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#EuroMajdan # євромайдан Chronicle 10/01/2014

UPD: 10/01/2014 Automeidans block buses with Berkut on Victory Avenue in Kiev

Автомайдановцы заблокировали автобусы с Беркутом на проспекте Победы в Киеве

At the moment buses with the soldiers of the special unit of the Berkut stand at the side of the road. On the other three sides they were surrounded by about 10 vehicles of Avtomaydan, which "unexpectedly broke".

Participants of Avtomaydan claim that these buses are exactly those law enforcement officers who today beat people near the Kiev-Svyatoshinsky district court of the Kiev region.

Recall that today activists picketed the building of the Kiev-Svyatoshinsky district court. A large number of special police units were also brought up to the courtroom.

During the clashes that occurred at the court, the police allegedly beat two people's deputies - Eduard Leonov and Yuri Bublik. This they reported during the online broadcast.

After the clashes near the Kiev-Svyatoshinsky District Court of the Kiev region, which today pronounced a verdict on "the Basil's terrorists," five people were hospitalized.

It also became known that the activists dropped the wheels on the buses with the Golden Eagle.

UPD: 10/01/2014 Doctors report hospitalized after clashes with Berkut near Kiev-Svyatoshinsky court

Медики сообщают о госпитализированных после столкновений с Беркутом возле Киево-Святошинского суда

On Friday, January 10, after clashes with soldiers of the special unit Berkut near the Kiev-Svyatoshinsky district court of the Kiev region, which today pronounced a verdict on "Vasilkov terrorists," five people were hospitalized.

This was reported to journalists by doctors from the ambulance.

People's deputy from the RA freedom Eduard Lyonov said that Berkut "was not considered either with the elderly or with women, they beat everyone." He also said that the Berkut people overtook and beat even random passers-by. According to him, even those who fell fell. During the conversation with journalists, Leonov, a victim of the clashes, showed abrasions on his leg from a club blow. Also on it is torn and soiled clothing. In addition to Leonov, the beating was declared by Yury Bublik, a deputy from Freedom.

At the same time, law enforcers say that at the moment there have been no complaints about injuries sustained during the conflict in the Minsk police. On-site investigative-operational group Svyatoshinsky regional administration of the capital's police. All circumstances of the incident are established.