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UPD: 04/03/2014 The dollar exchange rate on the interbank market dropped to 9.5 UAH

Курс доллара на межбанке опустился до 9,5 грн

On Tuesday, the Ukrainian interbank market prices for American currency fell. This is reported by InterBusinessConsulting.

As noted, the interbank foreign exchange market of Ukraine trades on the dollar opened with the following quotations 10,0000 / 11,0000, by 12:00 prices fell 9.38 / 9.58. By the close of trading, the price levels reached the following values ​​of 9.1 / 9.5.

The ruble market opened with quotations of 0.2756 / 0.3032, by 12:00 prices fell 0.2586 / 0.2642. By the close of trading, prices have reached the level of 0.258 / 0.2641. In Russia, the dollar-ruble rate fell, and the fixing of SELT on the results of trades was 36.1025.

In the international currency market, the prices for the euro-dollar currency pair varied in the range of 1.3725-1.377. The euro-hryvnia market was opened with the following indicative quotations - 13.7550 / 15.1325, by 12.00 the prices went down 12.8995 / 13.1785.

By the close of trading price indicators for the euro-hryvnia were 12.106 / 13.073.

UPD: 04/03/2014 The "self-defense" of the Crimea, about which Putin speaks, weapons are in the arsenal of the Russian army. PHOTO reportage

У самообороны Крыма, о которой говорит Путин, оружие состоящее на вооружении исключительно российской армии

Despite the statements, Russian President Putin, that there are no Russian troops on the streets in the Crimea, but the weapons and military equipment available to these "forces" often have a very distinct nationality.

The silent fighters who appeared ten days ago on the Crimean streets, nicknamed journalists for their gallantry by "polite people", do not have any insignia and have not yet been officially identified. Russian President Vladimir Putin said at a March 4 press conference: "These were local self-defense forces. We did not take part in their preparation. " However, weapons and military equipment at the disposal of these "forces" often have a very distinct nationality. This is written by the Russian edition of The New Times, which asked experts to analyze photographs from the Crimea.

A more detailed analysis of the weapons in our investigation.

UPD: 04/03/2014 Liya Akhedzhakova about Ukraine: "They are afraid of us!"

Лия Ахеджакова об Украине: Они нас боятся!

A well-known Russian actress, known for her bold statements against the Russian policy of intimidation and oppression, commented on the latest developments.

How we planted ourselves, our elder brother, our tanks - and how far they escaped from us as soon as the opportunity arose. Drapanuli all. As now, the Maidan wants to get rid of us, and God forbid we will step on these rakes again. Although there are no closer people than Ukraine and Russia, they are afraid of us. They remember the Holodomor and the Stalin camps. And most importantly, I read one sentence from Dovlatov: Stalin - yes, the scum was terrible, but who wrote four million denunciations? That's what bothers me most. Who are these people who are tortured in jail? Who are these snipers who target the eye and the heart? And who voted for the "golden toilet", for thieves and crooks? And for whom they will vote again? .. We are rapidly slipping into the past. And now, when there is an experience of the Maidan, power, of course, is frightened. It will further tighten the nuts.

UPD: 04/03/2014 Flagman of the Ukrainian Navy "Sagaidachny" returned to the Black Sea at the head of the US Navy carrier carrier group

Флагман ВМС Украины Сагайдачный вернулся в Черное море во главе авианосной группы ВМС США

NATO ships, together with the "Getman Sagaidachny" entered the Black Sea.

As reported by Censor.NET with reference to ICTV, the US sent to the Black Sea aircraft carrier USS George HW Bush because of the invasion of the Russian army in the Crimea.

According to media reports, the US sent an attack group on an aircraft carrier in the direction of the Black Sea, in response to a Russian invasion, in order to be able to respond to developments on the Crimean peninsula in Ukraine.

The aircraft carrier is escorted by seventeen other ships and three submarines that passed through the Aegean Sea on March 3. It is also alleged that this aircraft carrier carries 90 aircraft, including various types of helicopters, and several F-22 Raptor fighters on board. Each submarine has twenty-four missile silos to launch nuclear warheads.

UPD: 04/03/2014 "Fugitives from power": Klyuev took a place next to Zakharchenko and Yanukovych on the MVD website.

МВД Украины объявило в розыск Клюева и Захарченко
МВД Украины объявило в розыск Клюева и Захарченко
МВД Украины объявило в розыск Клюева и Захарченко

Former head of presidential administration Andriy Klyuyev and former Interior Minister Vitaly Zakharchenko appeared in the section of wanted persons on the website of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine.

According to law enforcement officials, the former Interior Minister disappeared on February 26, and the ex-head of the AP - on February 28.

According to the Interior Ministry, Klyuev disappeared from Kiev on February 28. Source:

They are listed in the section of persons who are hiding from the authorities.

According to Klyuev, article of the prosecution 115 - deliberate murder, a measure of restraint - a court decision on the authorization to detain, place and date of disappearance - Kiev, February 28.

In the search base for Vitaly Zakharchenko the same article of the charge is indicated, the same measure of restraint as that of Klyuyev, only he disappeared somewhat earlier - on February 26 in Kiev.

UPD: 04/03/2014 Vladimir Putin: Necessity of entering troops to Ukraine yet

On March 4, Russian President Vladimir Putin met with Russian and foreign journalists to present his position on the events in Ukraine.

