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SDA - Rules of the Road Traffic of Ukraine 2013

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( Note: Since April 15, 2013, changes in the traffic regulations of Ukraine have come into effect, which you can see on this page )

Traffic regulations of Ukraine: 1. ZAGALNI POPHNENNYA

1.1. Ці The rules are complied with before the Law of Ukraine "About Roadways" to establish the Іdyi order of road traffic on all teritory Ukraine. Інші нормативні акти, що стосуються особвостей дорожнього руху (перевезення спеціальних вантажів, експлуатація transport засобів окремих видів, рух на закритій території тощо), повині грунтуватися on вимогах цих Rules.
1.2. In Ukraine, a right-sided distribution of traffic has been established.
1.3. The participants of the road to the ruin of the cobs are knights of the nobility, and it is imperative to vikonuvati vimogi tsikh Rules, and takozh bouti vzaemno vvіchlivimi.
1.4. Skinful participant of the road ruhu moe the right to rozrahovuvati to those who are enrolled in the company.
1.5. Дії або бездіяльність participants of road road ru іnshih osіb not півнні stоворивати небезпеку чи перешкоду для руху, зажжужути життю або health'ю громадян, завдавати матеріальних збитків.
Osobka, yaka created so ichvi, zobov'yana neigayno vzhiti zahodiv to zabezpechennia bezpeki road prihu on tsіy dіlyantsyi road that vzhiti all mozhlivh zahodiv to usunennya pereskod, and yakshchoe tse ne modelo, spododiti about them інших щасників дорожнього руху, повідомити підрозділ міліції, весника дороги abo their body.
1.6. Vikoristovuvaty roads are not for them to confess to gratuitous accusations of articles 36-38 of the Law of Ukraine "On motor roads ( 2862-15 ).
{Clause 1.6 as amended. Decree No. 263 of the Cabinet of Ministers ( 263-2007-p ) dated 21.02.2007}
1.7. Водії, пішоходи та пасажири зобов'язані бути especially respect to such categories of participants in the road ruhu, yak children, people of the kidnapper, that person with obvious signs of inovity.
1.8. Intermediation in expensive russia, in addition to the rules, can be requested in the order established by law.
1.9. Individuals, yakі zaroshuyut tsi Rules, to carry out a review of legislation and laws.
1.10. Терміни, що наведені у цих Правилах, мають таке значення:
bus - avtomobil z kіlkіstyu mіsc 'for sidinnya bіshe dev'yati z mіscem water, inclusive, which is for its design, that is, for the transportation of passengers and passengers, that luggage will not be safe for comfort;
автогістраль - автомобільна дорога, що: {Paragraph of the third part of item 1.10 in the editorship. Decree KM N 395 ( 395-2009-п ) dated 22.04.2009}
spetsialno vsledovana і is recognized for traffic transport zabobiv, it is not recognized for entry into the territory of the territory of the country; {Paragraph 1.10 as amended. Decree KM N 395 ( 395-2009-p ) dated 22.04.2009}
має для кожного напрямку руху окремі проїзні частини, відокоммлені one від іншої розділювальною смайгою; {Paragraph 1.10 as amended. Decree KM N 395 ( 395-2009-p ) dated 22.04.2009}
not peretinaє on one рівні інші дорожные, залізничні і трамвайні колії, пішохідні і велосипедні доріжки, shays to the passage of tvarin, має огородження на узбіччях і розділювальній смузі та обгороджена сіткою; {Paragraph 1.10 as amended. Decree KM N 395 ( 395-2009-p ) dated 22.04.2009}
is known by the road sign 5.1 ( 306a-2001-p ); {Paragraph 1.10 as amended. Decree KM N 395 ( 395-2009-p ) dated 22.04.2009}
(road), part of the teritory, in that number in the village, is recognized for the traffic of vehicles and buses, and by roads on roads (bridges, power lines, overpasses, above-ground and piezemnih pishohіdnimi transitions), that by means of the organisations of expensive road , і is exchanged for the width of the call of the pavement, chi kraem umugi vіdvodu. Tsey termin includes takozh spetsialno predstodovanni timchasovi road, krim dovilno nakutanih dorig (kolіy);
motor roads of the state power - motor roads of a fatal railway corridor, up to which to lay down the international roads, national roads, roads, roads and roads; {Item 1-10 is supplemented with the paragraph zgіdno with the Resolution of CM No 876 ( 876-2008-п ) dated 01.10.2008}
bezpechna distance - vіdstan to the transport zasobu, sho ruhayetsya across the tіy samіy smuzi, yaka y razі yogo raptovogo gal'muvannya abo dots din mozhnivіst vodієvі transport zasobu, sho ruhaєtsya pozadu, zabibіgti zіtknennju without zdіysnennya be-yakogo maneuver;
bezpechny interval - vidnan mizh bokovimi parts of transport zasobiv, scho ruhayutsya, abo mizh them by that іншими об'єктами, for the anchor is guaranteed the care of expensive ruhu;
bezpechno shvidkіst - shvidkіst, for the anchorage of the worms zemogu carelessly keruwati transport zakobom ta kontrolovati yogo rukh in specific road conditions;
towing - a transfer by one transport batch of the new transport zaksob, yak not nalezhit up to the exploitation of transport compounds on the chyric chi gnuchekom zpeplennny by a method of private navantazhennya on the platform of chi on spetsialnoe proprietary pristosuvannya;
vtotazhniy avtomobil - car, which is for its design, that is, for the transfer of waggons;
bicycle - transport zasib, krіm інвалідних carriages, шо to be brought into the rub by the muscular power of the people, yak is known on yomu;
a bicyclist is a person, a yak is worn by a bicycle; {Paragraph 1.10 is added to the paragraph by the order of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No. 1029 ( 1029-2011-п ) dated 26.09.2011}
bicycle dorizhka - vikonana in the interiors of the road chi pose for her doryzhka z pokrittyam, scho is recognized for rush on bicycles that mopeds and is known by the road sign 4.12 (divy dodatok 1) ( 306a-2001-p );
visible at the peak of the river, the maximum is on the river, the maximum is on the river, on the coast of the sea, it is possible to check the intersection of the road, the rozmischennya partici- pants, the ruchu, the day, the time, the keruba, the transport bridle, the zokrema for the vibora, the helmet, and the maneuver;
vimutshena zupinka - pripinennya ruhu transport zasobu through yogo tehnichniy sto neo nebezpeku, scho stvoiovoritsya vatazhem, yak to be transported, the camp of water (passenger) abo a pereskodoyu na dorozi;
viperedzhennya - traffic jamming iz shvidkistyu, sho I shift the shvidkіst associated transport zasobu, sho ruhaєtsya order on sumizhnіy smuzi;
The clerk of the transport zasobu - fizichna abo juridicheskaya persona, yaka volodіo maynoviimi rights for transport zasiba moe na tse vіdpііdnі dokuments;
water - persona, yaka keruє transport postal і має посвідчення водія на право керування транспортным засобом відповідної категорії. Vodієm takozh є persona, yaka navchaє kerуvannu transport zasobom, perembuvuchi bezposednjo in transport zabobі; {Paragraph twentieth other item 1.10 in the editorship Decree CM No. 1029 ( 1029-2011-п ) від 26.09.2011}
dimensional and carload control - redesign of the overall and transport parameters (in addition to the mechanical transport), prichepu i vantazhu on the subject of compliance with the norms of shodo gabaritiv (width, height of the road, dovzhina transport zasobu) t schodo navantazhennia (actual Masa, axis of gravity), the yak should be carried out before the established order at the stationary checkpoints of the oversized and wagon control; {Paragraph 1.10 is added by paragraph to the Resolution of CM No 879 ( 879-2007-p ) dated 27.06.2007}
galmyvyi shlyakh - vіdstan, scho pass transport zasіb pіd hour екстреного гальмування з початку здійснення vplevu on organ kerуvannya galmovoyu system (pedal, handle) to місця його зупынки;
the main road is the road to the pokrtitam, which is visually grounded, so that you can get familiar with the signs 1.22, 1.23.1-1.23.4 and 2.3 (div 1) ( 306a-2001-p ). Наявність на другорядній дорозі покриття безпосередньо перед перехрестям не прирівнює її за значенням до перехрещуваної;
dati road - vimoga up to the participant road road ruhu not prodovzhuvaty abo not vidnovlyuvati rush, not zdіysnyuvati be-like maneuvering (for vinyatok vimogi zvilniti zamanu smugu ruhu), yakshcho tse mozhe primusiti інших учасників дорожнього руху, які мають перевагу, змінити пost п + п|п|п|п|п|п|п|п|п|п|п|;
Maximum permissible mass is permissible - the mass of the sporadic transport zasobu with wandering, water and passengers, and is installed by the technical specification of the transport batch yak is the maximum permissible. The maximum permissible weight of the auto-release is permissible - the maximum permissible maximum permissible weight of the skin transport bridle, and enter the auto-store warehouse;
road-transport prigoda - podia, scho became a part of the hour of the transport shuttle, vasledikok anchored zakonuli abo poreneni people chi zavdani materialovy zbitki;
road robotics, robotics, repairs, repair of chi utriannanym avtomobilnogo road (vulitsi), plots, sporodnogo vodovidvodu, inzhenernogo oblashtuvannya, vstanovlennnyam (repair, zamenoiu) technicheskih zaboistv organizatsii Dorozhny Rukhu; {Paragraph 1.10 is added by paragraph to the Resolution of CM No 395 ( 395-2009-p ) dated 22.04.2009}
Dorozhny umvi - sukupnist factoriv, ​​scho characterize (z rahauvannyam pori roku, periodu dob, atmosfernyh yavishch, osvitelenosty roads) visible in the strait rukhu, stan proyznogo parts (purity, rivnist, shorstkist, zcheplennya), and takozh її width, the amount of stolen on descents і підйомах, віражів і заоругруглень, наявність тротуарів або узбіч, засобів оргаізації дорожнього руху та їх стан;
road conditions - sukupnіst faktorіv scho harakterizuyutsya dorozhnіmi minds nayavnіstyu pereshkod on pevnіy dіlyantsі road іntensivnіstyu i rіvnem organіzatsії road Ruhu (nayavnіst dorozhnoї rozmіtki, dorozhnіh znakіv, road obladnannya, svіtloforіv that їh mill) SSMSC responsible urahovuvati vodіy pid hour Vibor shvidkostі, Smugi Ruhu ta priomiiv Keruvannia by transport;
exploitation of the transport structure - transporting by a tractor of a roadway to the construction site of the yodogo vicaristan (visibility of the tractor, the availability of the insurance code, the system of signaling, the clarification of goods);
the viaduct - the engineering sporade for the traffic of transport vehicles, that, (пo) пішоходів, підняття odnієї of the road above іншою у місці їх peretinu, and takozh for securing the road on the peak of the road, yak not має з'їздів на іншу дорога;
zhitlova zone - yardyard teritorii, and takozh part of the population of points, cognized road sign 5.31 (div. dodatok 1) ( 306a-2001-p );
zaliznichny pereizd - perehresthennya iz zaliznichnim kolіy on one рівні;
засліплення - фізіологічний стан водія внаслідок дії світла на його зір, if water is not environmentally feasible, how to solve the difference between the road elements on the road;
dopinka - pripinennya ruhu transport bug for an hour up to 5 hvilin abo bishe, yakshchoe tse neobhimdo for planting (vizodki) pasazhiriv chi zavantagzhennia (rozvantagzhennya) vtatazhu, vikonannya vimog zikh Rules (nadannya transitions in russia, vikonannya vimog regulyulynalka, signalov svitlofora tochno);
Column пішоходів - organizovana group of people, які рухаються on проїзній частині in one straight;
a column of transport workers - organisation of a group of three and more transport vehicles, but at the same time it's easy to get one at a time, one by one, after a short period of time, close to the headlights;
the territory of the pro-Russian part (for non-transportation vehicles) - it is visible by the intelligence of the road on the road to the Uzbeks, on the sidewalk, on the lawn, on the road, on the tramway, on the bicycle;
(in the middle part of the territory), the yak can not give way to the road transport bug (in addition, the number of bicycles) is shorter to the edge of the pro-partion (the middle part of the prognosis) Smugi);
легковий автомобіль - автомобіль з кількістю місць for сидіння не більше дев'яти, з місцем водія включно, який за своєю конструкцією та тадднанням призначений для перевезення пасажирів та їхнього багажу із забезпеченням необхідного комфорт та безпепеки;
Routine transport means (buses, minibuses) - buses, minibuses, trolley buses, trams and buses, rush out for reinstating routes, which can travel to the roads for landing (hanging) passengers;
Mekhanichny transport zasib - transport zasib, scho be brought to the brink of an additional dvigun. Tse termnі по порююється на трактори, самохідні машини і механізми, а також тролебуси та транспортні засоби з електродвигуном потужністю понад 3 кВт; {The paragraph of forty-fourth paragraph 1.10 of the Resolution, submitted by the Resolution of CM No. 1029 ( 1029-2011-п ) dated 26.09.2011}
мікроавтобус - одноповерховий автобус з кількістю місць for sidіnnya not more than one sіnnatyatі з місцем водія включно;
mist - sporuda, it is recognized for ruchu through rychku, yar ta іnshі pereskodi, between the edges of the pier and the kynets prolytnyh sporud;
moped - a two-way transport system, a kind of dvigun engine with a robust space of up to 50 cu. cm abo elektrodvigun potuzhnistju up to 4 kW; {Paragraph forty-item paragraph 1.10 in the editorship Decree CM No. 1029 ( 1029-2011-п ) від 26.09.2011}
motorcycle - dvukolіsny mehanіchny transport zasib z bokovim prichemom abo without nyogo, sho moe dvigun z robokom ob'єmom 50 i bishe. Before motorcycles priroivnutsya motor scooters, motokolyaski, trikolinis ta іnshi mehanichny transport zagobi, it is permissible maximal masa yakih not transplant 400 kg;
of population - the territory has been forgotten, the traffic to Yakutia and Vizdi is being accessed by road signs 5.45, 5.46, 5.47, 5.48 (div. 1) ( 306a-2001-p );
nebezpeka for ruhu-zmіa road conditions (in addition to the number of rivets of the ruddy obekta, a kind of approach to the darkness of the rush of the transport zakobu chi peretinaє її) abo tehnichnogo the camp of the transport zakobu, yaka zagrozhuet bezpeetsy dorozhnogo ruhu i zmushushe vody negayno zmenshiti shvidkіst abo zupinichsya. Okremim vipadkom nebezpeki for ruhu є ruh at the boundaries of the smuggling of the transport bike of the new transport zazob prichastich zagalnomu flow;
lack of visibility - visibility of the road in a straight line less than 300 m in the hills, in the fogs of the mist, doshchu, snogopadu tochno;
обгін - viperedzhennya one abo kilkolok transport zadobiv, povyazanye z vіzzdom on smugu dustrichnogo ruhu;
the oglyadovist is obscured - the road is visible to the point of ruhu, the yak is confined by geometric parameters of the road, by roadside engineering sporades, by plantings by that other objects, and by transport jams;
oglyadovist - it is feasible mozhnivist bachiti road conditions z mіscya vodyі;
the passenger is a person, the yak is cope with the transport of the breech, and it is known that he does not belong to the cherry-tree;
perevaga - the right to perchochergovy rus stosovno інших учасників дорожнього руху;
transporting agency groups - one-hour transportation of ten and more days with a keeper, after-hours for the construction of a flight day (for a group of three or more days, to admit dodatsko medical pratsivnik); {Paragraph 1.10 is added by paragraph to the Resolution of CM No 876 ( 876-2008-p ) dated 01.10.2008}
peshkodka for ruhu - non-rukomie ob'ekt at the boundaries of the smuggy rukhu of the transport batch abo ob'ekt, sho ruhaetsya incidentally in the interstices of the tsієї sweety (behind the wedge of the transport zasob, nо rushetsya nazustrіch zagalnomu flow of transport zasobів) і змушує water maneuvvati abo zmenshuvati shvidkіst as much as before the dent transport charge;
perehrestya - mіsce perehreschennya, prilyagannya abo rozgalzhennya dorіg on one рівні, mezheyu yakogo є уявні лінії між почаком заокруглень країв проїзної частини кожної з доріг. Do not vvazhaetsya perehrestyam misse prilyagannya to the road vizdu z prilegloї teritorii;
пішохід - person, yak take the fate of the expensive Rusi pose with transportable bays і not vikonu on the road be a yak robot. Prior to the holiday, pricovnivayutsya takozh individuals, yakі rihayutsya in the original wheelchairs without dvigun, lead a bicycle, moped, motorcycle, carry sleds, vizok, child chi іnvalіdnu pram;
пішохідний перехід - ділянка проїзної частини або інженерна споруда, is recognized for руху пішоходів across the road. Пішохідні переходи позначаються дорожніми знаками 5.35.1-5.37.2 (diva dodatok 1), expensive rozmіtkoyu 1.14.1-1.14.3 (divy dodatok 2) ( 306а-2001-п ), пішохідними світлофорами. For vіsutnostіі sostrzhnoї rozmіtki interi pіshohіdnogo perekhodu viznachayutsya vіdstannyu mіzh prizhodnymi znakomi abo pіshihіdnimi svitloforyami, and on perehresti for vіsutnostіi пішохідних світлофорів, дорожніх знаів та розітки - width of the pavement chi Uzbіch.
Regulovonim vvazhaetsya pisoshihіdny perehіd, ruh by yakomu regulyuetsya svitlofor chi regulyulyulevnikom, neregulovanim - pishohіdny perehіd, na yakomu mnogyo reguljulyavnika, svitlofori vіdsutnі abo vimknenі chi pritsyuyut v modei migotinnya zhovotogo signalu;
пішохідна доріжка - доріжка з покриттям, is recognized for руху пішоходів, виконка in the interstices of the road chi pose for her is known by the sign 4.13 (diva dodatok 1);
adjoined teritoriya - teritoriya, scho prilyagaye to the edge of the pro partznogo part of that is not recognized for naskriznogo proizdu, and for the sake of vzgodu up to dvoriv, ​​parking, autoservice stantsii, budivelnyi maidanchiki tochno abo vizdu them;
причіп - транспортний засіб, attribution for ruhu tіlki в з'єднанні зіншим transport засобом. Until the kind of transport facilities to lean on takozh napivprichepy i prichepi-rozpuski;
prozna parta - an element of the road, a sign for the ruin of non-razed transport vehicles. The road is possible for the mother of the pro-partes, by the interstices of certain ро rozdіlyuvalnі smugi;
regulyuvalnik - pratsіvnik mіlіtsії, vіyskovoї іnspektsії BEZPEKA Ruhu road, road ekspluatatsіynoї service, chergovy on zalіznichnomu pereїzdі, poromnіy perepravі, SSMSC toil vіdpovіdne posvіdchennya that ekіpіrovku (shaped odyag abo rozpіznavalny sign pov'yazka sleeve, rod drive signal of Cervone chi svіtlopovertachem , chervoniy likhtar abo praporets) and regulate the road ruin;
rakovyj transport zasib - a tram that is platformed by special vehicles, but by tram lines. Усі інші транспортні засоби, що take the fate of expensive русі, вважаються нерейковими;
розділювальна смуга - виділений structurally abo for допомогою суцільних ліній дорожньої розмітки 1.1 abo 1.2 (divy dodatok 2) ( 306а-2001-п ) Element of the motor road, a kind of the sumіzhnі proїїні частини. It is not recognized for parking of transport facilities. For nayavnosty on rozdіlyuvalniy smuzi pavement for nyomu allow rukh pishoshodiv;
Smuha ruhu - posozhzhnya Smuha on pro ¬ znіy part zavshirshki ukonaymenshe 2.75 m, Šoco is not known podo iznachena dorozhnyu rozmіtkoyu і is recognized for the ruin of non-razed transport vehicles;
parking - pripinennya ruhu transport zasobu for an hour, big nig 5 hvilin, z reasons, not obychyanyh z neobhіdnistyu vikonannya vimog zikh Rules, planting (visadkoyu) pasazhiriv, zavantazhennyam (rovantazhennyam) vtantazhu;
dark is the time to finish off - part of the order for the completion of the night (30 hv pislya zahodu sontsya) to the ear of rankovych sutynkiv (30 hw before the sound);
transport zasib - pristriy, attributes for transporting people і (abo) vtantazhu, and takozh vstanovlenogo nyomu spetsialnogo obladnannya chi mehanizmіv;
tramway kolіya - an element of the road, a recognition for the Rukha reikovih transport zasobiv, a sort of interspace on the width of the special view of the trams of the tramway road, or road rozmytkoju. By tramvynііk kolії it is allowed to pass the non-razed transport vehicles before the start of the 11 cich of the Rules;
pavement - an element of the road, a sign for ruhu pisoshodіv, yakiy prilyagayє up to the proizochno part of abo vidokremleniye vіd neї lawn;
Узбіччя - виділений structurally abbreviated to the road road, an element of an automotive road, which is prilagayot bezopenednyo up to the call of the territory of the proiznoy part, roztashovany z it on one rіvnі ta not of the signs for the traffic of transport zasobiv, krіm vypadkіv, peredbucheniy tsimi Rules. Узбіччя може використовуватися для зупинки і застоянки транспортних засобів, руху пішоходів, мопедів, велосипедів (for Відсутності тротуарів, пішохідних, велосипедних доріжок at разі неможливолиі пересуватися по них), гужових возів (саней);
uchasnik road ruhu - person, yak ber beresh bezsredednyu fate in the process of ruhu on the road yak pishohіd, water, passenger, persecutor tvarin;
shahoprovid - engineering sporade of the bridge type over the little road (hallway) in the world of the peretinu, scho zabezpechuyu ruh na niy on the rіznih рівних та та дає можливість з'їзду на іншу дорога.


