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Registration of a car by an individual

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Registering a car (state registration of a car / vehicle) is the final step of acquiring a car by the owner. Prior to its holding, the owner has ownership of the car, but it is limited. For example, you cannot sell a car until it is registered (registered). Registration is carried out by traffic police departments - Interdistrict Registration and Examination Departments (MREO). This procedure is carried out in MREO at the place of residence of the owner (buyer) of the car.

Documents for car registration:

To register a car, the buyer should have the following documents with him:

  1. a document that acquires the purchase of a car (reference account or notarized purchase and sale agreement);
  2. passport and identification code of the new owner;
  3. transit numbers (red), obtained when removing the car from the register or when issuing a certificate account;
  4. old technical passport and a statement about removing the car from the register (record card).

The presence of a car in MREO is mandatory for the verification of numbering units and technical control!

If the technical passport of the old model (laminated), then the technical passport must be cut, with the appropriate mark of the traffic police about removing the car from the register inside the data sheet. If the registration certificate of the new sample (plastic), then the registration certificate must be with a notched corner and an registration card must be attached to it (on a regular sheet of paper) with the stamp of the MREO, which removed the vehicle from the register.

Car registration procedure:

Submission of a standardized application for vehicle registration (as a rule, it is sufficient to correctly fill out the application form for conducting a comprehensive study of the vehicle). Evaluation is no longer necessary, according to the changes made by the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine ("On Amendments to the Procedure for State Registration (Re-registration) and Deregistration of the CU" No. 87 dated February 13, 2012) .

Payment of obligatory payments for car registration (see below). Payment of obligatory payments is carried out in a bank branch in the territory of MREO.

Drive to the post of expert, to reconcile the number of units (if you have a new car - it is unnecessary to pass the check of numbering units). If the expert did not have any remarks, it is necessary: ​​with receipts for the payment of expert services, go to the window of the technical control post and pick up the act of technical inspection and verification of numbering units.

Contact the registration window, provide: a receipt for payment, the withdrawal of experts, the original document certifying the purchase of a car, a passport, transit numbers, an old data sheet and, if issued, an extract from deregistration of the car (record card).

After registration of the car, you get the following documents:

  1. New vehicle registration certificate;
  2. State license plates.

All your expenses when registering a car:

(including recent changes of April 19, 2012)

Pension Fund Fee
(except trucks)
3% of the cost of the car, according to the certificate account.

Payments and fees in MREO
  • Special products for car registration:
  • registration certificate form: 185.63 UAH
    state license plate: 126.56 UAH
  • Traffic police car registration services:
  • for foreign vehicles: 190.15 UAH
    for vehicles of domestic production and CIS countries: 152.63 UAH
  • Seal of the certificate of the expert-criminalist (DP "Development"):
  • 54.36 UAH
  • Bank commission for making all payments (if an individual):
  • ? 36 UAH
    TOTAL : 592.70 UAH (for a foreign car)
    + payment to the Pension Fund in the amount of 3% of the value of the car, according to the certificate account;

    555.18 UAH (for domestically produced cars)
    + payment to the Pension Fund in the amount of 3% of the value of the car, according to the certificate account.