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#EuroMajdan # євромайдан Chronicle 10/12/2013

UPD: 10/12/2013 Yanukovych laughed, telling how "Berkut" dubbed students

UPD: 10/12/2013 Viktor Fedorovich But honestly, how did you get rich so fast?

UPD: 10/12/2013 Subway stations Khreshchatyk and Maydan Nezalezhnosti again closed for passengers entering

Станции метро Крещатик и Майдан Незалежности вновь закрыты для входа пассажиров

Today, on December 10, as at 10:20 am Kiev metro station Khreshchatyk and Independence Square are again closed to enter.

Passengers of the metro are released from the stations, but do not admit. The police explains their actions with information about the fact that the subway station was mined for the third time in a day.

It is worth noting that this morning, December 10, Khreshchatyk and Maidan Nezalezhnosti stations were operating in normal mode.

UPD: 10/12/2013 The roadblocks of oppositionists are dismantled by a court decision - the Ministry of Internal Affairs

Блокпосты оппозиционеров разбирают по решению суда - МВД

The Kyiv District Administrative Court ruled that the protesters should be banned from blocking roads in the city center. That is why the police and municipal services began to clear out the roadblocks of the opposition, the Interior Ministry said.

According to the head of the department of mass and sports events of the Department of Public Security of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Oleg Matveytsov, gross violations of public order have not been fixed, and the measures are taken exclusively by a court decision. According to him, today a court decision was made to unblock the carriageways in the central part of Kiev.

"While reading out the judgments by the bailiffs, police officers in the presence of representatives of municipal services provided protection of public order," said Oleg Matveitsov, stressing that the participants of EuroMaidan had already vacated part of Hrushevsky Street in the area of ​​the European Square, as well as at the corner of Lutheran and Kruglouniversitetskaya. The representative of the Ministry of Internal Affairs specified that at present court executors read out the court's decision in other blocked by the protesting parts of the center of the capital.

UPD: 10/12/2013 At least 10 people were injured in clashes with police on Lutheran - Tyapybok

В столкновениях с милицией на Лютеранской пострадали не менее 10 человек - Тягнибок

At least a dozen people, including party activists, suffered during the dismantling of the opposition roadblock at the intersection of Lutheran and Bankova Streets. This is stated by the leader of the All-Ukrainian Association of Liberty Oleg Tyagnibok.

"There are victims on our side, there are people with broken heads, I can not say the exact number now, but at least there are ten such people," he said from the scene on Independence Square. Tyagnibok thanked the demonstrators for protecting the checkpoint as best they could. "They (the law enforcers - ed.) Have now pushed us back - nothing, we will come again tomorrow." The more force they use, the greater will be the opposition of the people, "the oppositionist said.

Earlier it was reported that the soldiers of the special unit Berkut and the police destroyed a checkpoint and a tent camp of protesters at the corner of Lutheran and Bankova streets. At the same time barricades were sorted out by unknown people in civilian clothes.

As the press service of Liberty reports, the position was held by several hundred protesters, and all liberty repulsed three attacks at the checkpoint, and the last confrontation with the forces that predominated four times lasted more than an hour. The siloviki squeezed citizens, using batons, during which the defenders of the outpost got injured.

One of the defenders of the outpost lost consciousness. Also a member of the Freedom faction, Svyatoslav Khanenko, was injured. Meanwhile, the situation on Maidan Nezalezhnosti is still calm. Barricades of the camp, as well as all entrances and exits, are constantly guarded by security guards. The protesters also blocked the entrances to the underground passage of the metro station Maidan Nezalezhnosti.

UPD: 10/12/2013 KCSA lights turned off, protesters leave the building - media

В ночь на вторник, 10 декабря, в здании киевской мэрии выключили свет.

On the night of Tuesday, December 10, lights were turned off in the building of the Kyiv mayor's office.

According to Tiden.UA, evacuation started from the building. According to the correspondent of the publication, the light in the KCSA was turned off at about 0.50, there was so-called "on duty" lighting. "People began to leave the building, police are not seen nearby," the newspaper writes. Meanwhile, the correspondent of UNN does not exclude that the storming of the building of the mayoralty can begin in the near future.

UPD: 10/12/2013 Khreshchatyk and Maidan Nezalezhnosti metro stations operate in normal mode

10.12.13 Станции метро Крещатик и Майдан Незалежности работают в штатном режиме

Today, on December 10, the metro station Khreshchatyk and Maydan Nezalezhnosti work in regular mode.

As a result of the inspection of stations by law enforcers after yesterday's report on their mining of explosive items was not found, according to the website of the Kiev Metro.

UPD: 10/12/2013 Lyashko made a fight with a security guard at Bankova

Non-factional People's Deputy Oleg Lyashko tried to get to the meeting, which holds the parliamentary majority on Bankova and almost got into a fight with the guard. This politician wrote on his page in the social network Facebook, reports UNN.

"At the beginning of the meeting, he tried to go there, but he was not allowed in. Then he noticed that the regionals were passing through a small entrance located in the courtyard of the building and headed there, but the MP was also blocked by a security guard who refused to open the door to him. Polite appeal of the deputy did not work for the security guard, so he was forced to demand from him a key to open the door himself, but he refused the people's deputy and began to resist, in particular, at Lyashko's request, he refused to represent sya and cause the commandant of the Verkhovna Rada. As a result, there was a collision, after which a security guard was trying to escape. "