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UPD: 04/10/2014 "Putin's whore! Shame!" - Odessa residents threw eggs at Tigipko. VIDEO

In Odessa, activists threw eggs at presidential candidate Sergei Tigipko.

So, about 20 activists in Ukrainian wreaths on their heads met Tigipko * when he arrived at a press conference scheduled at one of the media centers on Shevchenko Avenue. Activists shouted “Putin's whore,” “Shame,” etc., UNIAN reports.

At the same time, Tigipko himself believes that politicians themselves are guilty of throwing eggs at them, Interfax-Ukraine informs.

"All politicians are guilty of the fact that the situation is so electrified in the country. Therefore, they understand this by" scooping up "their own. I think that we must be prepared for this - you want to go (for president. - Ed.) - endure some things, in order to change the situation for the better, ”S. Tigipko said at a press conference in Odessa on Thursday.

After the press conference at the entrance to the building of the press center, about ten activists also appeared with the flags of Ukraine and signs with the inscription "What color will be repainted? Help with paint!" and "Maybe it's better to Lviv? There they will meet warmer!".

UPD: 04/10/2014 PACE confirmed the legitimacy of the leadership of Ukraine and declared the annexation of Crimea illegal. RESOLUTION

ПАСЕ подтвердила легитимность руководства Украины и признала незаконной аннексию Крыма. РЕЗОЛЮЦИЯ

The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe confirms the legitimacy of the new leadership of Ukraine, calls for judicial and constitutional reform, to hold early parliamentary elections and fight corruption. PACE also does not recognize the annexation of Crimea and calls on Russia to withdraw troops from the Crimea (including the Black Sea Fleet) and withdraw troops from the borders of Ukraine.

This is stated in PACE resolution No. 1988 (2014), “Recent Developments in Ukraine: Threats to the Functioning of Democratic Institutions,” adopted on April 9. Below the link is an unofficial translation of the text of the resolution, reports League.

UPD: 04/10/2014 Yanukovych and Family laundered 77.2 billion UAH, - State Financial Monitoring

Янукович с Семьей отмыли 77,2 млрд грн, - Госфинмониторинг

Since March 1, the State Service for Financial Monitoring of Ukraine has been focusing its attention on investigating the laundering of funds received from corruption, the theft and misappropriation of public funds and property by the former President of Ukraine, his relatives, as well as former government officials and related parties.

According to the report, financial investigations are being carried out in relation to persons involved in organizing the intentional massacre of people and separatist activities in Ukraine.

"So, in March, financial investigations were completed, as a result of which 126 generalized and additional materials were sent to law enforcement agencies. The amount of financial transactions suspected of legalizing proceeds from crime is 77.2 billion UAH.

Particular attention is paid to the search and blocking of cash and all assets of the aforementioned individuals in banking and other financial institutions of Ukraine, ”it was informed.

In addition, according to the results of measures taken by the State Financial Monitoring in Ukraine, accounts of 67 individuals were discovered (as of 04/01/2014) and funds were blocked:

  • - on bank accounts in the amount of 261.1 million UAH, 15 million US dollars, 2.6 million euros and 0.4 million rubles of the Russian Federation, precious metals (gold and silver) with a total value of 3.0 million UAH, as well as shares the total cost of 1.1 billion hryvnia;
  • - on bank accounts of 7 legal entities associated with the above individuals, funds totaling 630.9 million hryvnias.

The total amount of funds blocked by the State Financial Monitoring Committee for March of this year, in the equivalent of the Ukrainian hryvnia, is 2.2 billion UAH.

"Special attention was paid to the search for the aforementioned assets abroad. Thus, the State Financial Monitoring of Ukraine sent requests to financial intelligence units of 136 countries with the aim of establishing and further blocking bank accounts, corporate rights, securities and other rights of claims, movable and real estate, as well as other assets.The indicated financial investigations are carried out thanks to the unprecedented support of our foreign partners. financial intelligence units and law enforcement agencies of the United States and Great Britain. A series of working meetings were held at which further joint activities were identified to identify and block the assets of former senior and related persons, "the department said.

