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Prices for services MREO 2012

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Цены на услуги МРЕО

GAI reduced the list of paid services

Of the 107 paid traffic police services, as well as the units of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, only 45 are left.

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has published a full list of services that consumers will pay for when they receive services and documents from the Ministry of Internal Affairs. This is stated in the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers №1098 of October 26.

So, on the website of the Cabinet of Ministers appeared a table of 45 points of paid services with the name and prices for them. The list combines the services of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the State Migration Service. Earlier, according to the decree of June 4, 2007, there was a list of paid services only for the Ministry of Internal Affairs, which consisted of 107 points and without specifying prices for services.

According to the new tariffs, after passing driving training and passing exams, the future driver will have to pay 26 hryvnia for the issuance of rights. In case of unsuccessful passing of the driver's exam, the repeated procedure will also cost 26 hryvnia.

And in order to register or re-register a foreign-made car, you will need to pay 190 UAH, and for domestic - by UAH 37 less.

The most expensive official service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs is the production of models of individual car license plates - 300-500 hryvnia.

Below is a list of services specified by the Cabinet of Ministers, for which representatives of the traffic police will withdraw payments from the population (in UAH).

Vidacha dedicate water to the right of the Kervan transport system :
Sending the final mortgage and folding mortgage
Regarding the rules of the Road Rules and Navigation Keruvannya
Regarding the situation with the navigation of the Keruvannya transport vehicles
When you finish the line for the right to navigate to the transport route, you can set it 12 or more in the month (in a folding environment)
at the beginning of the Іншо ї category (із плёдням іспиту)
at the bottom of the category (according to the folding information)
Vidach svіdotstv about the preparation of water transport vehicles, transporting vantazh (not folding storage compartments):
reappointment of passengers to the right of the right of the Kervan transport hut with private towers
Vydacha svіdotstva about the preparation of up-to-date from the cate of the bezpek transportable not safeguard vantazh_v (іz folding іspitіv)
Repeatedly agree with the candidate for the right to upgrade the food to the bezpek to transport the safeguard vantazh_v
Vidacha svіdotstvv about the admission of transport vosob_v before transporting not vpetazhnyh vantazh_v
Reenactment of the
transport cases usih categories vіtchiznyannogo virobnitstva kraїn SND abo okremih aggregatіv
transport hubs usih categories of ground-level virobnitsv abo okremih aggregatіv
Mototransport, which is registered in the military virobnittva that krain SND
Mototransport, priobov_nozemnogo virobnitstva
mopediv abo ikreh aggregate
Vidach svіdotstvv about rekustratsіyu kolіsnyh transport vasobіv at the link from th yo podkodzhennyam abo nepodatnistyu, amended from the picture to the registry document abo for seeing the cordon:
cars, buses
Vidacha of a timshan registration coupon for the right of Keruvan transportation (for the application of a vlasnik abo for additional persons):
cars, buses
Designed by the view:
I am allowed to install and use on transport vehicles of special sound / abo light signal attachments of a blue personal computer
permits to transport over-sized, large-length vantazh
Documents for transporting roads and vantage points
Roszdroj proekt_v normative-technical documents of the project of weather design projects of the transport housings of a part of the local authorities of the road of the road ruzhu vidyu vidyuyu podtstvtva about the weather of the construction
Document preparation and registration of a document about the use of the vehicle, identification number of the body (Rami) of the yakogo pіdroblelen_, came to the unlawfulness of the right roshshukuєt
Vidacha vodovku schodo mozhlyvostі:
dublyuvan identification numbers
applied identification numbers of transport cases
information about the technical service of the bus of the driver of the transport of the applicant
Visovku about vіdpovіdnіst perevіznika pretender vimogam regulatory legal acts in the sphere of the security of the road ruhu
Vigotovlennya mockup іndivіdualnikh license plates of vehicles, they vigotovylyayutsya at the disposal of the authorities of transport cabins, with the appearance of license plates (for one set):
three characters
skin offensive (up to eight characters)
graphical element
Designed that kind of weather (visnovka) on the lock of the license plate of the transport unit, and also on the refurbishment of the transport box without the lock of the license plate unit
Designed for permits on documents, transit license plates, associated with a vehicle or real estate of transport units and car bodies (frames)