2.1. The water transport mechanism is faulted by the mother when:
а) повідчення водія на право керування транспортным засобом відповідної категорії; {Point "a" to clause 2.1 of the clause, introduced by the Resolution of CM No. 620 ( 620-2011-п ) dated 09.06.2011; in editorial order Decree No. 1029 of the Cabinet of Ministers ( 1029-2011-п ) dated 26.09.2011}
b) a redistribution document for the transport check-in (for transport zaboinov Zbrroichnykh Sil - technical voucher); {Point "b" to clause 2.1 of the clause entering into with the Resolution of CM No 124 ( 124-2009-p ) dated 11.02.2009; in editorial order Decree No. 1029 of the Cabinet of Ministers ( 1029-2011-п ) dated 26.09.2011}
c) in case of installation on the transport passages of the prospective beacons and (or) special sound signaling attachments - doses, visions Derzhavtominvestsіyyu MVS, in various advertisements, - weather, but also appear in the form of the Derzhavtominstruzіy MVS;
d) on the route transport hindrances - the scheme of the route and the rozhu deposit; on velikvagovyh and velikogabaritnih transport zasosbah that transport zasobah, sho zdіysnjut road, transporting nebezpechnyh vantazhiv, - Documentation vidpovidno to vimog spetsial'nykh rules; {Point "d" to clause 2.1 as amended by Decree CM No 634 ( 634-2008-p ) dated 09.07.2008; із змінами, зиідно згідно з Regulation KM No 1029 ( 1029-2011-п ) dated 26.09.2011}
ґ) поліс (сертифікат) обов'язкового страхування цивільно-правової відповідальності власників земних транспортних засобів. Водії, які відповідно до законодавства звільняються від обов'язкового страхвання civil law legal acts on land transport on the territory of Ukraine, повинні мати при собі відповідні підтверднісьментименты (посвідчення). (Point "ґ" to item 2.1 in the editorship Decree CM No. 16 ( 16-2005-п ) dated 06.01.2005)
2.2. Vlasnik transport zasobu, and takozh persona, yaka vikoristvuyu such transport zasib on the legal pidstavah, mozhut transfer kerouvnya transport sashom іншій особі, що має при собі посвідчення водія на право керування транспортным засобом відповідної категорії.
Vlasnik transport zasobu can transfer such a pass in the corridor of the private estate, but the water supply to the right of the kerуvannya by means of the transport bail of the category, which has been transferred to the transport document.
{Paragraph 2.2. Зз змінами, отлиіми згідно з Resolution of CM No 124 ( 124-2009-п ) dated 11.02.2009; in editorial order Decree No. 1029 of the Cabinet of Ministers ( 1029-2011-п ) dated 26.09.2011}
2.3. For zabezpechennya bezpeki expensive rauhu vody zobovaniyan:
a) before the visa, transfer and technical assistance of the technician and the transport set-up, the correctness of the criminality and the cabling;
b) respectful, tragety for road conditions, for example reaguvati on її зміну, stitching for the correctness of rozmіschennya ta krіplennya vantazhu, technicіnnym stannom transport zasobu i not vіvolіkotisya vіd керування цим засобом у дорозі;
c) on cars that have hunks of passive bake (pidgolovniki, beltless bikes), korostuvatisya them and do not transport passengers, not pristebnutih belt baked. To be allowed not to attach to the individual, yaka navchaye vodinnyu, yaksho for kermomu yen, and in the population of points, in addition, water supply, waterways and passengers of the special transport specialties and taxes;
г) під час руху на мотоциклі и мопеді бути в застебнутому мотошоломі and do not transport пасажирів without застебнутих мотошоломів; {Pipicle "g" to clause 2.3 of the clause, introduced with the Resolution of CM No. 1029 ( 1029-2011-п ) dated 26.09.2011}
ґ) do not zabrudnuvati prognoznu part ta smugu vіdvednya avtomobilnyh dorig; {Paragraph 2.3 is added to the paragraph "ґ" with the Resolution of CM No. 263 ( 263-2007-p ) dated 21.02.2007}
e) do not stvoyvati its own dyami zagrosi bezpeetsi Dorozhnogo Ruhu; {Clause 2.3 is added to the point "d" with the Resolution of CM No. 263 ( 263-2007-p ) dated 21.02.2007}
е) поіддомляти дорожньо-експлуатаційним организаізаціям або Державтоінспекції pro vyavlenі actual factories for the expensive road ruhnu; {Clause 2.3 is added to the paragraph "e" with the Resolution of CM No. 263 ( 263-2007-p ) dated 21.02.2007}
є) not vchinati dіy, vaslіdok some mozhe bouti poskkodzheno avtomobilnyi roads of those warehouses, and takozh zavdano shodi koristustvacham. {Paragraph 2.3 is added to the paragraph "є" zgіdno з Resolution KM N 263 ( 263-2007-п ) dated 21.02.2007}
2.4. On vimogu pravcivnika mіlіtsії vodyі it is guilty to be hanged to the pre-Trimanni Vimogi tsikh of Rules, and takozh:
a) to translate documents, assigned to item 2.1; {Pipicle "a" to clause 2.4 in the version of Decree No. 1029 of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine ( 1029-2011-п ) dated 26.09.2011}
b) the date can be changed in the number of units and the transport set-up; {Paragraph "b" of paragraph 2.4 of the Resolution, submitted in accordance with the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No. 395 ( 395-2009-p ) dated 22.04.2009}
c) the date is possible to look at the transport traffic before the legislation for the validity of those lawful claims, in order to carry out to the vicarities of special settlements (adjoining) the reorganization of the technical transport camps, which before the legislation is subject to obovyazovyu technical control. {Pipeline "in" clause 2.4 of this Resolution, entered in accordance with the Resolution of CM No 1029 ( 1029-2011-п ) dated 26.09.2011}
2.4-1. At the meteorological inspection of the overall and wagering control on the wiping of the prac- tice point of the overall and wagon control, the abbot of the pilot of the MVS water supply vehicle (in the number of the mechanized transport charge) is guilty of hitting the doktimanns of the Rules of the Rules, and the following:
a) transfer documents for revision in documents "a", "b" and "d" to item 2.1 of the Regulation;
b) nadati transport zasiba ta prichip (for nayavnosti) for the waggon ta / abo the overall control is carried out before the established procedure.
{The rules are amended by clause 2.4-1 with the Resolution of CM No. 879 ( 879-2007-p ) dated 27.06.2007}
2.4-2. At the time of the day, the hour of the day-to-day inspection of the overall and wagon control of the non-actuality of the actual wagons and / or the overall parameters of the established norms and rules of such transport lock-up is to be taken to the established order in order to allow auto roads to be transported, normative, pro social.
{The rules are amended by clause 2.4-2 with the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No. 879 ( 879-2007-п ) dated 27.06.2007}
2.5. Water is guilty of wiping the primal miracle to go through the established order of medical examinations for viznachennya will become an alcoholic spyanninya, vplyvu narcotic chi toxic leach.
2.6. For those who fall in love with those of the landed individuals Derzhavtominstsіїї, for nayavnostі on those підстав, водій збов'яний to pass позачерговий медичний огляд з метю визначення здатності безпечно керувати transport засобом і перевірку знання цих Rules та та навикі aquіння.
2.7. Водій, крім водіїв transport of foreign diplomatic missions, representatives of foreign powers, international organizations, operational and special transportation vehicles, is responsible for the traffic accident:
а) працівникам міліції та охорони здоров'я для доставки до найближчого лікувального закладу осіб, які battered with unhealthy medical assistance;
b) pratsynnikam mіlіtsії for vikonannya nedepredbacheniy i nevidkladnyh servizovikh obovozyakiv, povyazyannyh іz pereslkduvannyam pravoprushnikіv, delivery їх at міліцію, та для транспортування пошкодених транспортных засобів.
Admissions: 1. For transporting post-enactment transport vehicles, lishe vanzantnі avtomobili.

Traffic regulations of Ukraine: 2. Person, yak was scraped by means of a transport bump, it is guilty of hitching up the message to the seized passports, triviality trips, his mission, landing, numbers of the duty, the hiring of his personal organization.

{Note 2 to point "b" of paragraph 2.7 of this chapter, insertion in accordance with the Resolution of CM No 1029 ( 1029-2011-п ) dated 26.09.2011}
2.8. Vodiy-envalid, sho keruy motocoljaskoyu avto car, cognition rozpriznavalnym sign "Invalid", mozhe vіdhvatiti vіm vimog road signs 3.1, 3.2 і 3.35-3.38, and that sign 3.34 for the validity of the tablets 7.18 (diva dodatok 1) ( 306a- 2001-p ).
2.9. Водієві забороняється:
a) kerouvati by a transport bug at the station of alcoholic spyanniyno abusing perishuvali pid vlivom narcotic chi of toxic rechovin;
b) kerouwati transport hindrance in the bushy stenni, near the stolen, and takozh perebuvayuchi pid vlistiv likarskih drugov, scho znizhuyut shvidkіst retsіії i uvigu;
c) Keruvati by means of a transport barn, not registered at Derzhavtominstrument, without a license plate with a number plate, but:
do not lie with your health;
not meet the standards;
закріплений not in established for цього місці;
zakrytii ішшими subjects of chi zabrudneniy, scho do not let zmogi chitko viznachiti symbol of the license plate from the distance of 20 m;
neosvitleny (at dark time it was finished in the minds of the lack of visibility) of reversal;
{Pipicle "in" clause 2.9 as amended Resolution KM N 1029 ( 1029-2011-p ) dated 26.09.2011}
d) to transfer kerouvannya by means of a transport bail to individuals, yaki perebuvayvat stanii spi'yaninnya, pid vlivom narcotic chi toxic leach, besyvorovomu sti, beside stolmennya abo pid vlistiv likarskih drugov, scho znizhuyut shvidkіst retsіії i uvigu;
ґ) to transfer kerouvnya by means of transport bail-out to individuals, yaki do not mait at the time when they have the right to cherish it, but not to stand on the water table until it is 24 hours old;
e) at the hour of the transport shuttle buster, zavosyku zav'yazku, trimayuchi їх at руці (for vinyatkom vodіїv operative transport zasobіv pіd hour vikonannya them nevіdkladnogo service zavdannya).
2.10. At different prichesnosti up to dorozhno-transportnoi prigodo vodyі zobov-kniazaniy:
a) negoyno zupini transport zasib і zalishatisya on mіstsі pribody;
b) close the alarm signal and set the sign of the avalanche dots back to the point 9.10 of the Rules;
c) do not change the transport of the road to a site, but to be priceless until it is useful;
d) engage in mozhlivh zahodіv for nadannya perschoї medichnoe dopomogi we can tolerate, wiklikati carriage schwidko medichnoe dopomogi, and yakshchoe tse tse nezamozhlivo, zvernutisya for dopomojju up to the presence i vidpraviti ptatpilih to likuvalnogo mortgage;
ґ) in the case of non-accommodating vicarities, transferred to paragraph 2.10 of the Rules, to transfer the damaged mortgage to the mortgage by means of its own transport bail, alternatively zafiksuvavshi rostashuvannya slidyv pribod, and so put the transport bike of the yoga dope; у лікувальным закладі повідомити своє prізвище та номерний знак транспорт засобу (з пред'явленням повідчення водія або онншого документа, який посвідчує особу, реєстраційного документа на транспортний засіб) і turn on the road map;
e) informing about road transport, the organ of chi pіdrozdіl міліції, write down the address that is addressed to the eyewitnesses, check in advance, correcting the misleading;
f) vzhiti all mozhlivih zahodіv for zberezhennia slidіv prigodi, ogorodnennya їh ta organizuvati ob'їzd mіscya pribody;
є) before the medically examined, do not live without the medication of a medicinal pravtsivnika alcohol, drugs, and takozh likarskih preparations, vidotvorih on їх basics (short, yaki enter before office hardened by the first-aid kit).
2.11. Yakscho vnaslіdok road transportnoї suitable Absent poterpіlih she did not zavdano materіalnoї Skoda tretіm ladies and transportnі zasobi mozhut Bezpieczne ruhatisya, vodії (for nayavnostі vzaєmnoї Zgoda in otsіntsі obstavin skoєnogo) mozhut pributi to nayblizhchogo post Derzhavtoіnspektsії Abo body chi pіdrozdіl mіlіtsії for registration vіdpovіdnih materіalіv , alternately folding the scheme is useful when putting pidpisi pid her.
The third persons are to be honored by the participants of the road ruhu, they were shown through the lines of honor to the roads and transport.
In the case of a road-transport pribodo for a part of transport zabotiv, designations for a contractual agreement, obovyazykovogo insurance of civil and legal rights, for the development of such transport facilities, individuals who are insured, visnosnosti travmovanyh (zagiblikh) people, and takozh for umov dovsyagnennya zgodi water transport of such transporters in the form of road transport, road access, for visibility they have the knowledge of alcoholic, narcotic, and cognac sppovannya abortion pid vlivom likarsk their preparations, scho znizhuyut uvagu ta shvidkіst retsіії, ta razі zakladenya vodiami spilnogo povidomlennya about dorozhno-transportnuyu prigodu vidpodidno up vstanovlennogo Motornim (transport) insuring bureau zrazka. In such a vipadku vodigi zagadanikh transport zasobniv pislja zagorodnja them zaznachenogo v czomu pokazdilennya zvіlnyayutsya vіd obovyazyvіv, peredbacheny pidpunktami "d" - "є" point 2.10 cich of the Rules. {Point 2.11 is doped with the paragraph zgidno with the Resolution of CM No 538 ( 538-2005-p ) dated 30.06.2005; in editorial order Decree No. 1029 of the Cabinet of Ministers ( 1029-2011-п ) dated 26.09.2011}
2.12. Vlasnik transport zasobu maє right:
a) in the order established by the transport order of the individual; {Point "a" to clause 2.12 of the Resolution, amended by the Resolution of the CM No 1029 ( 1029-2011-п ) dated 26.09.2011}
b) on vidshkoduvannya vitrate at the time of the transportation of the preceptors to the Ministry of Health, in accordance with paragraph 2.7 of the Rules;
в) на відшкодування збитків, завданих унаслідок невідповідності стану автомобільних доріг, вулиць, залізничних переїздів вимогам безпеки дорожнього руху;
d) on bezpechni and zruchni umovi for ruhu; {Paragraph 2.12 is added to the paragraph "d" in accordance with the Resolution of CM No 263 ( 263-2007-p ) dated 21.02.2007}
ґ) zapituuvati operativno іnformatsіyu pro dorozhny umovita tasty ruchu. {Paragraph 2.12 is added to the paragraph "ґ" with the Resolution of CM No. 263 ( 263-2007-p ) dated 21.02.2007}
2.13. The right to caravanning by transporting individuals is possible:
mototransportnymi zakosobi і motokolyaskami (category А1, А) - з 16-річного віку;
motor vehicles, wheeled tractors, self-contained vehicles, agricultural machinery, and other machinery, which can be operated on the basis of a vulgar roadway, all types (categories В1, В, С1, С), for the wagtail of buses, trams and trolley buses, from the 18th-early in the century;
cars with fittings abo napivprichepami (kategirії VE, S1E, CE), and takozh tiim, scho are recognized for transporting large-sized, grand-valued and nebezpechnyh vantazhiv, - in the 19-rіchnogo vіku;
buses, trams and trolley buses (categories D1, D, D1E, DE, T) - from the 21st century.
Transport zalibi nalezhat to such categories:
A1 - moped, motor scooters and transport vehicles, yakі majut dvigun with robotic space up to 50 cu. cm abo elektrodvigun potuzhnistju up to 4 kW;
A - motorcycles, which інші двоколісні транспортні засоби, які мають двигун з робочим об'ємом 50 куб. cm і більше або електродвигун потужністю 4 кВт і більше;
В1 - quadro-tricycles, motorcycles with a lateral parachute, motokolyaski та інші триколісіні (чотириколісні) mototransportnі zasobi, it is permissible to maximize the mass of those not to be transplanted 400 кілограмів;
В - avtomobili, maximum permissible permissible weight is not transferred 3500 kilograms (7700 pounds), and the number of seated persons, including water, is eight, the composition of transport vehicles in the traction category. In that prikhopom, I do not transfer 750 kilograms;
С1 - it is recognized for transporting caravans of cars, maximum permissions are permitted for 3500 to 7,500 kilograms (for 7700 to 16,500 pounds), the composition of transport vehicles with a traction category C1 that is not used for transportation, 750,000 kilograms;
With - it is recognized for transporting caravans of cars, maximum permissions are permissible for 7500 kilograms (16500 pounds), the structure of transport vehicles with traction category. With that, I do not transfer 750 kilograms;
D1 - it is recognized for transporting passenger buses, for those who have a bus for sidinnya, for daytime water, do not overload 16, for transport vehicles with a traction category D1, which is a prichem, I do not transfer 750 kilograms;
D - it is recognized for transporting passenger buses, for those who have a bus for sidenna, for watering seas, for more than 16, for transport vehicles with traction category D, that prichep, the massacre, I do not transfer 750 kilograms;
ВЕ, С1Е, СЕ, D1E, DE - make up transport vehicles in the traction category В, С1, С, D1 пo D та та при припом, пона маса якого перевищує 750 кілограмів;
T - tramway trolley.
{Clause 2.13 as amended. Decree No. 1029 of the CM ( 1029-2011-п ) dated 26.09.2011}
2.14. Water right:
a) kerouvati by means of a transport breech; - transporting passengers by aboard wagons, roads, and other places, de jou ruh is not fenced, in accordance with the established procedure, before the imposition of the Rules;
{Point "b" to clause 2.14 is included on pidstavi Decree KM N 1029 ( 1029-2011-p ) dated 26.09.2011}
c) the nobility of the cause of the din, perevirki that look at the transport bailout of the landing special authority, yaka zdіysnyuyu visually behind the road ru, and takozh її prіzvische і posadu;
d) vimagati vid individual, yaka zdіysnyuyu visually behind the road rucha zupinila transport zasib, pred'yavlenya posvіdchennya її individuals;
ґ) otrimuvati neobhіdnu dopomogu vaad posadovikh osib ta organizatsіy, scho take the fate of the careless bezpeki expensive ruhu;
д) оскаржити дії працівника міліції in the time of the violation of legislation;
е) відступати від вимог законодавства в увові дії непереборної сили any number of the remaining nesolomlylivo zapobigti vosnіі zagibelі chi kalіtstvu gromadyan.