At the same time, the State Financial Monitoring of Ukraine, together with the National Bank of Ukraine, is taking measures to terminate the activities of the so-called conversion centers and illegally withdraw foreign currency from Ukraine.

UPD: 04/10/2014 “Peaceful” protesters of Lugansk installed huge gallows for the “Bandera”. VIDEO

Lugansk pro-Russian activists standing at the seized premises of the Security Service of Ukraine built gallows, supposedly for the "Bandera".

From the very first day that the SBU building was seized, protesters are waiting for reprisals from the Right Sector, and every day they announce the imminent arrival of buses with Bandera, recalls the Lugansk site

UPD: 04/10/2014 Separatists in Donetsk are strengthening the barricades near the Regional State Administration and, apparently, are not going to disperse. PHOTO

Separatists in Donetsk strengthen the barricades near the RSA and, apparently, are not going to diverge Separatists in Donetsk strengthen the barricades near the RSA and, apparently, are not going to diverge
Separatists in Donetsk strengthen the barricades near the RSA and, apparently, are not going to diverge Separatists in Donetsk strengthen the barricades near the RSA and, apparently, are not going to diverge

The pro-Russian separatists who occupied the Donetsk Regional Council on April 6, 2014, as of the morning of April 10, continue to strengthen the barricades around the perimeter of the building and equip their life.

Judging by the mood of the separatists, none of them are considering the option of freeing the occupied territory, which was announced on Wednesday evening by the First Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine Vitaliy Yarema, OstroV reports.

We will remind, yesterday, the First Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine Vitaliy Yarema expressed the hope that on Thursday at 11.00 the building of the Donetsk Regional State Administration will be released peacefully and without the use of force. He recalled that the main demand of the authorities was that the protesters surrender the weapons that they had taken away from the SBU Office, which were 93 Makarov pistols and 5 Kalashnikov assault rifles, and abandoned the premises of the regional council.

UPD: 04/10/2014 Crimea set a plan to save the holiday season: lure 8 million people

Крыму поставили план спасения курортного сезона: заманить 8 миллионов человек

In the current holiday season, Crimea should be visited by over 8 million tourists, mainly vacationers are expected from Russia and the CIS countries.

This was stated by Chairman of the State Council of the unrecognized republic Vladimir Konstantinov on Thursday at a meeting of the Standing Commission on Sanatorium and Resort Issues.

"We are faced with two tasks. The first - the number of vacationers in Crimea should be about 8 million people, the second - all our boarding houses, motels and private accommodation facilities should be completely filled," Knostantinov said.

At the same time, he emphasized that the current holiday season will be fundamentally different from the previous ones. If previously the main tourist flow to the Crimea was from Ukraine, then now, according to him, "it is necessary to return the traditional Russian tourists."

Konstantinov instructed all relevant ministries now to engage in the image policy of Crimean resorts and improve the quality of service. “The whole complex should be ready for the season, and we should surprise everyone with the quality of services,” Konstantinov noted.

Earlier, the Russian Union of Travel Industry recognized that the holiday season in Crimea was disrupted.

As you know, Crimea is characterized by an unstable pricing policy for tourism services.

UPD: 04/10/2014 The dollar on the interbank market reached the level of 13 hryvnias

Доллар на межбанке достиг планки в 13 гривен

The dollar exchange rate on the interbank foreign exchange market increased by 10 kopecks in sales.

According to the company "InterBusinessConsulting", as of 11:52 the dollar trades are in the range of 12.4000-13.0000 UAH / dollar, euro 17.1846-18.0223 UAH / euro, Russian ruble 0.3486-0 , 3654 UAH / ruble, informs RBC-Ukraine.

Note that the interbank market opened today with a dollar growth of 5 kopecks. Bidding on the dollar opened in the range of 12.0000-12.5000 UAH / USD, euros 16.6200-17.3150 UAH / Euro, Russian ruble 0.3375-0.3516 UAH / ruble.

