the designation of non-regulation of the transition; arrows pink 1.14.2 indicate straightforward rukh for pіshhodіv;
1.14.3 - for the purpose of the transition, de ruh is regulated by the light of time;
1.15 - the designation of the city center, de-cycling road, the part of the road;
1.16.1-1.16.3 - the designation of acute incidents in the middle of the year, the increase in the risk of traffic;
1.17 - the designation of the zupin of route transport services and taxis;
1.18 - I order the permission to cross the straight road to the smug. To make a stand on their own independently, but in accordance with signs 5.16, 5.18 (div. Sub-supplement 1); a rose from the image of a dead end is inflicted to mean that the turn to the closest part of the road is blocked; rozmіtka, yak permissive; turn livoruch with extreme smugi, permissive; also turn;
1.19 - advance about approaching the ringing of the sold part (dilyanki, de change shy smugh smugh ruhu in this way) as long as the line is 1.1 1.1 hours 1.11, like the way to transport streams of direct straights. At the first one, the Vipad can be obsolete in signs of 1.5.1-1.5.3 (div. Addendum 1);
1.20 - beforehand about approaching to 1.13;
1.21 (write "STOP") - ahead of time about getting closer to the rosette 1.12, if you get stuck in the same way with the sign 2.2 (div. Additional payment 1);
1.22 - indicate the number of the road (route);
1.23 - denoting smug, designated for ruh lishe route shuttles.
Лінії 1.1 і 1.3 drag and drop the fence. Yakshcho loninuyu 1.1 is designated as a parking lot, but the edge of the last part, the sum of the Uzbek, the whole line can be allowed.
For the sake of excuse, remember to secure the safety of the road rubbish, to allow the transfer of lines 1.1 for the purpose of avoiding unhappy changes, to have the same reason not to allow the loss of public transport, not to allow the loss of transport, not to allow you to transport 30 km / year.
Line 1.2 is allowed to be reentered at one time for the purpose of zupinki, as the main line is marked the edge of the last part, the sum of the Uzbeks.
Lіnії 1.5-1.8 retinati allowed from any side.
On the secondary road, with reversible light lines 1.9, it is permissible to overtight, as if right-handed right-hand drive.
With higher green color signals for reversing light lines, line 1.9 is allowed to be pulled from the side, usually only from the side, it is allowed to go straight to the side. At times of reverse reversal of water lights, the right-handed person is wrongly reorganized for the line of rozmitki 1.9.
Line 1.9, where can be found, with more reversible light paths overtake fence. Line 1.11 is allowed to overtake the tilka on the side of the second part, and on the side of the second, it’s not necessary to overtake someone else.

SDA of Ukraine: 2. Vertical rozmіtka

SDA of Ukraine: (Figure) (div. Subclause 2) ( 306a-2001-p )

Vertical roznіtka poznachє:
2.1 - elements of road equipment (bridge supports, girders, end parts of the parapet and in.);
2.2 - the lower edge of the prognosis of the tunnels, bridges and gates;
2.3 - round curbstones, installed on rozdіlyuvalnyh smugs, but sharp bezpecks;
2.4 - direct voltage, support, lean fence lean;
2.5 - the side surface of the road fence on the rounding of the small radius, steep descents, non-unsafe dilyany;
2.6 - lateral surface gardening on the inner dylyanki;
2.7 - borders on non-custodial dіlyanki і pіdvishchenі sharp_vtsі bezpeki.
ACCEPTED by order of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine vid 10 Zhovtnya 2001 p. N 1306

SDA of Ukraine: PERELIK resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, which has been spent fixing

1. Postanova of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine vid 31, 1993 p. N 1094 ( 1094-93-p ) "On the consolidation of the Rules of the Road Ruha " (ЗП України, 1994 р., N 5, Art. 119;
2. Postanova of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine for 10 years 1994 p. N 697 ( 697-94-p ) "About the introduction of the amendment to the Rules of the Road Ruhu."
3. Postanova of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine від 6 a baby 1994 p. N 816 ( 816-94-p ) "About the introduction of a sub-level to the Rules of the Road Road."
4. Postanova of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine від 13 Січень 1995 р. N 21 ( 21-95-p ) "On Prizupinennya resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine for the provision of compulsory insurance of civil liability for transport interests" (ЗП України, 1995 р., N 3, Art. 74).
5. Postanova of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine vid 8 sickle 1995 p. N 619 ( 619-95-p ) "About the introduction of a reserve and an upgrade to the Rules of the Road Road."
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8. Postanova of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine 1 birch 1999 p. N 291 ( 291-99-p ) "About the payment of money before the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of 31 December 1993 No. 1094" (Official Journal of Ukraine, 1999, No. 9, Article 337).
9. Paragraph 2 of the supplementary order, consolidated by the regulation of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine on September 18, 2000 r. N 1276 ( 1276-2000-p ) (Ofitsіyniy newsletter of Ukraine, 2000 p., N 34, Article 1433).
10. Amendments and supplements, which must be entered before the Rules of the Road Rule, approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine on 18 October 2001 N 30 ( 30-2001-p ) "On the passage of large and large transport hardships by roads, streets and out-of-doors" (Office of Ukraine, 2001, No. 3, Article 75).

Publication of the document

  • Ofitsіyniy newsletter of Ukraine vid October 26, 2001 - 2001 p., No. 41, st. 35, article 1852, code act 20133/2001

ПДД Украины 2013 года

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ZMINI, which should be entered before the Rules of the Road Ruhu on February 11, 2013 No. 111 [UKR] [DOC in RAR] [ ЗМІНИ що can be entered before the Rules of the road rukh vіd 11 fierce 2013 number 111-DOC.rar ] [ ЗМІНИ що can be entered before the Rules of the road rukh vіd 11 fierce 2013 number 111-DOC.rar ]
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