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UPD: 09/10/2014 "Donbass in ruins": "DNR" and "LNR" have already cost the region 12 billion loss and hundreds of thousands of jobs. Infographics

Донбасс в руинах: ДНР и ЛНР уже обошлись региону в 12 млрд убытка и сотни тысяч рабочих мест. Инфографика

The amount of losses from the conflict in the Donbass is already approaching 12 billion hryvnia, hundreds of thousands of people lost their jobs.

This was stated by the Ukrainian Crisis Media Center, which summarized the data on losses from the conflict in the Donbass.

"In the past, a prosperous region, the Donbas today lies in ruins, and most of its residents were forced to flee, or were severely killed by pro-Russian militants." Although the ceasefire was established, the terrorists continue to kill people and destroy the infrastructure of the region, "the report says.

In total, the Donbas has already lost 11.88 billion hryvnia. During the conflict in the Donbass, 4.5 thousand houses, 4.7 thousand power supply facilities, 132 industrial facilities have already been destroyed or destroyed.

In Donetsk and Lugansk regions, 290 schools were affected (900 schools did not start training) and 45 medical institutions. 70% of the medical staff left the region.

Since the conflict began in Donetsk, the work has lost 350 thousand people, in Lugansk - 30 thousand, and another 115 can lose. Nearly 600 enterprises were destroyed in the regional centers.

UPD: 09/10/2014 Donetsk airport - a bloody mixture of lies and heroism

Donetsk airport - a bloody mixture of lies and heroism

For a month the hottest fights have been taking place in Donetsk airport. Mass heroism is shown by both sides - some are defending, others are building the way from corpses. Heroes are surrounded by a dense veil, built of lies, myths and populism. In memory of the fallen defenders, we decided to shed at least some truth on the events and debunk the myths created in Moscow and Kiev.

The airfield in the city of Stalino was built on blood. The first bulldozers began to level the site under the runway in 1933 - the most hungry in the history of Ukraine. Even Russian historians who argue about Stalin's guilt do not deny the very fact of hunger. The first passenger aircraft flew from Donetsk as much to Starobelsk - the city of Lugansk region, located 160 km from the airport.

In July 2011, a new strip was built under Euro2012, and in May 2012 - a new terminal that could have missed 3,100 passengers in one hour. Croats designed and, as time showed, their work was done well. Knowingly Kolesnikov (Minister of Transport) spent nearly 7 billion hryvnia of public money, that is, 875 million dollars. It is a terminal that stands "hailstones." Stole too much, but who will remember.

Can take planes of any class. In 2013, 1 100 500 passengers passed through themselves. In addition to the charter of Akhmetov and the company, a little more than a dozen airlines fly. The main areas are Kiev and Moscow. Almost everything else is Turkish resorts. To Europe and beyond - only one flight to Munich. For the middle class of the Donetsk feudal lords, who have not yet bought a private plane, there are more flights to Greece and the Emirates. The rest is so, in detail - Kutaisi, Surgut, Ashgabat, Israel. It also accepts goods.