UPD: 04/10/2014 #isotriaCrimea


My house is twenty minutes from the sea, and I go to the beach for a walk with the dog. Between the beach and the village where I live, the Kerch-Feodosia highway passes. Today, when the dog and I approached the road, a military fuel truck drove past. Well rode and rode. Constantly drive.

Then I stood at the window on the veranda with a cup of tea and watched a military helicopter fly over the village. Well flew and flew. Every day they fly.

Then I went on business to the city. People walk around the city in a dark green speckled form, new to my eyes. They just walk around, talk to each other, buy ice cream and sweet water ... Well, walk and walk.

You are gradually getting used to military equipment and the little green men on the streets. This is probably a protective reaction of the body. Because if you don’t get used to it, you can go crazy.

Many of my friends complain that relatives / friends / acquaintances call them and in horror ask: “How do you live there ?! This is the nightmare that is going on there !!! ” And my friends were already tired of convincing everyone that everything was calm and nothing had changed at all.

Yes, of course, of course. Nothing changed. If your whole life consists of eating, drinking, sleeping and going to the toilet - yes, nothing has changed. The rest of the superstructure, which distinguishes humans from animals, staggers, pops at the seams and begins to crumble.

The first three weeks I lived with a constant feeling that in my inner world all the walls were crumbling

I am a freelancer. This is not only the embodiment of the dream of office plankton about the absence of bosses and their own work schedule. These are also customers for distant lands, Internet accounts, bank transfers, purchases in online stores and courier services. The collapse of the banking system was a deafening blow to me.

First, there was a blocking of the Privatbank card, and I lost the possibility of cashless payments. The terminals do not work, the only loophole is Web-money with a nightmare rate of 120 rubles = 50 hryvnia. Relatives in Kiev have to ask for replenishment of webmoney, because I myself can’t. The charms of living on credit began.

Then there was a mess with money transfers. My customer rushed around Moscow for a week, trying to transfer money to me. By some miracle, she succeeded. Now the next payment is next in turn, and I am already inventing tricky schemes for transferring money through another city to the address of the person from whom I buy materials, because you can forget about normal payments with online stores. While pulling on old stocks. What I will do later, I don’t know.

My friends agreed with the online store, their supplier, to send them a parcel with some garbage in which the envelope is hidden. It is clear that according to the rules of the New Mail this can not be done. Are there any options?

It is surprising in general that New Mail works, although it shouldn't. Ukrposhta announced the termination of acceptance of parcels. And I have two orders at work - one to Moscow, the other to Belgorod. One can only hope that everything will settle down while I finish them. Otherwise - at least take it personally. By the way, customs have already been set up at Perekop.

With this bank and postal noose around your neck, you just do that you are inventing ways to get out of the knots.

I drive to the city center for shopping past the passport office. There is a constant crowd near the door. People stand crowded, their heads are all turned to one side. They remind me of flocks of sheep on the mountain slopes of Georgia. Sheep is also like that - a tight bunch and they all go in one direction. I drive past the passport office and reflect on the fact that most people are about the essence, the same flock of sheep, which really does not care who their shepherd is. If only the grass on the pasture was more rare and a nightmare in case of rain. They say “We want stability”, “If only it was calm” and with a tight bunch they go where the shepherd drives them - for example, to the passport office. They had not yet realized that the promised grass would not be greener, and that the roof in the nightmare was full of holes. When they understand, they will begin to indignantly blame. Yes, only who will listen to them. All that the shepherd needs, they have already missed.

And now they are satisfied. Good shepherds built a pen for them, protected them from the terrible Bender wolves, who almost came to shoot them all. And they, because of their fence, are waiting for the promised freebie to be poured on them in the form of a four-fold increase in pensions.

They are in the pen. And I'm in a cage.

The new Minister of Resorts and Tourism of Crimea said the other day that "The introduction of any restrictions on the issuance of visas to EU countries to residents of Crimea will not affect their vacation. If these restrictions are introduced, Crimeans can relax at home." And we so dreamed of going to Spain. Now we have a great alternative: to barbecue in a neighboring forest plantation. And what. Also a vacation.