3.1. Vodії operativnyh transport zasobiv, vikonuichi nevidkladnne servicemen zavdannya, mozhut vidstupati vіm vimog rozdіlіv 8 (krіm signalіv reguljulyavnika), 10-18, 26, 27 and that point 28.1 cz of the Rules for the identification of the light bulb of the blue bearer of the chervonogo ring and special sound signal that the bezpepecheniya bezpeki expensive ruhu. For vіdutnostі neobhіdnostі dodatkovogo devotee respecting uchasnikіv prorozhnogo ruhu spetsialnyi sonic signal mozhe bouti vimkneny.
3.2. In the case of a transport zasobu z uvіmknenim synim probliskovim beacon ta (abo) spetsial'nym ​​sonic signal water transporting zashobov, yakі mozhut stvoovovati yomu pereshkodu for ruhu, zobov'yany dati yomu road i zabezpechiti bezopreshkochny proїzd zasischenogo transport zaksob (i siprovuzhuvanni him transport zadobiv) .
On the transport hunters, yaki rihayutsya in the convoy of the column, blame the buti vvіmkenno near svitlo headlights.
Yaksho on this transport zavisheni uvіmkenno probliskovi beacons blue and chervonogo aboshe chervonogo koloru, vodії інших transport zabobіv zobov'yаnі zupinitisya біля правого краю проїзної частини (на правому узбіччі). On the road to the rozdlyuvyalnuyu smugoyu qyu vimogu zobov'yana vikonati vodi transport zasobiv, scho ruhayutsya in passing.
3.3. Yaksho pіd the hour of the construction of the colony of transport vehicles on the transport vehicle, the collapse of the colony, the cervices of the blue and the red cherry trees, the column is guilty of a traffic jam, the traffic jam is blocked by green beacons, the road to the skyscraper, transport засобів.
3.4. Zborinjevatsja zdіysnyuvati obgin and vyperedzhennya transport zabobiv with zvіimknenimi probliskovymi beacons shinogo i chervonogo nizhishe chervonogo koloru ta green abo sinyogo i zelenogo koloru i saprovuzhuvanih them transport zadobiv (colony), and takozh ruhatisya on sumuzhnyh smugah iz shvidkistyu colony abo loan in a column.
3.5. Close up to an unlabeled transport zasobu z uvіmknenim priblyskimim beacon of the blue corvette that special sound signal (abo without a special sound signal), but on the site (part of the pro partion), on the pro part, the water is guilty of overcoming shdikkist up to 40 km / year in various times submission of a signal to the signal. Prodovzhuvati rush can be reduced to the permission of the regulator.
{Item 3.5 in the text of the Resolution of the CM No 1029 ( 1029-2011-п ) dated 26.09.2011}
3.6. Увімкнення проблискового маячка оранжевого кольору на механічних транспортных засобах дорожньо-експлуатаційної service on the hour виконання роботи на дорозі, in the large-sized transport items that do not allow it to pass to russia, but to serve for the devotion of the devotion about the nebespeka. In the case of water transport services, road maintenance services are required for the hours of the robot to be allowed to access the roads of the road signs (sign of priority 3.21-3.23 (div. 1) ( 306a-2001-p ), road parking, and takozh points 11.2, 11.5-11.10, 11.12, 11.13, pidpunktivv "b", "in", "ґ" paragraph 26.2 of the Rules for the safe storage of the road.
{Clause 3.6 of this Resolution, amended by Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No. 634 ( 634-2008-п ) dated 09.07.2008}

Traffic regulations of Ukraine: 4. OBVOVYAKI I RIGHTS OF PICTURES

4.1. Пішоходи повинні рухатися по тротуарах і пішохідних доріжках, тримаючись right side.
I do not care about the pavements, pisohihdnih dorizhoko perosuvatsya on them nemozhlivo, pisoshi mozut rihatisya bikdnimi dorizhkami, triamyuchis right side і not udrupnechichi ruch on bicycles and mopeds, abo in one row uzbek, trimayuchis jakomogo pravіshe, and yzіy yogo vіdisutnostіo nedomolіvostіі rihatisya nyomu - along the edge of the proiznoy part of the traffic flow of traffic. With this, you need to protect the road and do not bother other participants of the road.
4.2. Пішоходи, які перенять громіздкі предмети, або individuals, які пересуваються віввалідних колясках без двигуна, drive the motorcycle, bike chi moped, ride sledges, візок тощо, якщо їх рух sidewalks, пішохідними чи bicycle dorіzhkіm пoбічччями створиє перешкоди для інших учасників руху, mоуть Rukhatisya on the edge of the pro-partia in one row.
4.3. Behind the boundaries of the population, the point of departure, yakі ruhayutsya uzbіchchyam chi kraєm proїznoї partiny, povinni na uzustriіch ruhu transport zasobiv.
Osobi, yakі rihayutsya uzbіchchyam chi kraєm proїїnoї partiņi in інвалідних колясках без двигуна, driving a motorcycle, moped a bicycle, повинні пересуватися в прямку руху транспортных засобів.
4.4. At the dawn of time, it is achieved in the minds of the lack of visible visibility, the collapse of the part of the part of the country, of the vilification of oneself, and of the mogulism of the mother in the callousness of the convicts, for the one-time appearance of the younger participants in the road to ruh.
{Item 4-4 of the Resolution, annexed to the Resolution of CM No 876 ( 876-2008-p ) dated 01.10.2008}
4.5. Rukh organizovanykh groups of people on roads are allowed to fly to the strait of traffic transport in the colonel not in the same way as the individual in the row for the tidings, but the colon does not borrow more than half the width of the pro-parti of one straight rukhu. In the afterglow and after the colony, in the distance of 10-15 m from the left side, the guardsmen in charge of the worms of the corners, and in the darkness of the day, they were defeated in the lack of visibility - vised by the lichtarians: from the front, to the white coloure, and thence - to the chervon.
4.6. Organized groups of children are allowed to drive along the sidewalks and roads, and there are plenty of them along the Uzbek road at the strait of traffic in the colonnade, or at the gateway to the roads in the subway.
4.7. Пішоходи повинні переходити проззну частину по пішохідних перехох, у том числоі підземних i над надземних, and у разіїх відсутності - на перехрестях по лініях тротуарів або uzbіch.
4.8. Yaksho in the zones of visibility is not a transition to abortion, but the road is not more trioh sweater ruhu for oboh yogo straktkiv, allowed to go її під direct kut up to the edge of the prosіnoy part in the worlds, de road to the good is seen in the offspring of the sides, і лише після того, як пішохід to take a look at the vision of nebespeka.
4.9. At miсtsyah, de ruh regulyuyutsya, пішоходи повинні керуватися signals of the regulator відві піттлофора.
At such places, the road is not closed, the passengers are not caught in the road, the road is running alone, the buses are on the road, the traffic is running on the roads, the roads are running smoothly, and at the same time - in the middle part of the territory and in the distance, will be allowed in the current signal svitlofora chi regulyulyavnika that perekonayutsya in bezpetsi podalshshogo ruhu.
4.10. Before the entrance to the prognosis, a part of the transport facilities, one should stand there, that is, be obsequious, pisohody povinni vppnitis at the visibility of transport zasobiv, scho nablizhayutsya.
4.11. Chekati transport pasіb пішоходи повинні on sidewalks, planted maidanchiki, and yakshcho stubs відсутні, - на узбіччіі, не створяючи перешкод для дорожнього руху.
4.12. On tramway dots, not possessing landing maidanchiki, pishohadam allowed to go to the part of the road to the side of the door and the street to the dumper of the tram.
Pislya visadki from the tram neobhіdіno zalyshiti proїznu partnu not zatriemuchis.
4.13. In the case of a traffic jam, we pick up the beacon of the chervonoi ta (abo) with the blue keelor ​​і (abo) with a special sound signal, then follow the instructions to go to the transition to the prognosis part of the abnormally crammed її.
4.14. Пішоходам забороняється:
a) wiggle on the proznzu part, not vpninivshis visisutnosti nebezpeki for yourself that інших учасників руху;
b) raptovo vihoditi, vibiugi na pro proiznu partno, in that number on the pishohidny perehid;
c) admit the self, without visually growing up, vihіd detey doshkіlnogo vyku pro proiznu part;
d) turn proiznu part poza pіshihіdnim transition, yakshcho є rozdіlyuvalna smuha abo road moe chotiri i bіshe smug for ruhu in oboh strains, and takozh at mi.czyah, de vstanovleno horticulture;
ґ) zatrimuvatisya і zupinjatisya na proїznіy otdelі, yakshchoe tse tse is not involved іz zabezpechennyam bezpeki prizhnyogo rohu;
д) рухатися по автомагістралі чи дорозі для автомобілів, за винятком пішохідних доріжок, місць стоянки і виіпопочинку.
4.15. At the time of registration of the entry to the road-transport pribodin, the person is guilty of paying taxes to the other party, registering the address, checking the address, reviewing the authority, submitting information about himself, and providing information on himself and traveling on the map until the arrival of the trip.
4.16. Пішохід має право:
a) at the pass of the hour to the transition of the pro-education part to cognitions by unregulated in-transit transitions, but also by regular transitions for the presence of those signals of the regulator of the chitblocker;
b) vimagati vіd organіv викавчочої влади, власників автомобільних доріг, вулиць і залізничних переїздів укріній умім для забезпечення безпеки дорожнього руху.

Traffic regulations of Ukraine: 5. OBVOVYAKI I RIGHTS OF PASASHIRIV

5.1. Landing (vizadku) to allow zdіysnyuvati pasazhiram pisle zupinki transport zasobu Lisha zadkodovogo maidanchika, and in the times of such a maidanchika - in the sidewalk chi uzbek, and yakshchoe tse tselimozhlivo, then in the extreme shadows of the pro parti (part of not in the middle of the Sumgayi for the ruhu), for the tidings, and so tse bude tessy ta do not create a cross stitch for the other participants ruhu.
5.2. Pasazhiri, korostoychis transport sender, obvinny:
а) сидіти або аботи (якщо це perebachennuyu konstrukієyu transport zasobu) in the recognition for цього місцях, тримаючись за поручень або інше пристосування;
b) an hour of overdrafting on a transport vehicle with beltless belts, buti propped up, and on motorcycles and mopeds - in a motorized whistle;
{Paragraph "b" of paragraph 5.2 of this Resolution shall be amended by the Resolution of CM No 1029 ( 1029-2011-п ) dated 26.09.2011}
c) do not zabrudnuvati prognoznu part ta smugu vidvedennya avtomobilnyh dorig; {Clause 5.2 is added to the point "in" with the Resolution of CM No. 263 ( 263-2007-p ) dated 21.02.2007}
d) do not stvoivati ​​their own children zazrozi bezpeetsі expensive ruhu. {Clause 5.2 is added to the paragraph "d" in accordance with the Resolution of CM No 263 ( 263-2007-p ) dated 21.02.2007}
5.3. Passengers take care of:
а) під час руху відвертати увагу водія від керування by transport засобом та заважати йому в цьому;
b) vidchinyati dveri transport zasobu, not perekonavshis, scho vin zupinivsya blya sidewalk, landing maidanchika, the edge of the proizvestny part chi na uzbekich;
c) pereskojati for instilling doors and for vicarities for transport and transport;
d) for an hour standing in the body of the car's wagon, sit on the sides abo not in the right for sidenna mistsi.
5.4. In the case of road transport, the passenger has the right to be transported to the post, he is obliged to pay a fee, he can be helped, he should be advised about the suitability of the body to prevent accidents and misunderstandings until the arrival of the aircraft.
5.5. Pasazhir pіd hour koristustvannya transport sistem maє right on:
a) without bothering to transport myself and luggage;
б) відшкодування завданих збитків;
c) otrimannya svoechasnoї і точно ї про про про про про про про про про про про про про про про про про про про про про про про про про про про про про про про про про про про про про про про про про про про про про про про про.

Traffic regulations of Ukraine: 6. VIMOGI TO BICYCLE

6.1. Ruhatisya on the road for bicycles to allow individuals, yaki reached the 14-rіchnyu vіku.
6.2. A cyclist is entitled to the right of the cherubim by a bicycle, which is characterized by a sound signal that swings over: in front - a white coloure, on the sides - in the orange, and afterwards - in a red worm. For the ruhu in the darkness of the day, in the inadequate appearance of bicycles, the faults of the verifications of those verifications of the lichtar (headlight) are guilty.
6.3. Cyclists, rihayuchis grupami, povinni їхати one by one, Щоб не заважати іншим учасникам дорожнього руху.
Kolona bicyclist, scho ruhaєtsya on proїїnіy part, guilty bouti rozdіlena on grupi (up to 10 bicyclists in the group) from distance ruhu mіzh grupami 80-100 m.
6.4. A cyclist can transport a person so that they do not bite a cherry with a bicycle and do not trick the cross over to the other participants of the road.
6.5. Yakshcoo bicycle dorizhka peretinaє road poza perehrestyam, bicycling zobov'yana dati road to the transport sines, scho ryhayutsya dorozi.
6.6. Cyclist to take care of:
a) cherishing with a bicycle with an unreasonable galm, a sound signal, and in the darkness of the day it is achieved in the lack of visibility - by wimknenim Likhtar (Faro) chi without svitlopovertachiv;
b) rihatisya on motorways and roads for cars, and takozh on proїznіy partyni, if the order is arranged bicycle dorizhku;
c) rihatisya on the sidewalks і пішохідних доріжках (крім дітей до 7 років на дитячих велосипедах під погляддом дорослих);
d) for one hour, the triptych for the transport transportation;
ґ) їздити, not тримаючись behind a wheel, that знімати feet from pedals (підніжок);
e) to transport passengers on bicycles (for a vignette of children up to 7 rock, to be transported on a dodatkovnogo sydinni, obladnuyu nadіyno zakriplenimi pidnizhkami);
e) towing bicycles;
є) towing, not for working with a bicycle.
6.7. Cyclists povinni vikonuvati vimogi tsikh Rules,,,,,,,,
{Розділ 6 в редакції Decree KM N 1029 ( 1029-2011-п ) dated 26.09.2011}


7.1. Keruvati guzovim transport that pereganyati tvarin on dorozi dozvolyayetsya individuals who are not young 14-rіchnogo vіku.
7.2. Guzovyi vis (sany) is guilty of the need for oblivion with overturning: in front of the white coloure, zzad - the wormwood.
7.3. For the ruhu, in the darkness of the day, it was achieved in the lack of visibility on the shoal transport, neobhіdno увімкнути ліхтарі: to the front - a white coloure, zzadu - chervonogo koloru, scho vstanovlyayutsya z lіvogo sideways (sled).
7.4. At different times on the road from the lighter road, the road to the other road in places with a view of the voyage of the wagon (sleigh) is guilty of guiding the creature for a trick,
7.5. To transport people by means of traffic, to be allowed for the presence of minds, they would be able to switch over the passengers in side-by-side transport dimensions.
7.6. To pereganyati herd tvarin on the road to be allowed to deprive svitlu poured fore, with the help of taka kolkich predecessors, shobo mozhna boulo direct the creature of the anchor closer to the right edge of the road and not stevolovati nebezpeku that pereshkod іншим учасникам дорожнього руху.
7.7. Individuals, but keruyut guzovim transport, і chasnicham tvarin zaboronyaetsya:
a) to crash along the motor roads of the state significance (for mozhlostyi, the roads of the moscow value can be crumbled); {Point "a" to clause 7.7 in the editorship. Decree KM N 876 ( 876-2008-p ) dated 01.10.2008}
b) vikoristovuvati vozi, not obednanі svitloopoverachami, without lichtaryv at the dark time, in the exhaustion of lack of visibility;
c) to embroider a creature on a smooth road without seeing vipasati їх;
d) to drive the creature along the roads with comfortable pokrityam, yakshcho uchashe іnshi road;
ґ) perevanyati tvarin on the roads at the dawn of time in the exhaustion of imperfections;
e) pereganyati tvarin through the halls of kolії і roads with the resting pokrtyam poza spetsіalno vіvedenimi mіtsyami.
7.8. Individuals, yakі kerhuyut guzovim transport, і zagorović tvarin zobov'azanі vikonuvati vimogi інших пунктів цих Rules, sho stosuyutsya water and пішоходів і не суперечать вимогам цього розділу.

Traffic regulations of Ukraine: 8. REGULATORY ROAD ROW

8.1. Regulyuvannya prorozhnogo ruhu zdіysnyuetsya for dopomogo road signs, road rozmіtki, dorozhnogo obladnannya, svitloforiv, ​​and takozh regulyuvlnikami.
8.2. Road signs can be postiynymi, timchasovimi ta iz zmіnnoyu informatsii. Timchasov road signs rozmіschuyutsya on portable extensions, expensive obodnannіo oakriplyuyutsya on the shield in the background of the zhovotogo koloru і мають перевагу before postійними дорожніми знаками та дорожньою розмітюю.
{Paragraph 8.2 of the Resolution, annexed to the Resolution of the CM No 876 ( 876-2008-p ) dated 01.10.2008}
8.3. Signaling reguljulyavnika majut transfiguration before signals svitloforiv and vimogami road signs, priority, and obovyazykovymi vikonannya.
Svyatloforiv, ​​krim zhovotogo migrativogo, flutter before the road sign prioryte.
Водії та пішоходи повинні виконувати додаткові вимоги регулювальника, навіть якщо вони superechat to the signals світлофорів, вимогам дорожніх знаків і розмітки.
8.4. Road signs (додаток 1) поділяються on group:
a) transjugval marks. Інформують водіїв про наближення до небезпечної ділянки дороги і character of nebezpeki. Під час руху по цій ділянці неххідно вжити заходів для безпечного проїзду;
b) signs of priority. Vstanovlyuyut chergovist prohezdu perehrest, perehreshchen proiznyh otdon abo vuzkikh dilianok roads;
c) cessory signs. Zaprovajuyut abo skasovuyot pevnі obmezhenna in Rusi;
d) signs. Showing obovyazykovi Straight ruhu abo allow active categories of participants rus on pro partzny chi okremih її ділянках, and takozh proprovadzhuyut abo skasovuyut vykikі obmezhennya;
ґ) інформаційно-вказівні знаки. Zaprovadzhuyut abo skasovuyut povnyi ruhu regime, and takozh інформують participants in expensive rusu about roztashuvannya populyanyh points, різних об'єктів, територій, де діють спеціальні правила;
e) signs of serv. Інформують uchasnikіv dorozhnogo ruhu about rytashuvannya ob'ektiv obswegovuvannya;
f) signs to road signs. To clarify the interlocution between the signs, at once, they put in.
8.5. Дорожня розмітка (додаток 2) поділяється на горизонтальну та вертикальну і використовується окремо або разм з дорожніми знаками, вимоги яких вона підкреслює або verify.
8.5.1. Horizontal road rozmіtka vstanovlyuet pivnyi regime і order ruhu. To be applied to the projected part of the abdomen at the top of the border at the front of the page, the page, the letters, the symbols in toto by the other materials of the image code in paragraph 1 of the 34th edition of the Rules.
8.5.2. Vertical rozmytka u viglyadі smug bilogo i chornogo koloru na prorozhnіh sporudah te eleomentakh obednannya dorіg is recognized for the orbital order.
8.6. Dorozhnye obladnannya zastosovuyutsya yak dopomozhny zasib regulyuvannya prorozhnogo ruhu.
To lie down:
a) vegetable garden і sіvtlove signalnnoe obladnannya in miіctsy budіvnitstva, reconstruction and repair of dorig;
b) cross-shuvalnyi svitlovi rounded pedestals, which are installed on rozdlyuvalnyh smugah ostostivtsy bezpeki;
c) stolpnny stovpchiki, scho recognized for zabezpechennya apparently zozhnishnogo edge of Uzbich and nebezpechnih peshkod in the minds of lack of visibility. It is assumed that the vertical rozmіtkoyu і повинні бути обладнані світлоповертачами: pravoruch - chervonogo koloru, ліворуч - білого;
d) otklylya dzerkala for rozshirennya oglyadovo vodiam transport zasobiv, yak proizhzhayut perekhrestya chi інше небезпечне місце з недостатньоо оглядовістю;
ґ) road gardening on bridges, shlajoprovodah, viaducts, rape those інших небезпечних ділянках доріг;
д) пішохідні огородження в небезпечних for the transition проїзної частини місцях;
f) inserting rozmichuvalnyi road for the purpose of zirovyi oriviyntuvannya water on the pro part; {Paragraph 8.6. Is added to paragraph "e" with the Resolution of CM No 876 ( 876-2008-p ) dated 01.10.2008}
є) additions of the primus quasidum shvidkostі transport zasobiv; {Point 8.6 is added to the point "є" with the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers No 876 ( 876-2008-p ) dated 01.10.2008}
ж) шумові смуги для підвищення уваги учасників дорожнього руху на небезпечних ділянках доріг. {Clause 8.6 is added to the paragraph "g" with the Resolution of CM No. 876 ( 876-2008-p ) dated 01.10.2008}
8.7. Svitlofori (dodatok 3) is recognized for reguljuvannya ruhu transport zasobiv і пішоходів, majut svіtlovі signal green, жовтого, червоного і біло-місячного кольорів, які розташовані vertically chi horizontally. The svitlofora could be driven by a wedge of a walled chi contour stripe (pages), a silhouette of a walkway, an X-subbi.
On the red worm signal svitlofora iiz vertical rashtashuvannam signalov in mozhe vstanovlyuvalysya signboard of the bolshogo kororu іz deposited on nіy strilkoju green koloru. {Point 8.7 is doped with the paragraph zgidno with the Resolution of CM No 876 ( 876-2008-p ) dated 01.10.2008}
8.7.1. At svitloforyh s vertical signal roztashuvannym signalov signal chervonogo koloru - from above, green - from the bottom, and from horizontal: chervonogo - left, green - pravoruch.
8.7.2. Svitlofori z vertelnim roztashuvannam signalyv mozhut mati one abo dvі dodatki sektsії z signals from the vyglyadі green pages (pages), schot roztashovuyutsya na rіvnі zelenu zelenogo koloru.
8.7.3. Signal світлофора мають такі значення:
a) greenery is allowed to collapse;
b) greenery in the vyglyadі pages (pages) on the black background allows the rush at the designated line (straights). Take same znachennia mae signal in the vyglyadі green pages (pages) in the supplementary section of the svitlofora.
The signal in the direction of the page, the permis- sion of turning the turn, allowing the turn, yakshcho vin not burial road signs.
Signal in the vyglyadі green page (page) at the additions (dodatkovyh) seczії, увімкнений at once із green signal svitlofora, інформує водія про те, що він має перевагу в зазначеному пілкою (pages) straight (strains) ruhu in front of the transport by the nuts, sho rihayutsya інших straights;
c) greenery of migraine allows ruh, ale іnformuєe about those, but a bugless signal will be signaled, a sort of fence.
For інформування водіїв about an hour (in seconds), which is caked to the edge of the green signal signal, you can zastosovuvatysya digital scoreboard;
d) chorna contour line (page), is plotted on the main green signal, інформує водіїв about наявність додаткової секції світлофора і вказує інші permissibly п|п|п|п|я-п|п|я-п|п|я-п|я-п|я-п|п|я-п|я-п|я-пTп|п|я-п|п|п|я-п|п|п|я-п|п|п|я-п|п|п|п|п|п|я|;
ґ) жовтий заборроняє рух і попереджає about the coming of зміну сигнаів;
e) жовтий миготливий a signal two two жовтих миготливих a signal to authorize рух i інформують about наявність небезпечного негузлеоного перехрестя або пішохідного to transition;
e) a chervonium signal, in addition, the number two are cute, and two of the chervonichnyh celibate signals are buried.
The signal at the vigilant green page (page) at the additions (dodatkovyh) seczії at once with zhovtim abounding with the signal of the svitlofora іnformuєe water about those who are allowed to do what they have been told in advance for the no-transshipment pass of transport zakobіv, yakі rihayutsya інших напрямків.
Strilka green koloru on tablitsi, vstanovleniy on rivnі chervonogo signal svitlofora z verticalnymi rotashuvannjam signalov, permissibly ruch at the designated line with the uvіmkennemu chervonnomu signali svitlofora z margnogo pravo (smovi) smugi ruhu for umovi nadannya perevagi in russi iinim yogo uchasnikam; {Point "e" to clause 8.7.3 clause 8.7 is doped with the clause з зіді з зміні з Кім N 876 ( 876-2008-п ) від 01.10.2008; із змінами, всид згідно з Regulation KM N 124 ( 124-2009-п ) dated 11.02.2009}
є) povednaniya chervonogo i zhovotogo sonyvіv zaboronyaє rukh і іnformuєe about the onset of vmikannya green signal;
ж) чорні контурні стрілки на червоному і жовтому звуках не змінють значення цих сигналів та інформують about permissibly straight ruhu with green signal;
h) vimknuv signal dodatkovoi sektsії zaboronyaє rukh at the strait, in the її strіlkoyu (pages).
8.7.4. For regulyuvannya ruhu transport zasobiv on volitsyah, roads abo on the smoothlands proznogo part, podtormok ruhu on yohih mozhe zminyuvatisya on the protivolezhny, zastosovuytsya reversible svitlofori z chervonim X-podbnim signal zelenim signal in the vyglyadі pages, spinnovanoї down. Tsі signal oboronyayut abo allow ruch on smuzi, over the alleged stink of roses.
The basic signals of the reverse svitlofora mozhut bouti dopovnenni zhovtim signal in viglyadі strіlki, nahilenії dіagonalі downwards pravoruch, увімкнення якого забороняє рух по смузі, позначеній з обох боків дорожньою розміткою 1.9 (div. Dodatok 2) ( 306а-2001-п ), і інформє про zmіnu signal reversible svitlofora that neobhіdnіst perestrojuvannya on smugu ruhu pravoruch.
With vimknenih signals reversible svitlofora, scho rashtashovy over smugoyu, poznachennuyu z obokh bokіv prorozhnyu rozmytkoi 1.9, v'їzd on tsju smuha is buried.
{Paragraph 8.7.4 of paragraph 8.7 of this Regulation shall be amended by the Resolution of CM No 876 ( 876-2008-p ) dated 01.10.2008}
8.7.5. For regulyuvannya ruhu tramway mozhut zastosovuvatis svitlofori z chotorma signals bilo-misyachnogo koloru, roztashovaniem viglyadі litor "T".
It is permissible to allow a person to lose one's time in a one-hour lower signal and one person to the upper, third, third, and third parties, right, right, right. Yaksho vvіkmneno depreshe top three signals signalized.
At razi vimknennya chi neprravostnosti tramvaynih svitloforiv vodії tramvaїv povinni keruvatisya vimogami svitloforіv іz svitlovimi signals of chervonogo, zhovotogo i zelenogo kolorіv.
8.7.6. For regulyuvannya ruhu in the hallways of the vicissitudes of the svitlofori z dva chervonimi signals abo one bilo-misyachnim i dva chervonimi, yakі majut soi meaning:
a) Migotlivi chervonyi alarms to take care of the traffic of traffic overpasses;
b) Migotlivi bilo-mіsyachny signal is shown, the signal is correct and does not bother the traffic of vehicles.
On the hallways, one-hourly, with a dignified signal from the svitlophor, a sound signal can be imprinted, a sort of dodakovo form of the participants of the road to the ruin about the fence through the crossing.
8.7.7. Yakshcho signal svitlofora moe viglyad silhouette pishoshoda, yogo dіya поширюється лише на пішоходів, at цьому зелений the signal is allowed to fall, chervoniy - zaboronyaє.
For slipih pisoshodіv mozhe bouti vvіmkneno sonic signal, which allows rih pishoshodiv.
8.8. The regulator was alerted. Signals of the regulator - the position of the yogo corps, and takozh tin hands, in the number with the bat mal disk with chervonim svitlopovertachom, yaki majut soi meaning:
a) the arms are drawn to the sides, the right hand is omitted before the bums:
right and left sides - the tram is allowed directly, unreachable transport bays - right and right; пішоходам it is permitted to pass through проїзну a part behind the back of the front of the breasts of the regulator;
in the side of the chest and back - the rump of the vehicle's occupants and bushes;
b) the right hand is propelled forward:
z lіvogo boku - is allowed ruch tram lіvoruch, nerejkimim transportnym zasolam - at vsіh naprimkah; пішоходам it is allowed to pass through to the part behind the back of the regulator;
on the side of the breasts - it is permissible for the transport saps to be removed from the rifles;
from the right side of the back - the ruins of the transport vehicles are fenced off; пішоходам it is allowed to pass through to the part behind the back of the regulator;
c) the hand is in the water:
Rukh sisіh transport zasobів і пішоходів is fenced in good weather.
Wand vikorostvuyutsya tilki pratsіvnikami pіdrozdіlіv Derzhavtomіspetsії ta vіys'kovoї інспекції безпеки дорожнього руху.
To adhere to the respect of participants in the road, a signal is signaled, a whistle.
Regulyuvannik mozhe podavati інші сигнали, зрозумілі водіям і пішоходам.
8.9. Wimoga about the zupinku transport zakupu poyaetsya pratsivnikom mіlіtsії:
a) with a rod with his hand, he vkoazuє on tse transport zasib;
b) for the addition of a pre-blinked beacon of blue and cherry birch nibs to a chervona koloru that (special) sound signal;
c) for the addition of a custom-built add-on;
d) for the special bulletin board, on which the whim about the zupinka of the transport brigade are assigned.
Water is guilty of zupiniti transport zasib near Moscow, on yak yomu bude it is said, from doktrymanany rules of dots.
8.10. At the time of filing with a syllophore (a reversible one) with a regulator, the signal is taken care of, the water must be dumped before the road 1.12 (stop-line) (div. 2), the road sign 5.62 "The dentist's body" (diva dodatok 1) ( 306a -2001-n ), yakshcho їh neme не - no more than 10 m before nablizhcho raki before hall crossing, before svitloforom, pіshohіdnim transition, and yakschoo і vony vіdsutnі ta in usіh іnshih vipadkah - before pereshreschuvannuyu proїznoi partno, not stlyuchayuchi pereshkod for ruhu пішоходів.
8.11. Vod'yam, yakі in different times of the zhovotogo signal pod pidnattya regulyulyvannom hands in vozrou not mozut zupiniti transport zasib u mitsci, pobabachenomu point 8.10 tsikh Rules, do not vdeyuchitsya ekstrenogo galmuvannya, allowed to ruhitas dali for the name zabezpechennia bezpeki Dorozhnogo ruhu.
8.12. Zaboronyaєtsya samovіlno vstanovlyuvati, znіmati, poshkodzhuvati chi zakrivati ​​dorozhnі signs tehnіchnі zasobi organіzatsії road Ruhu (vtruchatis in їh robot) roztashovuvati posters afіshі, reklamnі nosії that vstanovlyuvati pristroї, SSMSC mozhut Buti priynyatі for signs that INSHI pristroї regulyuvannya road Ruhu abo mozhut pogіrshiti їх видиість чи ефективність, осліпити учасників дорожнього руху, відволікти їхню увагу і поставити під зароро безпеку дорожнього руху.

