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Soak in the car (avtopodstava)

While law enforcement agencies are sharing responsibilities, car owners themselves have declared war on counterfeit

Much has been written about the bases on the roads. With enviable regularity on the pages of print and electronic media, there are materials telling about what fake accidents are and how to protect yourself from them. Yes, all in vain. The scale of this business is growing from year to year, and the counterfeiters themselves are operating with more and more sophisticated methods. As a result, no one is insured from meetings with extortionists. Neither the "kettles", nor the most experienced drivers.

Traffic cops shrug. And indeed, the mere fact of a fraudulent accident is rather difficult to prove. Especially if there are no witnesses, if road inspectors work with frauds in one pocket ... Having lost all hope of law enforcement, many car owners decided to fight this type of criminal business on their own. It can be said without exaggeration that today this struggle is acquiring the scale of a powerful social movement. In fact, extortion on the roads declared war. Until complete destruction.

Why are we afraid of being substituted?


Stereotypes are to blame. On them, in fact, the calculation. For some reason, a clear installation has taken root in the minds of many citizens: if there is a more or less presentable foreign car on the way, then most likely a gangster is sitting at her wheel. With a "volyn" in a holster and a grenade launcher in the trunk. Therefore, with those who prefer to "work" on expensive cars, no one really bickers. Without a doubt, they give the required amount "for repair" and leave the accident site with a joyful thought: "... it could be worse."

In fact, the substitutes are not that scary. These are mostly simple guys, from which, in good times, good combiners or, say, millers could have turned out. Just chose the wrong direction of life. Low and their status in the criminal environment. Something similar to street scammers and barsetochnikov. Threats of the same type of "do not pay the money - you will have big trouble," diligently rewriting your number on a piece of paper and long emotional conversations on a cell phone with someone - no more than a performance. Almost an axiom - the fake ones never resort to physical violence. Their philosophy is approximately as follows: "Why make trouble with the law if you can just withdraw money."

There is another common prejudice: they say, fraudsters are part of influential criminal gangs. By no means. According to the metropolitan law enforcement agencies, they only pay criminal authorities for the roof. So, apparently, calmer. There is a certain dachshund. About two thousand US dollars per month from one machine. Simple and their organizational structure. Typically, the troops substitute control several transport streams at once. Detachments are divided into several groups, each of which operates in a particular place. Groups, in turn, are divided into separately taken "crews". Not a special luxury and their life. Hours of rest pass in inexpensive roadside cafes. If, for example, you see several foreign cars with some crumpled and carelessly painted front left wings next to some food service company, you should know that there are a lot of substitute ones here.

There are less organized groups substituted. This is a solitary single. They do not pay for the roof and work mainly on less expensive domestic cars. Basically it is the machine of the tenth family. This business is mainly engaged in persons of Caucasian nationality.

Warm place

Where do the dummies nest?

The inner side of the Moscow Ring Road between the Leningrad and Volokolamsk highway. Works silver "Mercedes" Propulsion A5..aa 90. Catching on rebuilds. Special signs - flashing light on the roof.

Yaroslavl highway (area). Black and golden cars "Lexus" GSЗОО. They work in the area of ​​Pushkino and Chelyuskinsky village. Both have very worn front left fenders.

The outer side of the Moscow Ring Road. The segment between the Ryazan highway and Abramtsevo. Work dark "BMW" 5th series and "Audi" A8. Machines without numbers. “Audi” drives out of the left row, “BMW” catches on rebuilding.

Prospekt Mira near the metro station "Alekseevskaya". Work "Mercedes" C-class, wagon, color - metallic green, and gray "BMW" 5th series. The number "BMW" e8 .. well 50. Drives the "BMW".

Prospekt Mira in the area of ​​the bridge over the Yauza. Works alone VAZ-2110. Dark green. Without numbers.

Moscow Ring Road, the area between the Volokolamsk highway and Strogin. Silver "Audi" TT and black "Audi" A6. Crumpled transit numbers. Driven by "Audi" TT. It also works "Audi" A8 number e8..ar99.

Moscow Ring Road in the area of ​​Michurinsky Avenue. "BMW" 5th series number a 6. .ua 99 and black "Mercedes" with transit numbers.

