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UPD: 04/12/2013 How the Maidan auknulsya for the Ukrainian economy

Как Майдан аукнулся для украинской экономики

Ukrainian stocks collapsed because of the rally on all exchanges. Due to political instability, quotes of our Eurobonds, as well as shares of domestic companies, have slipped.

The first to start falling today are Ukrainian securities listed on the London and Warsaw stock exchanges. "The destabilization of the political situation that resulted in the clash of protesters with law enforcement agencies in Ukraine increased our investment risks," explained Jania Lavrik, an analyst with the investment company "Altana Capital", to Vesti.

The largest losses were suffered by Ukrainian companies, whose shares are quoted on the London Stock Exchange. Anti-record was set for the securities of the manufacturer of packaged butter and processed cheese "Ukrproduct Group", which fell immediately by 5.15%. Simultaneously, shares of the British mining company with assets in Ukraine Ferrexpo sank by 2.38% - by 2.38%. Although fewer, but still affected by the demonstrations and securities of the agricultural holding company Avangard (0.08% cheaper), Mironov Hliboprodukt (0.12%) and oil and gas company JKX Oil & Gas (0.69% ). Meanwhile, the National Bank denied rumors about the limitation of payments

Foreign investors also got rid of the shares of our companies listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange: Astarta and Kernel papers fell 2.58% and 1.56% respectively.

Strange as it may seem, Gazprom's securities also suffered from the events in Ukraine: its securities fell from 147.9 rubles per share to 141.5. "Purely psychologically, investors are under pressure from the news coming to the market and sell quotes of the gas monopolist. Expecting that Ukraine in the context of the latest events will be even less buying gas, "- say in the agency" Finam ".

Debts are getting more expensive

Foreign investors, who bought Ukrainian Eurobonds, also reacted to political events in our country. "Yields of Ukrainian Eurobonds fell sharply in value. Political instability caused another sales of Ukrainian debt: its yields again went up for the level of 10% per annum ", - analyst of the ICU debt securities market Taras Kotovich told Vesti. At the same time, experts insisted on political reasons for what was happening. "Events in Kiev dramatically changed the situation, significantly increasing political uncertainty," said Svetlana Rusakova, a specialist in international sales of debt securities at Dragon Capital. Promises The National Bank has promised to sell the dollar for the depreciation rate

According to analyst of the investment company "Altana Capital" Yana Lavrik, today the maximum yield of 10-year Eurobonds of Ukraine reached 10.564%, which is 0.6% higher than the Friday.

Markets may fall by 10%

Sharply negative for political instability reacted and Ukrainian stock market. The index of the Ukrainian Exchange today fell by 1.48%, and the PFTS - by 0.27%.

"Correction is long overdue. The negative developments were also added by the current events in Ukraine, "Volodymyr Volkov, head of the exchange operations department at the IG" ART Capital ", explained to Vesti.

Although experts explain the current collapse of stock exchanges by political events, they do not stop talking about the deep problems of our market. "Activity on it remains extremely low over the past months. We do not observe the inflow of liquidity for a long time, "Volkov noted. In this context, in the event of an aggravation of the political situation, experts predict a further collapse of the stock markets: within a week the indices of Ukrainian stock exchanges may lose up to 10%.

UPD: 04/12/2013 Soldiers of Freedom push the country to civil war

Бойцы «Свободы» толкают страну к гражданской войне

Today in Ukraine, the most terrible thing that can happen. The country froze only a few steps away from civil war and schism. After the mass protests, Kiev resembles a battlefield: the movement is paralyzed, the administrative buildings are seized, windows are broken, tiles are dismantled, beds are turned out. And while there are still no shots heard on the streets of the Ukrainian capital, the first blood has already spilled - dozens of victims have been taken to hospitals.

The events that took place in Kiev, make ordinary Ukrainians seriously think about what consequences will entail what is happening. And first of all, how can a mass slaughter in the streets of Kiev change the life of each of us for the better? Alas, after the example of the Orange Revolution, during which we stood with the hope of radically transforming Ukraine, we can no longer wait for miracles.

Meanwhile, in the center of Kiev skirmishes continue, the main participants of which are provocateurs-hooligans and "liberty" militants, actually pushing Ukraine to the brink of the abyss. After all, it was the young people, who had recently walked with the banners of "Freedom", during the storming of the President's Administration, they threw fire-fighters, scraps of iron pipes, smoke bombs and scrapped paving stones into the heads of law enforcement officers, beat them with metal sticks and chains. But employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs fulfill their official duty, defending so-called "regime objects". And to speak of "atrocities" on the part of the "Golden Eagle", which without the use of special means stood the attack of radical-minded thugs, it would be unfair.

However, the lawlessness of "Freedom" does not end there, but aggression beats the key. So, over the past few days the rhetoric of its fighters has changed noticeably. All the same storm troopers who checked the heads of the Berkut for strength, shouted the slogans "Death to the enemies!", "Die, creature!", Thus openly calling for the use of weapons, murder and the change of power. And this is not very similar to democracy, to which we have long been striving. And finally, it entails criminal liability.

For example, according to part 1 of Article 109 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine "actions committed with the intent of violent change or overthrow of the constitutional order or seizure of state power, as well as a conspiracy to commit such acts" are punishable by imprisonment for a term of 5 to 10 years. At that time, according to Part 2 of Article 109 of the UCU, a public appeal to the appropriate actions entails restriction of freedom for up to 3 years or imprisonment for the same period. In addition, Article 341 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine provides that "the seizure of buildings or structures that provide for the activities of public authorities, local governments, associations of citizens, for the purpose of unlawful use of them or obstruction of the normal operation of enterprises, institutions, organizations" is punishable by arrest for up to 6 months or restriction of will for up to 3 years, or imprisonment for the same period.

