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#EuroMajdan # євромайдан Chronicle 06/02/2014

UPD: 02/06/2014 “The Right Sector” is attacking Lugansk, and the National Guard is shelling the outskirts, ”the Russian media reported about the attack of militants on the frontier guard. VIDEO

The Russian TV channel LifeNews presents an attack of terrorists on the garrison of the border service near Lugansk as a “attack of the National Guard” on the city.

Russian "journalists" reportedly stated that the Ukrainian border guards "opened fire early on the morning of June 2 against the soldiers of the Southeast Army."

"Correspondent" LifeNews said that he has information that "in Mirny (Lugansk region) a border guard garrison is stationed, as well as contractors, conscripts, soldiers of the National Guard and right-wing militants."

"The correspondent of the TV channel should have known that, firstly, there are no conscripts in the State Border Service for more than 5 years. Secondly, the border guards would be glad if there was help from the National Guard, but it is not there," GPA.

“The Russian journalist” presented the information that Ukrainian snipers shot at snipers hiding in residential buildings as follows: “In the crevice between the houses, a Southeast Army fighter observed the enemy’s actions through a sniper riflescope. We saw a bullet hit to his head. "

UPD: 02/06/2014 "People's Mayor" of Mariupol tried to select an apartment from a lonely old woman

Народный мэр Мариуполя пытался отобрать квартиру у одинокой старушки

A year ago in Mariupol there was a lawsuit, in which the "people's mayor" of Mariupol appeared, Alexander Fomenko.

In April 2013, a retiree turned to the 0629 editorial office, which a foreign man tried to drive out of the apartment. The woman claimed that she was fraudulently forced to sign documents for the sale of an apartment, while she only wanted to find a man who would inspect her.

Then the editors 0629 did not publish the name of the offender to the pensioner, because there was a legal battle. In August 2013, this case was completed and the old woman was able to defend her apartment from plaintiff Alexander Fomenko.

It turns out that the 88-year-old woman lived alone in a two-room apartment on Nakhimov Ave. She is an invalid of group 1 in sight. Once a woman realized that she could no longer take care of herself, so she turned for help to a person she trusted - Alexander Fomenko.

“I literally considered him my son,” said the pensioner. “I shared my feelings with him, told me about my situation and offered a contract - he cares for me, erases, cooks, cleans, pays utilities, and I will leave him my apartment ".

According to the agreement, the man also had to give the pensioner a sum of money or buy a 1-room apartment for her.

A month after the proposal, Fomenko came to the old woman, took her to the notary and gave her to sign some documents, and after 2 years the woman found out that she did not own the apartment anymore.

The court of first instance gave all the rights to the apartment of Alexander Fomenko, thereby putting a sick retiree on the street. But the appellate court had a different opinion - it recognized the contract as invalid and satisfied all the requirements of the woman.

Recall yesterday at a rally about 200 people chose Alexander Fomenko as the “people's mayor”.

UPD: 02/06/2014 Activists made a map of the battlefield in Lugansk: combat positions of snipers, firing points, grenade launcher locations. A PHOTO

Activists made a map of the battlefield in Lugansk: combat positions of snipers, firing points, places of hit by grenade launchers. A PHOTO

In Lugansk, the battle between terrorists and border guards has lasted more than 8 hours.

This is reported by the community in Facebook "Boycott of Russian goods". Activists made a map (clickable picture), which highlighted the location of the militants and Russian journalists.

The hexagon shows the number of militants that are visible in the frames. It is also indicated where the correspondents are LifeNews and REN. Two grenade launchers are indicated, and a fire up warehouse. Red ovals are likely positions of militants. The map shows the position as of 11 am.

UPD: 02/06/2014 A Ukrainian sniper eliminates a terrorist with a headshot in a battle at the frontier detachment in Lugansk. VIDEO

The death of one of the militants hit the frame during the confrontation around the border detachment in Lugansk.

As reported, an armed man died allegedly from a bullet sniper ATO forces.