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Is it possible to exceed the speed to 20 km / h.?

Можно ли превышать скорость до 20 км/ч.?Можно ли превышать скорость до 20 км/ч.?

It happens that someone heard from another driver that the speeding is not more than 20 not subject to penalty.

With this confidence, almost all drivers drive, especially since traffic police officers often do not react to such a speeding.

Until then, the traffic police officer will not draw up a protocol and will not write a fine on this case.

Which law says that you can or can not exceed the speed to 20 km / h?

But there is no such unambiguous law. The fact is that Article 122 of the Administrative Code of Ukraine provides for the responsibility for exceeding the speed of traffic only by more than 20 km / h, and for speeding up to 20 km / h the traffic police officer must issue an oral warning to the driver.

Well, well ... And where is the fine?

The penalty is imposed on the driver for the fact that he violated the injunction of road signs.

For example, hangs a sign of 50, and you drive at a speed of 70 After all, what does sign 3.29 "Maximum speed limit" mean. - Movement is prohibited at a speed that exceeds the speed indicated on the sign.

So, it is forbidden, but not the permitted maximum speed.

But also drivers have legal ways of protection.

First of all, the traffic police officer must provide you with concrete evidence that your car broke the traffic rules.

If there is no such evidence, but the protocol is still being compiled, be sure to write down your comments.

And as the inspector of the State Automobile Inspectorate should report the permissible error in the measurements of the radar.

And the type of radar itself must be certified and authorized for use by the traffic police units of Ukraine.

So, according to the statement of the General Prosecutor's Office of Ukraine (from March 21, 2011), the traffic police officer does not have the right to draw up a protocol on violation of traffic rules on the basis of the TrueCAM LNI 20/20 instrument readings and Arena. Because devices are not certified.

In turn, the State Automobile Inspectorate of Ukraine insists that technical means for speed fixing uses legally. Because in their opinion, such technical means do not require certification.

But do not forget that a new edition of the SDA came into force. Paragraph 12.10 specifies cases of setting additional speed limits.