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New Laser Speed ​​Identifier, honest "Vizir" of the new generation

Trucam - New Laser Speed ​​Identifier, honest New generation Vizier

TruCam features:

  • Response time: 0.33 seconds
  • Limit of measured speed: ± 322 km / h
  • Accuracy: ± 2 km / h
  • Minimum distance: 15 m
  • Bad weather mode: 61 m
  • The maximum distance: 1200 m
  • Resolution (pixels): 480 x 360 Video and 2048 x 1536 Photos
  • Number of clips: 6000 to SD 4 GB
  • Battery life: 8-15 hours
  • GPS receiver: (take the current time with GPS) 20 channels
  • Type of speed detection - Laser
  • Laser: pulse
  • Wavelength: 905 mm
  • Beam divergence: 2.5 milliradians

On the roads of Kiev region, a new laser speed detector TruCAM has been activated. The traffic police say that unlike Vizir, this device practically does not leave the perpetrator with a chance to win in court. The main joy of the GAI is that the Vizir see anti-radar, and TruCAM does not. That is, to guess that you are being removed by a hidden camera, you can only by "writing a happiness" in the mailbox and by the sign "video surveillance" is being conducted at the entrance to the settlement. Work TruCAM began on Saturday, but until you buy a sufficient number of vehicles, "take" the drivers will ... fear of a fine.

- Six anti-vandal thermoboxes are installed on the roads of the Kyiv region, - says Alexander Tkachenko, deputy head of the traffic police department of the Kyiv region. - The device will stand only in one for the time being, but it will not be possible to see behind the tinted windows, whether it is there. Therefore, the driver is easier to lose speed on this site than to pay a fine later.

The device can operate in two modes: automatic and manual. For the first on the road, a thermobox with armored glass is installed, and it is removed at a distance of 70 meters. The device without charging can work 15 hours, make 40 thousand photos or 16 thousand videos, 3 pictures per second. In manual mode, there is a special stock, which rests against the shoulder of the traffic cop. From the outside, this process is similar to the hunt of a photo-gun. Catch offenders can be at a distance of up to 1200 meters. In the manual mode, the traffic police officer must stop the driver, show him the video violation and issue a protocol. By the way, the GAI is also considering another alternative to the Vizir, the Arena. But they say that it's just a modified "Vizir", and TruCAM is a new generation device. Nevertheless, "Arena" costs about 250 thousand UAH, and TruCAM - 100 thousand UAH. By the way, the scandalous "Wizards" will remain in the arsenal of the State Automobile Inspection.

Checked by myself

In operation, the device is extremely simple. "The newspaper ..." experienced it on the Zhitomir highway, near the village of Gurovschina. I put the "butt" in the shoulder and look into the peephole. In the middle of the screen - a red cross, I bring it to the wagon, which rushes along the middle lane. I press the button, the speed appears on the screen - 68 km per hour, shot at a distance of 450 meters. The permissible speed in the village is 60 km per hour, in the settings we put a limit of 83 km per hour. When the camera is exceeded, the camera automatically shoots the video.

During the first five minutes of observation, we did not find any violators. Drivers, noticing the traffic police officers in the distance, immediately gave up speed. I got on a TruCam Jeep Patriot: it was dispersed on the Zhitomir highway to 91 km per hour. At the signal of the traffic cop the car turned to the side. The driver did not want to lower the tinted glass: he communicated through a slit.

"If you talk to reporters, you will not be penalized for the first time," Tkachenko says, and the driver immediately lowers the window and readily answers questions.

"Honestly, for the first time in my life I broke it," says Oleg Mikhailov. - It is good, if the normal device will be: how many scandals with "Vizier" was. Watch the video with a violation, he did not want and soon left.

Than TruCam is better than "Vizier" and "Arena"

1. "Vizir" - a radar device, and TruCam - a laser. As Alexander Tkachenko compared, the technological difference - as between "Zaporozhets" and the newest "Mercedes".

2. GAI did not repeat the mistakes with "Vizier", which it certified after its use. TruCAM passed the state metrological certification on June 20, 2009. The state service of special communication and information protection provided an expert conclusion that the information in the device is protected reliably.

3.- "Vizir" needed a binding to the place - or a sign about the entrance to the locality, or a kilometer column - now you can shoot anywhere.

4. As in the case of the Vizier, the driver will find out about the penalty from the letter. The decision will come with your data. In the appendix to the report there will be a photo where the state number of cars is clearly visible. The photo will show the time, the speed of the car, the latitude and longitude of the violation site. Another form on the form will be the exact address of the file on the gaish computer, and on top of it the seal of the traffic police.

5. Unlike the "Vizier", it is impossible to confuse cars in the traffic flow: the laser beam selects only one object.

By the way

Russia does not use TruCam devices

TruCAM is in demand in Europe: in Germany there are 297 such devices, in France - 1700, Italy - 1500, Austria - 1100, they are even in Pakistan. But Russia does not use them, preferring radar equipment.