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Coupon about the passage of the sovereign tehnіchnogo look around. SOU 78-45-005-2007





SOW 78-45-005: 2007

View of office



1 ROSROBLENO Center bezpeki road ruhu under the Department of DAI MVS Ukraine
USED ​​by the Department of the State Property Inspectorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine

2 ROZROBNIKI : O. Kalinsky (Kernikov), V. Zaichenko, Є. Makarenko, I. Savchenko

3 PRINCED BY TA NADANO CHINNOSTI by the mandate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine dated 10.10.2007 № 384

4 ON ZAMINU SOU 78-45-005-2005

5 SECURED DP UkrNDNTS No. 32595752/1615 08.11.2007r.

Tsei standard is not possible but often for part-time, replication and distribution of accounts without the permission of the Department of State Investigations of Internal Affairs of Ukraine


1. Sphere zasosuvannya .. .... ...... ... ........................................... .

2. Headlines ... ... .......................................... .........

3. Headlines ... .... ... ... ....................................... ..............

4. Steps to the Zahist ........................................... ....................

5. Guarantors of the virobnik .............................................. ..............

6. Dodatok A (Obovyazkovy). Lytsovy bіk talonіv ..........

7. Dodatok B (obov'yazkovy). Zvorotny bіk talonіv

types 1 and 2 .................................................... ..................................

8. Dodatok V (Obovyazkovy). The talon of type-1 coupons over the past was held by a young man in the state of technology .................................... ..............................

9. Dodatok G (obov'yazkovy). The steps for the coupons .......













Coupon on the passage of state technical inspection.
Form. General requirements

Chinniy v_d 2007-12-01

1 Sphere zasosuvannya

AIM standard of Ukraine СОSU 78-45-005-2007 "Coupon about passing a state power roundabout. Form. Zagalnim vimogi ”(dal - standard) I will install zagalnim vimogi before the blanks of coupons about the passage of the power of the state (dali - taloni) of the transport depot, established in Derzhavtotinspetstsi MVS Ukraine of Ukraine.
Taloni is tested on the territory of Ukraine using the method of transporting transport services to the authorities of legislation, rules, norms and standards in the field of safety and security of the road to the middle of the market.
Dotrimannya vimog tsogo standard є obovyazkovim for p_dpriєmstv-virobnik_v talon_v.

2 Position
2.1 Forms of tickets are centralized for the Department of the State Department of Internal Affairs of Ukraine (dalі - DDAI MVS).
2.2 Zaprovadzhuєtsya two types of coupons about the passage of the sovereign tehnіchnogo look:
Type 1 - taloni, schoyayatsya when held state-owned tehnіchnogo look at the term for 1 or 2 rocks.
Type 2 - taloni, scho vidayutsya when held sovereign tehnіchnogo look at the term for the pіvrіchchya.
2.3 Forms of tickets for regional grays and numbers and in a friendly way from abroad to steps forged by falsification.
2.4 Entrepreneurial-virobnik vigotovlya є original і-makety talonіv zgіdno with vimogami tsogo standard that vіdpovіdno to tehnіchnogo opisu coupon.
2.5 Taloni vidayutsya when held by a state-owned technician I look in order, to be accepted by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.
2.6 The coupon shall be closed from the inner side in the right lower cage of the front wind tunnel of the transport area. For the coupon of the coupon on the first glance of the transport, you can get attachments of the material, as if you didn’t obey the request of the coupon and of the voucher vopadnіnny. On transport routes, near the construction sites, the coupon about the road trip, the coupon about the passing of the state-owned tehnіchny eyebrow is available from the vlasnik at once with the latest documents.

3. Headlines
3.1 Forms of coupons vigotovlyayl zgіdno with vimogami tsogo standard. Rosemіri blanc is induced in the A and B.
3.2 For vigotovlennya blank taliv_v neobhіdno vikorisovuvati tupki papіr.
3.3 The zagalniy background of the listovy side of the coupon is guilty of the application of the yakravoy farboy.
3.4 Farba, just zastozovuєtsya to put the background, risunkіv, writing and pozachchen, keep the style up to the uncomfortable atmospheric vplivu sleepy vipromіnyuvnya.
3.5 Text and ticket requisite may be written in Arabic numbers and Arabic numerals.
3.6. DANI, scheduling up to the coupon, wipe it out with a special stamp and stamp it with the stamp of the seat of the State Specialized Forces Association, the yak has seen the price of the coupon.
3.7 Records of requisitions of blanks of coupons in the case of black blue aboriginal coloration, which can not be ignored, but for all computer technology.

