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UPD: 01/09/2014 680 Ukrainian servicemen are in captivity, - Ruban

 В плену находится 680 украинских военнослужащих, - Рубан

During the last battles in the Donbass, 680 Ukrainian servicemen were captured, 80% of them were from Ilovaiskaya.

This was stated at a press conference by the Colonel-General of the reserve, the head of the NGO "Officers Corps", the head of the Center for the Exchange of Prisoners Vladimir Ruban

He noted that information about the number of Ukrainian prisoners captured near Ilovaisk is closed.

"So I can not discuss it." Until the operation ended, until the prisoners were taken, "Ruban said.

"As for the prisoners, this is also a catastrophe.The way combat operations are conducted, it seems that the army is being trained for surrendering," Ruban said.

He stressed that there is already a problem with the food of prisoners. According to him, the Dnipropetrovsk region is preparing a humanitarian train with food to feed Ukrainian prisoners in Donetsk.

According to Ruban, "about the same situation in Lugansk."

In addition, he said that in the east of Ukraine "there are no normal food supplies, no infrastructure for the winter has been prepared."

"A very bad situation in Lugansk," Ruban added. According to him, "a great humanitarian catastrophe is pending" for civilians living in Donetsk and Lugansk regions.

UPD: 01/09/2014 Russian soldiers desert when they learn about sending to Ukraine - journalist

Российские солдаты дезертируют, узнав об отправке в Украину, - журналист

In Russia, some military men, having learned that they are being prepared for dispatch to Ukraine, leave the units home.

This is reported with reference to the sources on its Facebook page on the Russian journalist and political analyst Dmitry Bavyrin

"Sources (mine, there is no reliable place) report that the contractors sent to Ukraine are promised retirement in case of injury or death, in some parts they collect things and go home, they are threatened with a court for desertion," he wrote.

Earlier it was reported that the parents of soldiers throughout Russia, for fear of sending those to the Donbass, are turning to human rights activists.

UPD: 01/09/2014 Terrorists use cluster munitions banned in several countries against Ukrainian servicemen. PHOTO reportage

Terrorists use cluster munitions banned in several countries against Ukrainian soldiers. PHOTO reportage Terrorists use cluster munitions banned in several countries against Ukrainian soldiers. PHOTO reportage
A missile from the reactive installation "Hurricane." / After mortar shelling. Barrel for water between Happiness and Lugansk.
Terrorists use cluster munitions banned in several countries against Ukrainian soldiers. PHOTO reportage Terrorists use cluster munitions banned in several countries against Ukrainian soldiers. PHOTO reportage
The missile from the "Hurricane" is more than a meter. Has not ripped. / Shrapnel that was in cluster munitions from the "Hurricanes".

Russian mercenaries in the East of Ukraine use cluster munitions, which are banned for use in a number of countries of the world, against Ukrainian servicemen.

Relevant photos posted on his Facebook page, Vladimir Kukhar, who is on the scene, informs Ukrainian truth.

"A cluster munition with a warhead that did not explode, from the Smerch burst rocket system, flew into the base camp," Vladimir Kuhar wrote.

He also published a photo of the projectile from another reactive installation "Hurricane."

UPD: 01/09/2014 "DNR" terrorists shot grandmother for looting, - media

Террористы ДНР расстреляли бабушку за мародерство, - СМИ

Militants shot an elderly woman in the town of Yasinovataya in the street on Saturday.

In the city for several days, robbed the unattended household chemistry store "Prostor." August 30 morning, an elderly woman, in the form of 70 years, went into the actually looted shop, and left it with two bags.

At the exit she was met by a patrol of the "DNR" and demanded to show the contents of the packages.

Having seen there packages of lipstick and creams, the militants stated that it was looting and, according to the laws of wartime, shooting was for this. The verdict was carried out right on the street in front of random passers-by.

UPD: 01/09/2014 "Yaksht-ti, Padluk, Sudy priprešsya, then otrimaesh kopnjaka pid zad" - the soldiers of the 95 brigade write a letter to the Russian "Tsar" Putin. VIDEO

Soldiers of the ATO write a letter to "Tsar" of Russia Vladimir Putin

The letter the modern Cossacks decided to write simply on two desks. Courageous men happily changed into Cossack clothes.

The text of the appeal to the "tsar" was different from the legendary appeal of the Cossacks because of the new historical realities. For example, there was even a postscript - "la la la la".

