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How to protect rights from traffic police

Drivers "wiser", offering instead of the original document, to present notarized copies.

The most interesting way to not give up the rights at all was offered by motorist Lyudmila: "You just need to notarize a copy of your rights from the notary, and present them if you are stopped." She said that she forgot the rights, but there is a notarized copy - you will not reproach me. Her idea was confirmed by "Today" lawyer Oleg Veremeenko: "This is really a very effective and legal way."

If you still have the rights, be sure to require the drawing up of a protocol and an act of seizure of rights. If it was made without witnesses' witnesses, then for the court it is grounds to recognize the protocol composed with violations and return your rights.

FURTHER MORE. As Sergey Vlasenko has told, withdrawal of the rights by employees of GAI in any case is illegal. You have the right to sue them, even claim moral damages if you think you have suffered. "Even if the court recognizes your guilt and deprives you of rights, you can appeal to the court for three years against illegal actions of the traffic policeman precisely on the point that he took away your rights," says Vlasenko. Moral damage is justified by the fact that, for example, the driver, having lost his rights, lost his job. The amount of moral damage is established by expert institutions accredited by the Ministry of Justice.