Now I look at the world through bars. One can only rejoice that this is not a solid wall, and I can look at the world through the Internet window.

There is an endless stream of information on the Internet, how life in Crimea is deteriorating, how the coming season is falling, how our new bandit leaders give out pearls of senility. And under these posts - malevolent comments, they say, you Crimeans have chosen, so now rake. The trouble is that those who thronged the referendum will not read these comments. They will be read by people like me who did not choose IT. We were simply confronted with a fact. We did not have freedom of choice.

At first I got a financial noose. Then they took away the dream. But most importantly, they took my freedom. The freedom to choose to live the way I want. To be where I want. To think what I want. This is more than just working without a boss and on your own schedule.

Yes, only freedom is a thing of little demand. There are always fewer free mustangs than stupid sheep.

UPD: 04/10/2014 In Ukraine, a Russian “tourist” rode with radio call signs, mobile phones and rocket launchers

В Украине российский «турист» ехал с таблицами радиопозывные, мобильными телефонами и ракетницами

This morning, at the Khorobichi railway checkpoint, the border guards of the Chernihiv detachment, together with customs officers, discovered a difficult Russian “tourist”.

A Russian citizen was heading to Ukraine by the Polotsk-Simferopol train. During the check, he found an unusual set of things. A resident of the Bryansk region was carrying 2 USSR military tickets, 3 rocket launchers and 17 rounds to them, 5 unassembled mobile phones, 3 gas canisters, 35 Russian rubles of the Russian Federation. The most interesting find of the checkpoint workers was the radio call tables, which were also found in men.

The Russian was invited to the border unit for a conversation. It turns out where and for what purpose the person was heading. The competent law enforcement authorities were informed about it.

UPD: 04/10/2014 SBU detained a 22-year-old Russian spy with a firearm

СБУ задержала 22-летнюю русскую шпионку с огнестрельным оружием
СБУ задержала 22-летнюю русскую шпионку с огнестрельным оружием

The SBU detained a 22-year-old Russian citizen who performed the task of special services to destabilize the situation in the southern regions of Ukraine. This is stated in the message of the SBU press service.

According to the department, 22-year-old Maria Coleda arrived in Kherson on April 4. According to her, this is her ninth trip to Ukraine. During April 5-6, the foreigner held a series of meetings with leaders and activists of pro-Russian movements in Kherson, and also visited individual regional centers of the region to monitor the situation on the ground.

And already on April 7, Coleda took a direct part in the clashes near the Nikolaev Regional State Administration, during which she used firearms. According to her, she injured three people. After these events, the spy, hiding, returned to the Kherson region.

“The investigators found that on April 8, Coleda reported to her curator in the Russian Federation that“ activists ”had improvised improvised explosive devices and reached an agreement on the receipt of small arms. She also reported on the preparation of two subversive groups (7 people from the city of Kherson and 6 people from Novaya Kakhovka) to be sent to Donetsk to participate in the riots, "the press service said.

Also, the SBU said that Koleda was instructed to find out the state of armament of the GPS officers on the Crimean border with the mainland of Ukraine and the possibility of getting from the ARC, legally or bypassing the established checkpoints, to persons who were prohibited by the SBU from entering Ukraine.

During the arrest, a traumatic pistol was converted from the Russians, converted for firing live ammunition and guidelines for the preparation of sabotage groups. Corresponding operational investigative actions are being carried out now.

UPD: 04/10/2014 Russia went crazy: paranoid anti-Ukrainian propaganda with evoking the spirit of Sashka Bilogo and shamans. VIDEO

The creative of Russian journalists goes through the roof: REN TV correspondents went to Rivne to evoke the spirit of Sasha Bely. Colleagues called to help the shaman from Kiev, sweated their faces digging the earth from Muzychko’s grave - and all in order to bring her to the Moscow psychic and find out that everything will be bad in Ukraine.