SDA of Ukraine: 9. LOOSE SIGNALS

9.1. Forward jumping signals є:
a) the signal is sent by the brightly displayed turners by a hand;
b) the sound signal;
c) the flashing of the headlights;
d) close to the head of the near-by headlights at the gate;
ґ) увімкнення аварійної сигнаізації, сигнаів гальмування, ліхтаря заднього ходу, розпізнавального автопроїзда sign;
e) uvімкнення проблискового маячка оранжевого кольору.
9.2. Water is guilty of subverting the signal with visible signs of a turn in the direction of a straight line:
a) in front of the cob, ruhu and zupinka;
b) before perestrojuvannam, turning by reverse rotation.
9.3. У разі відсутності або неправності світлових покажчиків turn the signal to the ear of the right of the right side of the pro parton, the dots of the evil, the turn of the arrow, the rotation of the abortion to the smoothness of the ruin, the rifle, the left hand, the vityagotoyu vbik, the right hand, the vygnutoyu vbik і zygnutoyu po liіktі pіd prikimim kutom eel.
Cuffed the ruff at the left edge of the pro-partia, the dots on the right, the pivot turn, the perestrojuvannya to the darkness, the rump, the right-handed paw, the right hand, the knuckle of the wrist, the right hand, the knuckle of the curtain and the curse of the mouth.
At razіsutnostnіo the unsuccessful signals of a galmuvannya such a signal to be submitted to the right of the right hand, piądatuyu vgoru.
9.4. Serve the signal with the help of the showers by turning the hand abruptly to lay down maneuvering to the back of the maneuver (in the case of shkistkosti ruhu), or not for 50-100 meters in populated areas and for 150-200 meters after them, or by tying up negatively the yogi zakinchennya (filing a signal with a hand zakinchiti bezsosednyo before the rush vikonannya maneuver). Signal zaboronyaetsya subconscious, yakshcho vin moge buti not zrozumlim for інших учасників руху.
Submission of a trans-urge signal does not allow water transitions, nor does it affect the yogo vid vzhittya zabibizhnih zahodiv.
9.5. Serve the sound of signals in the population of settlements, take care of yourself, if you do not want to save money without transport.
9.6. For adhering to the respect of water transport, a sort of obganyaetsya, mozhna zastosovati peremikannya svitla headlights, and pose the population points - and the sound signal.
9.7. Zaboronetsya koristustavisya far-distance headlights yak transjugualnym signal in the minds, if you can call up to zasliplennya інших water, then the number through zzerkalo back view.
9.8. Pid hour Ruhu mehanichnyh transport zabobov in St. Pieter's time, the method of knowledge of the transport zasobu, sho ruhaєtsya, dneyne svіtlo headlights blame bouti uvіmkne:
a) near the column;
b) on the route of transport hunters, sho rihayutsya on smuzi, cognition road sign 5.8 (div.dodatok 1) ( 306a-2001-p ), nazustrič zagalnomu traffic transport zasobiv;
c) on buses (micro buses), sho zdіysnjute transporting organisovaniyh groups; {Pipeline "in" paragraph 9.8 as amended by Decree No. 876 ( 876-2008-п ) of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine on 01.10.2008}
d) in the grand, large-sized transport hunches, those transport hunches, road construction, road hauling of unsuccessful waggons; {Pipal point "d" to item 9.8 in the editorship of Decree KM N 634 ( 634-2008-p ) dated 09.07.2008}
ґ) on the vehicle, tow;
e) in tunnels.
In the minds of the lack of visibility on the mechanic transport hindrances, you can vvіmknuti dlinnє svitlo headlights abo dodatkovo protytumannі fary for umovi, scho tse ne bude zasliplyuvati інших водіїв.
9.9. Аванійна світлова сигнаізація guilty of бути ввімкнена:
a) for different densities on the road;
b) at the times of the dinning of the wings of the prairie of the world, the water supply to the headlights; {Point "b" to item 9.9 in the editorship. Decree KM N 1029 ( 1029-2011-п ) dated 26.09.2011}
c) on the mechanic transport owner, but disregard technical defects, such a ruch is not to be cured by the Rules;
d) on a mechanized transport vehicle, but towed;
ґ) on the mechanic transport wagon, the familiar rozprisnavalnym sign "Diti", scho transport organizovanu group of children, pid hour of planting chi chick;
e) in all mechanic transport colonial colonies, the hour and the dots for roads;
е) у разі скоєння дорожньо-транспортноїї пригоди.
9.10. At the same time, you should set the sign of the avalanche dots to the abnormal chervonium lichtar in the country, you will not care for the expensive road, not too close to 20 m to the transport bug in the population ≥ 40 m pose them, in different times:
a) speed of road transport;
b) vimushennye dots in places with obedovenoy oglyadistyu road hocha b in one straighter under 100 m.
9.11. Yaksho transport has not been registered with the avalanche signal signal, the water is not right, the request to install the sign of the avalanche dots abo migotivnyi chervoniy likhtar:
a) back to the transport owner, designated in point 9.9 ("in", "g", "ґ") of the Rules;
b) on the side of the gyroshoe for the other participants of the road ahead of the vipadka, designated in point 9.10 of the Rules.
9.12. Migotliv chervone svitlo, viprominjuvane lehtarem, which zastosovuyutsya vidpovidno to vimog points 9.10 and 9.11 cich of the Rules, guilty, but good can be seen for bruising, so in the minds of lack of visibility.


10.1. Before the cob, the ruin, the perestrojuvannam, that be-like zmіnoyu strait Rukh water is guilty of perekonatisya, scho tse Bude bezpechnym i iz nazyvat poseshkoed ne nebezpeki іnshim uchasnikam ruhu.
10.2. Viejdzhayuchi on the road to the zhitlovoi zony, dvoriv, ​​parking lot, autotracking stanitsi ti іnshih prileglih teritorіy, vodyі guilty before proїznoyu partial chi pavement dati road pіshohadam і transport zasobam, sho rihayutsya na nіy, and z'izhdzhayuchi z road - bikistam i pishoshodam, pismokomok ruhu of some people.
10.3. In times of perestrojuvannya vodyі guilty of giving way to transport zasolami, sho rihayutsya in passing by straight on tjiy smuzi, on yaku vin mene naimir rebuilt.
For a one-hour perestrojuvannya transport zasobiv, scho rihayutsya in one straight, water, a sign that a pilot, is guilty of giving way to a transport bump, but a right-handed man.
10.4. Before the turn, the right hand, the right hand, the right hand, the turn of the water, the wings, the hanging, the turn, the turn on the part, the acknowledgment for the ruin in the direction, the turn, if the turn is at the turn of the day, the organ is circular, the stream is identified by the road signs of the chi expensive rozmytkoyu neo ruh mozhlivy lisha in one strake, vstanovlennomu konfiguratsiєyu proiznogo parti, road signs chi rozmytkoju.
Vodiy, scho vikonuє turn of the turner abo rozvorot pozhrestyam z vіdpovіdnogo pogljanogo povozhnya na proїznіy partnі danyogo povstnku, guilty of giving way to dostrichnim transport zasobam, and when vikonannі ci maneuviv not in the extreme lyvogo pozhennya na pro proiznіy partnі - i odnotnim transport sines.
For nayavnostі tramvaynoy kolії in the middle of the proizny part of the water of the non-traffic transport zasobu, but the turn of the turnabout turns the posture of perehrest, is guilty of the date of the tram.
10.5. Rotate neobhidno vikonuvati so, so in case of a change in the progzyschennyi proiznyh partial transport zasib not opinnivsya on smuzi duschnichnogo ruhu, and in different times turn right-hand, rihatisch shorter to the right edge of the pro partzny, krim vypadku vizdu z perehreshya, de organizovano roundabout, de puskom rohu viznacheno expensive signs of chi road road rozmytkoi abo de ruh mozhlivy lishe in one straight.
10.6. Yakshto transport zasib through its size, the reasons can not vikonati turn the turn of the right of the extreme extreme, be allowed to enter into the vimog point 10.4 cich of the Rules, yakshchoe tse not superimpose vimogu zaboronnyh chi punish road signs, road rozmytki that do not do nebezpeki chi pereshkod to the other participants ruhu. At different consumers, for zabezpechennya bezpeki expensive ruhu, slid zvernutisya for dopomoyuyu to інших осіб.
10.7. Rotate fences:
a) on the hallways;
b) on bridges, shlajoprovodah, viaducts і під them;
c) in tunnels;
d) for visible roads less than 100 m hocha b in one straight;
ґ) on pіshohіdnih transitions і shorter than 10 m of them from both sides of the side, to the extent of the permitted rotation on perechresti;
e) on motorways, as well as on roads for motor vehicles, for waggons, for percussion and traffic, for cognition by road signs 5.26 and 5.27 (div. 1) ( 306a-2001-p ).
10.8. Якщо in місці з'їзду з доро є смуга галмування, водій, який має ніір turn on іншу road, is guilty of how to rebuild yourself on the tsju smugu і знижувати швидкість тільки на ній.
Yaksho in the world on the road є smuga rozgonu, vodyі mya ryhatisya na nіi і vlivatisya in the transport potyk, giving the way transport zasolam, sho ruhayutsya on tsіy Dorozi.
10.9. Pіd hour of the rush transport zasobu back motion water is not guilty of stvoovavati nebezpeki chi pereshkod іншим uchasnikam ruhu. For zabezpechennya bespeki ruhu vin u raz consumer is guilty of zvernutisya for dopomogoju to nishih osib.
10.10. Zaboronetsya Rukh transport zasobiv rear run on motorways, roads for cars, halls, peshohihdnih transitions, overpasses, bridges, shaloprovodah, overpasses, in tunnels, on the streets and vizhdah of them, and takozh on the streets dorig z obnedovoy oglyadistyu chi lack of vision .
Allow ruch rear track on the road with a one-way ruhom for ymovi doktrimnya vimog paragraph 10.9 cich Rules and nemozilivosti pid'ehati to obekta іншим чином.
10.11. In the case of trajectories, the traffic of transport assets is retuned, and the chernivost is not procured by the rules, the road is guilty of water, before the traffic jam is close to the right side.


11.1. Кількість Smoog on the progizny part for ruins of non-traffic transport zasobіv viznachaetsya road rozmіtkoyu abo road signs 5.16, 5.17.1, 5.17.2 (div.dodatok 1) ( 306a-2001-p ), and for іх відсутності - themselves water in the uryahuvannjam width proїznії parts of the air traffic control system, transport parts of vehicles, and busines and vehicles.
11.2. Nerejkovi transportnі zasobi повинні рухатися якнайближче to the right edge проїзної частини.
11.3. On the roads із dvuhsiponnіm ruhom, yakі majut on odnіy smuzi for ruhu in leather straight, for vіdisutnostі sotsіnіlі lіnії road roads for the road rіgh mozhlivy lishe for overtaking rіght rіkі mіzlіviy lishe for overtaking thіn order оf the reverse side of the dots chіki parking places біля лівого edge проїїної частини in the population of settlements at permissible vipadkas, in the course of water supply, the surge is able to melt the transfusion.
11.4. On the roads with a dvuhstoronnіm ruhom, yakі muyut čonaymenshe dvі smugi for ruhu in one straight, zaboronyaetsya vizhzhzhati on the admission for zustrichnogo ruhu bіk road.
11.5. On the roads, yakі muyut dvі i bіshe smuha for ruhu in one straight, vіyzd on the edge lіvu smugu for ruhu in цьому ж жіммік, it is permissible to do it, but for the turn of the driver, the turn for the dots of the parking lot on the lone road from one-sided ruin at the population points, if not to obey the rules of the dike (parking lot).
11.6. On the roads, yak muyut three and more rubbish for ruhu in one straight, wagon trucks with the maximum permissible mass of 3.5 tons, tractors, self-propelled machines and mehanizm allow vizhzhzhati on the edge of the lurch of sweets for turning the turn and turn, and in the population points on the roads with one-sided rukh, krim tsyogo - for zupinki zliva, in permissible vipadkah, with the method of zavantazhennya chi rozvantagzhennya.
11.7. Transport zasobi, shvidkіst ruhu yakikh is not guilty of overhauling 40 km / yr abo yakі for technical reasons can not rozvivati ​​taku shvidkіst, obvinnyi rukhatis yaknaiblyzhe up to the right edge of the pro-partnogo parti, krim vypadkiv, if vikonuetsya obgin, ob'bozdo perestrojuvannya before turning left and right .
11.8. By tramway kolії passing by a straight line, roztashovanіy on one рівні з проїзною a part for нерейкових transport засобів, it is allowed to ruin for умо, but it is not worn by expensive signs of road traffic, and so on the hour viperedzhennya, if the width of the pro part of the deficit for vikonannya ob'їzdu, without vizdu on tramway kolіyu.
At perehresti vozdzhlyayetsya vizhzhzhati on the tramway koliyu incidentally in the quiet themselves vypadkah, or for the sake of visibility before perehresty road signs 5.16-5.19 (diva dodatok 1).
Turning the turnbuckle abruptly turns out to be vikonuvatisya from the tramway colliage passing by a straight line, roztashovanoi on one rivnyi z proiznyu part for nerejkovikh transport zasobiv, yakshcho іshy order ruhu not pobabacheno road signs 5.16, 5.18 (div. Dodatok 1) abo rozmіtkoyu 1.18 (div 2) ( 306a-2001-p ).
In sysіh vipadkah not guilty stvoryovatysya pereskod for ruhu tram.
11.9. Vobozhdyayatsya vizhzhzhati on tramway kolіy dustrichnogo naprymku, vidokremleni vid pro proiznogo part tramvaini kolії ta rozdіlyuvalnu smugu.
11.10. On the roads, the pro part of some of them is subordinated to the ruugha by road roads, to be rusted, to borrow one-hourly from the marsh. Наїжджати на переривчасті лінії розмітки дозволяється лише під час перестроювання.
11.11. When intensive russia zmіnjuvati smugu allowed lisha ob'zdu pereskodi, turn, turn neo dots.
11.12. Water, a certain zdіysnyuy turn on the road, sho myo smugu for reversible ruhu, mozhe perestroivyvatsya on neі tilki після проїзду реверсивного світлофора з a signal, but can not be ruled out, and not to enforce points 11.2, 11.5 and 11.6 of the Rules.
11.13. Zaboronyaєtsya ruh the agriculture zasobіv on sidewalks i pіshohіdnih dorіzhkah, krіm vipadkіv, if the stench zastosovuyutsya for vikonannya robіt abo obslugovuvannya torgovelnih that іnshih of companies, roztashovanih bezposeredno bilja Tsikh trotuarіv abo dorіzhok for vіdsutnostі іnshih pіd'їzdіv i for Minds vikonannya vimog punktіv 26.1-26.3 Tsikh Rules.
11.14. Ruh on pro ¬ iznіy part on bicycles, mopeds, guzhovih wagons (sleighs) and tops to be allowed in a single row on the right edge of the smug yakogo right, behind the wypadkіv vinyakom, if vikonuetsya ob'ezd. Turn the turnbutton that allows you to turn on the roads for a smugoyu for ruhu in a leather straightway and without tramway collars in the middle. Allow ruk on Uzbicci, yakzcoo tse do not create a cross-stitch to pishothodam.


