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How to the driver not to become a victim of car bugs

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Ostap Bender, as you know, knew 400 relatively honest ways of taking money from the public. But he would also envy the current scammers in the ability to "dissolve" for money. According to our observations, motorists are the victims of criminals most often. According to police major Valery Drevilo, this category of people is so attracted to scammers for several reasons. Firstly, drivers almost always have money with them (at least for gasoline), and secondly, a motorist is not the poorest segment of the population: they don’t buy a car for the last “blood ”s.

Ways to "divorce" for today came up with a lot. We will talk about the most popular ones.

Buying in groups

"A car for 300-500 UAH per month" - such an advertisement on an advertising poster can often be seen in large shopping centers next to a new car, which invitingly awaits its owner. Money seems to be small - why not ask about the conditions? Is it really true?

Trick cheater. Next to the car there is always a table, at which sits a pleasant-looking young man or girl with “honest” eyes. They propose here to buy a car according to a special scheme: 1000 people are thrown off at 300 UAH. and with this money they buy 5 cars for 60 thousand UAH. a piece. Between the group members held a rally, and every two hundredth gets a car. The rest continue to pay 300 UAH. and attract new lottery members. Next month, another 50 cars will be played. The cycle continues until all members of the group get a car. How can you not believe in miracle and luck? Confidence is reinforced by the fact that the employee of the pyramid company shows a bunch of documents, licenses, guarantees.

In fact. Pay 300 UAH. per month can be for years. Each month there will be notifications that "you did not win" this month. At any time you can leave the group, but there is one bad luck - the entrance fee and monthly fees are not refundable. We send letters to the editors of readers who are trying to get a car for 5-6 years. “During this time, I would have paid off a regular loan a long time ago,” writes Alexey N. from Donetsk.

Helpful advice. We strongly advise against participating in any schemes resembling a pyramid even remotely. Remember that free cheese is only in a mousetrap.

Psychologist's comment. According to psychologist of the Center for Practical Psychology and Psychoanalysis "Imago" Tatyana Nazarenko, people whose psyche is in a depressed state (stress, depression) are most vulnerable to participation in such groups. “In situations where it is very difficult for a person to cope with the perception of reality, the person’s psyche begins to regress. In order to protect himself from anxiety, a person begins to use“ magical ”thinking. A person begins to feel that with the help of certain rituals, actions (for example, monthly fees) he can join some big and omnipotent structure, and this will give him the opportunity to possess something that is inaccessible to others, without making any serious efforts to this, "the expert says.

Road stands

Since the mid-90s, when a car became available to many people, a form of fraud has spread, which has received the slang for "auto-substation". There are two main schemes here.

Trick cheater. Scheme 1. An accident with an expensive car.

Fraudsters (usually experienced drivers) act as a group of two or three cars. They reveal on the road a man who drives alone and does not drive too confidently. With the help of any provocation, he is forced to commit a traffic accident by the criminals. The easiest (but far from the only) way: when the victim is driving in the leftmost lane, one of the criminals' cars, supposedly "in a hurry," headlights and / or an audible signal "drives the" slower teapot out of the left lane. The victim, giving way, gives to the right, and then a collision occurs: a dummy machine, which the victim had in the “dead zone” (it is not visible in the mirror) suddenly accelerates and is substituted for the blow. Formally, the victim is to be blamed for the accident - she allegedly “cut” the dummy machine.

After that, the driver and passengers of the dummy shout and threats extort money from the victim "for repair", demanding to pay on the spot, without calling the traffic police and without making out anything. They rest on the fact that in the case of a formal proceeding the amount of compensation will be greater.

In fact. A car “for repair” of which fraudsters extort money can visit several similar accidents in one day, and in fact, the amount for restoring its minimally decent appearance is substantially less than that which fraudsters manage to take from the victim.

Trick cheater. Scheme 2. Downed pedestrian.

This trouble is usually waiting for the driver when the car leaves the yard or the parking lot of the supermarket. Suddenly, the car knocks down a pedestrian who effectively slides down the windshield, leaving dents on the hood. Everything happens so fast that the driver does not even have time to understand anything. A pedestrian lies and writhes in pain. There are also witnesses who saw how this pedestrian was shot down, and the punishment for such an offense is, as everyone knows, hard. Naturally, the driver prefers to "agree on the spot."

In fact. Under the guise of a pedestrian a fraudster is working, who himself rushes to the hood. "Fall" so that there are dents from a supposedly strong collision is easy - the hood is quite a "gentle" detail.

Psychologist's comment. “The victim feels guilty in this case - firstly, due to a formal violation of traffic rules, secondly, the victim usually has little driving experience. Road accident is an unusual stress from which a person seeks to get out as soon as possible and makes a mistake, "says Tatyana Nazarenko.

