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Car viewing platforms

Car viewing platforms

  • Spitch field

  • at the monument to the sailors and along the entire embankment) + Dnieper embankment + interesting ride to the park of the great national and standard lookout near the Monastery)

  • alley, before reaching Andreevsky descent [ how to drive ]

  • Kiev HPP [ how to drive ]

  • perhaps it is possible for denyuzhku to ask to be allowed in to the national botanic named after Gryshka. It will finally chic. [ how to drive ]

  • still somehow you can taxi to the museum of the islands under the woman [ how to get there ]

  • just Dnieper embankment

  • under the Mariinsky Palace on the lookout you can go [ how to drive ]

  • Pirogovo [ how to drive ]

  • bald mountain [ how to drive ]

  • the most elegant place to meet dawn [ how to get there ]

  • Behind the dawn drive to the Kiev Sea

  • or in Podgortsy

    it is along the old Obukhov highway (not the one on Konchu-Zaspa) 15 kilometers south of Kiva. There will be a bridge, in front of it you need to go to the right. There will be a mountain of paragliders on the right, it is clearly visible, but it is advisable to study the approaches in advance. Here is a view from it, you can park at the foot, upward on foot, although the guys in the fields managed to call in. Opposite for reference - Blue Lake. I climbed there once at night, so I remembered that climb even with a flashlight for the rest of my life. Knolls are not hydroelectric power stations, but collective farms. There, often on the hills, local young people make bonfires during the warm season.

  • Walk and swim:

    Here is a small branch. Reminding sticking out nipple, here you need to sit on the most sticking place, there are a couple of places where on the bank of the willow they grow in a semicircle, that is, they are closed from prying eyes .. Check in or immediately after. Voropaev, but there will have to go across the field, and one hill storm, or call in the first Nax. point north of Voropayev, it seems to Zhukin, or there are just summer cottages without a name, there will be 3 closed exits to the forest, the forest ends, the exit to the right is in the form of rolled sand - 5-10 min. on the way, there will first be cottages, then nature, all your old gums. If you plan to fish, remember - while it is taking place, especially in the elderly during spawning in general it is impossible to fish. There is not much wood there, because Mostly willows grow, so that you should take a couple of bundles with you. [ how to drive ]

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