12.1. Pid hour Vibor in the establishment of the boundaries of the waterless shvidkosty ruhu water is guilty of urahovuvaty road conditions, and such specialization, transportation, transportation, and transportation, and so on. It is so carelessly kerouvati him.
12.2. At dark time, it is achieved in the lack of visible visibility, the ruhu is guilty of the buti, so that the water is lost in the interstices of the road.
12.3. In the case of vinikennenya nebezpeki for ruhu abo pereskodi, yaku vodіy obektivno proyamozhny vyayvity, vin is guilty of negoyno vzhiti zahodіv for zmenshennya shvidkosti right up to the dent of the transport zakobu ook bespechnogo for інших учасників руху об'їзду перекоди.
12.4. In the population of the points of transportation, the number of vehicles allowed is not more than 60 km / year.
12.5. In zhytlovi і pishohіdnih areas, the Švidkіst ruhu is not guilty of overhauling 20 km / year.
12.6. Pose by population points on all roads on roads, passing through populated areas, cognized by the sign of 5.47 (div. Dodatok 1) ( 306a-2001-p ), allowed to be removed from the shvidkistyu:
a) buses (micro buses), which are transported by organizing groups, cars with cars and motorcycles - no more than 80 km / year; {Point "a" to clause 12.6 as amended. Decree KM No 876 ( 876-2008-p ) dated 01.10.2008}
b) transport bays, some keryuut water and 2 years of experience up to 2 rock, - no more than 70 km / year;
c) wagon trucks, sho transport people from the body, those mopeds - no more than 60 km / year; {Pipeline "in" clause 12.6 of the Resolution, submitted by the Resolution of the CM No 1029 ( 1029-2011-п ) dated 26.09.2011}
d) buses (for vinyatkom microcaravans) - no more than 90 km / year;
ґ) ішшим транспортно засобам: на автомобільній дорозі, що it is known by the road sign 5.1 ( 306а-2001-п ) - no more than 130 km / year., on motor roads with surround parts, one-sided visually alone km / year., On the roads that are not more than 50 km / year. {Pipeline "ґ" to item 12.6 in the version of Decree KM N 395 ( 395-2009-p ) dated 22.04.2009}
12.7. Pid hour towing shvidkіst is not guilty of overhauling 50 km / year.
12.8. On the roads, roads, roads, roads, roads, roads, roads, roads, roads, buses, roads, roads, roads, buses, roads, buses, railway stations, roads.
{Item 12.8 as amended by Decree KM N 395 ( 395-2009-p ) dated 22.04.2009}
12.9. Водієві забороняється:
a) intermittently maximize the shvidkist, viznachenu tehnicheskuyu characteristic of the given transport breeze;
b) to overhaul the maximum shvidkіst, marked in points 12.4-12.7, on the road, road signs 3.29, 3.31 (div. dodatok 1), abacus to the transport charge, on which the sign of the signposted sign has been inserted to the point "and" item 30.3 Rules;
c) pereskojati to the transport sags, ryhayuchitsya without consuming a little shvidkistyu;
г) різко гальмувати (крім випадків, if it is impossible to avoid a road-transportable fit without it).
12.10. Додаткові омеження allowed to shvidkostі ruhu mozhut tymchasovo і postіyno.
At the same time, the signs of Shvidkost rukhu 3.29 ta / abo 3.31 ( 306а-2001-п ) obovv'yazkovo dodatkovo vstanovlyayutsya vidpііdnі road signs, yakі podzhodzhayut about the nature of nebezpeki ta / ne naplizhennya vypodpіdnogo ob'ekta.
At different times, the road signs are interlaced with the shvikosty ruhu 3.29 ta / abo 3.31 ( 306a-2001-n ) inserted in the criminals' assignments to the tsimi. The rules imply the introduction of customs duties for the national standards, for any of them, може бути притягнений до відповідальності згідно із законодавством за перевищення встановленх обмежень швидкості руху.
{The rules are amended by clause 12.10 of this Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No. 395 ( 395-2009-p ) dated 22.04.2009; in editorial order. Decree No. 668 of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine ( 668-2012-п ) від 18.07.2012}
12.10-1. Obmezhennya allowed shvidkosty ruhu (road signs 3.29 ta / abo 3.31 ( 306a-2001-p ) on the background) is tymchasovo viklychno:
а) у місцях виконання дорожніх робіт;
b) near the massacre of masoviks abo spetsialnih zahodiv;
c) in the vipadkas, who appear to be hysterical (weather). {The rules are amended by clause 12.10-1 with the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No. 668 ( 668-2012-п ) dated 18.07.2012}
12.10-2. Obmzhennya allowed shvidkosty ruhu to be entered postinovno viklychno:
a) on nebezpechnyh dilyankah dorіg ta volits' (nebezpechny turn, dilyanki z obmezhenoyu vidimistyu, mіstsya zvuzhennya road tochno);
б) у місцях розміщення ground unregulated пішохідних переходів;
в) у місцях розташування стаціонарних постів Державтоінспекції;
d) on the doljanki dorig (volits), prileglih to teritorii doshkilnyh that zagalososvіnnih navchalnih mortgage, children's healthful taboriv.
{The rules are amended by clause 12.10-2 згідно з By the Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No. 668 ( 668-2012-п ) on 18.07.2012}

Traffic regulations of Ukraine: 13. DISTANCE, INTERSTATE, ZUSTRRICHNY ROZ'ZZD

13.1. Water is located in the shvidkosty ruhu, road conditions, specialty vantage, sho be transported, and the transport zakobu is guilty of do- mirumenti careless distances and careless access.
13.2. On the roads pose people with points of water transport facilities, shvidkist yakih not pereushchuet 40 km / year, povinni predimuvaty takoї distzії, shob transportnі zasobi, yakі vikonuyut obgіn, mali zmogu bezpereskodno turn on the earlier loan to smugu ruhu.
Tsoi vimoga is not a day, yakshcho vodi tihogihdnogo transport zasobu podatej transjujuvalnyi signal about vikonannya overtaking chi ob'їzdu.
13.3. Pіd the hour of overtaking, viperedzhennya, ob'zdu pereskodi chisturochnogo roz'їzdu nehhіdno дотримувати безпечного вінвалу, Щоб не створювати небезпеки для дорожнього руху.
13.4. Yakshcho zustrichny roz'їzd difficulties, water, on the smooth rukha yakogo є horseshoe chi gabariti transport zakobu, yakim vin keruє, zavazhayut zustrichnomu ruhu, guilty of the date road. On doljankah dorig, cognition signs 1.6 "Krutiy pіdіom" і 1.7 "Krutiy spusk" (divy dodatok 1) ( 306а-2001-п ), for nayavnostі pereskodi date the road is guilty of the water transport zakobu, sho ruhaєtsya on the descent.

SDA of Ukraine: 14. OBGIN

14.1. Здійснювати обгін нерейкових транспортных засобів to be allowed лише ліворуч.
14.2. Before the rush overtaking water is guilty of perekonatisya in volume:
а) жоден з водіїв transport засобів, які рухаються за его і яким може бути it is truncated to the top, not rozpochav overtaking;
b) water transport zakobu, yaki ruhayetsya across the ti y samіy smuzi, not giving a signal about namiir turn (perestroyuyvnya) lіvoruch;
c) Smuha dusstrichnogo ruhu, yaku vіn bude vіzzhzhati, vіlna vіd transport zasobіv dostatnіy for overtaking відстані;
г) після overtaking зможе, не створюючи pereskodi transport zasobu, yakogo vyn obganyaє, turn to the loaner smugu.
14.3. Vodієві transport засобу, якого обганяють, заророняється перешкоджати обгону шхх підвищення швидкості руху або іншими діями.
14.4. Yaksho on the road for the intersections of the populated road point, the situation is not permissible for the security of a quietly large transport zakobu, yogo water is guilty of ruining the anchor of the law, and at times it is necessary to stop at the Uzbeks and to miss the transport routes, but collapse behind it.
14.5. Water transport zakobu, yaky vikonuє obgіn, mozhe zalishitsya na smuzi dustrichnogo ruhu, yakshcho pislya ponennenya on early I'll borrow smugu yomu prisposdesya zasnov rozpochati obgin, for uvovi, scho vin not to do nebezpeki zstriіchnim transport zakobam, and takozh not pereskojatime transport zakos, yakі rihayutsya for him with a high-speed shwidkistyu.
14.6. Obgin is buried:
a) on perehresti; {Point "a" to clause 14.6 of the змінами, зиідно згідно з Order KM N 1029 ( 1029-2011-п ) dated 26.09.2011}
b) in the hallways of the city, less than 100 m in front of them;
c) shorter than 50 m before the passage in the populated area - 100 m - posture populated with a point;
d) in front of the bridge, on bridges, viaducts, shlyaprovodah, steep turns of this and other doljankah dorig z obedenoyu oglyadistyu chi in the presence of imperceptible visibility;
ґ) transport bug, a kind of bureau;
e) in tunnels;
e) on the roads, just two or more times for the ruhu in one straight;
є) the colonies of transport zasobiv, after which the traffic is transported by a traffic light in a traffic light (orange).

Traffic regulations of Ukraine: 15. ZININKA I PARKING

15.1. Zupinka and parking of transport vehicles on the road povinni zdіysnjuvatis at spetsialno vіdvedenih місцях чи на узбіччі.
15.2. For відсутності спеціально відведених місць чи узбіччяo ao kol dinchinka charka parking there nemozhlivі, stinks can be found at the right edge of the pro-partia (the anchor is right, but not pereskojdati to the other participants of the road ruh).
15.3. In the population of the points, the dock and the parking lot are allowed on the opposite side of the road, while one for the rusk in the leather straight (without tramway kolіy in the middle) and not rozstilena 1.1 (divy dodatok 2) ( 306a-2001-n ), and takozh on the left side of the road with one-sided ruch.
Yaksho road moe boulevard abo rozdіlyuvalnu smugu, zupinka і parking transport zasobіv bіly them zaboronyayutsya.
15.4. Transportny zasobi not allowed to staviti pro proiznіy partyni in two or more rows. Bicycles, moped and motorcycles without a lateral prichepa are allowed to staviti on the basis of a part no more than two people.
15.5. Staviti transportnі zasobi під kutom up to the edge of the proiznії partіnі to be allowed in the mіtsyah, de tse ne bude pereskojati ruhu інших транспортних засобів.
Біля тротуарів або інших місць із пішохідним рухом ставити транспортні засоби під kutom it is allowed to deprive the front part, and on підйомах - to the rear part.
15.6. Parking of all transport vehicles in places, cognition of road signs 5.38, 5.39, with the insertion from the table 7.6.1, allowed on the part of the sidewalk, and the restorations from the table 7.6.2-7.6.5 (div. Dodatok 1) - avtovikh avtomobiliv і motorcycle tilki so, yak is shown on the table.
15.7. On the descents і підйомах, де спосіб stavlenya not reguljutsuyutsya zakoby regulyuvannya ruhu, transportnі zasobi neobhіdіno stіviti під kutom up to the edge of the prosіnoї partni so that not the stewards of the intersection to the other participants of the road ru і vіklochitі mozhlіist for samovilnogo ruhu tsikh zаbіvі.
On such flights, it is possible to establish a traffic junction for the edge of the pro-western part, turning the wheels of such a rank, the mooring of the self-destructing traffic jam.
15.8. On the tramway colliage of the bypass, straight ahead, roztashovanі lіvoruch on one рівні з проїзною частиною for the ruins of the non-razed transport zasobіv, to allow for a dinqa lisha for vіkonannya вимог цих Rules, and on the rіtashovanіih біля right edge оf the prosіnoї partіnі - Lisha for planting (hanging) пасажирів chi виконання вимог цих Rules .
In tsikh Vipadkas it is not guilty of stukovovatis peshkod for ruhu tramways.
15.9. Zupinka fence:
a) on the hallways;
b) on tramway koliyah (krim vypadkiv, with par. 15.8 of the Rules);
c) on overpasses, bridges, shlayoprovodah i pid them, and takozh in tunnels;
d) on pishohidnih transitions і less than 10 m in them, z oboh bokіv, крім випадків наданя переваги в русі;
ґ) on the perehrestah that is shorter than 10 m from the edge of the perehreschuvannya proiznogo part for vistisutnosti on them pishohіdnogo transition, for the vinyatkom dots for nadannya transitions in russia, dots against the lateral progzdu on T-subbibnyh perehresty, de є sutsіlna lіnіya rozmytki abo rozdyluvalna smuha;
e) near the cities, de vidstan mizh sotsilnoy lіnієy rozmіtki, rozdіlyuvalnoyu smugoyu chi protylezhnym kraem pro proiznyi parti i transportovom zasobom, scho zupinivsya, less than 3 m;
f) a distance of 30 m from the landing of the maidankchiv for the zupinka of the route transport vehicles, and the number of them is not much less than 30 m from the road sign of such dots in both sides;
є) shorter than 10 m in the cognized area, the vikonannya road design and in the zone vikonannya, de tse tsvystvu pereshkodi technologicnym transport zasolam, sho pritsyuyut;
g) near the cities, de Bude nezamolimim zustrіchny roz'їzd ob'obd transport zakso, scho zupinivsya;
з) у місцях, де транспортний засіб закриває від інших водіїв alarm svіtlofora abo road signs;
i) shorter than 10 m from the distance from the public places and from anywhere in the world.
15.10. Parking:
a) near the mines, de burial of the dent;
b) on the sidewalks (krіm місць, cognition in the road signs, insertions from the plates);
c) on the sidewalks, behind the vignette of the car's light cars, those motorcycles, which can be put on the edge of the pavements, de for ruhos pisohodiv, lined with 2 m;
d) is shorter than 50 m in the halls of the halls;
ґ) posture by the population points in the zones of non-vertebral turns and vipuklyh changes in the post-road profil of the road from the visibility to the survey of less than 100 m hocha b in one straight rukhu;
e) near the cities, de transport, check, stop, rush nemozlimivom rush інших transport засобів пo пo пo пoпoдoд for руху пішоходів;
f) shorter than 5 m of container maidankichiv ta / abo container for zobilannya vstodovikh vidhodiv, mіsce rozmіschennya abo oblashtuvannya yakih vіdpііdа vimogam legislativstva. {Paragraph 15.10 is added to paragraph "e" with the Resolution of CM No. 435 ( 435-2011-п ) dated 20.04.2011}
15.11. At dark days, in the lack of visible parking places, people are allowed to settle the points on the parking lots for the parking lots for the roads.
15.12. Water is not guilty of plugging a traffic jam, not having gotten into all the stops, but do not let the yogi of self-destructive ruhu penetrate into the yoke of illegal illegal zavolodinnya him.
15.13. Zaboronetsya vidchinyati dveri transport zasobu, zalyshat іх відчиненими і виходити з transport засобу, якщо це загрожує безпеці і створиє перешкоди іншим іsnitsam dorozhnogo rohu.
15.14. At different times in the world, the zupinka is buried, water is guilty of incurring all seasons, it is necessary to clean the transport route, and for the non-settling time ziroviti - dyati zgіdno z vimogami pisativ 9.9-9.11 cih Rules.

Traffic regulations of Ukraine: 16. TRANSPORT PROTECTION

16.1. Perekrestya, de chergovist prozdu viznachaetsya signals svitlofora chi regulyulyavnika, vvazhaetsya regulovonim. At such a change in signs, the priority is not to be taken.
At different times of the svitlophor abo yogi robot in the regime of the migratory signal to the zoo of the cow, that vyssutnosti reguliulyavnika perehrestya vvazhaetsya unregulated and watered povinni keruvatis' rules progzdu unregulated, pereheste those establishments on perehresti signs prioritetu.
16.2. In reguljonovyh and unregulated perehrestye water, turning the right hand of the driver, is guilty of letting the way to the picnics, to pass through the part, into the yak vine, and so to the bikers, yaki to rush right into the direct route.
16.3. At the time of the need for transference in the Russian traffic jams, the ripples on the perehreshevy roads, the water is guilty of zupiniti traffic before the road 1.12 (stop-line) abo 1.13 (divyodok 2) ( 306a-2001-p ), svitloforom so, shob bachiti yogo signal, and yakshcho vony videtsnі - before the edge of perehreshuvannoї proїznoї partiny, not stvojuchuchi pereshkod for ruhu pishoshodіv.
16.4. Vobzhzhanyayutsya vizhzhzhati on be-yak perehrestya, that number in the signal svitlofora, scho permissive ru, yakshchoo utvoryvsya congestion, a kind of zmusit vodyi zupinichisya perehresti, scho to make a cross-stitch for the ruin of the previous transport zabotiv and pishoshodiv.
Regulated fumes
16.5. In the case of a signal to a signal from a regulator, a signal is given to the signal of the svltophora, but it is permitted to drop the water of the cobs, to give way to the transport facilities, which completes the rupture through perehresha, and so to the pihoskhods, as well as the perekhod.
16.6. Turning the switch incorrectly turns on with the green signal of the main svitlofera, the water of the non-traffic transport zozob zobovaniyah date of the tramway road passing by straight, and such transport hunches, sho rihayutsya in dustrichnomu directly straight abo turn pravoruch.
Tsim is the rule of the guilty keruvatisya mіzh soboyu i vodyії tramvaїv.
16.7. Yakshcho the signal of the regulator of the abolition of the signal of the weather gate allows one-hourly tramway and non-transportation vehicles to be transported, the tram can be reloaded indefatigably as straight as the yogo ruhu.
16.8. Vodiy, yakiy vihav on perehreschennya proiznyh parton zgіdno іz signal svitlofora, scho permissibly ru, is guilty viihati at nasimchennomu spontmu nezalezhno vіd sonyvіv svіtlofora na viїzdі. Prote, yakshcheo on the perehrestah before svitlofory on shlyahu ruhu water - roadway 1.12 (stop-liniya) (divy dodatok 2) abo road sign 5.62 (diva dodatok 1), vin is guilty of keruvatisya signals of the skin svitlofora.
16.9. Pid hour Ruhu in the strait of the page, imprinted in the additions section one-time on the worm-eaten chervonim signal svitlofora, vodyі mye dati road to transport zasobam, sho rihayutsya інших напрямків.
Pid hour Ruhu in the straight line of the green ring on the table, installed on the red worm signal svitlofora iz vertical alarms, water is guilty of hijacking the law (smava) Smugu ruhu dati road to transport bays і пішоходам, що рухаються з інших напрямків. {Paragraph 16.9 is added by the paragraph to the Resolution of the CM No 124 ( 124-2009-p ) dated 11.02.2009}
16.10. On perehresti, de ruh regulate svitloforom z dodatkovoi sektsієyu, watery, yaky perebuvaye on smuzi, za bogo robitsya turn, guilty prodovzhuvati rush at the strait, scho vkazuyet page, vvіmkuta in dodatkovіy sektsії, yakshchoo yogo dope on the dowry signal svitlofora to make the pereskodi transport vzosobam, sho rihayutsya him on the same self.
Neregulovany perechretya
16.11. On perehresti nerivnoznachnikh dorіg vodyі transport zasobu, sho ruhaєtsya on prikorodnіy dorizі, is guilty to give way to transport zakobam, yakі nablizhayutsya to danyogo perekhreschennya proїznyh parton on gorodіy dorizі, nezalezhno vіd naprimku іх podalshshogo ruhu.
16.12. On perehrestі rіnnoznachnih dorіg vodyі non-junction transport zasobu zobov'yaniyakh dati road to transport zasobam, scho nablizhayutsya pravoruch.
Tsim is the rule of the guilty keruvatisya mіzh soboyu i vodyії tramvaїv.
At any unregulated, the tramway is out of the question, unconscionably in the direction of the yogo of the submissive ruhu, moe perevagu before the non-razvichimi transport junkies, but close to the same on the rnvnoznachnіy road.
16.13. Before the turn of the road and the rotation of the water of the non-traffic transport zobov zobovaniyah date, the tramway road passing by straight, and so transport hunches, sho rihayutsya on rivnoznachnіy dorizi in dustrichnomu straight straight chi pravoruch.
Tsim is the rule of the guilty keruvatisya mіzh soboyu i vodyії tramvaїv.
16.14. Yaksho head road to perehresti zmіnyu straights, water transport infrastructures, yakі rukhayutsya na niy, povinni keruvatisya mіzh soboi rules of prohzdu perehresh rivnoznachnyh dorig.
Tsim's rule is to be guilty of kiruvatisya mіzh soboyu і vodyії, yakі rihayutsya on oddoradnih roads.
16.15. Yaksho nemozhlivo vyznachiti nayavnit pokrtya na dorozi (dark is the time to finish, dirt, snig toschoo), and signs to the priority, water is guilty of vvazhati, scho perebuvaє on prikorudnіy dorizi.


17.1. On the road iz for smugoyu for the route transport zabob, acquainted with the road sign 5.8 abo 5.11 (div. Dodatok 1), ( 306a-2001-p ) to take care of the rush and dent of the transport vehicles on the tsіy smuzi.
17.2. Vodiy, yaky poverta pravoruch na prizizі iz smugoiu for route transport zasobiv, scho vidokremlena pererivschoyu lіnієy dorozhnoї rozmіtki, mozhe vikonuvati turn in tzієї smugi. In such cases, you can choose the way you want to go on the road to the road and to land a chisel of the passengers on the right edge of the pro-partion.
17.3. Pose perehrestye, de tramvaini kolії peretinayut smugu ruha non-rake transport zasobiv, transva nadaetsya tram (krim vipadkiv vіzdu tram y depot).
17.4. In the population of points, close to the bus, minibus bus trolleybus, sho rozpochina ruch vid znachennoy zupinki, roztashovanoї in zaїznomu "pocket", waterії інших transport zabovіv zobov'janі zmenshiti shvidkіst, and in times of consumption, but the date can be routed to the transport bail rozpochat ru .
17.5. Водії автобусів, мікроавтобусів і тролейбусів, які gave a signal about us to rozpochati rush v dychinki, повинні вжити заходів для запобігання дорожньо-транспортній пригод fit.


