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UPD: 06/03/2014 Where did the money that the Ukrainians donated to the army go?

Where did the money that Ukrainians donated to the army go

The Ministry of Defense reported that it spent 4.6 billion hryvnias.

Recent events in the Crimea, riots in the southeast have forced politicians to revise state policy regarding the armed forces. The army decided to allocate more money and financial streams flowed into the Ministry of Defense. But they never turned into a waterfall.

The defense department has already received 4.6 billion hryvnias of funding from the government, and 122 million from Ukrainians in the framework of the army’s assistance program, the representative of the Ministry of Defense reported in the Verkhovna Rada.

UPD: 06/03/2014 What is the Ukrainian soldier dreaming of?

What is the Ukrainian soldier dreaming of

The publication turned to specialists to find out what ammunition our military lacks and how much it will cost.

Ukrainians continue to be dumped by the whole world into the army, listing 5 UAH each. Officials are also throwing up money, distributing budget funds.

Despite this, the Ukrainian military continues to complain about the poor equipment of the army and the banal lack of necessary ammunition. We talked with former military and Ukrainian peacekeepers, who know firsthand about the war.

UPD: 06/06/2014 Russia may lose the right to host the 2018 World Cup

Россия может лишиться права принимать ЧМ по футболу 2018 года

The scandal with bribes during the voting at the elections of Russia and Qatar at the venues of the World Cup in 2018 and 2022 is gaining new momentum.

This was reported by the British newspaper Daily Star, informs the Main.

According to the publication, FIFA is going to hold new elections for the host countries of the World Cup. The reason for this was the scandal with the bribery of votes from the Qatari bid and some of Russia's problems with the preparation for holding.

Together with Russia, the British and the joint applications of Spain with Portugal and the Netherlands with Belgium also claimed the 2018 World Cup. The greatest number of chances to win re-elections in England.

Recall that earlier many Ukrainian and world politicians said that FIFA should take the World Cup from Russia because of an aggressive policy towards Ukraine.

UPD: 06/03/2014 Ukrainian slogans appeared on Russian rubles in Crimea, - the media. PHOTO

В Крыму на российских рублях появились украинские лозунги, - СМИ. ФОТО

Russian rubles appeared in the annexed Crimea with the inscription "Glory to Ukraine! Glory to the Heroes!"

Photos that depict similar notes were posted by users of one of the social networks. Where exactly in the Crimea such rubles were received is not reported, reports Crimea. Realities.

Recall that in annexed Kerch, refusing the hryvnia to sellers and buyers is difficult. In shops and supermarkets they can no longer give change in Ukrainian trifles, and there is still no stock of Russian trifles on the peninsula. Sellers try to shift the solution of the problem to buyers, demanding payment from them, or by offering to buy goods for a round sum. In turn, buyers are scandalous with sellers, demanding that the change be issued with Russian trifles.

Many buyers have to give up part of their purchases in order to bring the total result of their value closer to a round sum.

UPD: 06/03/2014 Military men in Slavyansk call their positions "Sparta" and fight knee-deep in the water. VIDEO

The intensity of shelling of Ukrainian roadblocks is constantly growing.

In Slavyansk, terrorists are trying to break through Ukrainian posts. The intensity of attacks increases because the ring narrows. However, all attempts by militants to escape from the city are exposed to the fire of the anti-terrorist operation, TSN reports.

Militant tactics are partisan tactics. From a neighboring village, locals fired from grenade launchers at positions and immediately ran away. Terrorists distract attention, and then begin to work with mortars.

Ukrainian troops call their outpost "Sparta", and repel all attacks. There is no panic among the soldiers. They all knew where they were going, and none of the front line defenders refused. Despite the fact that they are fighting in the water, because after the rain all the points are poured knee-deep, the guys from the National Guard and the military do not lose their fighting spirit.

Recall, on May 31, the first reserve battalion of the National Guard of Ukraine, formed from Maydanovites, returned from Slavyansk. He was replaced by the second battalion of guards.