However, let us return to the discussion of what exactly Ukraine is currently moving to. Today the Ukrainian media wrote that in the near future a state of emergency and a curfew will be introduced in Ukraine, provoked by provocateurs. Nevertheless, according to official comments, the Ukrainian authorities did not raise or even discuss the issue of imposing a state of emergency in the country. It also reports that the police will be restrained from the use of force until the last, despite the aggression from the storm troopers. It's just that Tyagnybok's brothers do not benefit from low-key police, they need brute-force policemen brought to the limit, then you can openly yell: "Death to the enemies!", "Die, beast!", "Die, paddle!". The storm troopers do not simply shout out these slogans now, they are trying with burning eyes to try to provoke law enforcement agencies into armed conflict with all their might. This is their element, because the change of the rhetoric of the young men from the VO of Freedom occurred with the ease inherent in the nation.

It's clear that after this, residents of most regions of Ukraine are scared. It is not for the power that they chose, but for themselves, children, parents, relatives and friends.

"If this is a democracy of a new Europe, then I do not want such a fascism ...", says the teacher of history from the White Church, Maxim Leonidovich.
"I voted for Yushchenko in three rounds, voted for Tymoshenko in 2010. Now I will vote for anyone, if only not for those who organized this bloody EuroMeidan ", Igor Vladimirovich, an ambulance from Kharkov, is indignant.
"Klitschko betrayed all his fans. He gave one young boy to throw stones at others, sang with the Nazis Tyagnibok, and he hid himself. This is any champion, German, American, European, but not Ukrainian. This will not work for us, "said Ilham Ravilevich, a former boxer from the Crimea, now a Kiev teacher of physical education.
"Immediately called for peaceful protest, and then rushed to beat the police, throw stones and burning sticks ... This is not Bandera - it's the Hitlers", - sums up Valentina Borisovna, an artist-decorator from Dnepropetrovsk.
"What Tyagnibok says about our hatred of the Muscovites and what he did in Kiev, beating the same Ukrainians like us is hypocrisy and lies. To hide behind people who have ceased to believe him, will not come out for a long time, "says the twenty-seven-year-old unemployed Bogdan from Lvov.

In fact, even in the Lviv and Ivano-Frankivsk regions quite unexpectedly and severely condemned the attempt of the radicals to kindle a civil war in Kiev. According to public opinion polls in Ternopil, Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk and Volyn regions, the lawlessness that Freedom arranged in the capital is the path of civil war, and not the expression of a civic position. Simply, this is a samopiar and an attempt to start a carnage, - once believed loyal to Tyagniboku electorate.

Particular attention also deserves the marginalism of storm troopers, if you look at the cynicism they smother in the seized administrative buildings, steal offices, urinate in the corridors and courtyards of apartment buildings, it becomes frightening for such revolutionaries. About the facts of looting and talk is not necessary - they are known throughout Kiev. However, the state of the capital is a separate issue. Where is Popov in general, when the city is buried in the mud, horror, and sometimes even the blood of the innocent victims of the "pseudo-revolution"? Does he manage the city? Why do not they curse him, as formerly the oppositionists. Or did the mayor manage to agree on preferences for the future, in the event of a change of power? In what European or even Russian capital is it seen that the mayor would sit out outside his native city in such a grievous and rebellious hour?

To this question, we tried to get an answer to the KSCA. Unfortunately, the press service declined to comment, citing the lack of a head. Popov's deputies all disconnected the phones from Saturday. However, the ex-old-timer of the Kiev mayor's office, Mr. Yastrubinsky, commented on the situation. According to him, Alexander Popov left the capital because of poor health, but he follows the situation and .... attention ... is often interested in the proxies, the building of the KSCA will soon be ready for work.

Meanwhile, the communal services complain about the lack of coordination and control in all verticals of the Moscow authorities.

"From day to day we will need to clean roads, there was hail, it will snow, but there is no one to turn to. I'm not talking about how, sorry, the courtyards of the visitors have messed up, "- confusedly comment on the situation in the administration of the Shevchenko district.

Unfortunately, such confusion and vacillation is observed in all city economic services in Kiev.

"The Dnieper region has never prepared for winter independently. On Wednesday, we gather the leaders of ZhEKs, municipal enterprises and local deputies, we will do something on our own. Since Friday, we have ceased to coordinate the actions of the KSCA, you can not get through at all. They have there PE, of course, but you can also somehow think for us. In one city we live in fact ... We will break through, of course, but somehow not at all, "complains the representative of the Dnipro regional administration.

UPD: 04/12/2013 "Let out steam". Klitschko shouted at the demonstrator, confessing his love for Zakharchenko

Unlike the ardent speeches proclaimed by the opposition leaders from the EuroMaidan scene, their informal conversations in the crowd with the protesters are much more popular on the Internet. For example, a new video with Vitali Klitschko, where he, loudly cursing, answering the question of the participant of the protests, just over a day scored on YouTube over 20 thousand views.

The video, dated December 2, shows how one of the protesters is persistently trying to ask the leader of the UDAR why the opposition does not demand the resignation of Interior Minister Zakharchenko. Klitschko is visibly nervous at the same time and, without restraining his emotions and turning to screaming, answers: "I love him, b .., this Zakharchenko, b ..".