18.1. Water transport zasobu, scho nablizhaetsya to neregulovanogo pishohihdnogo transition, on ya mokomu perebuvayut pіshodi, guilty zmenshiti shvidkіst, and in the time zupinichitsya, shobo dati road pishoshadam, for some moge bouti ochitryena chyshki chi nebezpeka.
18.2. On the regulation of crossings and overcauses in the case of a signal of the overflow of the chill of the regulator, it is permissible for the traffic jams to pass through, the water is guilty of the way to the pas- sohods, and the passage of the proxy part of the pipeline is controlled by the rukhu, and for some of them,
18.3. Проїжджаючи повз пішоходів, які не вглигли закінчити перехід проїзної частини і вимушено перебувають на острівці безпеки або лінії, що розділяє транспортні streams протилежних напрямків, водії повинні дотримувати безпечного інтервалу.
18.4. Yaksho before unregulated pishoshidnim transition zmenshuє shvidkіst chi zupinivsya transport zasib, voyії інших transport засобів, що рухаються по сусідніх смугах, повинні зменшити швидкість, and in times of consumption it can be prevented (відновити) ruх лише перековшись, що на пішохідному переході немає пішоходів, for There may be a chieftain chi.
18.5. At be-I mіtsіі vіnyі it is guilty to skip slіpih пішоходів, які to signal the cane of the white colou, straight ahead.
18.6. Zaboronetsya v'zhdzhzhati on pishohіdny perehіd, yakshcho for it was brewing a congestion, a kind of snake water, zupinichsya on tsyomu transi.
18.7. Vodії повинні зупинитися before пішохідним transition to the signal, additions to the point "in" clause 8.8 of the Rules, yakcsho taka vimoga nadіyshla vіd members of the shkilnogo patrol, the corral of the young inspectors ruhu, in the order of ekipirovanih, osob, scho soprovozhuyut grupi deti, i dati road dityam, yak to pass proїznu part of the road.
18.8. Water transport zasobu guilty zupinishsya, shobo dati road pishothodam, yakі ydut z boku vidchinenih doors before (abo vid) tram, sho stopit on zupintsi, yakshcho landing chi vizadka carried out from the proiznoy parti chi landing maidanchika, rozmischengo on niy.
Prodovzhuvati ruh permissyaetsya Lisha Todi, if pisohodi lull proeznu parti і in the tram zachinyaetsya door.
18.9. Close to the transport zasobu z rozpriznavlnym sign "Diti", scho zupinivsya z uvimknenenuyu avarinoyu signalovatsieyu, vodyі guilty zmenshiti shvidkіst, and in the time zupinshitisya, scho uniknuti naizdu na deti.


19.1. At the dawn of time, it is achieved in the inadequacies of lack of visibility and independence of the road, and in the tunnels on the transport side, so that they can be ruined, the guards should admit the following:
a) on all mechanic transport hunches - the fars of the near (distant) svitla;
b) on mopeds (bicycles) and guzovyh wagons (sleighs) - fari nikolichtari;
c) on the roads, those transport hunters, but towed, - gabaritny lihtari.
Primitka. In the minds of the lack of visibility on the transport mechanisms, the permissiveness of the headlamps of the near (far) svitla vvіmkuti protitumannі darby.
19.2. Dalnє svіtlo slіd peremikati na komnnє not mensh yak for 250 m before zustrіchnogo transport zasobu, and takozh todi, if it is possible mozhe zaslipiti іnshih vodіїv, zokrema is quiet, sho plohayutsya in a passing way.
Svіtlo neobhіdno перемикати і на більшій відстані, якщо водій зустрічного transport засобу perіодичним перемиканням світла фарр покаже нужно в цьому.
19.3. In the case of poghirschennya visible in the strait of the ruhu, wiklikanoi svitlom headlights dustrichnyh transport zabobiv, vodyі guilty zmenshiti shvidkist to takoy, yak b not perevechuvala zapehnochnoy for the reason of the actual visibility of the road in a straight line, and in times zaslipennya - zupinishsya not zmіneyuchi smugi ruhu, i uvіmnkuti аварійну світлову сигнаізацію. Vidnuvlennya ruhu allowed to deprive the person of the fact that they pass through the negative seasons.
{Paragraph 19.3 as amended. Decree No. 1029 of the CM ( 1029-2011-п ) dated 26.09.2011}
19.4. Pіd the hour of the zupinka on the road in the darkness is getting better in the lack of visibility on the transport part of the city, but in the case of the dumbing up, the avalanche of the signal signal.
In the minds of the lack of visibility to be allowed to doodatkovo uvіmknuti svnnє svitlo abo protitumanni fari ta zadnі protitumannі lіhtarі.
Yaksho габаритні ліхтарі неправні, transport zasіb слід прилити за межі дороги, а якщо це не неможли, yogi need to get acquainted with the points 9.10 and 9.11 of the Rules.
19.5. Protitumanni fari mozhna vikoristovuvaty in the minds of the lack of visible yak ocremo, so і z sobnim obo dalnіm svitlom headlamps, and in the darkness of the time to achieve unfulfilled doljankah dorіg - lishe at once in the near far distance of headlights.
19.6. With a searchlight, a searchlight and a headlamp, you can marshal the water supply of operational transport vehicles, as well as the vichonanne of the servicemen, zhivdav zahodiv in order not to obscure the other participants in the road ruhu.
19.7. Забороняється підключати задні протитуманні ліхтарі до сигналів гальмування.
19.8. The sign of the auto-post, of the insertion in the form of the letters "p." To paragraph 30.3 of the Rules, is guilty of post-installation of the alarms at the hour of the day, and in the darkness it is achieved in the absence of visible durability, and the hour of the vomiting, the dots of the parking lot on the road.
19.9. Rear protivumanniy lihtar allowed vikoristovuvati in the minds of the lack of visible yak at the svitlu, so in the dark time it was done.

Traffic regulations of Ukraine: 20. RUH THROUGH ZALYZNICHNI TRANSITIONS

20.1. Vodії transport zabobіv mozhut pertinati zalіznichnі kolії lishe na zaliznichnykh pereizdah.
20.2. Pіd'їжжаючи до переїзду, а и також починаючи рух після зупинки before him, watery cobs to be cherished in the enclaves and signals of the chernigov on the crossing, the positions of the barrier, the svitlovoiu that sound signal, road signs and road rozmytkoyu, and takozh peretkonutsya in order not to close up poezd (locomotive, trolley).
20.3. To skip the journey, to get close to it, and in the next few vipages, if it is buried in the hallway, the water is guilty of jumping ahead of the road 1.12 (stop-liniya 2), the road sign 2.2 (div 1) ( 306a- 2001-p ), the barrier of the chi svitloforom so, shchob bachiti signal, and yakschoo zasobi organizatsii Dorozhnogo Ruhu vіsutnі - no more than 10 m before the razki.
20.4. Yakshto before the transfer of a lot of roads, roads, road signs, roads, roads, traffic jams, traffic jams.
20.5. Ruh through perebez zaboronyetsya, yaksh:
a) chergovy on the transfer of the signal to fence the ruhu - stand up to the water with the backs of his back with his staff (chervonim lihtarem chi praporetsem) aborted by hand to the sides;
b) the gateway of descents;
c) the dew-signal of the sirenophore or sound signal is fixed irresolutely in the presence of the position of the barrier;
d) for the transfer there was a congestion, a kind of muddy water to be hit on the road;
ґ) before the transfer in the interstitial spaces, it seems that the locomotive, the railcar, is on the way.
20.6. Ruh through the transfer of sylskospodarskih, road, budivelnih ta іnshih machines and mehanizmіv allow tilki in the transport station.
20.7. It is forbidden to self-criticize the barrier of the yo-yo, but to avoid transport, to stand before the transfer, if only through a fence.
20.8. At different times the densities of the transport bridle on the overpass of water craws are negligently invisible of people і вжити заходів for звільнення переїзду, but it is not to be zbabiti, vіn is guilty:
a) if you can, send two of the choloviks uzdovzh kolіy to the offspring of the sides of the crossing not a minute at 1000 m (one of the one, then in the bishop's entrance there is a pose, and on the one-line crossings - at the bottom of the visible hall of the hall), explaining the rules of suppression to the signal of the dent to the machinery of the locomotive (the locomotive, the railcar), and to get close to it;
b) to be embroidered in the bilge of the transport bilge і, giving a signal of a natural alarm, to take in all the calls for zvilnennya pereizdu;
c) in the case of the emergence of pogda bigti yomu nazustrić, podayuchi signal zupinki.
20.9. The signal of the dope of the locomotive (the locomotive, the railcar) is the circular collapse of the hand (in the case of a shamrock of a jasper cloth, it is a good thing for a dark thing, at a dark time it is defeated in the presence of a lack of visibility - with a torch). Signal zagalnogo trivogi є sirії sonic signals of the transport zasobu, sho zakladayutsya z odnogo dovgogo i trihok short signals.
20.10. Herd tvarin allowed to pereganyati through perebez tilki for the sufficient number of chases, ali not less than three. Translate alone creatures (not more than two for one chase) unnecessarily for a trifle, povid.

Traffic regulations of Ukraine: 21. TRANSPORTATION OF PASSENGERS

21.1. To be allowed to transport passengers in a transport vehicle for a landing in the country, but is technically precluded so that the stink does not obstruct the watering of the kerouvati by the transport bridle and does not intersect the look and look up to the rules of transport.
21.2. The water of the route transport vehicles should be taken out on an hour of transporting the passengers by rozmovlyti to them, їsti, piti, palita, and takozh to transport the passengers and the cabins at the cabins, yakshoso vina vidokremlena vid salonu.
21.3. Transported by bus (microcar) Organized by the group for the purpose of obovyazykovogo conducted by the agency with the help of those who are sick of the rules of careless behavior, the hour rukhu ta dіy u raz viniknennya avaryno-nebezpechnih situatsі chi skoєnnya prizhny-transportnoi pribody. When the forward and the back of the bus (microcar), it is obovyazkovo vstanovlyuetsya zgіdno z vimogami pidpunktu "in" paragraph 30.3 of the Rules of the decree sign "Diti".
Water bus (microcar), a kind of transportation of the organizovaniyah groups, is responsible for the mother's experience of water supply not less than 5 years old. The water supply of the category "D" ..
{Paragraph 21.3 as amended by Decree No. 876 of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine ( 876-2008-п ) dated 01.10.2008}
21.4. Vodiu zaboronyaetsya pokachati rush to the opposite zachinennya doors that vidchinyati їх to the dump transport zakobu.
21.5. Perevezennnya pasazhiriv (up to 8 choloviks, kriіm water) at pristosovannomu for tsyogo vatazhnomnomu avtomobili vozmotyvaetsya vodyіy, yakі majut experience kerуvannya transport zasobom bіlsh trіhok rokіv i svііdchennja vodіya kategії "S", and at razі pereznenya podnaznachenu kіlkіst (including pasazhirіv at kabіні) - category "C" and "D".
21.6. Vantazhniy avtomobily, shcho vikoristovuyutsya for transporting passengers, is guilty of having a seat of seats, locked in a body in the country for not less than 0.3 m from the top of the board і 0,3-0,5 m from the pids. Sidinnya, scho roztashovany sledzhg zadnogo abo lateral board, obvinnyi mati matic back.
21.7. Кількість пасажирів, які it is transported in the body of the trolley car, it is not guilty to interrogate the country for the sidenna of the mos.
21.8. Військовослужбовці строкової сервиби, які мають повідчення водія транспорт засобу категорії "С", supposed to be transported by passengers on the body of a privatized for a whicago waggon car to suit the needs of the people for the sidenna mісць після проходження спеціальної підготовки і стажування extending 6 місяців.
21.9. Before the ride of the water car, the driver is responsible for the design of the passengers on the obovyozyki, the rules of landing, visas, rozmischennya і поведінки в кузові.
You can begin to cope, you can be better off, but you need to clean up the passengers for uninterrupted transportation of passengers.
21.10. Proizd at the body of a vending car that is not possessed for transporting passengers, it is allowed to deprive persons of such a nature that they can not follow him, for the reason, for stinking stoves for seats, for roasting in accordance with clause 21.5 of the Rules and Techniques of Bakeless. Кількість пасажирів у кузові та кабіні not guilty перевищувати 8 чоловік.
21.11. To be removed:
а) пасажирів поза кабіною автомобіля (крім добачених цими Rules vipadkіv transporting the passengers on the body of the trolley car with the onboard platform abo in the body-van, the recognition for transporting passengers), at the body of the self-propelled automotive-tractor, the tractor, the self-propelled vehicles, on the vanity unit, on the steering wheel , in prichepy-dachi, in the body of a riding motorcycle;
b) children, who are less than 145 cm abo quiet, but did not finish the 12th anniversary of the cathedral, - for transport hunters, who have spare straps, without special provisions, to give zmogu pristebnuti ditinu for the sake of the changes in the carelessness, before the design of the transport system; on the front passenger car seat - without visas for special vehicles; on the rear sidenna motorcycle and moped; {Paragraph "b" to item 21.11 as amended. Decree KM N 876 ( 876-2008-p ) dated 01.10.2008}
в) дітей до 16-річного віку в кузові бы-якого вантажного автомобіля;
d) the organization of groups of children at a dark time.

Traffic regulations of Ukraine: 22. TRANSPORTED BY VANTAJU

22.1. Masa vantazhu, sho transported, and rozpodil navantazhennya on osi not obvinnyi perevishchuvati quantities, viznacheni tehnichnoyu characteristic of the given transport breeze.
22.2. Water before the cob of the craws of the cattle, to overestimate the overgrazing and crushing of the wagtail, and when the hour ruhu-kontrolovati tse, shchob zabobygti yogo padinnyu, volochinnyu, travmuvannu soprovodzhuyuchih osib chi prichkolnu pereshkod for ruhu.
22.3. Transporting vtantazhu allowed for umovi, scho vin:
a) do not grow in the presence of participants in the road;
b) do not disregard the stiйkosti of the transport zakobu і not udruduyuschy kerуvannya him;
c) do not intermittently vigilance;
d) not zakrivaє zvnіsіnі svіtlіvyh priladіv, svіtlоpovertachіv, numbered і rozpіzvalalnih znakіv, and takozh not pereskodzhaє sprimannu signalov, scho podayayutsya hand;
ґ) do not stlyuє noise, not піднімає пилу та не забруднює проїзну частину і навколишнє середище.
22.4. Vantazh, scho vygodyat for the size of the transport zasobu ahead abo zzad bilsh yak at 1 m, and for the width of the transversal 0.4 m from the summertime edge of the front abdominal rear visor, is guilty of the cognition in the direction of the point "p" to paragraph 30.3 of the Rules.
22.5. For the special rules of the road, the road hauling of unsuccessful waggons, the transportation of the vehicles, the same components, if you want one 2.6 meters behind the width, 4 meters above the road - for containers on Ukravtodorom and Derzhavotnospektsiye routes - 4,35 m), for the dovzhinoi - 22 m (for the route transport vehicles - 25 m), the actual weight is 38 t (on Ukravtodor's and Derzhavotnogorspekiye routes routes - up to 40 t, for containers - 44 t, on the routes for them - up to 46 tons), Navantha ення на одиночну вісь - 11 т (for buses, trolleybus - 11,5 t), здвоєні осі - 16 т, строєні - 22 t (for containers on the basis of single-lane - 11 t, lorries - 18 t, constructions - 24 t ) abo yakschoo vantage vystupaye for the rear dimension of the transport bil bil yak at 2 m. {Paragraph first paragraph 22.5 in the editorship KM N 876 ( 876-2008-p ) dated 01.10.2008, N 76 ( 76-2009-п ) від 11.02 .2009}
Осі слід вважати здвоєними або строєними, якщо відстань між их (суміжними) не перевищує 2,5 м.
22.6. Transportnі zasobi scho zdіysnyuyut dorozhnє transported nebezpechnih vantazhіv, povinnі ruhatisya of uvіmknenim blizhnіm svіtlom headlamps zadnіmi Overall lіhtaryami that vstanovlenimi rozpіznavalnimi signs, peredbachenimi paragraph 30.3 Tsikh Rules and velikovagovі that velikogabaritnі transportnі zasobi - takozh s uvіmknenim probliskovim beacon (probliskovimi beacons) orange koloru .
{Paragraph 22.6 as amended. Decree No. 634 of the Cabinet of Ministers ( 634-2008-p ) dated 09.07.2008}

Traffic regulations of Ukraine: 23. TOWED TRAFFIC SAFETY OF TRANSPORTATIONS

23.1. Towing a causeway vikonuvatysya mehanichnim transport zakolom without prichepa і z tehnichno spravnimi zchipnimi extensions yak in the towed transport zasobu, and in the transport zasobu, sho tow.
Running dviguna iz to zastosuvannjam zhorstkogo abo gnuchekogo zcheplennya guilty vikonuvatisya zgіdno z vimogami tsiogo rozdіlu.
It is allowed to tow a mechanized transport lisha with a single prichepom.
23.2. Towing of transport facilities:
a) із застосування жорсткого або гнучкого зчеплення;
b) iz to the partial transport of the towed transport brigade to the platform abo on a special support board.
23.3. Zhorstke zchenedlennya guilty zabezpechuvati vidstan mizh transportnymi zasolami not bilsh yak 4 m, gnuchke - in the interstices of 4 - 6 m. Gnuchek zcheplennya through kozhny meter acquainted with signal boards on the right hand side of the shoe with paragraph 30.5 of the Rules.
23.4. In case of towing a mechanic transport barge on a gnuncled convoy in a towed vehicle, the galmov system and the helm of the keruvania are handled by the robocha, and the keruvanya is driven by the zhorstkoy zakened.
23.5. The towing of a mechanic transport bail on a stiffly abused gnuchenny convictly zdіysnyuvatysya lishe for umovi, scho for kermom towed transport zabusku perebuvaet vodi (krim vypadkiv, if the design of the zhorstkogo zakeninya zabezpechuyu towed transport zasobu repeated traektorії ruhu transport zasobu, sho tow, unreliable for the magnitude of the turns).
23.6. The towing of a non-motorized transport charge is guilty of causing a lisha for a zhorstkom zchepplenny for the purpose, but yo constructors will not care about a towed transport zapobu repeated traektorії ruhu transport zasobu, sho tow, unreliable for the magnitude of the turns.
23.7. Mekhanichny transport zasib z rudderovim keruvannyam, scho not діє, it is guilty to be towed up to the point "b" to item 23.2 of the Rules.
23.8. Before the rush, the towing of the water transport vehicles behind the posts of the guards, the order of giving signals, zokrema for the zupinka transport zasobiv.
23.9. Pid hour towing at the railway station to the gnuchee zcheplennnі zaboronyate to transport the passengers on the towed vehicle (krim of the car) that body of the trolley car, but towed, and in different ways by private parking, kabini transport sashu, sho tow).
23.10. Towing a fence:
a) Actually, the mass of the towed transport bridges with the improper galmic system (for the sake of ії відсутності) I translate half of the actual transport vehicle, I tow it;
b) on the gnucheskoy zakened pid hour ozheluditsi;
(c) The landfill of the transport traffic is transported 22 m (by the route transport vehicles - 30 m);
d) motorcycles without lateral prichepa, but such motorcycles, moped chi bicycles;
ґ) for more than one transport bilge with a transport hunt with a parish;
e) By bus. {Pipewrite "d" to item 23.10 of the Resolution, submitted in accordance with the Resolution of the CM No 1029 ( 1029-2011-п ) dated 26.09.2011}
23.11. The exploitation of the vehicles in the warehouse of a motor vehicle, the tractor of an auxiliary tractor and the use of a truck, is permitted for a caravan in the service of a tractor, and the composition of transport vehicles in the warehouse of a bus and a courier is also due to the presence of a pricable annex installed by a vibro-factory.
{Paragraph 23.11 of this Resolution shall be amended in accordance with the Resolution of the CM No 1029 ( 1029-2011-п ) dated 26.09.2011}
{Paragraph 23.12 is posted on pidstavi Decide CM No. 1029 ( 1029-2011-п ) dated 26.09.2011}

Traffic regulations of Ukraine: 24. NAPALTINA ЇZDA

24.1. Navtachi vodinnyu transport zasobu otvolyaetsya Lisha Osib, yaki do not mait for any medicines protypokazan.
{Paragraph 24.1 of the Resolution, annexed to the Resolution of CM No 1029 ( 1029-2011-п ) dated 26.09.2011}
24.2. Individuals, kotry navechayutsya vodinnyu avtomobilya, guilty not more than 16 rockov, and motorcycle chi moped - 14 rock. So, the individuals of the zobov'yazi mati with the document, scho zavіdchuє їхній вік. {Paragraph 24.2 of the Resolution, annexed to the Resolution of the CM No 1029 ( 1029-2011-п ) dated 26.09.2011}
24.3. Person, yaka vovchaetsya vodinnyu transport zasobu, zobov'yana znati i vikonuvati vimogi tsikh Rules.
24.4. Pochatkov navchannya vodinnyu transport zasobu guilty conducted on the outcry maidanchichah, avtodromah abo at miсcях, де відсутніінісссники дорожнього руху.
24.5. Навчальна їзда on the roads дозволяється тільки in the presence of спеціаліста з підготовки водіїв і за достатніх почакових начина на водіння у того, хто навчається.
{Paragraph 24.5 of this Resolution shall be amended in accordance with the Resolution of the CM No 1029 ( 1029-2011-п ) dated 26.09.2011}
{Item 24.6 is posted on pidstavi. Decree KM N 1029 ( 1029-2011-p ) dated 26.09.2011}
{Paragraph 24.7 is posted on pidstavi Decree KM N 1029 ( 1029-2011-p ) dated 26.09.2011}
24.8. Transport zasobi, on yakih to be carried out Navsannya, повинні мати розпізнавальні знаки "Учбовий транспортний засіб" відповідно до вимог підпункуту "к" пункт 30.3 цих Правила. Automobiles, yakis are systematically vikoristovuytsya for navsannya takozh povinni buti obladnany dodatkovymi pedal zcheplennya (in the case of the construction of the transport zabobu perebacha pedal zcheplennya), the accelerator (in the case of the construction of the transport knot allowed to be able to have such a pedal) and galmuvannya, dzerkalom nezzerkalami rear view for specialsista з підготовки водіїв.
{Paragraph 24.8 as amended. Decree No. 1029 of the Cabinet of Ministers ( 1029-2011-п ) dated 26.09.2011}
24.9. Zaboronyaetsya navzannya vodinnyu transport zasobiv u zhitlovіy zonyi, on the roads for cars and motorways. Перелік доріг, на яких позволяється навчання водінню транспортних засобів, погоджується з Державтоінспекцією.