The plot from the program "Free time" filmed amazing. First, the viewer watches the flutter of wreaths on the grave and listens to the crying of heartbroken parents who claim: Muzychko was killed. Further, a behind-the-scenes voice informs that the grave of the “hero of the revolution” has already become a place of pilgrimage for fortune-tellers and psychics, and here the shaman Aigul Bas specially arrived from Kiev appears. Madame shakes a tambourine, erotically spills milk on the ground, and here the Muzychko spirit immediately appears. The shaman and the parents of the deceased assure that he appears regularly, and each time, like the shadow of Hamlet’s father, he broadcasts that he was killed by “Yulka, Turchinov and this one, who is by the police” (Arsen Avakov - Dusya). Then a handful of earth from Muzychko’s grave in a beautiful box falls into the hands of Moscow psychic Denis Kholodnitsky, and here the spirit of Sasha Bely tells quite disappointing news: “in May, the people will rise again because they will feel another deception”. The plot ends with shots from a separatist rally and shouts of "Russia!" The leader puts a bullet point and with a satisfied mine reports that, it seems, the forecast is starting to come true. A curtain.

Apparently, Russia so wants everything to be bad in Ukraine (and especially in May, when our country plans to elect a president), that this thought is shoved into the audience’s brain even by the hands of fortunetellers and shamans. Now our psychics are simply obliged to dig up the fellow countrymen from Putin's dacha and give a worthy answer to their Russian colleagues. And Musya, meanwhile, is waiting for new masterpieces from REN TV.

UPD: 04/10/2014 Runaway “Zits Billionaire” Kurchenko asks Europe to unfreeze its assets: “I am an honest Ukrainian businessman”

Беглый зиц-миллиардер Курченко просит Европу разморозить его активы: Я честный украинский бизнесмен

Alexander Yanukovych and Sergey Kurchenko are trying to unfreeze their assets in Europe. This was reported by EUobserver, citing sources in diplomatic circles.

The fugitives filed a protest against the Council of Europe sanctions applied to them. Now the case is being considered by a working group of the Council of the EU, but most likely, the diplomat suggests, they will have to compete for money in the courts of Luxembourg.

The financial assets of former Ukrainian moneybags were blocked on March 5, two weeks after the fall of the Yanukovych regime. Sanctions for the theft of public funds and human rights violations were applied to 18 individuals, including the former president and his youngest son, Viktor.

What law offices will represent the interests of Kurchenko * and Yanukovych is not yet clear, but this is not Alber & Geiger (the company that runs the Azarov case), EUobserver writes.

The interim government of Ukraine believes that $ 70 billion was stolen from the state treasury for 4 years in power of the previous regime, which led to the depletion of vital institutions, including the Ukrainian army.

Through investigations by EU officials and the US Federal Bureau, the Ukrainian government plans to repatriate these funds.

Sergey Kurchenko, a 28-year-old banker, gas baron and media tycoon, worked closely with the former ruling clan. On March 6, an appeal was published on the website of his Vetek Group company, in which Sergey Kurchenko states that he is an honest person and is ready to cooperate with European investigators.

"I am an honest Ukrainian businessman ... I am ready to provide all the necessary documents and provide any assistance to the EU inspection bodies in order to prove my innocence."

On the other hand, Ukrainian prosecutors issued a warrant for his arrest on charges of theft of $ 100 million from the state gas company. They claim that Kurchenko hired “aunts” - plainclothes bandits who beat protesters.

Meanwhile, journalists became aware of documents that indicate that Kurchenko is one of the organizers of criminal groups and a report on his corruption. For example, offshore companies are associated with Sergey Kurchenko, including three in Cyprus, where huge sums were sent through ABLV Bank of Latvia.

Alexander Yanukovych, 40 years old, a dentist by training.

He also became one of the richest people in Ukraine after gaining control of the bank during the presidency of his father.

Where Azarov, Alexander Kurchenko and Yanukovych are now located is unknown. Earlier it was reported that Mykola Azarov fled to Austria, where his family has business and real estate. The so-called EU Black List freezing assets does not prohibit the issuance of visas.

The mysterious diplomat added that according to the rules, if sanctions are introduced, EU member states can allow the release of frozen funds in order to pay for “reasonable” legal expenses.