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Tips for beginners on long routes, Those who first went far on the car

Советы начинающим на дальних трассах, Тем кто впервые далеко поехал на авто

I want to share small observations and advice on long trips.

Believe me, as they say all the rules of TB are written in blood, well, on kraynyak loss of valuable.

Probably, most of the people listed below are not outlandish, but they can help someone. So..

1. If you suddenly see that several cars start to slow down and line up in a column, it means that they found out, or knew about some kind of hindrance ahead (DPS, accident, repair, etc.). Even if overtaking is allowed and you can see far ahead there is no counter, in any case, do not overtake, but simply take their turn.

2. Never overtake slowly moving vehicles on a freshly-made and unmarked road. As a rule, if before the repair overtaking was banned, then during the repair it is a trough for DPSnikov. They can even carry a sign - hide them on shields or foliage. Wait until it is clearly clear (by markup, and even better by the sign) that overtaking is allowed.

3. If you drive on a clean field, and a single bush for many kilometers is a lonely voting figure (even with an open car hood), then do not stop by anyways, and go a little further, and if you want to help, then talk to distance. Such a distance that in the event that out of the bush the group of capture will run out, so that there is time - by horses and run.

4. If the road is close to the forest do not drive more than 100 km per hour, and even better to 80. Not everyone will be able to react to the forest animal, suddenly appeared in front of your eyes. There is a belief that helps to scare away the beast periodically giving a signal, although I do not believe in it.

5. On unfamiliar terrain, especially on off-center routes, do not find it hard to refuel for good refueling even if you have a half full tank. It may be that until the next half of the tank is not enough. Of course, the best option to find out through the Internet or from the experienced location of the gas station on the highway.

6. At all, do not engage in squabbles with local Aborigines. The truth itself is guilty of incontinence, especially after a whole day of driving and react badly to provocations. Then of course I regret the lost time, but, never justice has not completely restored. As a rule, local servants of order are not on your side.

7. If you have committed a traffic violation, then try to be the first to talk to the serviceman. As a rule, I begin to say that the navigator is completely deceiving, or got confused in the maps, or for several hours I can not go on such a route. In general, of course, it will not help, but it will adjust the dialogue to the right note.

8. If you are chasing offended local residents, then a possible way out is to skip ahead and try to turn around 180 and drive back. The best option is to cling to the heavyweight and not let the pesky wedge in between you. Truckers, as a rule, understand everything and take the side of justice.

9. At the beginning of some incomprehensibility with the car, try not to reach the end point of the route, and immediately in the first large village to get to the workshop. It is better to learn that the noise in the car is not terrible, than to stand on the road, where even the mobile does not take.

10. If you feel that it leads to sleep, it is certainly better to stop and take a nap, but if all the same you need to go very little (for example, left to the house 100 km), I help to cram the rye to myself, and with effort. In this state, I can drive 1-1.5 hours.

11. Always keep a shovel and a tow rope in the trunk. Believe me, even if they never need you, one of their presence ennobles the aura of the car and, in case of successful help to someone, that luck will be more favorable to you.