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How not to pay for a traffic police certificate about the presence of fines

The Ukrainian State Motor Inspectorate is used to making money absolutely on everything. For example, when passing a state inspection, in addition to compulsory payments, the driver often has to give "on the paw" to inspectors, so that they "do not put sticks in the wheel."

But now, the traffic cops have thought up that they are demanding money in fact in order to admit you to the MOT.

This is a so-called certificate of the presence or absence of fines for violation of traffic rules. Although the driver does not provide such a certificate, the traffic police strongly "recommend" it to buy. The price of the reference, a little-a lot - 39 hryvnia. If we take into account that millions of cars pass through the TO, the business is very profitable.

Such lawlessness naturally caused a negative reaction among drivers. On September 8, during a "hot line" with the Prime Minister, motorists began to call and complain about the fact that the traffic police requires this certificate. In response, Yulia Tymoshenko ordered Yuriy Lutsenko to stop this practice, but for some reason she kept silent about the reasons for initially requiring money for the certificate. Obviously, the funds received from the sale of "passes to the TO" left "to the left" and no one will return them.

After the public statements of the head of the government, and the assurances of the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs that such certificates have become free, it would seem that the problem has been solved. However, the traffic police have a different point of view on this matter.

The driver of the "Road Control" was asked by the driver who told that in September, following the advice of the media, he made a statement to the traffic police, asking him to provide him with information about the presence of fines.

September 22 from the traffic police of the city of Kremenchug with the signature of the head Khrestovoy O.V. came the answer that the driver must first pay 39 hryvnia, and only after that he will be provided with information.

Thus, traffic cops not only spit on the laws, but also demonstratively ignore the orders of the leadership of the state.

In this situation, "Road control" advises not to go on about the traffic police, but do the following:

The fact is that in Ukraine there is such a wonderful law as the Law "On Information". According to this law, every citizen of Ukraine has the right to apply to the state authority with an information request. In this request, a citizen may require the provision of ANY information concerning him. The authority is obliged to satisfy the demand of the citizen FREE of charge, except in cases stipulated by law.

Obviously, in no law of Ukraine there is such a thing as a "certificate on the absence of fines for 39 hryvnia", because the traffic police must absolutely inform the citizen about the presence or absence of fines absolutely.

Below we provide an example of such information request:


If the traffic police ignore such a document, the driver gets all the grounds for applying to the prosecutor's office with a request to initiate a criminal case, as well as the right to go to court and demand compensation for moral compensation.