25.1. On the skin transport carrier, to collapse in the warehouse of the colony, insert a rose sign of the "Colon", additions to the point "є" to item 30.3 of the Rules, and to close the headlights.
A rozpiznivalny sign can not be installed, yakshcho colony sluzhodzhuyut operative transport zasobi z uvimknenimi chervonim, sinim і chervonim, zelenim abo synim і zelenim probliskovimi maiichkami ta (abo) special sonic signals.
25.2. Transport zasobi povinni rihatisya in columns lisha in a row yaknaiblyzhe to the right edge of the pro-partia, behind the vypadkі vinyadkіv, if the stink is superconducted by operative transport bridges.
25.3. Shvidkіst ruhu of the colony, that distance by the transport means, is set up by the older colonies, for the regime of the ruhu of the head machine, until the regulation.
25.4. Kolona, ​​scho ruhaetsya without naprozhenzhennia operative transport zasolami, guilty bouti rozdilena on grupi (not more than p'yati transport zashobіv at kozhnі), distzіya mіzh yakimi otvinna zabezpechuvati mozhivist ogonu grupi іshimi transportnymi zakobami.
25.5. At different dots of a colony on roads in all transport junctions, an avar signal is used.
25.6. Іншим транспортным засоба заророняється loan a loan for postyaynoy ruhu in the column.

Traffic regulations of Ukraine: 26. RUH IN THE ZHYTLOVA TA PISHOHIDNI ZONI

26.1. Pіshodakh permissibility to be ruled at the residential area of ​​the potholes along the sidewalks, as well as on the pro part. Pіshodi mаyut perevagu before transport zasolami, ale not to blame stvovovati безпідставних перешкод для їххого руху.
26.2. In the residential zones, take care of:
a) transit traffic of transport assets;
b) parking of transport vehicles in the pose in special places in the cities and in the sea, the yacht is difficult to handle, and the operative chi spetsialnyh transport zasobiv;
c) parking in the right dvigunom;
d) the beginning;
ґ) rush of waggons, cars, tractors, self-propelled machines and vehicles (short, quiet, obojgovuyot ob'ekti і gromadyane, vikonuyt technologicheskie roboti neobzhat gromadyanam, scho reside at tsi zona).
26.3. At pisohihdnu, the zone is allowed to be transported to the public, the services of the hordes of people and goods, the roads to the designated zones, and the transport hunters, who lie down to the Gromadyans, who live on the roads of the zone, chi cars (motorbikes), learn about the sign " Інвалід ", якими керують водії-інваліди. Yakshto to obektiv, roztashovanyh on tsіy teritorії, і інші під'їзди, water, повині коржуватися лише they.
26.4. Під час виїзду з житлової та пішохідної зони водії повинні дати дорога іншим involved in the road ruhu.

Traffic regulations of Ukraine: 27. ROU ON AUTOMAGRAPHS I ROADS FOR AUTOMOBILES

27.1. Pіd hour vіzzdu on avtogistrіstal abo road for avtoobіlіv vіdії поінні дати way to transport bays, shо ryhayutsya on them.
27.2. On motorways and roads for cars, take care of:
а) рух тракторів, самохідних машин і механізмів;
b) rooftop waggonage transport zasobiv iz allowed maximal masia podad 3.5 t pozhuyu і other rumhu smuhami (behind the vignette of turning the turn of the road on the roads for cars);
c) dentine pose with special places for parking, cognition of road signs 5.38 abo 6.15 (div. 1) ( 306a-2001-p );
d) Turning і in їїїзд at технологічні розриви розділювальноїї ьмуги;
ґ) down at the back;
e) the beginning of the story.
27.3. On motorways, which are special for the purpose of transporting goods, to take care of the mechanized transport carriers, the shvidkness of some for the technical characteristics of the abdomen is less than 40 km / year, and that is the point of departure for the creature at the smugly impassable road.
27.4. On motorways and roads for motor vehicles, you can cross over to a part of the Lisha on the pied above ground above ground.
Permission to pass progznu part of the road for cars in special knowledge of the world.
27.5. At different times, the dots on the motorway part of the motorway are abused for transportation of vehicles. It is instructed to learn the transport route to the point of departure to the points 9.9-9.11. C. Rules and applications to be used to secure yogis for the inter-partian part of the right-hand drive.

Traffic regulations of Ukraine: 28. RUH ON HYARSKIH ROADS ON BOXES SPASKAM *

_______________ * Вимоги цього розділу стосуються ділянок доріг, що позначені знаками 1.6 І 1.7.
28.1. On gir'skih roads and steep descents, de zustrichny roz'їzd difficult, water transport zasobu, sho ruhaetsya on the descent, is guilty of giving the way to transport zasolami, scho rihayutsya vgoru.
28.2. On gir'skih roads and steep descents of the water of the trolley car, it is permissible to have a maximum speed of 3.5 tons, the tractor of that bus is guilty:
a) korrostuvatis spetsialnymi girskimi galmy, yakscheo vonya vstanovleni on transport zasobi factory-vibrokomnikom;
b) After an hour, the dots of the parking lot on the pits and the descents should be punched with anti-counter stops.
28.3. On girskih roads is buried:
a) Rukhatsya z napratsyuyuchim dvigunom vimknennyh zchenplenyam transfer;
b) towing the gnucheskoy zkeplennnyi;
c) be-yake towed at the hour of ozheludicy.

SDA of Ukraine: 29. THE MIDDLE ROY

29.1. Vodіy mehanychnogo transport zasobu, scho pribuvaє up to ukraine z іnshoї kraїni, and takozh vodіy - gromadyanin of Ukraine, yakiy vіzzhzhaє for cordon, повині мати:
а) реєстраційні документами на транспортний засіб і посвідчення водія, що відповідають вимогам Convention on Roads ( 995_041 ) (Відень, 1968);
b) a redistribution number plate on the transport part, which is written to the Latin alphabet, and which is the sign of the power, in which yogi is registered.
29.2. Transport zasib, scho perebuvaye in the international russia on teritorii Ukrainy more than two months, is guilty of the tymchasovo zarestrochny at Derzhavtominstruzії, krіm transport zabobіv, scho nalezhat іnozemnym gromadyanyam those persons without gromadyanstva, yakі perebuvuyut in Ukraіnі na vіdpochinku chіlіkuvannі forіpovіdnymi pushedіvkom nebіnshimi documents on visions by the bodies of Derzhmitsluzhby termіn.


30.1. Vlasniki mehanichnyh transport zasobiv and prichepiv before them povinni zarestruvati (pereestrstruvati) їh at Derzhavtominstruzії nezalezhno vid ehhnogo tehnichnogo stanu stretch 10 dіb at the moment придбання (отримання), митного оформлення або переобдднання чи чи, якщо необхідно сделать зміни до реєстраційних документів.
30.2. At the mechanic transport hunches (behind the vine of trams and trolley buses) and in the quarters at the foreheads for the number of places, the number signs of the visor are installed. {The first paragraph of paragraph 30.2 of the змінами, згиідно згідно з Regulation KM N 1029 ( 1029-2011-п ) від 26.09.2011}
On trams and trolley buses, re-design numbers are applied, but they are fed back into those bodies.
{Paragraph of the third part of item 30.2 is posted on pidstavi. Decree KM N 1029 ( 1029-2011-п ) від 26.09.2011}
Zaborinyatsya zmіnuvati rozmіri, form, cognition, kolіr і rozmіschennya numbered sign, nаnati on them додаткові значення abo закривати їх, вони повинні бути чистими і достатньо освітленими.
30.3. In the case of transport hindrances, the following signs are to be installed: (4):
a) "Avtoporezd" - three liters of an orange colou, horizontal horizontal above the front part of the cabin (body) with proms of mizh lihtaryami from 150 to 300 mm - on wagons cars and wheel tractors (class 1.4 t and vische) with staples, and takozh on zhlenovanih buses and trolley buses;
b) "Deaf water" - the circle of the main coalfor with a diameter of 160 mm with depositions of all-round trichrome chrome circles with a diameter of 40 mm, rozashovanimi on the slopes of an implausible triangular tricuit, the top of which is straight to the bottom. Sign rozmishchuyutsya speredu і zzadu on transport zasobah, yakim keryuut gluhih abokhuholonimi water;
c) "Діти" is the square of the original ring with the curvaceous chervona koloru і чорним зображенням the symbol of the road sign 1.33 (div. dodatok 1) ( 306а-2001-п ) (the side of the square is not less than 250 mm, the border is 1/10 of the side) . Sign rozmishchuyetsya speredu і zzadu transport zasobah, scho transport organizovanі grupi deti;
d) "Dovgomirnyi transport zasib" - two straight-kotniki zhovotogo koloru rozmirom 500 x 200 mm z kaimoi chervonogo koloru volshirshki 40 mm із sіtlopovertalnogo materialu. Sign rozmischuyutsya on transport zasoba (krіm route) zzadu horizontally (chi vertically) and symmetrically to posydzhnyi osi, dovzhina yakih from 12 to 22 m.
Dovgomіrnі transportnі zasobi, dovzhina yakih z vantazhem abo without nyogo pereishchuє 22 m, and takozh avtopoizdi z dvuma i bіshe prichepy (nezalezhno vіd zagalnoy dovzhini) povinni mati rozmischeny zzadu rozpriznavalnyi sign (in the form of the rectilinear of the golden calf rozmiriom 1200 x 300 mm in the border of the chervonoi koordore weltgrass 40 mm) із sіtlotloververtnogo materialu. On the signs, with a black ring, the zabrazhennya of the trolley car should be applied with the fitter and the signpost.
ґ) "Invalid" - the square of the original column to the side of 150 mm and the black images of the symbol of the table 7.17 (div 1). Sign rozmishchuyetsya speredu і zzadu on mehanichnyh transport zasokah, yakimi keryuut water-envalidi;
e) "Informational table for non-fledged vantage" - rostrum of orange corium rosemir 400 x 300 mm (300 x 120 mm) at the edge of the chord cornea (width - 15 mm (10 mm), at the top part of the figure, the number of the skies, at the bottom - Ідентифікаційний номер небезпечної речовини за переліком the United Nations .The sign is rozmischuyutsya s usіh bokіv on transport zakobah, scho transport taku rechovinu;
e) "Sign of Nebezpeka" - rhombus iz about 250 mm, zabrazhennia yakogo vishnino vidpіdіdi klasu nebezpechnoї rechovini (згідно з Європейською ugrodju about the international road hauling of nebezpechnyh wandering .) The sign is rozmischuyetsya z bokіv z zadu on transport zakobah, sho to transport taku rechovinu;
є) "Kolona" - the square of the original ring with a border of a wormwood ring, in which is inscribed with the letter "K" of a black ring (the side of the square is not less than 250 mm, the width of the rims is 1/10 of the side). Sign rozmishchuyetsya speredu і zzadu transport zasobah, scho ruhayutsya in the column;
g) "Likar" - the square of the blue circle (side - 140 mm), we write green around it (diameter - 125 mm), on which the bilion is plotted (the finishing stroke is 90 mm, the width is 25 mm). Sign rozmishchuyetsya speredu і zzadu on avtomobilyah, scho nalezhat vodiam-lekaryam (for їхньою згодою).
Yakshco on the transport site rozizіcheno rozpriznavalny sign "Likar", ynomu guilty bouti spetsialnaya medstvennaya first-aid kit that інструментарій за переліком, визначеним МОЗ, для подання кваліфікової допомоги під hour дорожньо-транспортної пригоку;
h) "Negligentny vantage" - Signal flaps abo pporortsі rozmіrom 400 х 400 mm with attachments on the diaagonals and red worms, but scurf (width - 50 mm), and in the darkness it is achieved in the lack of visibility - swearing by aborigines: forward bilogo koloru, zzadu - chervonogo, zboku - orange. The sign is rozmischuyutsya on kraynіh zovnіshnіh parts vatnazhu, scho vystupaet for the overall transport zasobu vіdstаn, більшу ніж zec pobarcheno item 22.4 cz of the Rules;
i) "Intermediate maximal shvidkosti" - image of the road sign 3.29 (div. dodatok 1) ( 306a-2001-p ). The designation is allowed for shvikosty (the diameter of the sign is not less than 160 mm, the width of the edges is 1/10 of the diameter). The sign is rozmischuyetsya (applied) zzadu litoruch on mechanic transport zasokah, yakimi keruyut water and iz experience of up to 2 rockov velikavagivnyh that great-sized transport hunks, transport bays, sho zdіysnjutt road transportation of nezbezpechnyh vantazhiv, at razveznnya vatazhnimnym caravan pasazhiriv, and takozh vypadkah, if maximal shvidkіst transport засобу згідно з його технічною characteristics пo пoкoммими умовми руху, визначеними Державтоінспекцією, lower set встановленої in items 12.6 and 12.7 цих Rules; {Pipeline "and" Item 30.3 of the Resolution, entered in accordance with the Resolution of CM No 876 ( 876-2008-p ) dated 01.10.2008}
і) "Розпіізнавальний автомобільний знак України" - еліпс білого кольру з чорною каймою і повієєї усередині латинськими літерами UA. The dovzhin axes of the helix are to blame for buti 175 and 115 mm. Розіщуєтьсяться ззаду on transport засобах, які перебувають у міжнародному русі;
ї) "Rozpiznivalny sign transport zasobu" - spetsialnoy strіchka іz svіtlopovertalnії плівки з нагіні під куттом 45 degrees in chervonimi i bіlіmі smygami, scho chergyuyutsya. The sign on the transport hinges zzadu horizontally and symmetrically to the postulate of the axis of the anchor is closer to the call height of the transport bug, and on the transport hunters, the wagon-wagon body, - and vertically. On transport hunters, they are vikoristovuytsya for roadblocks, and takozh on the nuts, sho moyut osoblivu form, and on the obednanni sign rozmishchuyetsya takozh speredu і on the sides.
The rozpiznivalny sign rozmishchyuetsya obovyazyakovo on transport hunters, shcho vikoristovuytsya for roadway robots, and takozh zasolah, sho moyut osoblyvu form. On ішших transport засобах розпізнавальний a sign розміщується for бажанням їх власників;
d) "Taksi" - the squares of the contrasting cola (the side is 20 mm in height), two rows in the shah's order. The sign shall be installed on the dacha of transport vehicles and be applied to the side surfaces. With the charge of the Bouti, the square is punished;
j) "Uchbovy transport zasib" is an equilateral tricutnik of a white colruve with the top of the road to the edge of the wormwood ring, which is inscribed in the letter "U" with a black ring (the side is not less than 200 mm, the width of the rims is 1/10 of the side). Sign rozmishchuyetsya speredu і zzadu on transport zasokhah, scho vikoristovuytsya for navchannya vodinnyu (admit the installation of a double-sided sign on the dah of a car);
l) "Shipy" is an equilateral tricutnium of a white colo in the top of the hill and in the rim of the chervona kohloru, which is inscribed in the letter "Sh" of the choronomic ring (the side of the tricuit is not less than 200 mm, the width of the kaimi is 1/10 sides). The sign is rozmischuytsya zzadu transport zasokbah, on some of the buses inserted in spikes.
30.4. Rozpiznivalnye signs rozmisyvatsya at the height of 400-1600 mm on the surface of the road so that the stench does not intermingle the look and feel of the bullet is clear to the other participants of the road ruhu.
30.5. For cognition of the gnocchi zakoplennya pid hour towing vikoristovuyut priporttsіo shchitki rozmir 200 x 200 mm and applying them on dagonali chervonimi i bilimi smuhami, scho cherguyutsya, iz svitlopovertalnogo material sovershryshki 50 mm.
30.6. The sign of the avalanche denticle is visible to GOST 24333-97, it is a triangular tricuiti, vizgotovlenii iz svitloopvertalnih plank chervonogo koloru z vnutrishnuyu fluorescent insertion of the chervona koloru.
30.7. Zaboronetsya nanoisi on zovnіshny otvernі transport zabolev zobrazhennya chi napisi, scho not perebacheni pіdpriemstvom-vibrokomnik abo zbіgayutsya kolorografichnimi schemes, rozpiznavlynimi chi signs of transport zaboistv operative and special services, padding DSTU 3849-99.


31.1. The technical train of transport vehicles is responsible for the implementation of the standards, the cost of the roads of the road, and the protection of the middle ground, and the rules for the technical operation, the design of the video recording and the regulatory and technical documentation.
31.2. It is forbidden to exploit the trolley buses and trams for the sake of being uninhabited, designated in the rules of technical excavation of transport infrastructures.
31.3. Забороняється експлуатація транспортних засобів згідно із by laws:
a) at different times, vizobotovlennya abo perelobodnannya zaprushennyam vimog standard, rules and regulations, shso stosuyutsya bezpeki expensive ruhu;
b) no fumes have passed the obovyazyovy technical control (for transport zasobiv, scho pidlyagayut such control); {Point "b" to item 31.3 in the version of Decree No. 1029 of the Cabinet of Ministers ( 1029-2011-п ) dated 26.09.2011}
c) the number plates do not meet the requirements of the standards;
d) at razodnennya without permission Derzhavtoinstsipії special spektіalnymi svіkovіmі sііtlovіmi signals.
31.4. It is forbidden to exploit the transportation of property due to legislation for the presence of such technical inadequacies and disruptions to such persons:
31.4.1. Galmovi system:
a) the design of galmovyh systems has been stabilized, the galmovu rіdinu has been docked, the universities have not taken the details, but they have not been pre-equipped for the transport model; they do not respond to the worms of the pidpriemstva-viribnik;
b) під hour дорожніх випробувань робочої гальмової системи перевищуються такі значення:

-------------------------------------------------- ---------------- | | Halmium Type of transport bison | sheaves, m, | | no longer -------------------------------------------------- ---------------- Cars for cars and cars for hauling out 14.7 Bus 18,3 Vantazhni avtomobili with the maximum permissible masu up to 12 t inclusive 18,3 Vantazhni avtomobili with the maximum permissible mass of 12 tons 19.5 Avtoporyazdi, tractors yakih є avtomobiliі ta їhnі modifikacii for transporting vtanazhu 16,6 Avtoporyazdi, tractors yakih є vanzatnі avtomobili 19,5 Двоколісні мотоцикли і мопеди 7,5 Motorcycles with a berth 8,2
Normally, the value of the galmic shlja for transporting property to the vipusku prior to 1988 is permitted to be overhauled no longer than 10 days prior to the date indicated in the table.
Note: 1. Viprobuvannya robochoi galmovoy system is carried out on the horizontal dilantsy roads with rivnim, dry, we clean the cement-abo asphalt concrete pokrtyam at shvidkosti transport zasobu on the ear of galmuvannya: 40 km / year - for cars, buses and autopairs; 30 km / year - for motorcycles, mopeds by the method of disposable vplyvanu on kerukuvannya galmovoyu system. Result viprobuvannya vvazhayutsya nezadovіlnimi, yakzczo pіd hour galmuvannya transport zasib rozvertaєt'sya na kut bіl'she 8 degreesіv abo lyubamaє smugu ruhu bіls nіzh 3,5 m.