Helpful advice. “The means of auto-supporting or, in any case, minimal damage from it is car insurance, a categorical refusal of“ payment on the spot ”, a call from the traffic police and the insurer’s representative immediately after the collision. We must insist that the insurance compensates for the damage,” us in the press center of the Traffic Police of Ukraine. However, we were not told what to do to the driver if the traffic police officer does not see the real cause of the accident, fixes the violation of the rules by the victim of traffic rules and transfers the rights to the court, where they either impose a high fine, or take them for a period of 1 to 2 years old.

Flushing engine

Trick cheater. When changing the oil at almost all the service stations, the masters ask a standard question: “Will we wash the engine?” As a rule, the motorist automatically answers "yes". In the following conversation, the masters always convince that they cannot do without it. Standard arguments: “The engine is cleaned of old oil, we fill it up with fresh oil. One should avoid the mixture of the old oil with the new one, especially if the mineral water changes to synthetics”.

In fact. "It is almost impossible to wash the engine from the inside, especially if coke deposits have already formed there. The flushing oil is able to wash only light fractions: paraffin, vaseline, leaving a slag skeleton. A small piece of these bones will break off, no more than 2 mm, and slip through the channel, and if not? Shut off the oil supply, for example, to the crankshaft, “de-oil” it, after which the shaft simply “delays”, - says the director of the Volvo + service station Vasily Shevchik. - In addition, the flushing oil is oil with unknown tolerances and standards Is it worth pouring in d rogostoyaschy engine unknown swill? "

Helpful advice. If you nevertheless decided to flush, it is best to pour the oil recommended by the car manufacturer into the engine, wait until it has worked for several days, drain it and refill it with fresh oil and replace the oil filter with fresh one. The meaning of the flushing procedure is only in the case when foreign substances get into the engine (for example, if a foreign liquid is accidentally poured).

Engine Medicines

Trick cheater. But fraudsters are waiting for a motorist, not only at the moment when he wants to buy a car, driving, or carrying out standard maintenance. Many drivers are trying to improve their car and are looking for ways to do it using some simple methods. Especially for this category of car enthusiasts scammers sell "miracle tools". “If it is poured into the engine, according to the sellers, the old car will“ fly like new ”, the sellers say. It is such a pleasure that it is relatively inexpensive - from UAH 100 to 500. For comparison, an engine overhaul will cost $ 600-2000.

The “cheap kid” of many motorists is not embarrassed and they enthusiastically carry money to scammers. And how can one not believe here, if the eyes of an astounded public are drained of oil from the engine, and it continues to work - such a trick is often shown at exhibitions. Various additives, judging from advertising, reduce the consumption by as much as 30-40% and eliminate the motor from the need for repair.

In fact. According to the specialists we interviewed, it is difficult to understand who is who in the auto chemistry market. The fact is that some of the additives sold do bring benefits to the engine, but the bulk of it is ordinary cheating.

Types of additives

Remetallizers These are compounds in which compounds or ions of soft metals are contained in a neutral carrier that is completely soluble in oil. Getting into the friction zone, these compounds fill the asperities and create a cladding layer that restores the surface.

An oil change quickly nullifies the effect of the initial treatment with a re-metalizer. Moreover, even a short-term absence of the drug in the oil system leads to the "compaction" of the protective layer from the surface of the cylinders by piston rings, especially in start-up modes. Therefore, there are often cases of motor seizure after treatment with such preparations.

Teflon preparations. Teflon is a good anti-friction and non-stick material that works effectively almost immediately after entering the friction zone. However, the instability of Teflon coatings is also well known. Therefore, in particular, the claims of some firms are doubtful that a one-time engine treatment with a preparation of this group ensures the duration of the anti-friction layer for 1 million miles.

For effective operation of the additive requires its constant presence in the oil. In addition, Teflon - an excellent heat insulator. The presence of a Teflon layer on the walls of the combustion chamber leads to a significant increase in the temperature of the gas in the cylinder: there is an almost twofold increase in the yield of nitrogen oxides in the exhaust gases. The experts interviewed by us even note cases when prolonged use of Teflon preparations led to coking of the piston rings and, as a result, overheating of the pistons and the exit of the power unit out of operation.

Polymeric antifriction preparations (friction modifiers). These drugs were created by specialists of the defense industry and initially had a narrow purpose - to ensure short-term preservation of the mobility of military equipment in the event of serious damage to the oil system.

When using these drugs, the receiving fungus of the oil pump and oil channels "overgrow" with polymer, the cross sections of the channels decrease - this leads to an increase in pressure (reduces fuel consumption, increases power), but a side effect is premature wear of the engine bearings. And it is treated only by overhaul.

Repair and reduction compositions (PBC). Their action is based on the unique properties of serpentine powder. When friction, serpentine decomposes with the release of a large amount of thermal energy, under the influence of which the metal is heated, the mineral microparticles are introduced into its structure and the formation of a composite metal-ceramic structure (metal-mineral) with very high hardness and wear resistance.

