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Prices for services MREO 2012

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Цены на услуги МРЕО

GAI reduced the list of paid services

Out of 107 paid services of the State traffic inspectorate, as well as departments of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, only 45 remained.

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has published a full list of services for which consumers will pay when receiving services and documents from the Ministry of Internal Affairs. This is stated in the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers No. 1098 of October 26.

So, on the website of the Cabinet of Ministers there was a table of 45 points of paid services with the name and prices for them. The list combines the services of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the State Migration Service. Recall that earlier, according to the decision of June 4, 2007, there was a list of paid services only for the Ministry of Internal Affairs, which consisted of 107 points and without indicating prices for services.

According to the new tariffs, after passing the driving training and passing the exams, the future driver will have to pay 26 hryvnias for issuing the rights. In case of unsuccessful passing the driver’s exam, the repeated procedure will also cost 26 hryvnias.

And in order to register or re-register a foreign-made car, it will be necessary to lay out 190 UAH, and for the domestic one - by 37 hryvnia less.

The most expensive official service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs is the manufacture of models of individual car license plates - 300-500 hryvnia.

Below is a list of services defined by the Cabinet of Ministers, for which representatives of the traffic police will charge a fee from the population (in hryvnias).

Vidacha dedication of water to the right of cheruvannya transport troubles :
pіslya zakіnchenchennya bulk mortgage and that folding іspitіv
repeatedly accept ispitiv of the Rules of the road ruha and the little cheruvannya by transport troubles
re-accept ispit_v with a little cheruvannya by transport troubles
Please write down the line where the right to the chervuvannya is added to the transport hitch, to become 12 and more months (із warehouse іспитів)
at the time of the meeting of the category (із to the folding ispit)
at the times of lower categories (із folding ispit)
Vidacha svidotstva about the preparation of water for transport purposes, which is necessary to transport non-emergency services (from the warehouse):
repeatedly accepting the benefits of water for the right to the cherubvanny transport troubles with non-maintenance vantazhi
vidacha svidotstva about preparation of a well-prepared meal in a bezpecky transport of non-custodial planners (із warehouse іспитів)
again accepting a candidate for the right of a newly appointed person to supply bezpeki
Vidacha svіdotstva about the admission of transport concerns to transportation of non-occupational services
Registration, re-registration of a number of transport hardships with a view of a license for registration of a double duplicate and license plates, knowledge of a region of a transport hitch with a view of a regional card and license plates for a different number of hours:
transport concerns us_h category categorical virobnitztva and krask SND abo okremikh aggregativ
transport concerns usih category of foreign virobnitztva abo okremich aggregates
mototransport, combing vіchchiznyogo virobnitstva that krai SND
motor transport, cleaning up the foreign virobnitz
mopediv okh okremikh aggregativ
Vidacha svidotstva about the registration of the number of transport concerns at the end of the day for non-admission, the changes made before the registration document for the exit for the cordon:
car, bus
mototransport, prichepіv
A vidach of a one-hour registration ticket for the right to the cheruvannya with a transport hitch (for the application of the foreman for the hand):
car, bus
mototransport, prichepіv
The design of that video player:
I’m allowed to set up and vikoristannya on transport tricks special audio ta / abo svitlovih signaling annexes of blue and black color
permission to transport oversized, bicycles and vantazhiv
Documents on the road route on road transport
Design overview of normative and technical documentation for the weather design for the construction of transport concerns at the part of the most important place for the protection of the safety of the road wagon with a view on weather design
Preparation of documents and registration of a passport for assistance in operating transport troubles, identifying body numbers (rami) of a certain type, come into unresponsiveness and some sort of distribution by law enforcement agencies of foreign powers
Vidacha visco
Dubluvannya іdentifіkatsіynih numberіv transport zasobіv
marked number of identification number of transport interests
Dovidki about the business opportunity of the bus of the pretender-candidate to the minds of transport
visnovka about the business of the applicant-applicant to the legal acts of the sphere of the bespeka of the road rukh
Vigotovlennya prototypes іndivіdualnogo license plates for transport interests, as a rule, I’m looking at the details of transport owners for transport numbers, for the type of license plates (for one set):
three characters
offensive skin (up to eight characters)
graphic element
Registration of a vidyach pogodzhennya (visnovka) to replace the number plate of the transport unit, as well as to re-arrange the transport category without changing the number of units
Execution of permissions for type of documents, transit license plates, liability for transportation and transportation of vehicles (frames)