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Winter auto-tweaks that save a lot of time and energy

Замерзшие стекла - Зимние автохитрости
ZAZ-1102 Tavria
a car

The car (from other Greek and Latin mobilis - mobile, fast) is a motor vehicle, in aggregate motor vehicles, motor transport is a motor trackless road vehicle. The main functional purpose of the car is to complete the transport work. Automobile transport in the industrially developed countries takes a leading place in comparison with other types of transport in terms of the volume of passenger transportation. The modern car consists of 15-20 thousand parts, of which 150-300 are the most important and requiring the greatest cost in operation. The concept includes a car, a truck, a bus, a trolleybus, an armored personnel carrier, but does not include an agricultural tractor and a motorcycle.

Passenger car - a car designed for the transport of passengers and luggage, with a capacity of 2 to 8 people. With more seats for passengers, the car is considered a bus (minibus). The first car was created in 1876.

Frozen glass

Замерзшие стекла - Зимние автохитрости

How to solve the problem: mix the vinegar and water (3 to 1) and spray on the glass.

How to prevent: if the glasses are already frozen, add pure alcohol (600 ml), water (200 ml) and dish detergent (1 drop) to the nebulizer (1 l). Spray the mixture onto the frosted glass.

Icy castle

Заледеневший замок - Зимние автохитрости

How to solve the problem: the usual means for disinfecting the hands perfectly helps remove the formed ice and bring the mechanism into action. Apply a few drops to the key or to the well, and everything will go like clockwork. You can also use the old proven method: heat the key with a lighter and insert it into the lock. But be careful, do not burn yourself.

How to prevent: to prevent the castle from freezing, inject a little WD-40 into the well before the beginning of severe cold. It will take a few minutes, but it will save problems with the lock in the winter.

Doors do not open

Двери не открываются - Зимние автохитрости

How to prevent the door seal from freezing? This will help ordinary culinary spray (this is sold in any supermarket). Just spray it on the rubber door seal and wipe it with a paper towel.

Sweaty windows

Запотевшие окна - Зимние автохитрости

How to solve the problem: wipe the window with an eraser for the school board - it will no longer fog up, and there will not be any divorces.

How to prevent: fill the old sock or fabric bag with cat filler and place it under the seat. The filler makes the air less damp, and the haze on the windows will no longer bother you.

Tip: Do not leave open containers with liquid or water in your car overnight.

Ice on the side mirrors

Лед на боковых зеркалах - Зимние автохитрости

How to prevent: to avoid the formation of ice on the mirrors, simply wrap them overnight in plastic bags and tightly secure with an elastic band. Having removed the packages in the morning, you will see that the mirrors are perfectly clean, and you do not have to waste time cleaning.

Frozen and fog lights

Замерзшие и запотевшие фары - Зимние автохитрости

How to prevent: to start the headlights must be thoroughly cleaned, and then apply a thin layer of wax. Wax will not allow snow or water to settle. The effect lasts for several weeks, and you do not need to constantly wipe them.

Stuck in the snow

Застрял в снегу - Зимние автохитрости

In fact, if you do not bury the car "with your head", then getting out of the snow is easy and without help.

How to solve the problem: let you always have a couple of packages of cat's filler in your trunk. If the car has stalled (especially helps on ice), pour a little filler under the wheels, and you can easily leave.

There is another very good trick that very few people know about. Take the floor mats and put them under the wheels - this will create traction, and you yourself will cope with the unpleasant situation.

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