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#EuroMajdan # євромайдан Chronicle 05/11/2014

UPD: 05/11/2014 Electoral sympathies of Ukrainians: Lyashko was voted by people with a low level of education

Электоральные симпатии украинцев: За Ляшко голосовали люди с низким уровнем образования

The high educational level is characterized by voters who voted for Samopomich (56% have a higher education and 6.5% have an incomplete higher education), and the lowest level of education is for the voters of the Radical Party (have a higher education of 19% and another 5 % have incomplete higher education).

Such data of a poll conducted on October 26, 2014 by a consortium that includes the Ilk Kucheriv Democratic Initiatives, the Kyiv International Institute of Sociology and the Ukrainian Center for Economic and Political Studies named after Alexander Razumkov, informs Censor NO referring to UNIAN.

A total of 17779 respondents were interviewed at 400 polling stations. The statistical sampling error does not exceed 2.5% for main parties and 0.5-1% for other lots.

Irina Bekeshkina, director of the Ilk Kucheriv Foundation for Democratic Initiatives, noted that the Right Sector's electorate (47% with higher education and another 12% with incomplete higher education) also has a higher educational level.

The results of the survey show that the oldest electorate in the Samopomich party (48% under the age of 40), and in the Right Sector (55% under the age of 40) by age, and the senior electorate in the CPU (73% older than 50 years) and the "Opposition block" (58% older than 50 years).

According to the poll, 50% of the electorate of the "Radical Party of Oleg Lyashko" are rural residents. At the same time, 68% of the same electorate are supporters of VAO "Zastup". A bit higher from the statistical percentage of rural residents is also characteristic for the electorate of the Popular Front (43%) and VO "Fatherland" (41%). Most of all, the "electorate" of the Samopomich party is urbanized (48% of voters live in regional centers) and Right Sector (49%).

Bekeshkina reported that almost all political forces are dominated by women, but most of all in the electorate of the "Opposition bloc" (61%), and men (39%), "Popular Front" (59% - women, 41% - men ) and the "Block of Peter Poroshenko" (53% - women, 47% - men). She noted that only two parties have predominantly the male electorate of VO "Svoboda" (59% are men, 41% are women) and "Right sector" (55% are men and 45% women). The electorate of the remaining political forces is represented approximately equally by men and women.

UPD: 05/11/2014 The boy from the scandalous fake story of NTV was identified. Russian propaganda took advantage of his illness. A PHOTO

Мальчика из скандального фейкового сюжета НТВ опознали. Российская пропаганда воспользовалась его болезнью. ФОТО

The boy whom NTV used in the fake story "The National Guard with syringes made a target for missiles from the Donetsk boy" - they identified him.

Stanislav Petrov from the Red Estuary of the Donetsk region disappeared on October 30, 2014, three days before the broadcast of the Russian NTV channel the story "Nationalguards with syringes made a target for missiles from the Donetsk boy," Gordon said.

12-year-old Stanislav Petrov, who appears in the next fake story of NTV, is searched by the police.

On November 2, the site of the Russian NTV channel published a story "Nationalguards with syringes made a target for missiles from the Donetsk boy."

In the material of Russian journalists it is told that the "punishers from Nazgvardia" allegedly beat the parents of the boy Stas and ordered him to investigate the location of the roadblocks of the "militia", threatening the death of his relatives.

UPD: 05/11/2014 Terrorists are looking for 17 "especially dangerous" militiamen who refused to swear allegiance to "ЛНР". A PHOTO

Террористы разыскивают 17 особо опасных милиционеров, отказавшихся присягнуть на верность ЛНР. ФОТО

The newspaper "21 Century" of the terrorist organization LNR published a list of employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, which, according to the publication, refused to swear allegiance to terrorists, therefore they are "especially dangerous criminals".

This is reported by Vlugansk.ukr.

The list lists the names, titles and positions of 17 Ukrainian policemen. In particular, the terrorists are looking for the colonel of militia Yuri Filonov, lieutenant colonels Dmitry Kashutu, Sergei Parashchenko, Sergei Gubanov, Alexander Udodov, Gennady Bakhtizin and others.

UPD: 05/11/2014 "Ukrainians are fighting to get two slaves from Donbass and a piece of land" - a report of the "First Channel" of Russia. VIDEO

Украинцы воюют, чтобы получить двух рабов из Донбасса и кусок земли - репортаж Первого канала России. ВИДЕО.

Propagandists of Russian media continue to blame Ukrainians for fascism and harassment of residents of Donetsk and Lugansk regions.

On the ORT channel, a new story about the "atrocities of the punitive fascist junta" was published.

Its author sensationally reports that the Ukrainian soldiers were ordered to kill civilians, and they are fighting for the promise to receive compensation - "claptic earth and two slaves."