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This is not taught in a driving school! 12 Exclusive Tips for All Drivers

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Этому Не Научат В Автошколе! 12 Эксклюзивных Советов Всем Водителям

This is not taught in a driving school!

12 Exclusive Tricks for All Drivers!

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  1. You are standing on the turn to the left, skipping the oncoming cars. DO NOT unscrew the steering wheel to the left in advance. Blow from behind and you are a corpse under the counter wagon. Steering wheel should be kept only straight.
  2. Making a chess overtaking and wedging into the stream, extinguish the speed on the COUNT LINE. One of the most common mistakes is when, overtaking a column at a considerable speed, the driver, seeing that he doesn’t have time, starts wedging himself into his lane and at the same time brakes a lot.
  3. Be careful when passing the protracted turns along the INNER radius (for you it is internal, for the counter ones it is external). If the oncoming car, driving on the outer radius starts to enter, it will not go to the ditch, and in 90% of cases it will fly to your head. It is a mistake to be more afraid of oncoming cars passing along the inner radius - as a rule, their drift ends on the sidelines.
  4. You grabbed the roadside or snow brewster on the left (for example, near the separator on the avenue) or on the right (the roadside) - kill the instinct to pull the steering wheel in the opposite direction. Deadly grip steering, without changing the position of the foot on the gas pedal, compensate for the withdrawal to the side. Auto will lose speed and return to the road. No need to try, by all means, strive on the road, you sharply throw in the opposite direction.
  5. Always leave a fallback. For example, you doubt overtaking, just go to the “oncoming”, and drag behind, until you are 100% sure that you can overtake. And if anything, go back to your lane.
  6. If you see that the oncoming vehicle does not have time to overtake, turn on the right “turn signal” and press against the side of the ADVANCE. Do not blink headlights, there may be a novice driver, who will immediately get lost.
  7. If the car blows / knocks, act firmly and smoothly, without fuss. The process does not develop instantly and, accordingly, does not like abrupt and convulsive movements. There is only one hopeless situation - it is a skid on the front drive on the descent, in other cases everything can be corrected.
  8. Do not rely on the system of exchange rate stabilization during rain. If a breakdown occurs and you float (the effect of aquaplaning) the system will NOT help you. She tritely "does not understand" what is happening.
  9. If the car "antibuks" is not tied with one button with the system of exchange rate stabilization, then turn it off. It is always harmful (on monodrive). Especially if you are going to slip from a sharp start intersection. Start will not be so sharp.
  10. You are flying, on the left lane, and on the right all are standing or traveling slowly? They pass a pedestrian. And you keep going, he will gladly smash your head with your head ...
  11. Frequently, animals on the road or unexpected obstacles in the form of wheels, bags, etc. Keep cool. Before you save the dog, make sure not to “shake” a pair of pillars, the next car, and a pedestrian on the side of the road.
  12. The reason most accidents - speed. There is no accident, about which you can not say - "Damn, I would drive a little slower, and nothing would have happened!"