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#EuroMajdan # євромайдан Chronicle 06/08/2014

UPD: 06/08/2014 The Simpsons and Putin X # YLO

Симпсоны и Путин ХЙЛО

Simpsons thickly troll.

The beginning of the first season of the Simpsons season.

UPD: 06/08/2014 Ossetian mercenary "DNR" Mairbek Pliev: "I do not see Russians here in Donetsk, they can not gather ten thousand militia." VIDEO

A mercenary from South Ossetia, Mairbek Pliev, who is fighting on the side of terrorists of the "DNR", told that militants can not get enough fighters in their ranks among the local population. Nevertheless, he does not intend to return, preferring war to ordinary work.

This is reported on one of the loyal to the terrorists resource.

"I've come to see Ukraine ... Well, it's no accident, of course," the South Ossetian mercenary Mairbek Pliev answered the question about the reasons for his arrival in Ukraine.

"I do not see Russians here in Donetsk, to be honest, I do not understand - to come to a referendum almost one hundred percent, but to lift a finger with your finger, that there ... (presses an index finger on an imaginary automatic) - there is nobody. What kind of work? I have a child at home, and I'm going to work? There they shoot, and then the child is with me! I'm going to work, or what? I personally will not go away from here, I'm honest, "said the terrorist .

UPD: 06/08/2014 Coca-Cola withdraws advertising from Russian TV

Coca-Cola отзывает рекламу с российского ТВ

One of the largest advertisers in the Russian market with an annual budget of over 2.5 billion rubles. - The American The Coca-Cola Company - since August withdrew advertising from four federal TV channels.

This is reported by the Russian newspaper Kommersant.

Three of them (REN TV, Fifth Channel and Domashniy) are linked to Rossiya Bank and its largest shareholder Yuri Kovalchuk, who fell under US sanctions, and the fourth one is Zvezda of the Defense Ministry. Coca-Cola insists that this is a purely economic decision, not related to sanctions.

Advertising of Coca-Cola products since August is not placed on the air of REN TV, Channel Five, Domashnoy and Zvezda, the source said in the media market. A representative of the agency MediaVest, which purchases advertising on TV for Coca-Cola (part of the American VivaKi), Yuri Borisov and director of external relations of the Russian office of Coca-Cola Anna Kozlovskaya confirmed this information.

They explain the solution by the features of media planning. "These four channels are the least suitable for the target audience for Coca-Cola brands, so the advertiser decided to redistribute the budgets," Mr. Borisov said. According to Ms. Kozlovskaya, the company decided to focus on the key federal and most effective channels for the target audience of Coca-Cola.

The top manager of one of the TV companies and the source on the TV advertising market do not exclude that the decision to withdraw the budgets could be connected with the sanctions of the US and the European Union. REN TV and Channel Five are members of the National Media Group, controlled by the Russia bank Yuri Kovalchuk.

As reported, no Russian company for the first time in five years has received a loan in the past month in US dollars, Swiss francs or euros.

UPD: 06/08/2014 An air strike hit Donetsk in the night, - the mayor's office

Ночью по Донецку был нанесен авиаудар, - мэрия

The night of August 6 in Donetsk was extremely uneasy, active fighting was taking place on the city's territory.

Epicenter were Petrovsky and Kirovsky districts of the city. As a result of artillery shelling, many apartment buildings and infrastructure of the districts were damaged, the official site of the mayor of the city, Alexander Lukyanchenko, informs.

"Unfortunately, civilians died in Donetsk: 1 person on Letnaya Street 5, 1 person on Green Gai Street 59, 1 person in the Kirov District near a stop in front of the Sokol market," the City Hall reported.

In addition, it is reported that in the area of ​​Sechenov Street 40 (Kalininsky district) an air strike was struck at night. As a result, a funnel with a diameter of 4 m and a depth of 1.5 m was formed on the roadway. Shards of the bomb damaged the gas pipeline along the street Sechenogo and the road leading to the asphalt plant KP "Road repair and construction management." Also there is one unexploded shell, on-site sappers work. Suffered among the civilian population as a result of the air strike there. As of 9.30, the situation in Donetsk remains tense.

UPD: 06/08/2014 Medvedev called the Russian travel agencies analogues of the MMM

Медведев назвал турфирмы РФ аналогами МММ

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev demanded that travel agencies insure their liability properly.

As reported on August 4, ITAR-TASS, the head of government noted that now tour operators seem to him like MMM.

In this regard, Medvedev proposed to conduct periodic inspections of tour operators and exclude from the register of firms that do not have financial coverage.

"Whatever they refer to and whatever they say about reducing the number of clients, refusals of some, difficulties with carriers, it is necessary that they properly insure their risks," he added.

In addition, the Prime Minister instructed his deputy Dmitry Kozak and acting head of Rosturism Oleg Safonov to take control of the situation with tourists who can not return from abroad because of the suspension of the activities of tour operators.

Earlier, the Investigative Committee of Russia promised to conduct an audit in two large tourist companies, which suspended their activities. According to the agency, signs of fraud are seen in the actions of the Neva and Labyrinth companies.

Travel agency "Neva" announced the suspension of activities on July 16. About two weeks later, on August 2, a similar statement was made by representatives of the company "Labyrinth".

Both firms explained such a step by financial difficulties due to the fall of the ruble and the complex political situation in the world. It was found out that, despite the fact that the responsibility of the companies was insured, these funds will not be enough to cover all their debts to clients.

In addition to the "Neva" and the "Labyrinth", the St. Petersburg operator "Expo-tour" and the Moscow company "Rose of the Winds of the World" also suspended their activity in the last two weeks.

UPD: 06/08/2014 Shooting between terrorists of the "ЛНР": the leader of the gang of Anthracite "Kaban"

Перестрелка между террористами ЛНР: убит главарь банды Антрацита Кабан

In the Lugansk region, during a clash of terrorist groups, the leader of the Anthracite militants named Kaban was killed.

About this on his page in the social network wrote a paratrooper of the 79th Nikolayevskaya separate airmobile brigade under the pseudonym Call Sign Marshal, reports the League.

The serviceman reported that between gunmen there was a shootout, as a result of which the leader of one of the terrorist groups was killed.

"Earlier there was information that the Antratsit militants had fired an arrow to the rebels from Red Ray, and they had passed each other, as a result of the slaughter of the" defenders of the Russian-speaking people ", the leader of the Anthracite Kaban gang was killed.I think without a leader there is a complete chaos of monkeys with grenades, being in the LNR, "wrote the soldier.

Earlier, the head of the Center for Military and Political Studies, Dmitri Tymchuk, reported that the Donbas fighters are fiercely fighting for power among themselves and arrange disagreements among themselves.