The conversation took place at the presidential residence in Novo-Ogaryov. Several dozens of media representatives took part in it. In the opinion of Vladimir Putin, what happened in Kiev can only be assessed as "an unconstitutional coup and an armed seizure of power."

Despite the fact that Viktor Yanukovych has no power, at the moment he is the only legally legitimate president, Putin told journalists. Only the parliament of Ukraine has partial legitimacy today, the rest of the authorities are not, the Russian president stressed.

"We can not say about the legitimacy of the acting president," Russian President Vladimir Putin told journalists. - There is legally only one legitimate president, it is clear that he has no power, it is understandable. But, I already talked about this and I want to repeat that this legitimate president is purely legal, of course, only Yanukovich. "

According to Vladimir Putin, Viktor Yanukovych "almost surrendered his power" by signing an agreement with the opposition on February 21, 2014. But "he did not give any illegal orders," the Russian leader said.

"The fact that we took part in destiny (Yanukovych - RT), we did it also exclusively for humanitarian reasons ... I think that it would have been simply killed there"

The Russian leader told the media that he understands the people of Ukraine who wanted radical changes, not the repair of the facade of the authorities, but stressed that one should not encourage unconstitutional actions.

"I understand those people on the Maidan, although I do not welcome the fact of a change of power in this way, but I understand those people who still do not require any repairs to the facades of power, but require drastic changes. They have become accustomed to the fact that some crooks are changed to other crooks and rascals "
"Enrichment and stratification of society - we have enough of these problems and they are very acute in our country, and in Ukraine it is even more acute, even worse, erected in a cube and in a square"

During the conversation with journalists, Vladimir Putin said that Russian troops in Ukraine can only be used in the most extreme case. He recalled that "Russia has a direct appeal of the legitimate president of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych on the use of armed forces to protect the life, liberty and health of Ukrainian citizens."

"While there is no such need," Putin said. "But there is such an opportunity."

At the same time, the head of state said that the recent military exercises by Russia "have nothing to do with the events in Ukraine." The option of joining the Crimea to Russia is also not being considered, Vladimir Putin stressed.

The head of state told journalists that 22 thousand Ukrainian servicemen and several dozens of S-300 units passed under the control of the Crimean authorities without a single shot.

As for holding the G8 summit in Sochi this year, Vladimir Putin stressed that the preparatory work is proceeding according to plan.

"We are preparing for the G8, we will be ready to receive our colleagues, but if they do not want to come, do not."

As for the possible introduction of sanctions against Russia, Vladimir Putin warned that the consequences of such a step should be thought by those who are going to introduce these sanctions.

"I think that in the modern world, when everything is interconnected and everything depends on one another, of course, it is possible to cause some damage to each other, but this will be mutual damage. And they should also think about this "

Speaking of a discount on Russian gas, Putin said that it could be canceled if Ukraine does not repay its debts in full. In the event that the February supplies are not paid, the debt will be almost $ 2 billion.

Asked whether Viktor Yanukovich is alive now, the Russian president told the crowd that he had seen him two days ago, he was "alive and well".

"But he will catch a cold at the funeral of those who dissolve such information"

At the end of the meeting, Vladimir Putin stressed that Russia will closely monitor the observance of the rights of citizens throughout Ukraine.

"Our position must be conveyed to all citizens of Ukraine, we have no enemies there, this is a friendly state"

UPD: 04/03/2014 None of the military units of the Navy surrendered to the Russian invaders and did not swear allegiance to the self-proclaimed "government of the Crimea."

Ни одна из воинских частей ВМС не сдалась российским оккупантам и не присягнула самопровозглашенному правительству Крыма

None of the military unit, any garrison or ship has not fulfilled the ultimatum of the Russian military to surrender their weapons and swear to the self-proclaimed "government of the Crimea" or to leave the service.

This was reported by representatives of the command of the Ukrainian Navy in Sevastopol, Radio Liberty reports.

There are also no cases of desertion of the Ukrainian military in the Crimea, except for the fact of the betrayal of the former commander of the Ukrainian Navy Denis Berezovsky.

At the same time, according to Vladislav Seleznev, the head of the media center of Ukraine's Defense Ministry in the Crimea, during the night of March 4 there were no storms or attacks on military units, although the situation around them remained tense.

The number of pro-Russian activists and members of the "self-defense" units at the headquarters of the Ukrainian Navy in Sevastopol and the headquarters of the Coastal Forces of the Ukrainian Navy in Simferopol increased.

It is also reported the arrival of two buses with armed men in the bay of Streletskaya in Sevastopol, where the ships "Slavutich" and "Ternopil" are stationed, as well as a division of special sea operations - information about this is being specified, Seleznev said.

The bay is further blocked by Russian floating crafts. Meanwhile, the odious Russian news agency RIA Novosti, through which Putin leads the information war, announced another.

UPD: 04/03/2014 Raising the flag of Ukraine, the military went to the armed Russian invaders and liberated the Belbek airfield. Video.

Almost all the objects of the Sevastopol airfield Belbek were under the control of Ukrainian servicemen who kept the defense all night.

As reported by the arguments of the Week-Crimea, the personnel of Ukrainians lined up with a column and under the flag of Ukraine and part of it went to the Russian invaders. Ukrainian officers tried to scare away with shots in the air. It came to the talks, during which no "clear claims" from the opposite side of the Ukrainians were voiced. Under the control of the Ukrainian military, there is now a parking lot, an armament depot and a dispatch center.