3.8 coupon ticket coupon
3.8.1 Rose fields are marked at DoDatka A.
3.8.2 At the upper part of the ticket coupon, the words “DAY MVS of Ukraine” are applied.
3.8.3. The lower part of the coupon of the coupon is represented by the emblem of the State Motor Vehicle Inspectorate of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine.
3.8.4. From the right side of the upper part of the coupon at a height of 3 mm from the top edge of the form, a frame is drawn for marking the number of the coupon. Seria coupon is stored in two letters, and the number is six Arabic numerals. Taloni mayut naskrіznu numbering. Serіya і number should be applied first by virobnik at one hour and that should be done with the MVD.
3.8.5 Frame under the name of the number of the coupon at the upper part of the upper part of the frame is decorated with the frame of the bold collar with a size of 8 × 45 mm. At the middle of the upper frame, enter the state number of the vehicle.
3.8.6 At the upper part of the coupon, right-handed before I will write “DAI AIFC of Ukraine”, for the coupon, type 2, go to the field of drawing color with outlines with the image of figure 1 and 2, scheduling the word “1, 2”, into the transport box, drawing, and I will take it, I will draw it, I will take it, I will take it, I will take it, I will take it and I will take it and I will take it and I will take it out of it. . The figure is applied with black blue or black collar, so as not to be asleep in the sleepy night, or because of computer technology.
3.8.7 In the middle of the horizontal axis of the coupon, the right-handed one shall be charged to the rik, at the jaku the transport route would give a poddlyag на to a passing round of the state superpowered.
3.8.8. At the bottom of the coupon of the right-handed one, rotate the frame of the collar with a rose (10 × 70) mm for the marking of that model of transport.
3.8.9 Zagalny background litsovogo side pass obov'yazkovo Got zmіnyuvatisya fallow od roku prohodzhennya chergovogo sovereign tehnіchnogo Glancing transport zasobu i vіdpovіdati dodatkovі V. Zagalny background guilty zapovnyuvati nіzh not less then 70% poverhnі litsovogo blank side.

3.9 Zvorotnyi bіk coupon
3.9.1 Rose Coupon Identified in Figure B.
3.9.2 On the starboard voucher of the coupon they may sock:
- the name of the document;
- № shasі (body, ramie);
- a passport for posting a stamp of a posado of an individual DAI MVS;
- date of the technical inspection;
- the date of the technical inspection;
- Written “Згідно з p. 7 ст. 37 of the Law of Ukraine “On the Road Route” is collected by the operation of transport vaults for the issue of talons on the progress of the sovereign technical look ”.

3.10 Pakuvanna
3.10.1 For packing blanks of coupons, copyright daddy, cardboard, boxes of corrugated cardboard, you need to give you the necessary regulatory documents. Forms required pakuvati this rank, schob zapobіgti ïх poskodzhennyu.
3.10.2 Pakuvalnaya odinitsya obvyazuєtsya otnichnuyu prychkoyu ο ınshim obvіvsіv obyvuyuvalnim materіalom i i obov'yazkovo obkleyєatsya іsіh bokіv gluey stіrchkoyu, yak guilty obezpechuvati zakhist vіd nesankііvovivonovirovanovikonovikanevanevikovikanevane. Gluing page of a disposable one-time driver.

3.11 Markuvannya
3.11.1 On leather pakuvalnіy odinits_ maє buti markuvannya, yak applied printing, stamped with a tie on the tag.
3.11.2 Marked Placement Taku Information:
- the name of the company is virobnika that yogo address;
- the number of the order;
- the name of the order;
- the number of primirnik forms at the patch number and the first numbers of the remaining blanks;
- vidmіtka vіddіlu tehnіchnogo control;
- stamp pakuvalnik;
- date pakuvannya;
- pozachchennya tsogo standard;
- call for berth and transport.

3.12 Transporting
Carriage of blanks is necessary in such a rank, please fill in with the mechanics and dress the vologs at the time of transport if they are a kind of transport.

3.13 Zberіgannya
Forms of coupons may be filled in a close-knit manner with no more than 70% of those who want to pay attention.

4. Steps
4.1. The coupon is guilty of the mother’s steps to the oppressor of the falsification, and the division itself:
- zhisnu sіtku;
- micro font;
- holographic superfluous element;
- Poznachennya, inflicted invisible farboy.
4.2 Zakhisna sіtka coupon on the starfight, to be stored in a file, the middle is put on the State Emblem of Ukraine and by the text - the word “DAI”. The coat of arms, the text and the cola give it to a farboy, the main basic form of the letterhead on the face.
4.3 Lines of the black collar, on the starboard of the coupon about the promenade of the state of the art, looking at the “No. of the chassis (body, ramie)” and “Posadova person DAI MVS” ”put the words“ DAI ”, vikonanogo mikrokrotokrotoi
4.4 Invisible Farba, with ultraviolet exchanges, hang with a rubber ring, zastovovu лицtsâ for put on the face of the coupon of the State Emblem of Ukraine, the fate of the evening of the armed forces technical glance of the transport car of the car, you can see
4.5 See the steps to the zhista, їх roztashuvannya kolіr invisible farbe can be seen for us dzhodnya DDAI MVS Ukraine.
4.6 Sphrases deposited on the backshaft on the letterheads of the coupon were brought into dodeatku G.

5. Guarantors of the Vicrobnik
5.1 Number and number of blanks in one package are required and numbers that are marked with a number.
5.2 Кількість бланів в odnіy upakovtsі to lay in the material, which zastyosovutsya for pakuvannya.
5.3. Recruitment of requisites for the form and dispatch of the mechanisms are controlled by the author.
5.4 Guarantee Term іnkpluatatsі Talonіv two rocky.

Dodatok A
Lytsovy bіk talonіv

Figure A.1. - Lyzyvyi Bіk coupon type 1

Figure A.2. - Lyzyvyi bіk coupon type 2

Dodatok B
Zvorotny bіk taloniv types 1 1 2

Dodatok V
Taraz talonіv type 1 zalozhno vіd roku prozhdennya
of the sovereign state technician

Key words: a ticket about the passing of the power of the state, looking backwards.