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Traffic cops on driving license

Traffic cops on driving license

A barely noticeable hole on the chest of his photograph on a driver's license, issued at the beginning of the 1990s, was discovered by one of the journalists. A barely noticeable puncture in the heart area was clearly made a very long time ago - at a time when the cardboard “rights” had not yet been laminated with plastic. The explanation for the mysterious puncture was given by an experienced driver with 25 years of experience. “Judging by the mark, you often came across in your youth to the traffic police inspectors. And he tried to "solve" the issue quickly, friendly and without swearing! Such marks are set "gaytsy" to transfer to each other the "necessary" information about the driver. "

“Secret notes on the rights and coupons of warnings in the traffic police have been set since Soviet times, they are still relevant. An experienced inspector who knows the "secret language" of the points, without long communicating with the traffic violator, knew in advance what to expect from him. “The cipher” is simple - a mark on the forehead always meant that the driver would “butt” - to be greedy, but it would still give money for a paw, - traffic police veteran Igor Bolshakov confessed, - and marking or piercing with a thin needle means “son” or “major” "- such people like to make trouble and call any high patrons. “Sons” basically do not take bribes, but immediately write the protocol. ”

Traffic cops on driving license

Their secret values ​​are marked on different parts of the driver's photo. As a rule, secret signs appear on the rights after a brief conversation with the inspector on the road. "The majority of" ksiv "" our "do not mark as unnecessary - normal people themselves know their guilt and do not bring the matter to the protocol, giving the" air "(bribe), - said Alexey’s traffic police officer in Odessa, - and put marks on the rights to those who does not want to "solve the problem" on the spot. I mark rights for a second or two, if the offender begins to make trouble.

In total, according to interviewed traffic police, there are about a dozen different secret signs. Some of them are “international” and clear even to traffic police officers or traffic police somewhere near Norilsk or Minsk. However, there are also “regional” secret codes that are not understandable to “foreign” road inspectors. For example, quite recently in Odessa appeared the sign "Judas".

“The marked eyes and ears on the driver’s photo indicate a provocateur who, when stopped due to a traffic violation, may carry out secret video filming or turn on a voice recorder. This mark appeared “in circulation” after our colleague Sasha Shvets was provoked, ”one of the officers of the Odessa traffic police assured on condition of anonymity. Recall, the sergeant from Odessa became known after the scandalous video with "calf movoy."

Officially, the traffic police categorically deny the existence of a “secret” code on the driving license of Ukrainians. “None of our inspectors is right on the rights. This is nonsense - now new plastic rights are being issued that cannot be pierced with a needle, ”the head of the press service of the republican traffic police Yevgeny Kravets told us.

“That’s what the authorities are to refute all this. And plastic rights are also easy to tag. But I’m not going to tell you how to do this - it’s a secret! ”Our source in the traffic police told us. By the way, in the opinion of many owners of modern plastic driver's licenses, after talking to a car inspector, mysterious scratches often resemble the “secret traffic police code” appear on their “crusts” ...

According to sources of the newspaper Today, not only rights are marked, but also coupons of warnings. “For example, a note near the letter A in the coupon means that its owner is“ angina ”. Such a driver will be long and tedious to ask the inspector to let him go without penalty, referring to poor health, poor visibility - they say, did not see the prohibition sign. ” By the way, their secret signs are in other units of the security forces. For example, a long hanging lace or a curved corner may be in a folder with the material of some "wood grouse" - an unsolvable, complex crime.

PS The rights to the title photo are not real. Such "crusts" are sold in Donetsk.