The use of RVS in engines faces a serious problem: the unit treated with minerals loses its temperature stability. As a result, the engine is at risk of overheating. In addition, in the process of running-in of the engine with RVS, due to sharply increased cylinder temperatures, oil consumption significantly increases and piston rings are often released. In addition, the developers of the RVS did not solve the problem of the fact that friction pairs with different mechanical properties work in the motor - on many engines abrasive wear of individual components occurs.

Helpful advice. According to Andrei Dallakyan, Director of the KievSkan Service Station, there is no need to pour any additional additives into the engine - the composition of high-quality engine oil is quite universal. "If the engine does not work well, then only the motorist will help," the expert notes. At the same time, he adds that after the motor has been treated with additives, the cost of repair may increase by 20-30%.

Joke nicely in TEMU. "I added a friction modifier to the engine oil, which gave me 25% fuel economy. The remodeler gave 30%, metal conditioner - the same amount, 28% added geomodifikator and teflon additive ... And now every 30 km I have to stop pouring gasoline out of the tank. "

Gas for tires

Trick cheater. Three years ago, the Ukrainian tire workshops began to massively offer a new service - filling tires with gas. Judging by the annotations, the composition of the "tire" gas includes nitrogen, argon, neon, helium and other useful substances. "Nitrogen is needed so that the tire does not oxidize, neon and helium - for smoothness, as well as to improve wheel damping and maintain constant pressure. Argon is added to the mixture so that the gas mixture does not crash through the tire and loose seats of the tire and disc "- written in advertising. In supergas, according to vendors, there are many more useful properties: it improves the handling, stability of the car, reduces braking distance and noise from the contact of tires with the road surface. The cost of the service is 50-100 UAH. (depending on the "corporate" product). Refueling tires with regular air costs 5 UAH.

In fact. “Besides the internal impact on rubber, there is still no less aggressive air outside, so there’s no point in saying the effect of corrosion resistance. The same goes for the softness of tire gas: all gases in nature have the same rigidity,” says Mark Borodai, an expert - avtotekhnik KNIISE (Kiev Research Institute of Forensic Examination).

But that's not all. An employee of one of the tire workshops on condition of anonymity told us that in fact, under the guise of special gas, ordinary air was pumped into tires. "But customers still say that they feel an improvement in the behavior of the car. Psychology," - says the master. In fact, tire technicians have come up with a way to literally make money out of thin air.

Helpful advice. Refuel the tire with normal air and in no case overpay for gas at a 20-fold amount.

Fuel activator

Trick cheater. The "hit" of the last few years is fuel activators. On the market offer a device that must be embedded in the fuel line.

According to the developers, when the fuel passes through the activator, it creates “charged” gasoline or diesel molecules by creating electromagnetic vortices, which causes the fuel to burn more efficiently.

In fact. According to Alexander Voronkov, director of the State Enterprise Scientific Research Institute of Chemical Technologies Khimtekhnologiya, it is impossible to increase efficiency with the help of electromagnetic radiation alone. "This is quackery," the expert says. Moreover, the chemistry specialist cannot even imagine how electromagnetic radiation can affect the properties of petroleum products, confirm his opinion and the test results of the German magazine "Auto Motor and Sport", which showed absolute devaysa connectivity described above.

Helpful advice. You can achieve real savings by changing your driving style.

Tablets for gasoline

Trick cheater. The last two years on automotive stores are actively selling special pills that should be added to the fuel - the so-called bio-additives. According to the developers, this tablet will reduce fuel consumption by as much as 30%. Other properties of the tablets: optimization of the combustion process, improved heat transfer, cleaning the pipeline and fuel tank. Price - 180 UAH. for 10 capsules. Consumption - 1 capsule per 60 liters of fuel.

In fact. According to the Moscow Institute of NAMI, these pills are not at all some kind of miracle liquid, but the most common naphthalene. And this agent has been known since the 80s - naphthalene increases the octane number. True, there are consequences - this naphthalene forms an incredible amount of soot in the fuel system and crystallizes, clogging the hoses, the fuel pump and the injector nozzles.

Helpful advice. To reduce fuel consumption and extend the life of a car by using quality fuel, changing the driving style and maintaining the car in perfect technical condition.

Panacea from the camera

Trick cheater. With the introduction of new fines for violating traffic rules in the automotive markets, a new product has appeared - means of protection from traffic and photo cameras.

Frames and varnishes. A choice of a wide range of different frames is offered to the car enthusiast: light-proof, "with flare", "with automatic dimming", "reflective". Cost - from 50 to 800 UAH. According to the sellers, for the traffic police cameras, the numbers of cars equipped with similar car devices are not visible. The same applies to the work of the spray "photoblocker" advertised on the Internet - it lights up the picture only if the camera is working with a bright flash, but the special means of the traffic police work without it.

In fact. The principle of operation, fixing the functions of the traffic police cameras, does not differ from the work of an ordinary camera. Even if you take a picture of a room with an ordinary digital camera, it will be perfectly visible both with a frame and without it.

Helpful advice. Truly effective protection against fines is riding by the rules.