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Deregistration of a car by an individual

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Цены на услуги МРЕО Снятие с учета автомобиля

The car is removed from the register in the MREO, as a rule: for sale (on the basis of the owner’s application) or for re-registration of ownership of the car (inheritance, court decision, notary’s executive inscription, resolution of the state executive, etc.). Removal from the register is carried out in the MREO at the place of registration of the car. Time for deregistration of a car: during the working day (2-4 hours), provided that the car will be examined by an expert before 13:00.

To remove a car from the register, you must have the following documents with you:

by car:

  1. vehicle, for examination by a forensic expert (checking the numbers of units and assemblies for authenticity);
  2. certificate of state registration of the car (registration certificate);
  3. state license plates.

by car owner:

  1. the original passport and its copies (1.2 pages, 3.4 pages - if the second photo is pasted in, registration). There must be a second (third) photo, if the owner has reached 25 (45) years of age;
  2. certificate of identification number assignment (TIN);
  3. the original of the notarized power of attorney, if the person removing the car from the register is not the owner (the power of attorney must include the right to deregister, represent interests in the traffic police).

If the car was on credit , the following are provided additionally:

  1. loan agreement (original);
  2. certificate of the bank on the full repayment of the loan (original);
  3. pledge agreement (original);
  4. an extract from the GRODI (State Register of the Charging of Movable Property) on the date of removing the vehicle from the register.

The procedure for removing a car from the register by an individual:

In MREO, an application is submitted for deregistration of the vehicle (as a rule, it is sufficient to fill in the application form for conducting a comprehensive study of the vehicle). Copies are attached to the application: technical passport, passport and TIN code (power of attorney, if available). Copies of documents are best prepared in advance. All originals should be with them.

Payment of obligatory payments. It is carried out in a bank branch on the territory of MREO (at the cash desk you need to specify the purpose of payment: "deregistration" or "registration". Here you also need to pay for the inspection of the car by a forensic expert and for issuing the relevant act. technical passport

Inspection of the car by a criminologist for matching license plates. After inspection of the car and the provision of receipts confirming the payment of services of an expert-criminalist, an act of technical inspection and verification of numbering units must be collected in the window of the technical control post.

We take the act of examining the criminalist, the receipt of payment of mandatory payments, the original registration certificate, power of attorney (if available), remove the state. car numbers. We give everything to the window in which you filled out the application at the very beginning.

After removing the car from the register, you receive the following documents:

  1. The registration certificate on the car. If the technical passport of the old sample (laminated), then it is cut like a book, and inside is stamped MREO about removing the car from the register with the seal. If the registration certificate of the new sample (plastic), then its corner is incised and a registration card is issued (see p.2).
  2. Registration card ("Oblikova card"). Issued only if the technical passport is plastic. If a vehicle is derecognised in connection with its sale, a note “Vehicle deregistered for sale within Ukraine” is made in the registration certificate or registration card. ATTENTION! As a registration card is not valid without a technical passport, so the technical report is invalid without an official registration card.
  3. Transit numbers.

With this package of documents, you can issue a sale and purchase transaction with a help account.

From January 1, 2012, new tariffs for traffic police services entered into force upon vehicle registration (according to Resolution of the CMU ("On the provision of paid services to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the State Migration Service of Ukraine" No. 1098 of October 26, 2011 (paragraph 14))).

From April 19, 2012, a 25% surcharge on the cost of products, which is sold in the traffic police (according to Resolution of the CMU ("On Amendments to the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine on January 31, 1992 No. 47 and on June 4, 2007 No. 795" No. 292 of April 11, 2012)).

All your expenses when removing the car from the account:

(including recent changes of April 19, 2012)

Payments and fees in MREO
  • Special products for car registration:
  • license plate for single trips: 27.85 UAH
  • Traffic police car registration services:
  • for foreign vehicles: 190.15 UAH
    for vehicles of domestic production and CIS countries: 152.63 UAH
  • Seal of the certificate of the expert-criminalist (DP "Development"):
  • 54.36 UAH
  • Bank commission for making all payments (if an individual):
  • 27 UAH
    TOTAL : 299.36 UAH (for foreign cars);
    261.84 UAH (for cars of domestic production).