In the video - the soldiers of the 95th Brigade.

Note that "Zaporozhtsy write a letter to the Turkish sultan" - this is a well-known painting by the Russian artist Ilya Repin, which he created in two copies. A huge panel was started in 1880 and finished only in 1891.

The plot for this picture was a well-known letter from the Cossacks to the Turkish sultan, written in 1676 as the answer of the Zaporozhye Cossacks to the demand of the Turkish sultan Mehmed IV.

UPD: 01/09/2014 Russian ruble continues record fall

Российский рубль продолжает рекордное падение

The dollar to the ruble rate at the opening of trading on Monday continued to grow and in the first minutes of the session again rewrote the historical maximum.

At 10.25 Moscow time, the ruble is falling towards the dollar by 22 kopecks - to 37.34 rubles per dollar. To the euro, the Russian currency is cheaper by 24 kopecks - up to 49 rubles per dollar, reports NR-Ukraine.

Investors are reducing their positions in ruble assets against the backdrop of the prospect of new sanctions against Russia, the analyst at Promsvyazbank Alexei Egorov said.

According to him, in the near future one should not expect that the ruble will begin to win back the lost levels.

From the middle of last week, the dollar's rate rose by 1.35 rubles, the euro - more than a ruble and a half.

Interventions in the foreign exchange market in order to maintain the exchange rate of the national currency from the Central Bank of the Russian Federation in the near future should also not be expected, warns the analyst of "Tserich Capital Management" Andrei Vernikov. "The intervention of the Bank of Russia at current levels is unlikely - the creeping devaluation of the ruble does not cause protests from the population," Vernikov explains.

According to him, you can play to raise the ruble when the dollar reaches the level of 38.5.

Analysts of VTB Capital earlier noted that the Bank of Russia can start supporting the ruble when the bi-currency basket reaches 44.4 rubles.

UPD: 01/09/2014 Russian FSB threatens national security of Ukraine through Alfa Bank, - Media

ФСБ России угрожает национальной безопасности Украины через Альфа Банк, - СМИ

Servicemen in the ATO zone receive wages for Alfa Bank cards, which is the daughter of the Russian Alfa Group.

"The blatant fact from the point of view of the fact that servicemen should receive state bank payment cards State and budgetary funds should be kept in Ukrainian state banks." The General Prosecutor's Office, the National Bank of Ukraine should ask the Ministry of Defense how to find out how the state budget money was in Alfa Bank ", - the expert commented on the situation with Alfa Bank.

The threat to national security is evident not only in the banking sector. Under the guise of a corporate conflict, Alfa-Bank controlled company OOO Energi Prodakt has seized and holds a plant for the production of aerated concrete in Nova Kakhovka, Kherson region.

The enterprise is located in close proximity to the strategic facilities of the Kherson region - the head facility of the Severokrymsky Canal, the Kakhovka HPP and also the PES, through which up to 70% of electricity is delivered to the occupied Crimea.

Protection of the seized territory is provided by the security company LLC "Typhoon", Lugansk (license АВ №507671 from 29/06/2010). On the territory of the seized enterprise, neither the police nor the executive officers are allowed. It is well known that constant explanatory and propagandistic work is conducted with the workers of the enterprise. Employees of the security structure have firearms and Molotov cocktails.

In fact, the enterprise for the production of aerated concrete in Novaya Kakhovka, controlled by the Russian bank ALFA BANK, can be used to seize strategic facilities. Perhaps it is for this purpose that the management of the enterprise provokes a social explosion, as a consequence of a contrived corpo- rate conflict.

Note that the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Kherson region Fabrin M.V. was dismissed on August 28, 2014 from his position under the article with the wording "Mismatch of the position held".

Recall that in the highest legislative body of the country has already been an attempt to investigate the criminal anti-Ukrainian activities of Alfa Bank. This is stated in the draft resolution No. 4740 "on the establishment of the Provisional Investigation Commission of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on the investigation of the circumstances of the activities of the Alfa Group consortium enterprises in spite of Ukraine's interests." The authors of the resolution are the deputies of the Rada from the faction "Fatherland" Mikhail Apostol, Igor Brichenko, Vadim Merikov , Valery Golovko, Lesya Orobets. However, this investigation was blocked for unknown reasons. Informs the news agency 112.UA.