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10 consequences of the transition to a smaller wheel size

10 последств перехода на Меньший размер колёс

The transition to discs with a smaller radius in the size range RECOMMENDED by the manufacturer is discussed.

Usually, with such a replacement, the tire profile height changes mainly.

Also does not address the issue of differences in the properties of tires, but only the main trends of transition to a smaller size.

  1. The sharpness of the reaction to the action of the steering wheel worsens, the speed of the implementation of the resetting is reduced ;
  2. Improves comfort when driving small and medium irregularities;
  3. On large bumps reduces the risk of damage to the disk;
  4. The cost of tires in a typical case is less than in the case of large sizes. Similarly, with the cost of repairs and tire fittings .;
  5. Improves elasticity in higher gears;
  6. Increases the maximum speed (not always);
  7. The car looks most often not as sporty as in the case of large wheels;
  8. Reduced fuel consumption (not always);
  9. Reactions to braking in the direction of earlier blocking change ;
  10. Reduced load on the suspension.

The bottom line: more practicality and comfort in exchange for appearance and handling.