Leningrad highway in the area of ​​Art. Sokol metro station. Green Jeep Grand Cherokee. It is substituted by sharp braking. Pretty bumpy rear bumper.

Dmitrov highway. Work "Opel-Cadet" and light green "Audi" A6. Without numbers. Pushes "Opel-Cadet."

The inner side of the Moscow Ring Road between the Yaroslavl and Schelkovskomu highway. Works blue "Audi" TT without numbers. Catching on rebuilds. Crumpled front left fender.

Whatever it was, and a fake business is developing and gaining strength. There is evidence that, for example, the Mercedes E-class pays for itself in six months of “work”. And this is at least 16 thousand US dollars.

Therefore, it is not surprising that, as some car owners say, recently they have become brazenly insolent. If earlier they used ingenious schemes, set up traps on the roads with the participation of two or more cars, now they do not bother themselves with this. Just a rod on the ram ... There are even more disturbing trends. Recently, a friend of mine got into a front-end accident. Everything happened in the best traditions of the genre: one car drove it from the left row, the other caught it in the rebuilding. And that's what surprised. Immediately after the accident, the “victims” informed him that they were calling the police. The fact is that earlier it was preferred not to get involved with traffic cops. And if the victim managed to call a police outfit to the scene of the accident (and this was falsified by all available means), then the latter usually retreated. This time they called themselves. As my friend said, traffic cops appeared after some five to ten minutes. Just amazing responsiveness. And then they spoke about the following: "Guys, better understand here yourself. Through the court will come out more expensive." A friend had to call the police himself. As it should be. Through the remote control 02. After that, the dummies disappeared in an unknown direction.

Of course, we can assume that all this is just a coincidence. True, the case is not unique. Many car owners believe that the framers simply unfasten some of their profits to traffic cops. And those, in turn, create them the most favored nation. But the whole paradox of the situation is not even that. In fact, law enforcement agencies still can not figure out who in the end should fight this type of criminal business. For example, the traffic police believes that Rubopovites should have fished, but the RUBOP blasts off victims of fake accidents into ordinary police departments, and then they make surprised eyes and say that traffic accidents are the “garden” of the traffic police. The circle closes. It remains to hope for yourself. And car owners decided to fight crime on the roads on their own.

Real virtuality

This movement has no official name, headquarters or office.

Its participants, and these are mostly victims that have already been accomplished or are not just indifferent people, communicate via the Internet in specialized profile chats. So far their main and most effective weapon is an intensive information exchange. Enthusiasts have already collected an impressive database, which includes several hundred cars, at least twice seen in questionable accidents with all the signs of the setup. The most powerful information resource is considered a kind of database Stealth. Rumor has it that the traffic police has long been using its services. However, their activity is no longer limited to virtual communication.

It can be said that the participants of this movement are partly guided by an unwritten code of honor. One of his postulates - if you saw a setup on the road, stop, call the police, explain the situation to the victim and, if necessary, give testimony. Practically always, as such witnesses themselves say, they put up threats like: “Man, do they need it? Wali from here, while intact. Yesterday we drowned one such person in a pond”. And so on. Occupation unsafe, but, according to conscious car owners, very effective. There were already several cases when in this way they bailed out victims from a divorce for a lot of money. Rumor has it that some car owners have resorted to more radical methods of countering road crime. There is a myth about some "volatile detachments", which periodically arrange a hunt on the substitute on the Moscow ring road. The hunt comes down to the deterioration of cars and substituted their physiognomy. Most likely it is idle fiction. However, it would be quite good ...

Who will win?

Of course, only the exchange of information and the help of victims to support this type of criminal business cannot be defeated. Too big bets. Among motorists and not only a rooted opinion that the problem was set up on the roads requires a solution at the legislative level. The opinion is expressed that it would be nice to create a special service in the system of the Ministry of Internal Affairs that would deal exclusively with dummy accidents and fraudsters. Not only motorists themselves are interested in this, but also insurance companies that incur serious losses.

It turns out or not - time will tell. In the meantime, we want to wish everyone good luck on the roads.