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Avtopodstava failed (avtopodstav)

Avtopodstava failed

After the “strike”, one of the swindlers began to threaten the owner of “Niva”, while the other struck the car with sandpaper

On Monday, car fraudsters were detained in Moscow who were involved in organizing bogus accidents and extorting money from drivers. They were detained by traffic police officers and MUR, who recognized one of them, who was already involved in such crimes.

Two natives of Georgia, who were involved in organizing bogus accidents and further extorting money from drivers, were caught during the last “case”. They demanded 6 thousand rubles from the victim. The driver of "Niva" was thrown at the door of a potato to imitate a blow, and then charged with allegedly colliding with a car of "podshemistniki" - Mercedes executive class, reports "Petrovka, 38".

It happened on the Moscow Ring Road in the direction of the Schelkovskoe highway in the region of 100 km. After the “strike”, one of the swindlers began to threaten the owner of the “Niva”, demanding 6 thousand rubles, and the other struck the car body with sandpaper to imitate collision damage. By car fraudsters have already been pre-made scratches on the front left fender.

When the fraudsters were about to leave, the inspectors of the special mobile traffic police group and employees of the 11th department of the Moscow criminal investigation department, who were passing by the accident site, found out one of them already involved in such crimes, and took the whole group red-handed.

As the operatives say, even without examination it was obvious that the damages on the machines did not match, and during a search of one of the detainees they found a skin with the paint left on it from the Niva. 24-year-old Dzhercher Iardalashvili, nicknamed Jem, and 26-year-old Levan Kotoryashvili, organized an accident at the Moscow Ring Road. Employees MUR sure that the account of this gang more than a dozen false accidents.

Earlier, law enforcement authorities noted that recently in the Russian capital, cases of attacks on the owners of expensive cars. In St. Petersburg, such crimes are also common. “While one of the criminals is talking, another sandpaper causes damage to the right rear of the machine, usually this wing and door. Then they show him and say - you see, you scratched us, ”says Alexander Bendr, operative officer of the 16th Division of the Organized Crime Control Department at the St. Petersburg Internal Affairs Directorate, in a similar scheme.

How often there are such bases, traffic police and police department is unknown. Scammers always suggest that the police should be investigated without waiting for the police, if the “victim” still calls the police, the criminals leave at once. According to some calculations, drivers of fake cars earn up to 10 thousand dollars a month. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to prove such crimes, and the relatively low penalties for fraud make the substandard a very profitable type of business.