Traffic regulations of Ukraine: 2. Halmium shims vimiryuyutsya at the time of the onslaught on the galmov pedal (handle) to the dignity of the transport dash;

c) the hermetic integrity of the hydraulic actuator is broken;
d) the airtightness of the pneumatic pneumohydraulically driven galvanic drive has been crushed, it has been replaced by a vice during the non-working stroke of 0.05 MPa (0.5 kgf / cm2) for 15 kW in the case of a galvanic system;
ґ) do not use the pressure gauge of the pneumatic pneumohydraulic actuator;
e) the parking system of the galmic system when the engine is not connected to the transmission: the non-ruffian mill:
transport zasobliv z povimim navantazhennyam - on the deviation of not less than 16%;
avtomobilnyh avtomobiliі, їхніх модифікацій for transporting waggons, and takozh buses in sporadzhennomu sti - on the slope of not less than 23%;
vtotazhnih avtomobiliів і автопоїздів у спорядженому стані - на уклоні не менше ніж 31%;
e) do not zamikoyatsya important (handle) parking gal'movoy system in robochomu pozhennі;
31.4.2. Ruulove cherub:
a) sumarnyj lyuft rudderovomu kerouvanni perevishchu takі boundary value:

-------------------------------------------------- ---------------- | | Border | | meaning Type of transport bison | total | | backlash, hail, | | no longer -------------------------------------------------- ---------------- Cars with a maximum capacity of up to 3.5 tons 10 Bus with the maximum permissible mass up to 5 tons 10 Bus with the maximum permissible mass of 5 tons 20 Caravans with a maximum permissible mass of 3.5 tons 20 Автомобілі і автобуси, зняті з виробництва 25
b) є not perebacheni konstrukciyu vidchutnі vzajmnі peremischennya details і VUZLіv rudderovogo keruvannya abo peremischennya їх vіdnosno body (shasі, kabіni, rami) transport засобу; нарізні з'єднання не затягнуті або надійно не зафіксовані;
c) zipsovaniya vobosditsnyi peredbacheniyu konstrukciyu pidsiljuvach rudderovogo keruvannya abo rudderovyj dumper (on motorcycles);
d) the rudder kerouvanni has been installed in detail with slabs of lash-rolling deformation with the same defects, and that has been duly comprehended in detail and roboties, but not for the given model of the transport bug, do not attach it to the wigs of the pendant-vibroik.
31.4.3. Зовнішні світлові прилади:
а) кількість, type, коір, розміщення і mode robotically communicable відповідають вимогам конструкції transport засобу;
b) the regulation of the headlamps is broken;
c) do not burn the lamp in the mode of the near light;
d) on the holy priladah mnoye rosіyuvachіv abo vikoristovuyutsya rosіyuvachi i lampi, scho not vidpovidayut type dany svitlovogo priladu;
ґ) on the rose svitlovyh priladіv tonuvannya nak pokrtya, scho zmenshuє їh prozorіst chi svitlopopusku.
Note: 1. Motorcycles (moped) can be used as a dodatka with a single protivotumanovuyu headlight, інші механічні транспортні засоби - двома. The protivtumanni fari are to be screwed on at a height of 250 mm from the surface of the road (ale not the headlamps of a near-by road) symmetrically to the positional axle of the transport block and not to give 400 mm to the outside dimensions for the width.

Traffic regulations of Ukraine: 2. To be allowed to install in the transport hunters one abo two posterior protivumanni lihtari chervonogo koloru at the height of 400-1200 mm and not shorter than 100 mm before the signal to the galmuvania.

Traffic regulations of Ukraine: 3. Uvіmknennya protitumannih headlamps, rear protivatumannyh lihtariv guilty zdіysnyuvatysya one-time in the high-voltage cars and license plate number (short-range long-distance headlamps).

Traffic regulations of Ukraine: 4. Passenger cars and buses are allowed to install one or two dodatki and unmigotlivi signal gulmuvannya chervonogo koloru at 1150-1400 mm on the surface of the road;

31.4.4. Slopes and izloobmovachi vitro warehouse:
a) do not pratsyuyut clerks;
b) do not pratsyuyut perebacheni constructive transport zasobu prisobomvachi;
31.4.5. Wheels and tires:
a) buses of lightweight cars, trucks and cars with maximum permissible capacity of up to 3.5 tons. Flooding of lashkovsky height of the treadmill is less than 1.6 mm, waggons with maximum permissible weight 3.5 tons - 1.0 mm, buses - 2.0 mm, motorcycles and mopeds - 0,8 mm.
For prichepіv ostanovlyayutsya norms zalishkovoy visot malyunok tread of tires, analogue norms for tires avtomobiliv-tyagachiv;
b) tire maijat mіsceі pososhodzhennya (porizi, rozrivi tochno), sho ogolyuyut cord, and takozh rosharuvanannya skeleton, vidsharuvanya protector and side;
c) buses for rozmіrom abo admissible навантаженням not відповідають model of transport breech;
d) for one transport lock-up, diaagonal buses are installed at once with radial, unmanned and neoshipovanni, frost-resistant and non-frost-resisting buses of riznih rozmіrіv chi stroitsіі, and takozh shiny riznikh models with little treadmill babies for passenger cars, rіznim types малюнків protector - for car wagons;
ґ) on the front of the transport bug, radial tires are installed, and on іншу (інші) - діагональні;
e) on the front of the bus, yaky vikonuє mizhmіskі perevezennya, the tire is installed with the protector, and on the axes - buses, after another repair class;
f) on the front axle of passenger cars and buses (buses, yakі vikonuyut mіzhmіskі perevezennya), tires are installed, after another repair class;
є) відсутній болт (гайка) кріплення або є тріщини диска і ободів коліс;
31.4.6. Dvigun:
a) in the shkidlivichyh rivers in vidpratsyovanih gases gazah ne dizhnost transfigure established standards of norms;
b) a leaky system is not sealed;
c) the system of vipuska vidpratsovaniyah gazіv is inapplicable;
31.4.7. Інші елементи конструкції:
a) there are a lot of peredabacheny design of the transport glazing of glasses, a dzerkal rear view;
b) not the sound signal;
c) installed on the slope dodotkovki predmeti abo inflicted pokrtya, yakі vnutroneut oglyadovist z mіscya vodyі, і погіршиеть його прозорість.
Primitka. On the upper part of the caravan of cars and buses, you can use the prosecutor's bags. Allow zastosovuvati tonovevani glass (krіm dzerkalnih), svitlopopusklyanya yakih vidpіdієe vimogam GOST 5727-88. Allow zastosovuvati занавіски on бокових вікнах автобусів;
d) Do not pratsyuyut perebacheni konstrukciyu locks of the doors of the body abo cabins, lock up the sides of the waggon platform, lock up the neck of the tanks and the tanks, the mechanization of the regularity of the position of the water, the avariness of the door, the extension of the door, spidometer, tachograph, attachments for обігрівання і обдування скла;
ґ) the root leaf of the central bolt of the recess is jagged;
e) the traction-wheeled abdominal support abutment of the towing vehicle is attached to the storage compartment of the car's door, and the construction of the safety line (lanczyug) is made in the same way. Є Backlash in front of the motorcycle in the frame of the lateral prichepa;
е) відсутній передбачений конструкцією bumper abaca posterior zahisniy pristriі, mudsize fartuhi і brizkoviki;
є) відсутні:
a medical first-aid kit with attachments on inflighties about the type of transport bridle, for yakogo won it is recognized - on a motorcycle with a side-by-side car, car, van, car, tractor, bus, minibus, trolley, car, transporting non-frosting;
a sign of an avaricious dent (withered chervoniy lihtar), which is imprinted on the vimogam standard, - on a motorcycle with a side-by-side car, car, van, car, tractor, bus;
on trucks with permissible maximum permissible weight 3.5 tons and in buses with the maximum permissible capacity of 5 tons - anti-root (two cars);
the beacons of the orange coloure on the velvety that great-sized transport junkies; {Paragraph п'ятий підпункту "є" item 31.4.7 in the editorship of Decree КМ N 876 ( 876-2008-п ) dated 01.10.2008}
prcezdatnny vovnegasnik on the passenger car, van trucks, buses.
Admissions: 1. Type, brand, date of installation of dodatkovoi kіlkosty vognegasnikov, how to transport a lot, to transport radioscently and safely, to viznachayuyutsya umavami bespechnogo pereveznenya concrete nebezpechnogo vtantazhu.

ПДД Украины: 2. Аптечка, перелік медикаментів якої відповідає ДСТУ 3961-2000 for the type of transport bug, and the vognegatnik povinni buti in the closed station at the visas, viznacheniy pidpriemstvom-vibroknikom. In the case of the design of the transport lock, the sign is not punctured, the medical first-aid kit and the wagon guard are to be roztashovuvatis in easily accessible places.

Traffic regulations of Ukraine: Type і кількість вогнегасників повинні відповідати встановленом нормм. Vognegasniki, yakimi zabezpecchutsya transportny zasobi, povinni buti sertifikovaniemi in Ukrainі vіdpovіdno vimog gazovstvstva;

{Paragraph 2 of the note to the point "є" paragraph 31.4.7 in the editorship of Resolution KM N 934 ( 934-2009-p ) dated 03.09.2009}
ж) відсуті ремені безпеки та підголовники in transport засобах, де їх the installation is pobabachena konstrukієyu;
h) the belt is not in the robot stanі abo maiyu mozyu nadrivi on the straps;
i) Motorcycles are of no importance to the construction of arcs of bezpeki;
і) on motorcycles and mopeds, there are a lot of percussions on the design of the pidnick, on the saddle - cross-handles for the passenger;
І) відсутні або неправні фари і задні габаритні ліхтарі transport засобу, шо transport oversized, velikogovyy chi nebezpechny vantage, and takozh проблискові маячки, світлоповертальні елементи, розпізнавальні signs, pobabacheni in paragraph 30.3 of the Rules.
31.5. In the case of faults in the road of ineligibility, designated at paragraph 31.4 of the Rules, water is guilty of entering for ex-convicts, and it is inconceivable to kill the anchor with a short coat to the parking lot for repairs, .
In the case of a fault in the road of ineligibility, marked with the point 31.4.7 ("ї"; "д" - in the warehouse of the motor road), the submerged ruch is buried before the Usunen. Water unreasonable transport zasobu guilty of vzhiti zahodiv in order to secure yogo for inter-proizny parts of the road.
31.6. Zaboronetsyatsya podalshy rub of transport zasobiv, y yakih:
a) robocha galmic system chi rudder wheel kerouvannya do not give zmogi vodiіi zupiniti transport zasob abo zdіysniti maneuver pіd hour ruhu з мінімальною швидкістю;
b) at the dark time, in order to prevent the lack of visible signs, do not burn the bulbs of the headlights of the rear gauges;
c) pід hour дощу abo снігопаду не працює рассочисник з боку розміщення керма;
г) зіпсований тягово-зчіпний пристрій автопоїзда.
31.7. To disregard the operation of the transport brigade by delivering yoga to the special maidankik chi parking of the Derzhavtoinstvenniy in vypadkas, in the form of legislation.


32.1. З organs Державтоінспекції узжжуються:
a) rozmіschennya in Smuga vіdvedennya avtomobіlnih dorіg abo Cervone lіnіyah mіskih vulits i dorіg that їh PIECE sporudah kіoskіv, pavіlyonіv, reklamonosіїv, peresuvnih torgovelnih punktіv and takozh to lay teritorіyah, budinkah, sporudah - admіnіstrativnih primіschen of companies, SET is the organіzatsіy, mіsts torgіvlі that the devil has served;
b) itinerary is the transfer of dorig, on which you can navigate waterways by transport;
c) the order of the Ruhu Column in the warehouse of the Bilsk Yak ponad 5 mehanichnykh transport zabobiv;
{Pipal point "d" to item 32.1 is posted on pidstavi Decree KM N 634 ( 634-2008-p ) dated 09.07.2008}
{Pipeline "ґ" to item 32.1 is wired on підставі. Decree KM N 634 ( 634-2008-п ) dated 09.07.2008}
e) the procedure of towing two or more transport vehicles;
e) technical vimogi, design and that vstanovlennya on the transport hindrances of special sound and bright signal hangers (such as the "Siren", the light bulb tochno), the surfaces of transport facilities;
є) reallocation of transport assets.
З organs Derzhavtominstruzhії узгоджуються також інші питання забезпечення безпеки дорожнього руху, before the legislative acts.
32.2. It is necessary to take care of that, in addition to the number of special arrangements for the services, the loans are to be repaired and technically serviced by transport agents, the entry of the vehicle in the identification number and number plates of the chi chasi (rami) car body, the vehicle's transport dviguna, and the so-called zhischennya (postponed, closed, without alternating members of the city. Derzhavtotsinstrument.

Traffic regulations of Ukraine: 33. ROAD SIGNS ON THIS PAGE

Traffic regulations of Ukraine: 34. ROADMARK ROZMITKA
SDA of Ukraine: Horizontal rozmіtka

Лінії горизонтальної розмітки мають білий колір. Zhovtiy kolір мають лінії 1.4, 1.10, 1.17, and takozh 1.2, yakschoo she poznachayutsya interi smugi for the route of the route transport zasobiv.
Horizontal rozmіtka має таке значення:
1.1 (вузька суцільна лінія) - поділяє транспортні потоки протилежних напрямків і позначає межі смуг руху on the roads; cognate inter-progiznyi partani, on yakі v'їззд is buried; cognate inter-mіsць parking of transport засобів і edge проїзної частини доріг, не віднесхх умывами руху до автомагістралей;
1.2 (broadly suitsilna lіnіya) - cognate the edge of the pro-western part of the motorways abo inter-smugi for the routing of the route transport vehicles. At miсcых, де на смугу itinerary transport засобів it is allowed заїздіншим transport засобам ця лінія може бути переривчастою;
1.3 - subscribe to the traffic flows of the prototypes on the roads, yakі muyut chotiri і bіlshe smug ruhu;
1.4 - cognition of the world, de zhiproneno zupinku ta parking of transport zasobiv. Застосовується самостійно або в поєднанніізі з 3.34 (diva dodatok 1) ( 306а-2001-п ) і be applied біля edge of the проїзної частини або on top of the curb;
1.5 - поділяє транспортні потоки протилежних напрямків on the roads, які мають діі або три мьюги; cognate the intermittent ruhu, for nayavnosti dvy i bіsche smuy, confessions for ruhu in one straight;
1.6 (лінія наближення - переривчаста лінія, в якій довжина штрихів утричі перевищує проміжки міжми) - попереджаяє про наближення до розмітки 1.1 або 1.11, яка поділяє транспортні streams протилежних або попутних напрямків;
1.7 (pererivchasta lіnіya with short strokes і рівними їм promііzhkami) - pozhichaє smugi ruhu, and takoz pisamok golovnoyi doroge v mezhakh perehrestya;
1.8 (wide pererivchasta lіnіya) - cognate mezh mozh smugoyu rozgonu abo galmuvannya і basic smugoi proznogo partia (on perehrestyah, perehresthennyi dorig on the river plains, in the zone of bus dots tochno);
1.9 - cognition of the intermittent ruhu, in some cases the reverse is reguljuvannya; поділяє транспортні потоки протилежних напрямків (при вимкнених реверсивних світлофорах) on the roads, де здійснюється реверсивне регулювання;
1.10 - cognition of the world, de fence of parking. Застосовується самостійно або in spoluchennі із with the sign 3.35 (div.dodatok 1) і be applied біля edge proїїnoї частини або on top of the curb;
1.11 - subpolar transport flows of prototypes of various routes, roads, roads, roads, poznachaє mіscya, priznachenі for rіvorotu, в'їзду і виїзду з майданчиків for parking тощо, де рух it is allowed лише in one бік;
1.12 (stop-lіnіya) - вказує місце, де водій повинен зупинитися за наявності знака 2.2 (diva dodatok 1) abo at signali svitlofora chi regulyulyavnika, scho zaboronya ruch;
1.13 - decree date, de watery is guilty at times to be consumed, and to give way to transport bays, but to rush over perehreschuvannyi dorozi;
1.14.1, 1.14.2 ("zebra") - learn the unregulated pishohidny perehyd; pages of rozmistki 1.14.2 to direct the stream for ruins;
1.14.3 - cognition of the pišohijdnyi perehíd, de ruh regulate by svitlofor;
1.15 - cognition of the world, de bicycling dorizhka peretina prozna part;
1.16.1-1.16.3 - cognitive stresses in the subsidence, rozgalzhennya abdominal zlittya transport streams;
1.17 - cognition of the dots of route transport vehicles and vehicles;
1.18 - ukazuє permissibly on perehresti straight for ruhu on smugah. Застосовується самостійно або в поєднаннііі with the signs 5.16, 5.18 (div. 1); rozmіtka іz zabrazhennyam impasse be applied for zaznachennya addition, the turn on nablizhchu proiznu partonu zaborono; rozmіtka, yaka permissable turn of the leader in the extreme of the darkness, allow takozh turn;
1.19 - cross-country about the nablizhennya up to the sound of the prognosis of the part (dylyanki, de zmenshyetsya kilkist smug ruhu in danyomu directly) abo to lіnії rozmіtki 1.1 chi 1.11, yaka podlyaє transportnі streams of the protivolezhnih strams. At the first vipadku mozhe zastosovuvatsya in povedennіі із signs 1.5.1-1.5.3 (diva dodatok 1);
1.20 - cross-country about the proximity to rozmistki 1.13;
1.21 (written "STOP") - transjudge about nablizhennya to rozmistki 1.12, if vona zastosovuyutsya povednennі із sign 2.2 (diva dodatok 1);
1.22 - specify the number of the road (route);
1.23 - to get acquainted with smugu, which is appreciated for the ruhu of the lish of the route transport vehicles.
Лінії 1.1 і 1.3 peretinti fence off. Якщо лінією 1.1 Known for Місце стоянки або Region of the Prose Part, Sum of the Uzbekshchyam, Tsu Lіnіy peretinati.
Yak vinyatok, for izovi zabezpechennia bezpeki road rahu, perminovatsya peretinati linya 1.1 for the completion of non-perfumery pereskodi, rozmіri do not give zmogi zdіysniti її bezpechny ob'їzd, not peretinayuchi tsyu lіnіyu, and takozh overtaking alone transport zasobiv, sho ruhayutsya iz shvidkistyu menshe 30 km / year.
Лінію 1.2 permissibility to retinue in different times, zakinki, yakshchu tsією лінією the edge of проїзної частини, суміжний з узбіччям is known.
Лінії 1.5-1.8 resign allow to be in any way.
On dіlyantsіi dіlіnі між реверсивними світлофорами lінію 1.9 it is allowed to reshuffle, yakshоo vona rtotoshovana pravoruch vіd water.
When the signals of the green ring in the reverse svitlofory lynia 1.9 are allowed to reshuffle, be it to any side, yakshcho vonya subalya smuha, in some rusk allowed in one straight. At разі виммкнення реверсивних світлофорів водій it is guilty negayno perestroichtiysya pravoruch for lіnіy rozmіtki 1.9.
Lynia 1.9, it is known that the leader, with vimknenih reversible svitloforah peretinati fence. Lіnіy 1.11 to be allowed to reshuffle tіlki z boku її pererivsіkі parts, and з bуk суцільної - лише on the completed overtaking chi об'їзду перешкоди.

Traffic regulations of Ukraine: 2. Vertical rozmilka

Traffic regulations of Ukraine: (Figure) (div. Dodatok 2) ( 306a-2001-p )

Вертикальна розмітка позначає:
2.1 - Elements of road sporud (support of bridges, shlagoprovodiv, end parts of parapetiv that).
2.2 - the lower edge of the prognosis of the tunnels, the bridge and the harness;
2.3 - round pedestals, installed on rozdlyuvalnyh smugah ostostivtsy bezpeki;
2.4 - Straight stovpchiki, nadovbi, podori gruel is thin;
2.5 - side walls of the garden on the rounded out small radius, steep descents, and other non-covered shoals;
2.6 - lateral surface of the garden on the other shores;
2.7 - boardiuri on nebezpechnih dylankah і підвищені острівці безпеки.
ZATVERDZHENO I am decreeing to the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine on 10 October 2001. N 1306

SDA of Ukraine: PERELIK st. Kabinetu Ministry of Ukraine, scho vtoratili chinnit

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2. Statement of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine on 10 October 1994 p. N 697 ( 697-94-p ) "About the entry of the clan to the Rules of the road ruhu".
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9. Item 2 змін і доповнень, затверджених постанову Кабінету Міністрів України from 18 серпня 2000 р. N 1276 ( 1276-2000-p ) (Official Journal of Ukraine, 2000 p., N 34, article 1433).
10. Zmіni i dopovnennya, scho vneshatsya to the rules of road ruhu, zastverzhenih I order Kabinetu Ministry of Ukraine on the 18th of June 2001. N 30 ( 30-2001-p ) "About progazd velogabaritnih those velikavagichnyh transport zabobiv avtomobilnimi roads, volitsyami zaliznichnimi pereizdami" (Official Journal of Ukraine, 2001, No. 3, Article 75).

Publication of the document

  • Офіційний вісник України від 26.10.2001 - 2001 р., № 41, стор. 35, dated 1852, code of Act No. 20133/2001

ПДД Украины 2013 года

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ЗМІНИ, шо to be brought before Rules дорожнього руху від 11 лютого 2013 р. No. 111 [UKR] [DOC in RAR] [ ЗМІНИ що to be introduced to the Rules of Road Ruhu from 11 лютого 2013 номер 111-DOC.rar ] [ ЗМІНИ що to be introduced to the Rules of Road Ruhu from 11 лютого 2013 номер 111-DOC.rar ]
The main changes in the traffic regulations of Ukraine, from 15.04.2013 (№111 from 11.02.2013) [RUS] [DOC] [ The main changes in the traffic regulations of Ukraine-2013-DOC.doc ] [ The main changes in the traffic regulations of Ukraine-2013-DOC.doc ]
The main changes in the traffic regulations of Ukraine, from 15.04.2013 (№111 from 11.02.2013) [RUS] [DOC in RAR] [ The main changes in the traffic regulations of Ukraine-2013-DOC.rar ] [ The main changes in the traffic regulations of Ukraine-2013-DOC.rar ]
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Table of penalties for DAI and Sanctions for fine for PRD [UKR] [DOC in RAR] [ Table of penalties-2013-DOC.rar ] [ Table of penalties-2013-DOC.rar ]